Indian Scout Sixty Reviews 2024 Features, Launch Date & Price

Indian Scout Sixty Reviews- The Indian Scout Sixty is the motorbike in the manufacturer’s lineup that is most reasonably priced. The motorbike was launched to directly compete with the Sportster lineup from Harley-Davidson. The target market for this motorbike includes aficionados who want to learn more about the Indian brand or about cruiser bikes.

The Scout’s 1134cc engine has been re-bored to accommodate smaller pistons, and the new 999cc V-twin petrol engine produces 78 horsepower and 88 Nm of torque at 5600 rpm. The only significant differences between the Indian Scout and Indian Scout Sixty, save the engine, are the color treatments and the five-speed gearbox, which replaces the six-speed unit.

Indian Scout Sixty Reviews 2024

Single 298mm discs are used for both the front and rear brakes. The cruiser has a single-piston calliper in the back and a two-piston calliper up front. The Scout Sixty has the same cycle components as the Scout and rides low with a seat height of just 642mm off the ground. The cruiser is only offered as a single-seater, while a twin seat option is an authorized accessory. Black, red, and white are the three color options for the Scout Sixty.

The new Indian Scout Sixty is the less expensive, less potent, and smaller-engineed version of the Scout, which had previously been the American bike manufacturer’s most economical model. So, sure, the Scout Sixty is now Indian’s most affordable model, but to call it inexpensive would be inaccurate. It is priced such that when you approach it, carefully examine it, and operate the controls, you immediately see that this is a bike that has been well constructed, produced, and put together.

Indian Scout Sixty

Indian Scout Sixty Reviews Details 2024

Article Indian Scout Sixty Reviews 2024 Features, Launch Date & Price
Indian Scout Sixty Launch Date September, 2024
Indian Scout Sixty Price Rs 12 Lakh
25 km/l
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The newest and least expensive cruiser in the Indian Motorcycle family is the Scout Sixty. The bike has a classic cruiser appearance and was constructed on a light frame that gives the rider strength and quick handling. It sports a 999cc liquid-cooled V-Twin engine with closed loop fuel injection underneath the cover. At 5,000 rpm, the engine produces a maximum power output of 7 horsepower and a maximum torque of 88 Nm.

Engine and gearbox

The 1133cc engine of the normal Scout is reduced to 999cc in the Indian Scout Sixty. Although the 60 degree twine’s outward dimensions remain the same, the bore has been constrained from 98.8 to 92.7 mm, dropping 22 horsepower and generating 78 bhp instead of the Scout’s 100 bhp.

Additionally, torque values have been reduced back to 88.8 nm from 97.7 nm. However, these numbers are more than enough to make the Scout Sixty a quick performer. The water-cooled unit feels more like a twin engine than a fast-revving parallel twin. When you squeeze the throttle, the rpm rise at an alarming rate. Even while traveling at speeds of more than 150 kph, it seems well-engineered and has to be one of the most popular smooth twin engines we have ever experienced.

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Indian Scout Sixty

Brakes and Tyres

And the reason why is that not much has changed on the Sixty since the Scout. It still makes use of the Scout’s chassis, cycle components down to the brakes and tyres, and body, control, and paint quality components. The Sixty is just two kilograms lighter than the Sixty, has a smaller cylinder bore, and a 5-speed gearbox rather than a 6-speed one.

Ride Quality

The rider has good space and comfort in the seat. Even though it is designed for shorter trips, the Scout Sixty is a comfortable motorbike because to its low seat height and elevated, somewhat forward-facing foot pegs. I had to stretch out to reach the handlebars and footpegs because I am 5.8″ tall, thus the backrest on the bike is no longer used. Although it’s not painful, considering the ergonomics, taking a few butt rests while clocking lengthy distances might be necessary.

Motor & Battery

It is advised to take the battery out of a motorbike that has been kept for more than a month in order to assist extend battery life. Batteries that are being stored should be kept in a dry, cold environment to extend their lifespan. Batteries stored at severe temperatures will self-discharge more quickly. While in storage, batteries should be maintained using the approved battery charger.

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Top Speed

Two have over a 150cc capacity difference, and the Sixty has almost 20bhp less power. The Sixty feels just as gutsy and full of power as the Scout, though, with a peak torque differential of less than 10Nm and nearly identical low and mid range punch. And using it to overtake and sift through traffic is just as entertaining.

Indian Scout Sixty

Furthermore, the Sixty is surprisingly flickable and well-balanced at low speeds despite its big wheelbase and lax steering geometry. Additionally, the motorbike appears to instantaneously drop half of its nearly 250 kg weight as you begin rolling. The Sixty, in our opinion, is by far the simplest to maneuver when it comes to cruisers or huge motorcycles in general with low turning radii, especially around U-turns.

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Launch & Price

Indian Motorcycle Scout Sixty is a Cruiser with price of ₹ 12.09 Lakh. Powered by a N/A cc engine, the Scout Sixty is available in 1 variants.


Additionally, the throttle response is gentle, linear, and progressive. You get a large, brawny bike that doesn’t take the muscle of a club bouncer to wrestle about when you combine those features with the low seat height, an easy to reach handlebar, and light handling. However, two things do need work. The gearshifts are awkward and need power to go up and down the transmission. The clutch is so hefty that it gives you an aching wrist. Additionally, the Scout Sixty’s 1000cc V Twin gets warm when battling rush hour traffic, like most liquid cooled huge capacity engines do.

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Comparisons And Competition

We have previously stated that “The Scout Sixty isn’t missing a damn thing that takes away from the impressive riding experience of the Scout,” rather, “the Scout Sixty surprisingly delivers a top-notch ride in a great looking platform and the price is cause for owner rejoice, not shame.”

Indian Scout Sixty

To help extend battery life, it is advisable to remove the battery from a motorcycle that has been stored for more than a month. To increase the longevity of batteries that are being stored, keep them in a dry, cool environment. Batteries will self-discharge more quickly when kept in extreme temperatures. Batteries should be maintained using the authorized battery charger while they are in storage.


The manufacturer’s Indian Scout Sixty motorcycle has the most affordable pricing point of all its models. The motorcycle was introduced in direct opposition to Harley-Davidson’s Sportster range. Aficionados who are interested in learning more about the Indian brand or about cruiser bikes are part of the target market for this motorcycle.

Indian Scout Sixty Reviews FAQ’S

Is the Indian Scout 60 a good first bike?

The Indian Scout Bobber is a highly capable first motorcycle. The Scout Bobber Sixty in particular is a great first Bobber, but all 3 Indian Bobbers are low to the ground and have smooth power delivery, making them manageable despite having large displacement engines.

Which bike is best for aged man?

A recumbent bike allows you to cycle in a semi-reclined position, with the bike's pedals in front of you instead of underneath you. This bike style is a great choice for anyone who needs back or neck support or wants to reduce pressure on their knees.

Is Indian Scout comfortable?

Although Indian offers a wide range of attachments, the Scout Bobber already has all it needs to be good. The forward foot controls are ideally situated for a comfortable riding position, and the basic seat is cozy.

How fast can a Scout 60 go?

The Scout Bobber Sixty may be your preferred ride if you're looking for a lot less power. The Indian Scout Sixty is built for a top speed of 100 mph at 1000 cc, 78 hp and 5,800 rpm (peak torque).

What type of bike is an Indian Scout?

This is a cruiser motorcycle that kind of revs! It's not a short-shifting massive cruiser engine. Riding the Indian Scout gives somewhere between that big twin feeling and something much more lithe like the Kawasaki Vulcan S.

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