Honda SP160 vs Honda Unicorn: What’s different?

Honda SP160 vs Honda Unicorn:- Honda 2Wheelers India recently launched the latest SP160, a peppy 160cc suburban offering based on the tried and tested Unicorn. With similar Jewel-type contours and powertrain, which is a 162.71 cc single-pot engine that generates 13.27 bhp and 14.58 Nm and is mated to a 5-speed gearbox, both the cruisers are similar yet unique. All things considered, read on to know what’s new in the SP160 and what’s unique with respect to the Unicorn. Honda follows a similar equation by offering well-known planning, execution and elements.

In India, Honda recently unveiled another 160 cc suburban bike. The SP160 appears to be a more youthful version of the Unicorn. Furthermore, both the cycles have different motor specs and result figures. Here we will take a look at the changed highlights, price, plans of Honda SP 160 and Honda Unicorn. The SP160 has been given a completely unexpected look compared to the Unicorn. Although it is not very expensive, it is more suitable for the current era and consolidates the style from the SP125. Meanwhile, Unicorn has retained the 10-year-old plan without any changes.

Honda SP160 vs Honda Unicorn Price 2024

Honda recently revealed another 160cc suburban cruiser in India. It is known as the SP160 and appears to be a somewhat modified version of the Unicorn. Also, the motor details and result figures of both the cycles are the same. Another 160cc suburban bike from Honda was recently launched in India and it is known as SP160. The all-new SP160 comes with a base sticker price of Rs 1.18 lakh (ex-display area). The cycle is available in single and twin circle varieties, with the top-spec twin-plate model priced at Rs 1.22 lakh (ex-display area).

It is the third model in the 150cc-160cc segment after the Unicorn and the Xblade. A total of 6 color schemes have been offered for the cycle which include Matte Pivot Dim Metallic, Pearl Touch of Dark, Matte Dim Blue Metallic, Pearl Simple Red, Matte Pearl Profound Ground Dim and Wonder Blue Metallic. Besides this, it rivals the likes of Bajaj Pulsar P150, Tata Apache RTR 160 and others in our market. For those unaware, the SP160 is basically a sportier version of another notable model from the bike maker, Unicorn. Furthermore, the motor scheduling and result numbers of both bicycles are indistinguishable.

Honda SP160 vs Honda Unicorn

Honda SP160 vs Honda Unicorn Details 2024

Article about Honda SP160 vs Honda Unicorn: What’s different?
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Honda SP160 vs Honda Unicorn Feature

In this division, the SP160 comes with a Drove headlamp and a fully computerized instrument console that includes a tachometer, speedometer, two excursion meters, clock, fuel gauge, normal speed and fuel usage readout. The Unicorn, on the other hand, is somewhat essential, consisting of a regular halogen bulb-type headlamp and a simple meter console. Unlike the Elements, the SP 160 gets a powered front lamp and bulb brightening for the turn markers. In any case, the Unicorn uses a regular bulb system for its lighting, which emits less light. Similarly, the SP has a fully computerized instrument console, while the Unicorn has a simpler design.

Single-channel ABS is a standard component based on the two cruisers in the position of the elements. The Unicorn gets a triple-case simple unit, while the SP160 gets a fully computerized instrument console. The SP160 shows mileage, gear position and clock, although most of the data is shown on the two cruisers. The 162.71cc, single-chamber, offset, identical motor making 12.7bhp of max power and 14.58Nm of peak torque is shared by both the units.

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Styling & Design

The Unicorn follows a regular styling that has now matured, but is being appreciated by buyers in the segment. It is one of those schemes which is preferred by the buyers for all intents and purposes. Owing to the SP160, the bike adopts a sportier strategy while staying at the same 160cc level offering the buyers a new plan. The SP160 has energetic stress lines with more unmistakable tank detailing than the SP125, false air vents on the extensions and side boards, a proportionate tail section highlighting an M-built tail light has been completed. Lastly, the SP160 also gets painting and a motor tummy cover, which completes its sleek charm.

The Unicorn has completely retained its more activist driven look with clear plan lines. The SP160 has a solid tank configuration that includes tank detailing, blade-like parts in an after-board form, deeper lines on the back board, as well as a more prominent fog light cover as it reflects a sportier and empowered worker’s style. Is. Despite this, the M-shaped tail light gives the bike a bold and sportier stance. From many angles, it looks like a bigger, more robust relative of the Honda SP125, as the name suggests.

Honda SP160 vs Honda Unicorn

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bike Parts

Speaking of mechanics, while the suspension pieces are somewhat similar, the different suspensions are unique. Starting with the brakes, the SP160 gets a petal-type 276mm plate at the front and a 220mm circle at the rear. There is also a 130mm drum brake at the rear of the bicycle. With respect to the Unicorn, this includes the option of a more modest 240mm disc at the front and a drum brake only (130mm) at the rear. Both the cycles are equipped with single-channel ABS. Lastly, while the Unicorn runs with bigger 18-inch wheels, the SP160 comes with 17-inch wheels, albeit with the same combination wheel scheme. The Unicorn’s petrol tank holds 13 litres, which is a liter bigger than the SP160’s 12-litre capacity.

Both cruisers have a jewel framework and adjustable fork, with a mono shock as their essential parts. The SP160’s front brake is a 276mm large petal plate compared to the Unicorn’s front brake, which is a 240mm conventional circle. The back drum brake on the single circle form is 130 mm, while the back drum brake on the instant plate variant is 220 mm. However, the recently delivered Energetic Worker runs on 18-inch wheels instead of the Unicorn’s 17-inch wheels, so the combination wheel look is indistinguishable. The SP160 exposes a larger 276mm petal front plate, compared to the Unicorn, which has a normal girth of 240mm. It also has larger 18-inch tyres, compared to the Unicorn, which has 17-inch tyres. In addition, it also gets a bigger, 130-segment rear tyre, though the Unicorn gets a 100-segment tyre.

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The Unicorn is estimated to be 20 mm longer, although the SP160 is 30 mm wider and 10 mm taller. The SP160 has a more extended wheelbase of 1347mm which is 12mm longer than the Unicorn. As far as ground clearance is concerned, the SP160 is estimated at 177mm, which is 10mm more than the Unicorn’s estimated 187mm. The gas tank limit on the SP160 is estimated at 12-litres while the Unicorn gets a 13-litre gas tank. As far as curb weight is concerned, the SP160’s circle drum variation is on par with the Unicorn at 146kg, while the previous twin-plate variation weighs two kg more. Lastly, the seat height on the Unicorn is estimated at 798mm, which is 2mm higher than the SP160.

The Unicorn is 20mm tall, the SP160 is 30mm wide and 10mm tall. What’s more, compared to before, the SP160 has a 12mm longer wheelbase and 10mm less ground clearance at 177mm. The single circle structure of the recently launched cruiser weighs almost the same as the Unicorn, though the double plate variant weighs two kg more. The Unicorn has a bigger 1-litre gas tank and a seat that is 2mm higher, at 798mm.

Honda SP160 vs Honda Unicorn

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The newest 160cc suburban product from Honda 2Wheelers India, the SP160, was just released. It is based on the tried-and-true Unicorn. Both cruisers are similar yet distinct because to their comparable Jewel-type outlines and powerplant, which consists of a 162.71 cc single-pot engine that produces 13.27 bhp and 14.58 Nm and is coupled to a 5-speed gearbox. Read on to learn more about the SP160’s new features and how they differ from the Unicorn overall. Honda offers well-known planning, execution, and components in order to follow a comparable equation.

Honda SP160 vs Honda Unicorn FAQ’S

Which is best between Unicorn 150 or 160?

You get the same engine refinement from both the machines. With respect to overall engine performance Unicorn 160 is better with higher power and torque.

Why Honda Unicorn production stopped?

Because there is little demand for the Unicorn 160 motorbike in India, Honda has decided to discontinue selling it there. Although Honda 2-Wheelers keeps mute on the CB Unicorn 160 motorcycle's official retirement, dismal sales numbers from the previous year indicate in a different direction.

Is Unicorn BS6 good for long drive?

You can drive further. And unicorn is very useful for that. But when it is too far, there is a possibility of back pain.

Why Unicorn bike is so popular?

Originally a 150cc motor, it has since been upgraded to a 160cc model to keep up with the times. The Unicorn's well-tuned engine with a respectable punch has been what has made it a banger throughout the years. Japanese refinement and dependability done right.

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