OLA S1 Air Reviews On Road Price 2024 Mileage, Features, Engine, Performance, Design & Images

OLA S1 Air Reviews:- Ola S1 Air, another model from the S1 phase, was recently added to Ola Electric’s bike range. S1 Air is the entry-level bike of the organization after the electric bike Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro. The new model, which is massively more affordable than the other two, targets both ICE (gas powered motor) models like the Honda Activa, Telechargez Jupiter and Suzuki Access, in addition to more affordable electric bikes. The weight of this bike is 99 kg.

Ola Electric has introduced a new Ola S1 variant. One of its variants is Ola S1 Air. Its form is similar to the other two varieties. It also comes with additional features which include extended standby space, fixed range of 125 km and a few others. The bike is available in four colours: 12 o’clock blue, ceramic white, coral glitz and liquid silver. It takes 4 hours 30 minutes to charge. Furthermore, its range is 125 km per charge. It can go up to 90 km/hour. Customer experience is important, evident in details such as the strategically placed handle and pillion snatch bar.

OLA S1 Air Reviews 2024

Ola S1 Air is sold exclusively in one variant with a 3kWh battery pack. Its starting price is Rs 1,09,999. After the restricted window, the Ola S1 Air will be priced at Rs 1,19,999 (including both X-display areas, Popularity 2 allocation) There are four paint schemes on offer: Porcelain White, Coral Glitz, 12PM Blue and Fluid Silver. It is presented in solo variations and comes in six different notes. S1 Air runs 101 km on full charge. Apart from this, it has front and rear drum brakes.

Here you can get all the important information about Ola S1 Air price in India, booking connections, transportation dates, mileage, specifications and reviews. The Ola S1 is equivalent to the next two Ola S1 variants. Ola S1 Air is more affordable and offers more extra space. Its on-street, ex-display area starting price in India is Rs 1,10,461. Keep checking back as this page will cover all Ola S1 Air refreshes. Ola S1 Air is an electric bike. It is available in India at a starting price of Rs. 1.19 lakh.

OLA S1 Air Reviews


OLA S1 Air Reviews Details 2024

Article about OLA S1 Air Reviews On Road Price 2024 Mileage, Features, Engine, Performance, Design & Images
OLA S1 Air Launch Date
July 28, 2024
OLA S1 Air Price Rs. 1,19,827
101 km/charge
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The Ola S1 Air is controlled by watt Center point Engine. The Ola S1 Air requires 4 Hours 30 Minutes to get completely energized its 3 kWh battery . The Cost of Ola S1 Air begins at Rs 1.20 Lakh It is accessible in one variations, sexually transmitted disease. The Ola S1 Air includes all Drove enlightenment, a level footboard and an open 34-liter under-seat capacity (with boot light). It accompanies a touch-empowered 7-inch TFT instrument console which has a 2.2 Ghz octa-center processor alongside 3GB Smash.

The control center gets Bluetooth network with cell phones, LTE/WiFi availability and furthermore includes undeniable GPS route. Other remarkable highlights incorporate opposite mode, various ride profiles, music/call controls and OTA refreshes. In its most recent OTA update, the S1 Air gets highlights like false engine sounds, slope hold help, get-away mode, vicinity open, ride temperaments (Bolt, Classic and Shroud), worked on regenerative slowing down, Hyper charging and key sharing.

OLA S1 Air Reviews

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Driving the S1 Air is a center point type electric engine that produces a maximum of 4.5kW of power and uses a 3kWh battery to draw power. The guaranteed maximum speed of the e-bike is 85 kmph, and it has a fixed range of 125 km. Ola has equipped the S1 Air with a center mounted engine with a maximum power of 4.5kW. Ola guarantees that the top speed of the S1 Air is 95 kmph, while the range is rated at 85 km for the 2kWh, 125 km for the 3kWh and 165 km for the 4kWh battery. At the time of its departure, we were told that the S1 Air’s wheel center mounted engine delivers a maximum power of 4.5kW.


Ola S1 Air is powered by a center point engine with an apparent power output of 2.7 kW and a maximum power output of 4.5 kW. It has a 3kWh battery pack, with which it has a guaranteed range of 141 km and top speed of 85 kmph. Ola guarantees a guaranteed range of 151 km for the S1 Air. The S1 Air battery takes 4 hours 30 minutes to charge. The S1 Air is available in a single edition and comes in six colors: Heavenly Blue, Neon, Porcelain White, Coral Glitz, Fluid Silver and 12 PM Blue. The company says that it gives a maximum output of 6kW.

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The S1 rides on air-adaptive front forks and double back shocks. Its slowing equipment includes front and rear drum brakes mounted on 90/90-12 wheels. The S1 Air weighs 99 kg and offers 34 liters of additional space under the seat. The electric bike is based on a cylindrical shell and also has an adaptive fork with dual safety measures. For slow speeds, there are drum brakes on two closers equipped with Joint Stopping Mechanism (CBS). The steel wheels are fit


The Ola S1 Air electric bike gets a programmed transmission framework that makes it easy to move around in the city traffic. The suspension setup of the vehicle consists of a twin adaptive front fork and a double shock back suspension. Apart from this, this bike has been provided with steel Hagel drum brakes connected to Combi Stopping Mechanism (CBS). CBS guarantees use of two brakes when only one is switched off, providing safe stopping power.

OLA S1 Air Reviews

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Design & Style

It appears that the Ola S1 Air is no different from the remaining two variants. It has similar twin projector headlamps, sleek body board, single piece seat and mirrors. Still, unlike other models, the Air gets a level footboard which may increase ease of use as it gives some extra extra space. It has features like TFT Screen, Cell Phone Network, Riding Mode, Switch Mode, Side Stand Alert, OTA Refresh, Music Playback, Remote Boot Lock/Open, Root and Priority Support.

Compared to S1 Star, Ola S1 Air adopts employee strategy in its plan. It features level wood planks, dark body cladding, one-piece pillion snatch rail and steel wheels instead of compound wheels. Although it may not have the attention-grabbing plan components of the S1 Pro, it makes the S1 Air a more budgetary and streamlined decision within the Ola S1 series.

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The exterior of the OLA S1 Air remains a harmonious blend of experience and utility. With its sleek shape and current outline, it attracts attention while moving smoothly in the air for superior streamlined efficiency. The powered headlights and stunning back light examples illuminate the road and also add a hint of sophistication to its look. Sustainability becomes a major focal point in its planning, integrating reused materials and a creative regenerative prevention mechanism that enhances effectiveness.


This OLA electric bike is said to be equipped with state-of-the-art features that symbolize OLA’s commitment to rethinking metropolitan portability. It has a state-of-the-art computerized instrument console with Bluetooth network without hands-free movement. Routes help in smooth navigation, while call/SMS precautions keep you safely connected. Emergency assistance guarantees real peace. Geo-fencing improves security, complemented by counter burglary alerts for added insurance.

OLA S1 Air Reviews

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OLA S1 Air is the latest innovation in electric scooters, combining sleek design with cutting-edge technology. This high-performance scooter is powered by a powerful electric motor that provides a smooth and exhilarating ride. With its lightweight frame and compact size, the OLA S1 Air is perfect for navigating busy city streets and crowded sidewalks. It features a long-lasting battery that allows for an impressive range, making it ideal for daily commutes or exploring the city. The scooter also comes equipped with advanced safety features, including front and rear lights, disc brakes, and a responsive braking system.

OLA S1 Air Reviews FAQ’S

What is the on-road price of OLA S1 Air in 2024?

The 2024 on-road price of OLA S1 Air in Delhi is Rs. 1,30,655. This OLA S1 Air price includes the ex-showroom price, RTO and insurance charges.

What are the key specifications of OLA S1 Air?

OLA S1 Air is an electric bike that comes with a 2700 W motor which gives a range of 151 Km, and a top speed that goes uptil 90 Kmph. It has a charging time of 5 Hrs.

What are the colour options of OLA S1 Air?

OLA S1 Air is available in 6 colours which are Coral Glam, Liquid Silver, Porcelain White, Midnight Blue, Stellar Blue and Neon.

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