Enhanced Komaki Venice Electric Scooter unveiled, featuring removable batteries

Enhanced Komaki Venice Electric Scooter unveiled, featuring removable batteries:- Electric vehicle maker Komaki has launched an updated variant of its Venice electric bike at a starting price of ₹1,67,500. The patched up model gets additional health features, detachable LiFePO4 application based smart batteries, which are more heat resistant than existing batteries. Electric vehicle maker Komaki’s latest model of Venice electric bike has been delivered, with a starting price of Rs 1,67,500. The new plan has more heat proof detachable LiFePO4 application based smart battery and more safety features.

The battery of an electric bike can be fully charged in less than five hours. The bike can be charged from zero to 90% in less than four hours using the versatile charger. TFT screens, which provide on-board navigation, a sound system and on-ride calling capability, are currently the preferred gear for electric bikes as well. According to the manufacturer, iron is available in the battery cells, which makes them more heat resistant under extreme conditions.

Enhanced Komaki Venice Electric Scooter 2024

This new model comes with some advanced features, including the much-anticipated removable battery, making it a distinct advantage in the electric bike market. The Venice is available in various variants and the sticker price is reasonable too. The Komaki Venice electric bike is offered in two variants – the standard variant and the top-notch variant. The standard variation is predictable, while the top-notch variation is involved and accessible.

Enhanced Komaki Venice Electric Scooter unveiled, featuring removable batteries

Enhanced Komaki Venice Electric Scooter Details 2024

Article about Enhanced Komaki Venice Electric Scooter unveiled, featuring removable batteries
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Enhanced Komaki Venice Electric Scooter Accessibility

The high-end Komaki Venice electric bike offers remarkable accessibility, sensible elements, and an easy-to-use plan. With its removable batteries, riders can enjoy the convenience of simple charging without the hassle of finding charging points. With its reasonable pricing and multiple variations, the Venis is all set to attract a large number of buyers who are looking for a reliable and classy electric bike option.

Enhanced Komaki Venice Electric Scooter unveiled, featuring removable batteries Feature

The upgraded Venice also has three stuff modes with Region: Eco, Game and Super, a 3,000 watt center engine/50 amp regulator, a super cool full drive lighting system and contrast modes. As per the plan, the EV has a solid, undeniably solid steel framework which makes driving much safer. Thanks to the double seat, double side ottoman, upgraded suspension, CBS double plate and keyfob keyless passage and controls, the rider can manage the entire riding experience. It also comes with an FM radio element and a computerized dashboard that can be connected to a phone via Bluetooth.

Enhanced Komaki Venice Electric Scooter Security Features

It also has security features like keyless entry and controls. The bike comes with computerized speedometer with self-judgment, anti-theft system and regenerative deceleration. Keyless entry and keyless remote control systems are used to remotely lock, unlock and start your vehicle using radio frequency signals. In addition, Komaki will offer the Venice e-bike with a double stockpiling box, double-sided ottoman, and nine different options. A variety of options include Dazzling Orange, Pure White, Metallic Blue, Notorious Yellow, Garnet Red, Sacramento Green, Pure Gold, Steel Dark and Ebony.

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Enhanced Komaki Venice Electric Scooter unveiled, featuring removable batteries

Removable Batteries

One of the champion elements of the redesigned Venice model is its removable battery. This amazing development allows the customers to easily tether the batteries for charging, thereby eliminating the need to find electric attachments close to the parking space of the bike. This electric bike includes a Daily Survival Po4 application based smart battery and a 50-Amp engine regulator that helps control engine speed. The interesting element of its charging is that the battery is removable and the charger is compact. LiFe Po4 Application Based Brilliant Battery is a type of Lithium-Ion battery operated battery that is controlled or operated by programming.

Powering the new Venice e-bike is a 2.9 kWh removable battery pack which powers a 3 kW electric engine. Komaki claims that the combination of the electric engine and battery produces power equivalent to that of a 125cc bike. The e-bike rides on front adaptive suspension as well as back monoshock suspension for better comfort. The e-bike is additionally equipped with double plate brakes at both the ends and weighs just 580 grams.

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Enhanced Range

The Komaki Venis currently offers an extended range of up to 120 kms on a single charge, making it ideal for daily drives and long journeys. The brand new Venice range of bikes has introduced a shakeup with climate-adjustable innovation. The all-new subsidiary vehicle enhances the riding experience with great looks, improved driveability, power, stability and generally exceptional performance.

Furthermore, the Komaki Venice electric bike will provide ample seating space as well as ample extra space for everything one might want to carry in a hurry. It is also expected that the new Komaki Venice electric bike will be equipped with regenerative stopping mechanism, Bluetooth framework, invert switch and maintenance switch, among other features. Although engine specifications will be revealed upon its actual departure, we do know that the new Komaki Venice electric bike will pack in a 72V, 40Ah battery, which is guaranteed to provide ample range for long distance travel.

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Enhanced Komaki Venice Electric Scooter unveiled, featuring removable batteries

Smart Connectivity

The updated Venice is equipped with a great network feature that allows riders to interface their cell phones via Bluetooth. This element enables the customers to access important data, for example, battery status, speed, distance traveled and more, through a dedicated versatile application. The Venice e-bike also includes 12-inch combination wheels, a Drove taillight and a number plate light. The e-bike comes with housing features, for example, voice control and Bluetooth with music utility.

The Venice also gets Converse Mode, Super Mode, Stuff Mode, Stopping Mode along with Switch Fix and Portable Charging. In terms of highlights, you get plate brakes with travel effects, a Bluetooth-ready music system, gear modes, drive lights, capacity box and CBS. The Komaki Officer rides on dual-finish combination wheels, which are mounted on an adaptive fork and dual safeguards. Komaki has flagged off India’s most memorable Electric Cruiser Bike Officer. It consisted of a smaller group, a guaranteed 200 km sector and an exemplary cruiser-style plan. See our shipping story for cost and specifications.

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Stylish Design

The Venice bike showcases an attractive and modern plan that will surprise few. It is available in various options, allowing buyers to choose a bike that matches their style. The Komaki Venice is an electric bike with three variants that aims to meet the needs and comfort of its customers. The organization introduced this electric bike with the ultimate goal of supporting eco-friendly innovation and practical improvement in the country.

The seats are parcel, this electric bike can seat two persons and result in a dual position. Also, it gets a double side footstool for the rear occupants. To guarantee the safety of driving in the evening, it has really cool headlights. Likewise, it features a steel frame with incredibly strong key areas for a more secure ride. Komaki’s Venice e-bike incorporates a Vespa-propelled plan, yet it gets a special rear combination wheel plan. The brand has emphasized on streamlined features along with the attractive looks of the e-bike. The bike also features consolation and comfort like adjustable drove headlamps with windscreen, dual seats for rider and pillion as well as strong steel framework.

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Enhanced Komaki Venice Electric Scooter unveiled, featuring removable batteries


An electric bike’s battery may be fully charged in about five hours. The flexible charger can charge the bike from empty to 90% in less than four hours. The current standard for electric motorcycles is TFT displays, which offer on-board navigation, a music system, and on-ride calling capabilities. The battery cells’ availability of iron, according to the manufacturer, makes them more heat resistant under adverse circumstances.

Enhanced Komaki Venice Electric Scooter FAQ’S

What is the battery capacity of Komaki Venice?

Battery Capacity of Komaki Venice is 72 V/40 Ah.

Is Komaki a good scooter?

Positives: 1) Range of 120 km with the single ride with a maximum speed of 60kmph. With doubles and 60kmph around 90 to 100kmph. Range reduces with an increase in weight and speed. 2) Good balance.

Does Komaki need license?

Yes, it is required to have a driving license to drive Komaki XGT KM.

What is the range of Komaki 250 km?

This electric motor provides the Ranger a claimed riding range from 200-250 km per charge depending on the riding conditions. However, as per Komaki, this range drops in real-life riding cycles. Hence, its actual riding range hovers between 180-200 km per charge.

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