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Slice Credit Card Apply Online 2023– The Slice Credit Card app provides teens and young adults with hassle-free access to credit, making it the ideal payment option for them. It is an application that helps you keep track of your expenses and offers numerous rewards to make shopping more enjoyable. The Slice credit card has recently gained a lot of popularity as a result of the Slice Spark special deals, which allow customers to purchase Adidas shoes for less than 600 yen or Apple Air pods for just 2800 yen.

You should get a slice card to get exclusive Slice Spark deals because we can anticipate more of these deals. Importantly, Slice is not a real credit card; rather, it is a BNPL card with an advance credit limit. In addition, you won’t have to join or pay an annual fee in order to take advantage of them. Read on to learn more about the Slice Super Card.

Slice Credit Card Apply Online 2023

Credit cards allow you to stretch your money, especially when you buy expensive things. On credit, people can get high-quality furniture, cars, shopping, and other amazing things. The service gives the user time to pay in installments, easing their financial burden. Indian residents can get great credit card offers that are easy to get and that fit their income and credit score. Providers require promising income and high credit scores, so these are the main barriers to credit card use.

On the other hand, the Slice digital app and platform offer the best credit card deals for people with low credit scores, low incomes, and first-time credit users. It offers substantial discounts and cashback, making it ideal for everyone. Slice Credit card is easy to manage because it doesn’t have a joining or annual fee. Slice Credit Card is available in conjunction with a number of NBFCs through Slice, a digital lending platform. You may get up to 2% cashback on every transaction as a reward with this card. Since it incorporates flexible credit eligibility standards, this is a suitable option for newcomers to credit.

Slice Credit Card Apply Online

Slice Credit Card Apply Online Details

Portal Name Slice Credit Card Apply Online
Year 2023
Category Application form
Official site

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Key Highlights Of The Slice Credit Card

  • On all transactions made with the credit card, you can get up to 2% cash back.
  • You can easily reduce your monthly expenses over three months by making purchases anywhere.
  • By adding tags and making notes, you can easily divide your bills with your friends and family.

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Features and Benefits of the Slice Credit Card

Cashback benefits On all transactions made with the credit card, you can get up to 2% cash back.
Slice benefits   You can easily reduce your monthly expenses over three months by making purchases anywhere.

This can be carried out at no additional cost.

Credit limit benefits Your credit limit can be anywhere from 2,000 to 10 lakh rupees.
Bills splitting benefits You can undoubtedly divide bills with your loved ones by adding labels and taking notes.

Slice Credit Card Fees

To avoid problems, the user should check the charges on their card after they have completed the eligibility and documentation requirements.

Card Particulars Fees
Joining fee Nil
Renewal or annual fee Nil
Card replacement fee INR 500
ATM cash withdraw INR 50
ATM charges for other services INR 25

When compared to other cards, Slice Credit card provides users with a reasonable minimum and maximum credit limit. The maximum amount that the cardholder can receive is 10 lakh Indian Rupees. During the application process for the card, the cardholder can view their limit. The user’s usage and income details will determine the limit. However, if you pay your installments on time, you can increase the limit.

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Eligibility criteria for Slice Credit Card

If you want to apply for a Slice Credit Card, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • India residents are required.
  • You can’t be a self-employed or salaried worker.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.

Documents required for Slice Credit Card

To apply for a Slice credit card, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Proof of address such as passport, Aadhaar, etc.
  • Proof of id such as PAN card, voter id, etc.

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Slice Card UPI

Slice Card UPI makes it simple to scan, pay, and send money to friends and family.

Guideline To Apply Slice Credit Card Online

  • To continue, open the Slice portal by clicking the link and selecting the “apply now” option.
  • After that, scan the QR code to get the app or download it to your device.
  • To finish the application process, follow the instructions on the page.

Slice Credit Card Apply Online 2023 FAQ’S

Can I apply for slice credit card?

Yes, as a new credit user, you can apply for this credit card to help you build your credit score.

Is slice card still available?

Your slice card would now be linked to slice mini, which is a prepaid account. You can add money and pay with slice card to continue enjoying upto 2% cashback on card transactions, and instant cashback with slice spark.

What are the benefits of a slice card?

Up to 2% cashback instantly on every transaction done with Slice super card. No joining fee, annual fee and hidden charges. New deals every week with slice spark. Accepted at 99.95% of merchants across India that accept Visa. Manage your expenses easily with Passbook.

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