Honda CB 350 Cafe Racer Reviews 2024 Launch Date, Price, Features

Honda CB 350 Cafe Racer Reviews- Scramblers and café racers are both recognized for their quickness and dexterity. Although we shall discuss the CB350RS’s agility shortly, it isn’t exactly true that it is fast. Honda replaced the H’ness’s lofty handlebar with a flatter, broader one, raised the footpegs to offer greater cornering room, and replaced the rear wheel on the CB350RS with a 17-inch wheel with a higher-profile tire.

The swift CB350RS maneuvers with traffic like a hot Honda knife into obstinate Indian butter. The riding triangle is interesting, but I had to shift gears to keep the bike’s rpm at a level where it felt alive. This sportier attitude that encourages you to twist the throttle firmly for more speed. The H’ness CB350’s powerplant, which is mellow and comfortable over the majority of its rpm range, is what you actually have.

Honda CB 350 Cafe Racer Reviews 2024

A stylish cowl that replaces the back seat and blends in nicely with the vintage ribbed seat design completes the cafe racer aesthetic. A little retro-style bubble cowl that gives the bicycle’s front sash a highly unique appearance is included in the package. From the gas tank and rear cowl, it has similar style dangling from them.

By adding two or three plant custom units for the bike, Honda has enhanced its already outstanding contribution to the smaller size, the Hness CB350. Currently, CB350 owners who already possess a bike may upgrade it with one of these new modules to transform it into a traveler, scrambler, or bistro racer. The Indian H’Ness CB350 and CB350RS are essentially rebadged versions of these motorcycles.

Honda CB 350 Cafe Racer

Honda CB 350 Cafe Racer Reviews Details 2024

Article about Honda CB 350 Cafe Racer Reviews 2024 Launch Date, Price, Features
Honda CB 350 Cafe Racer Launch Date March 2, 2024
Honda CB 350 Cafe Racer Price Rs. 2,14,856 – Rs. 2,17,857
Mileage 35 kmpl
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Honda equipped the CB350RS with an all-LED lighting system, although it differs in appearance from the H’ness. The sportier Honda CB300R appears to be the inspiration for the RS’ tail light and indicators. The semi-digital instrument cluster of the retro roadster is also used on the CB350RS. The CB350RS’s new DLX Pro trim now has voice control and smartphone connection.

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The same 348.36cc single-cylinder counterbalanced air-cooled fuel-injected engine powers the CB350RS. Like it does on the H’ness, it generates 21.07PS at 5500rpm and 30Nm at 3000rpm. The engine is coupled with a 5-speed transmission. A single-downtube frame serves as the main structural support, and a telescopic fork and dual shock absorbers are responsible for suspension. With dual-channel ABS as standard, the braking system comprises of a 310mm disc up front, aided by a 240mm disc in the back.

Honda CB 350 Cafe Racer


The CB350 has long seat, upright handlebar, and center-set footpegs since it is more of a street bike than a cruiser. As a result, once you are seated, the seat triangle is pleasant and welcoming due to its upright position. It’s also simple to reach the handlebars. There is sufficient room to move about in the seat and the pegs are not positioned higher. Additionally, the rider may grasp the large gasoline tank by the knee while riding. Finding that space is not actually necessary for the cyclist. It just happens.

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With the CB350 Honda is unmistakably targeting young people, and this is visible from the vehicle’s appearance. First, the form of the fuel tank and LED headlamp clearly show resemblance to the H’ness CB350. Although the dual-tone black and yellow paint job is appealing, the headlamp’s ring is matte black rather than chrome. New LED turn indicators that appear to have been lifted from the Honda Hornet 2.0 flank it on each side.

The side panel has also been updated, and luckily the horrible H’ness badge has been swapped out for a classier CB350 emblem. The motorcycle’s primarily black aesthetic is also evident in this side profile, with only a sprinkling of chrome on the exhaust heat shield, handlebars, and mirrors. In addition, the tail portion has been reworked for a sleek, contemporary appearance; it is one of the RS’s angles that I personally like most.

Honda CB 350 Cafe Racer

Handling and Ride

The Honda CB350RS shares the same half-duplex cradle structure, suspension components, and steering rake as the H’ness below the bodywork. The change to a 17-inch wheel at the back and new block pattern MRF tires are the only significant modifications, as we’ve already highlighted. Even when the motorbike is leaning into a bend, these tires provide adequate grip on the road, and the handling is balanced and predictable. Although the switchable traction control on a 21.1hp motorbike may appear excessive, inexperienced riders won’t mind having the device to prevent unwanted wheelspin on slick conditions.


This bike has a brand-new 349cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine. It was created in collaboration with Honda Japan. Therefore, extraordinary degrees of refinement are to be expected, right? We’ll discuss that afterwards. Let’s speak about statistics now. With a 349cc displacement, this engine produces a peak torque of 30Nm at 3000 rpm and roughly 21bhp at 5500 rpm. This motor is coupled to a five-speed gearbox that uses a chain drive to send power to the rear wheels.

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Fuel Efficiency

In our tests in the city and highway, the CB350 returned 32 kmpl. Given that the bike’s low and midrange are weak and that you must open the throttle widely to overtake, the statistic is really fairly respectable. The CB350 can therefore be driven for about 450 kilometers (15 miles) before needing to stop at a gas station.

Honda CB 350 Cafe Racer


The brand’s most recent design for the sub-500cc neo-retro cruiser bike market is the Honda H’ness CB350. It is Honda’s response to the RE Bullet 350, which has dominated this market for decades despite the arrival and departure of several competitors without the REs breaking a sweat. Honda is obviously highly motivated to establish a dominance in this market. The H’ness has a ton of segment-first features.

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The Honda CB350RS appears to be a really well-rounded motorcycle and has a lot going for it. Although personal taste has always played a role in fashion, the RS’s design will be admired by everybody. This makes the motorbike appealing, especially when combined with the engaging riding experience. In fact, I won’t be shocked if a larger audience finds the RS to be more appealing than the H’ness CB350. The small Big Wing sales and service network in India, however, may prove to be a hindrance for this motorbike. Even if the number is growing, accessibility is still an issue.

Honda CB 350 Cafe Racer Reviews FAQ’S

Is Honda CB350 worth buying?

The Highness cb350 provides you a true vintage feel without any vibrations; I consistently use it and ride around 50+ kilometers per day, and it has provided me with the finest ride sensation to yet. Although the gear system is quite lengthy, shifts are required at regular intervals. Your tranquility and comfort while riding won't be disturbed by the noise or vibrations.

Is Honda CB 350 a cafe racer?

The H'ness CB350 is compatible with four distinct kits: Cafe Racer, Comfort, Tourer, and Solo Carrier. The Cafe Racer kit includes a retro headlamp cowl, a body-colored rear seat cowl, fork gaiters, a sump guard, and stripes across the tank. It also includes a tan solo seat.

Is Honda CB350RS reliable?

Honda CB350RS is a fantastic motorcycle that offers a superb riding experience, impressive looks, and reliable servicing. It is a great choice for riders seeking a blend of performance and style in the mid-size motorcycle segment.

What is cafe racer used for?

Standard manufacture motorcycles called café racers were altered by their owners to increase speed and handling for short, brisk rides. Since then, café racers have gained popularity all over the world, and some manufacturers now create factory-made replicas that can be found in showrooms.

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