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Honda Shine 100:- Indian drivers usually travel on two Hegels Passage level 100 cc suburban cruiser class which is probably the most famous in this segment. This segment of the Indian auto industry has long been dominated by the Legend Magnificence, which was introduced in 1994 under the Legend Honda brand. Once again Honda is back to enter the 100cc worker segment with the all new Shine 100. The all-new Honda Shine 100 takes its name from the Japanese brand’s popular 125cc workman bike in the country.

Honda recently launched the Shine 100 in India. This is the cheapest 100cc electric start bike in our country. The Shine 100 is available in five colors – dark with red stripes, dark with blue stripes, dark with green stripes, dark with gold stripes, and dark with yellow stripes. The Shine 100 gets a well thought out and basic design. These include halogen front lamps, huge gas tank, single piece seat with snatch rail and focus set footpegs.

Honda Shine 100 Reviews 2023

Honda Shine 100 is a bike which is available in only 1 variant and 5 tones. Shine 100 price starts at Rs. 78,637 in India. Honda Shine 100 is powered by a 98.98cc BS6 motor that produces 7.28 bhp power and 8.05 Nm torque. With both front and rear drum brakes, the Honda Shine 100 features a two-wheel stopping mechanism. The Shine 100 bike weighs 99 kg and has a gas tank capacity of 9 litres.

The estimated price of Honda Shine 100 is Rs. 64,900 (ex-showroom area). Honda launched the Shine 125 in India in 2007 and since then it has been a huge success and has been the best selling 125cc bike in India. Remembering this, Honda recently launched the Honda Sparkle 100. With this, the company is hoping to replicate the progress of the Shine 125. But you would expect a comparison of the Shine 125 and 100, the two cruisers share practically nothing. For the second phase, the Shine 100 is a classic cruiser and the bike gets a recently developed body and another 100 cc motor.

Honda Shine 100

Honda Shine 100 Reviews Details 2023

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Honda Shine 100 Feature

The Shine 100 is a Honda-built segment in the 100 cc suburban motorbike market in the country. Due to the ongoing ubiquity of the Shine 125, the Japanese bike maker is using the Shine name for its next advertisement. The Legend Wonder has been the market leader in the 100 cc bike segment for quite some time now, though Honda is expected to enter the segment as well. The Shine 100 mimics the looks of its 125 cc relative, yet on closer review, you can see that the baby Shine plans are undeniably more pronounced. Its gas tank is really flat and thin, and the bodywork is generally pretty mediocre. There are no cuts, wrinkles or solid body boards on this genuine lightweight worker bike.

Honda Shine 100

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Engine & Performance

The Shine 100 gets an all-new fuel-infused 99.7cc petroleum motor that produces 7.61HP power and 8.05Nm torque. This motor is mated to a 4-speed gearbox. The motor is OBD-2 compliant and E20 compliant, and this means it can run on fuel with an ethanol content of up to 20 percent. One of the main highlights of this newly developed 100 cc motor is its refinement level. Power conduction is direct and low- and top-end force yield levels. Mid-range performance is solid, yet you’ll notice the motor’s vibration and screeching notes at higher rpms.

The new Honda Shine 100 gets crisp styling and can easily be mistaken for a suburban. It gets configuration cues from the Shine 125 and is not terrible by any means. The plan is simple and unobtrusive as the bike gets great looking design with clear focal point front light and halogen headlamp. The gas tank is smoothly molded without any cuts or creases and has a capacity of nine litres. The rear end of the bike gets rakish halogen tail light with silver colored silencer gatekeeper and aluminum snatch rail at the rear. It feels somewhat uneven under the pressure of quick up or downshifts.

Honda Shine 100

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Braking & Suspension

As mentioned earlier, the Shine 100 is a shiny new bike with a new phase of plastic body. In this one gets another precious stone setting specially made for this chakra. It gets adaptive forks at the front and twin safeguards at the rear. Slow-speed duties are handled by drum brakes at both ends (there’s no circle brake on offer) with a combi-stopping mechanism. The bike weighs 99 kg and the seat height is 786 mm. It has a short wheelbase of 1,245 mm along with 168 mm of ground clearance. The bike gets a five-spoke split combination which looks great and also rides on 17-inch MRF tyres.

Based on a recently developed jewel-type framework, the bike weighs less than 100 kg. The handlebar and seat are single-unit structures. These, combined with the Focus set foot pegs, provide a loose and high riding stance. Ride quality is good but the seat feels a bit hard. The Shine 100 comes with Drum Brakes equipped with Combi-Stopping Mechanism (CBS) and the brake noise is respectable. The bike will be available in five color options – red, blue, green, golden and dark base with blurred stripes.

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Honda Shine 100 Design & Features – Shiny Commuter

The all-new Honda Shine 100 is inspired by its elder relative – the Shine 125. The new Shine 100 is a regular straight suburban scheme that guarantees that it will not disappoint any potential customer. The front of the new Shine 100 is a halogen headlamp with a proper focal point above it. Markers such as fog lights are incandescent lamps. The cowl is practically no different from the Shine 125. At the lower end, the front bumper sports a matte finish while the 5-spoke compound wheel lends it a touch of character. Adding more style to the bundle are Honda wing and Shine badging and stripes stickers.

The new Shine 100 is offered in 5 different variants, all of which feature base dark paint. Five tones – red, blue, green, golden and dark – are tracked down as stripes glued to the rafter boards. The Shine 100 gets the usual low-throw exhaust and a tall seat with wraparound snatch handle. The rear lighting is designed in the same way as the front, with the taillights and turn pointers typically using incandescent lamps. The highlights list of the Shine 100 is somewhat economical. The new Honda 100cc Suburban has the essential instruments with two simple cases that give you your speed, total distance covered (ODO), fuel level and clear light. The Shine 100 also has the necessary switchgear including an electric starter for those who are too lazy to start a manual starter.

Honda Shine 100

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Honda Shine 100 Specs & Dimensions – The Basic Shine

The Honda Shine is powered by an all-new, air-cooled 99.7cc single-chamber motor that produces 7.5bhp and 8.1Nm of peak torque. The motor is mated to a 4-speed gearbox. The new motor is compliant with the new OBD2 emission standards and can also run on the upcoming E20 (20% ethanol) blended fuel. Honda fitted a solenoid valve to the Shine 100 that acts as a programmed gag mechanism for the suburban bike to help it start faster regardless of the weather. The Shine 100 also features an external fuel siphon which Honda claims reduces maintenance time and cost.

The Honda Shine 100 gets another Gemstone Edge suspension setup with adjustable forks at the front and twin shocks at the rear, which tackle the knocks and grooves. Slowdown duties on the all-new Shine 100 are handled by slowing down only by drums and the staff bike rides on 17-inch combination wheels. The Honda Shine 100 gets a ground clearance of 168 cm while the seat moves above the ground at 768 mm and the wheelbase is 1,245 mm long.

Honda Shine 100

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Honda Shine 100 Riding Impressions – Smoothly Shining Up The Streets

The new air-cooled 99.7 cc motor of the Honda Shine 100 is not tuned for performance like other engines in its segment, but has been tuned to deliver exceptional mileage. Though Honda hasn’t given official mileage figures, we estimate that the new Shine 100 will easily return 70 kmpl. While the Shine 100’s motor may not be tuned for performance, the powerplant provides a seriously respectable piece of mid-end snort that, with longer outfitting, shows you’re low-end on high-cog wheels. Will be able to enjoy the speed. Can whistle, while never slowing down. The new Shine 100 has a top speed of around 100 km/h, yet you won’t really need to take it that far. At low speeds, the Shine 100 noticeably vibrates, once you exceed 65 km/h, the handlebar and footstool begin to vibrate with the quiet rumble of the single-chamber motor.

The suspension setup of the Honda Shine 100 is soft which allows the suburban bike to ride smoothly even on the most unpleasant of roads. The ride quality is additionally upgraded by the longer (677 mm) and wider seat that allows both the rider and the passenger to move freely on the roads. Braking duties of the Honda Shine are handled by drum brakes on two closers, which are assisted by Honda’s combi-stopping mechanism. Drum brakes (130mm at the front and 110mm at the rear) provide adequate stopping power, though we really wish the front offered more tang when locked.

Honda Shine 100

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Final Thoughts About The Honda Shine 100 – The Everyday Diamond

The Honda Shine 100 incorporates the 100cc suburban cruiser part with Honda’s notable Shine name, as the Japanese manufacturer hopes to bring down the quality of what was once its own creation. The Shine 100 offers great ride quality, decent power and stupendous mileage, all of which have won a loyal customer base, making the Magnificence the master of the bike segment. The Shine 100 is a simple workman bike with straightforward styling and simple looks. The bike is powered by 100cc motor which is peppy, refined and tuned for everyday drive and smooth riding on expressways. If you are looking to buy a reasonable 100 cc bike with respectable performance and cash incentive, then Shine 100 is a good decision. We can’t think of a better compliment for the new Shine 100.

Honda Shine 100

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Honda Shine 100 Reviews 

The Honda Shine 100 features a Combi Slowing Mechanism, which essentially further develops the ride goodness by providing slowing pressure to the two wheels while discouraging only one brake switch. In addition, it comes with a side stand that has launch capability, an external fuel siphon, a simple speedometer, a simple odometer, a motor blocker, from there, the sky’s the limit. The 100cc single-chamber, air-cooled, flash start motor of this road bike complies with BS-6 norms and has two operated valves. It uses a four-speed manual gearbox setup to power the vehicle with 7.61 peak power and 8.05 Nm peak torque. The ARAI-guaranteed mileage of the Honda Shine 100 is 65 kmpl.


The most well-known vehicle in this sector, two Hegels Passage level 100 cc suburban cruisers are typically used by Indian drivers. The Legend Magnificence, which debuted in 1994 under the Legend Honda brand, has long had a monopoly in this sector of the Indian car market. Honda has returned to the 100cc worker market with the brand-new Shine 100. The iconic 125cc workman bike made by the Japanese company is the inspiration for the naming of the brand-new Honda Shine 100.

Honda Shine 100 Reviews FAQ’S

Is shine bike good or bad?

I purchased a Honda CB Shine BS6 model two years ago.It is the undisputed champion in the city commuter bike category. good performance mpg. excellent ride quality and a comfortable seat. If you are someone who don't like riding at higher speed you can drive it even on highways.

Why Honda Shine is so popular?

In the Indian market, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India just introduced the 2023 Shine 125. It is one of the most well-liked bikes used for commuting in India. A straightforward motorbike that has shown to be dependable, fuel-efficient, comfortable, and simple to maintain is the Shine 125.

What are the disadvantages of the shine bike?

The weight balancing issue with the new Honda CB Shine SP causes the motorbike to slide at high speeds, making emergency braking difficult. 2. Long motorcycle trips are common these days, and the Honda CB Shine SP is not particularly effective for such trips.

Is Honda Shine good for long ride?

Excellent performance by Shine sp. After traveling 150 kilometers at an average speed of 80 to 90, take a 10-minute break. I completed an 800 mile one-way journey and was able to hold 100 for around 40–45 minutes. The engine is so amazing; after 14 hours of operation, there has been no evidence of a failure.

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