Liger X Reviews 2023 Launch Date & Price, Mileage, Features

Liger X Reviews- The Liger X has garnered positive feedback from customers worldwide. Its sleek design, advanced features, and outstanding performance have made it popular among technology enthusiasts globally. Users have commended the product for its impressive battery life, quick charging capabilities, and superior sound quality.

Users have expressed great satisfaction with the noise-canceling feature, which enables them to listen to their favorite music without any interruptions. Furthermore, the Liger X’s comfortable fit and sturdy build guarantee its ability to withstand even the most demanding activities. In summary, the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback serves as confirmation that the Liger X is an exceptional product that lives up to its commitment of providing an outstanding audio experience.

Liger X Reviews 2023

The Liger X scooter is an incredibly capable and effective means of transportation due to its innovative self-balancing technology. This will mark the first introduction of an auto-balancing electric scooter in India, with plans to unveil it during the Diwali festival in 2023. The Liger X serves as the foundation model, boasting a maximum speed of 65 kmph and a range of up to 60km on a single charge. Additionally, this scooter showcases a sturdy aluminum frame and a cozy, adaptable seat, providing users with a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

The Liger X is equipped with numerous user-friendly features, including LED lights, a digital display, and a built-in USB charging port for your devices. Furthermore, it boasts a robust 2000W brushless electric motor and a 60V battery, ensuring rapid acceleration and a smooth journey. If you are in search of a dependable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, the Liger X is an outstanding option that offers auto-balancing capabilities.

Liger X

Liger X Reviews Details 2023

Article Liger X Reviews 2023 Launch Date & Price, Mileage, Features
Liger X Launch Date Nov, 2023
Liger X Price Rs.90,000 to Rs.90,000
Mileage 100 km/charge
Category Automobile News
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In regards to the batteries that power the Liger X, they are equipped with liquid cooling technology and cell balancing to prevent thermal runaways. Additionally, a strong battery management system is in place to ensure the battery’s condition is well-maintained. The batteries can be easily swapped out, allowing for uninterrupted use of the Liger X while one set charges. It takes approximately three hours to fully charge the batteries for the Liger X.

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Charging Time

X battery takes 4.5 Hours to get charged.


The Liger X is equipped with a Detachable-Lithium Ion battery, which allows it to travel up to 100 km per charge. The battery pack generates an impressive amount of power and torque, although the exact figures are not available. Additionally, the Liger X features an Automatic transmission that works in conjunction with the battery.

Brakes & Suspension

The Liger X has a driving range of 60 KM on a single charge. The X model is equipped with a Motor that is not applicable (N/A). This combination provides the Scooter with an impressive driving range.

Liger X

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Top Speed

Despite both variants having a maximum speed of 65 kmph, the X variant asserts a distance capability of 60km, whereas the X Plus variant boasts a range of 100km. Both variants possess smartphone connectivity enabled with 4G and GPS, which offer features such as live location tracking, ride history, battery pack SOC (State Of Charge), and temperature monitoring. The Liger X Plus is furnished with a TFT display that includes turn-by-turn navigation as well as phone call and message notifications.


The Liger is powered by a lithium-cooled, lithium-ion battery pack. The battery pack of the Liger X enables it to reach a top speed of 65 kmph and travel up to 60 km on a single charge. On the other hand, the Liger X+ has an extended range of 100 kilometres. The battery of the Liger X can be charged in less than three hours. Both the Liger X and X+ electric scooters boast a sleek design and offer various features such as live rider location, ride history, battery charge status, tow assistance for riders, accident and service reminders, and online alerts. Additionally, both scooters are equipped with GPS and 4G capabilities. LED lights are incorporated into the scooters for illumination purposes.

Front Side

The Liger X series scooter offers not just distinctive attributes but also a fashionable appearance. It showcases a sleek, attractive headlamp positioned at the center of both handlebars and an elongated, vibrant parking light that acts as a permanent mark on the vehicle’s front, giving it a distinct, Indian touch. The Liger X is already being hailed as an innovative motorcycle.

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Within the central portion, one will observe a curved triangular-shaped headlamp that is illuminated by a bright LED. This headlamp is equipped with upper dipper capabilities and features the Liger crystal finished logo, which offers an extensive range of light stimulation. Positioned at the bottom, just above the wheels on the corner side, is the indicator. The manufacturer has constructed the front body using durable, high-quality fiber metallic material.

Liger X

The front bottom side of this two-wheeler scooter is adorned with the Liger logo on its high-end telescopic suspension. It is equipped with a wide 12″ wheel size, mid-size disc brakes, and a common front wheel protector, which not only adds to its stability but also enhances its aesthetic appeal.

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High-tech LED Display

The Liger logo is displayed at the center of the high-quality LED display on this advanced vehicle, which offers a variety of intelligent features. Users have access to auto-balancing control, 4G connectivity, battery updates, run-time updates, remaining charging time updates, speed control, and temperature indicators through the display.

Control at Handle Bar

You have the option to adjust the speed on the right side, providing a standard speed of around 25kmph, a moderate speed range of 40-45kmph, and a sport mode that can reach speeds of 60-65 kmph. Furthermore, on the right-hand side, you will find the headlamp controller and disc brake mechanism. On the left side, you have control over the upper dipper, horn, and brake.

Seating and leg space area

The Liger X series provides a generous amount of legroom, making it possible to comfortably store a gas cylinder, large bags, or boxes of considerable size in the leg space area. The auto-balancing vehicle also offers ample seating space and comfort with its wide and spacious seats. It can easily accommodate two larger individuals. Additionally, you will find double footrests on the bottom and a single footrest on the left side.

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Battery Pack

The Liger X has a seat height of 765 mm and is equipped with an electric drivetrain featuring a 12-inch hub motor, allowing it to reach a top speed of 65 kmph. According to Poddar, the Liger X is powered by a liquid cooled battery pack that offers a real world range of 60 kms. On the other hand, the Liger X+ comes with a larger battery pack that provides a range of 100 km. Additionally, there is a difference in the display between the two models, with the lower variant having an LCD display and the X+ featuring a 5-inch TFT screen. Both the Liger X and X+ support OTA updates, which ensure that the AutoBalancing algorithms are maintained and that the vehicle control unit and related operating systems are constantly optimized.

Liger X

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The Liger X scooter is a revolutionary product in the Indian market. With its self-balancing technology and production being made in India, it offers a reliable and cost-effective option for new riders. Its sleek design and cutting-edge features, including 12″ tubeless tire wheels and a rear LED stop light, make it stand out from other scooters available. The introduction of the Liger X showcases the potential for innovation and growth in the Indian two-wheeler industry. If you are searching for a ride that is smooth, safe, and dependable, the Liger X is an ideal choice for you.

Liger X Reviews FAQ’S

Does Liger X need a license?

Yes, it is required to have a driving license to drive Liger X.

What is the top speed of Liger X?

Top speed of Liger X is 65 Kmph.

What is the range offered by Liger X on a full charge?

Liger X offers range of 100 km/charge.

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