Honda CTX 700 Review 2023: Launch & Price, Features

Honda CTX 700 Review- The new CTX series from Honda Motorcycles offers a relaxed riding posture with more forward-set foot pegs and hand controls, standing for comfort, technology, and enjoyment. Both bikes have a hybrid cruiser-street appearance. Its bigger sibling, the Honda Gold Wing F6B, served as the inspiration for several of the design elements. The dual-clutch gearbox (DCT) and ABS are further characteristics of the CTX series.

With DCT, the cyclist may change gear by pressing a button that is positioned on the handlebar.T he ability to choose automatic mode, in which the gears shift automatically, is also available.Honda made the decision to modify their motorbike product in 2012. Honda decided to actively attempt to entice more riders into the motorcycle market with reduced price and more models on offer by building many models off of a single platform with a brand-new facility in Thailand. One of these vehicles to result from this invention is the Honda CTX700 line.

Honda CTX 700 Review 2023

Both versions were offered with an automatic gearbox or as standard options. There were a total of four versions available, with the automatic choices being referred to as the CTX700ND and the CTX700 DCT. Dual Clutch Transmission, abbreviated as DCT, was another marketing ploy used by the corporation to draw in new customers.

The Honda CTX is a motorcycle that is all about comfort, technology, and the riding experience. It has excellent handling, excellent brakes, and low weight wrapped up in a sporty-cruiser package. At the 2013 Chicago bike show, the Honda CTX 700 was unveiled. The CTX700N, a naked bike alternative, and the CTX700, a tourer motorbike, were the two models on display.

Honda CTX 700 Review

Honda CTX 700 Review 2023 Details

Article Honda CTX 700 Review 2023: Launch & Price, Features
Honda CTX 700 Launch Date 2023
Honda CTX 700 Price
Rs 4.18 lakh
Mileage 64 MPG (CTX700) / 61 MPG (CTX700D)
Category Automobile News
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Lunch & Price

The Honda CTX700 and CTX700N motorcycles have been priced at $7799 (Rs 4.18 lakh) and $6999 (Rs 3.75 lakh) respectively.


The CTXs are designed to attract new riders to motorcycles and entice returning riders, who these days choose comfort, fuel efficiency, and enjoyment over maximum power. They are also designed to be appealing to seasoned riders looking for reliable daily transportation for oneself or a partner. They have accessible low seats that are just 28.3 inches high, cruiser-style forward-mounted footpegs, and tall, wide beach-style handlebars that provide a laid-back vibe. A low center of gravity for better handling is helped by canting the engine forward 62 degrees, and the optional DCT removes the potential show-stopper of needing to shift gears for a rookie rider who may have never even done so in a bike.

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Honda CTX 700 Review

A low center of gravity for better handling is helped by canting the engine forward 62 degrees, and the optional DCT removes the potential show-stopper of needing to shift gears for a rookie rider who may have never even done so in a bike. You get a combination of cruiser and sporty handling that is all about Comfort, Technology, and the riding eXperience (CTX) when you combine agile handling, superb brakes, and low weight.

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For this test, we rode all four CTX models—faired and nekkid, with and without DCT/ABS—at the introduction, but we opted to bring a CTX700 without DCT/ABS back to Rider HQ for further punishment. What the extra fairing of the CTX700 lacks in aesthetic appeal, it makes up for in functionality as it forms a huge still air pocket from your waist up to your chin for improved comfort on long rides when combined with the low windscreen.

Honda CTX 700 Review

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Because the bike lacked a DCT and ABS, we were able to run it on the Jett Tuning rear-wheel dyno (the DCT needs the front wheel to be spinning before it will shift out of second gear). Although the bike’s redline is only at 6,500 rpm, it surprised us all by producing 41.9 lb-ft of torque and a healthy spread of at least 40 lb-ft between 3,000 and 5,600 rpm.

Top Speed & Gearbox

A 670cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin SOHC engine with four valves per cylinder powers the CTX700. With a six-speed gearbox, the vehicle performs well on highways. Long drives are now easier and less stressful than ever before. Honda has taken care to improve rider and pillion passenger comfort standards. Due to the 4.2 inches of front suspension travel provided by the 41mm fork and 4.3 inches of rear suspension travel provided by the Pro-Link single shock. Honda never skimps on safety standards. Despite being a mid-range cruiser/sport vehicle, the manufacturer provides ABS as an option. Single 240mm disc brake with single-piston caliper and Single 320mm disc brake with two-piston caliper are placed on the basic model.

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Honda doesn’t make any performance promises for the CTX, but the NC’s use of the same motor yields 51bhp at 6,250 rpm and a very flat torque curve with a peak of 44lb/ft at 4,750 rpm. That’s not a lot of power when you consider that the lightest CTX version, the CTX700N, weighs just 478 pounds and the heaviest CTX version, the CTX700D with fairing, weighs 516 pounds, but it’s still more than enough for a beginner or everyday usage in the city. Honda thinks the days of the motorbike clutch lever may be numbered. In order to create its own Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) exclusively for bikes, Honda has invested a lot of time and money into the project, and the CTX is the first model in the lineup to feature the most recent iteration of the Honda technology.

Honda CTX 700 Review

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However, the most recent iteration of Honda’s paddle-shift automated DCT gearbox also performs well, particularly given the ability to override it up or down as required and the inclusion of a “learning function” that “adapts the automatic shifting actions to variations in operational patterns over time.” Although I didn’t really notice it doing this, it does sound great. When the bike is mostly used for commuting, it might be attractive to not have to shift, but you have to have the DCT transmission to receive the additional safety of anti-lock brakes on this bike.

Honda CTX 700 Review FAQ’S

Is Honda CTX700 good for beginners?

The torque curve is relatively flat and peaks at 62 Nm on the Honda CTX700, which has 51 horsepower. Even though the CTX700N, the lightest of the variants, weighs 231 kg, that amount of power may not seem sufficient for an experienced rider or regular usage in a city, but it is more than sufficient.

Is CTX700 a cruiser?

The Honda CTX700 offerings are cruisers in that they have a long, low, feet-forward riding position, but beyond these criteria the bikes could fall within a category of their own.

Does Honda CTX 700 have ABS?

The CTX700 offers an optional automatic transmission and ABS version at a low base MSRP.

What is the difference between CTX700 and CTX700N?

The CTX700 is one of two available models; the CTX700N is a sportier, naked version with a bikini fairing and thinner good looks. The CTX700 is the more faired, taller, wind-screened touring type. Both come with or without a 6-speed dual clutch automatic automated gearbox (DCT) and non-linked ABS brakes.

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