Introducing Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Unleashing Affordable Power with a Mighty 350 CC Engine

Introducing Royal Enfield Hunter 350:- Auto experts are looking forward to an update for the Royal Enfield Hunter 350, the most affordable bike from the outfit. Although the plan is unchanged, improvements to elements such as the tail and headlights are common in the light of customer surveys. The current model is powered by the 349 cc motor and is known for its power and eco-friendliness. The Royal Enfield bike and the Hunter 350 have been refreshed to comply with the BS6.2 (OBD2) emission norms.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is a cruiser bike available in 3 variants and 8 Tones. The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is powered by a 349.34cc BS6 motor that produces 20.2 bhp power and 27 Nm torque. With both front and rear circle brakes, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 slow-down mechanism prevents locking up. The Tracker 350 bike weighs 181 kg and has a gas tank capacity of 13 litres. Royal Enfield Hunter has been launched in India and it rivals TV Ronin and Jawa 42 available in our market. The new Hunter 350 shares Royal Enfield’s J-platform with the Meteor 350 and the Classic 350.

Introducing Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Price 2024

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is promoted with a slogan – A Dose of Motorcycling – for having a trendy plan and conveying serious force, to make the ride a flat out fun. It accompanies natural ergonomics, a modified rake point, and a low focus of gravity which help in easily running over the roads. It’s a very much planned, all around designed bike with a capable of character and it accompanies a lot of customisation choices. Yet, the genuine enticement for this cruiser comes in the shockingly forceful estimating.

It’s been a long time starting from the presentation of the new Royal Enfield J foundation of 350cc cruisers and the organization says they have previously made over a portion of 1,000,000 of these bike. Obviously, existing clients have acknowledged the J stage bike with great affection, yet the new age Classic 350 and Meteor 350 are especially ‘Royal Enfield’ kind of bike. With this new Tracker 350, the organization is presently attempting to expand out to a more current, more extensive client base.

Introducing Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Introducing Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Details 2024

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Introducing Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Feature

The redesigned Royal Enfield Hunter 350 will come with a computerized screen and additional elements such as bike wellbeing, overhauling, mileage and riding modes. Versatile availability, SMS alerts, upgraded speedometer and motor off button will also be included. These new features are likely to increase the cost, with the underlying cost estimated to be Rs 2.10 lakh. The Royal Enfield Tracker 350 (spec variant) gets a computerized simple instrument console which is at par with the Scadale 411. The bike also comes with an optional SightSeer Route Case (for turn-by-turn routes) and a USB power port. Press your gadget fast.

Instrumentation includes a simple speedometer with LCD inset for clock, gear position, trip meter, fuel gauge and “Eco” mode abbreviations. Nevertheless, it bypasses the need for continuous mileage measurement, distance-to-discharge meters, and even powered lighting. Similarly, the spoke wheel variant comes with a generally useful semi-computerized arrangement with speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge and clear lights.

Introducing Royal Enfield Hunter 350

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Mileage and Performance

The Hunter 350 has an ARAI mileage of 36 kmpl. The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 mileage is 35 kmpl as reported by its owners. Royal Enfield Hunter 350 returns a mileage of 40 to 50 kmpl, which makes it the segment leader. With a 14-litre gas tank, it is also known for its power and performance, which appeals to experience lovers. It comes with the same chassis, parts and motor as the bike. The 349cc, air/oil-cooled motor is mated to a five-speed gearbox and produces a maximum output of 20.2bhp and 27Nm of peak torque. Royal Enfield Tracker 350 is powered by a single chamber, 349cc, BS6.2-compliant, air-cooled motor (same as Meteor 350 and Exemplary 350).

The bike is powered by 349.34cc fluid cooled motor, which has a single chamber with two valve design to produce maximum power of 20.2bhp at 6100rpm and 27Nm at 4000rpm, which helps the vehicle achieve maximum top speed . 114 km/h helps. The ARAI guaranteed mileage of Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is 36 kmpl which may vary according to different conditions. The bike gets chain drive train and five-speed manual transmission framework with wet multi-plate grip framework. Despite a somewhat sportier tune than the Work of Art, it offers the same 20.39PS and 27Nm and comes mated to a five-speed transmission.

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Braking & Handling

Equipment like the Meteor 350 and the Classic 350 include adjustable front forks and twin back shocks to tackle the suspension obligations. In the interim, the deceleration setup on the base model comprises a disc unit at the front and a drum unit at the rear along with a single-channel ABS. On the other hand, the Metro range uses circle brakes on two finishes and a double channel ABS. The exceptional presentation is also provided by the Drove taillight instead of the halogen unit on the base model. Furthermore, the Metro series runs on combination wheels, while the Retro version uses wire-spoke units. The Tracker is based on a twin downtube spine outline, suspended on 41mm front-forks and six-step preload-customizable double rear shocks.

Slow speeds are taken care of by a 300mm front circle and a 270mm plate/153mm drum at the rear. The bike comes with either double-channel ABS or single-channel ABS (in the drum variation). The bike has a 13 liter gas tank. It has a seat level of 790 mm with 150.5 mm of ground leave and weighs 181 kg (curb). Then there is weight and at 181kg, this bike is 14kg lighter than the exemplary 350 – yet on paper it feels very light when you ride the bike. This is because along with the undercarriage some major changes are being made to the tracker as well. Various details on the ‘Tracker 350’ include an adaptive front suspension consisting of 41 mm forks with 130 mm of travel, a twin-cylinder emulsion fairing at the rear with six-stage preload dynamics, 100 mm wide front tires and 120 mm Are.

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Wheelbase & Tank Capacity

The front of the bike gets round halogen headlamp, roundabout turn pointers, front stunner fork cover and standard single-tone front bumper. A plain and squeezed gas tank with ‘Royal Enfield‘ lettering in the side profile, durable robust shadowed upswept smoke pipe with a suppressor and a solitary seat plan with rear snatch bar parade. The rear profile shows a round tail light which is joined by slightly more modest round turn pointers. In addition, the bike sits on a two-fold downtube outline, which makes for a ground clearance of 150mm and a wheelbase of 1370mm. The Royal Enfield bike measures 2055 mm in length, 800 mm in width and 1055 mm in ground clearance while the seat height is 790 mm.

The total weight of the bike is 177 kg and the gas tank capacity is 13 litres. This Royal Enfield cruiser has a computerized screen to show basic data as well as a simple speedometer, rotational change block to start/stop the motor and a USB port for quick charging of electronic components. In addition, it gets a double channel electronically monitored deceleration mechanism to make the vehicle slide safe by preventing the two wheels from locking up, though the base variant gets ABS on the front wheels. Apart from these, it includes other highlights including a low fuel marker, a stand caution, a clock, a shift light and an off button.

Introducing Royal Enfield Hunter 350


A cruiser bike called the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 comes in 3 versions and 8 colors. The 349.34cc BS6 motor of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 generates 20.2 bhp of power and 27 Nm of torque. The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 slow-down system prevents locking up with both front and rear circle brakes. The Tracker 350 motorcycle weights 181 kg and has a 13-liter fuel tank. The Royal Enfield Hunter was introduced in India and competes with the TV Ronin and Jawa 42 models that are offered on our market. The Meteor 350 and the Classic 350 also share the J-platform with the new Hunter 350 from Royal Enfield.

Introducing Royal Enfield Hunter 350 FAQ’S

When was Royal Enfield Hunter 350 launched?

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is a roadster motorcycle launched by Royal Enfield (India) in August 2022 in India. It is powered by 349cc BS6 engine that produces 20.2 bhp and 27 Nm of torque.

Is Royal Enfield Hunter 350 successful?

Royal Enfield launched the much anticipated Hunter 350 to the Indian market on August 2022.

Is Hunter 350 hit or flop?

The motorbike with a classic aesthetic is now the second most cheap model offered by the domestic manufacturer. Since its release, it has been selling well and even came very near to outselling Classic 350 in August sales.

Why is Hunter 350 popular?

The Hunter 350 has a seat height of 790mm, along with a mid-set footpeg position and ample tank recesses. This, along with the relatively low handlebar, gives it a sporty yet comfortable riding stance for tall riders as well. Summing up, taller riders will not feel cramped on the Hunter.

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