OLA S1 X Reviews On Road Price 2024 Mileage, Features, Engine, Performance, Design & Images

OLA S1 X Reviews:- This retail cost starts now and is valid till August 21, 2024. As far as looks are concerned, the Ola S1 comes with a touch TFT display, complete with its own e-SIM. Other exhibition features include phone organization, Bluetooth accessibility, WiFi and GPS. The bike also has turn-by-turn course features in the form of speakers that can be used to play music, horn, etc.

Ola S1 Ola S1 Ola unveiled its new range of bike, the Ola S1X series, at its customer day event on August 15. This is the company’s cheapest price till date and the price of Ola S1X (2kWh) starts at Rs 89,999. In this test, we analyze the other two bike available, the Ola S1. While the S1 standard can reach a top speed of 90 kmph, the S1 Expert, with its additional riding modes, can reach 115 kmph.

OLA S1 X Reviews 2024

Ola S1 80.00K and Rs. 100.00 K. Ola S1 80.00 K – 2kWh and Rs. Goes up to 100.00 K – Extra. Ola S1 Rs 1.64k with 8.5% funding cost. With a more modest front light cowl, the Olds S1X looks sleeker than the rest of the S1 field. All things considered, the plan of the cover and side sheets appears to be equivalent to the standard S1. Another important visual differentiator is the presence of flexible forks and cast steel wheels.

Ola S1 S1 price in India starts from Rs 1,01,499 for the top variant. 1,26,595. Ola generates 2700 watts of power from its motor. With both front and rear drums slowing down, Ola treats both wheels as a combined halting system. The bike also gets many electronic features like side-stand down and robbery alert, modify mode, get back mode, bring me back home lights, limp mode and slant hold. Voice aggregate part and travel control is also available in the bike.

OLA S1 X Reviews

OLA S1 X Reviews Details 2024

Article about OLA S1 X Reviews On Road Price 2024 Mileage, Features, Engine, Performance, Design & Images
OLA S1 X Launch Date
August 15, 2024
OLA S1 X Price Rs. 90,019
91 – 151 Km/Full Charge
Category Automobile News
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OLA S1 X Reviews Feature

Ola S1 standard features on both models include Helness Lock/Open, Remote Boot Lock, Call Alert, Message Alert. It has infotainment, side-stand ready, burglary alert, geo fencing, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, locally accessible courses, limp home mode. Pivot Mode, Get Back Mode, Carry Back Home to Me Lights, Find My bike, HMI Restraint with Sound, Electronic Control Lock, HMI Headhunter, Welcome Screen, OTA Revive, Manual SOS and Show Support. The Expert release gets the added benefits of a sloped hold frame, cruise control and voice assistance.

Ola Electric recently revived the S1 electric bike and it is now available in two battery options: a 2kWh and a S1 battery. Although both models are powered by the same 5.5kW motor, they will differ in terms of what they offer. The 2kWh battery offers a range of 91km and the S1 unit can do 141km (ARAI). Ola Customization uses two riding modes (Normal and Game) while Ola S1.

OLA S1 X Reviews

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Battery & Range

The top speed of the Ola S1X and S1X+ is 90 kmph, although it is 85 kmph on the 2kWh version of the S1X. Eco, standard and sports riding modes are available in all three variants. The 0-60 kmph acceleration time for the S1X and S1X+ is 5.5 seconds, although for the 2kWh variant it is 7.9 seconds. Driving power for the S1X and S1X+ comes from a S1 lithium-ion battery pack. It takes 7.4 hours to charge from 0-100 percent using a home charger (for each of the three variants).

The ARAI confirmed range for the Ola S1X, S1X+ and S1X 2kWh variants is 151 km, 151 km and 91 km respectively. Again, the actual range declared in Eco mode is 85 km for the 2kWh variation and 125 km for the other two variations. The home charger takes 7.4 hours to charge from 0-100 percent. This applies to each of the three varieties. In light of everything, the S1X and S1X+ use a 500W flexible charger whereas for the 2kWh version it’s a 350W unit.

OLA S1 X Reviews

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Braking & Suspension

Hardware on the two variants includes circle brakes, single front fork, back mono-shock, two Hegel connected stopping devices on roundabout packaging. ADJUSTABLE CORNER The two ends of the Ola S1 incorporate parts of the European system of bike in anticipation of single-handedness. Ultimate strength is provided by a 280mm circle at the front and a 220mm plate at the rear, which gets an integrated halting component for goodness’ sake.

Here the underpinnings are fundamental, steel Hegels pressed to two perfections. Suspension is handled by a versatile fork at the front and a double-sided swingarm with twin springs at the rear. The biggest change from the S1 is that it doesn’t get a TFT touchscreen like Ola’s higher-end models, and then makes do with a less massive, more meaningful LCD display. It has more unpainted blue plastic than the S1 Air, which will also help reduce costs.

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Exterior & Interior

A side stand is ready and three modes: Eco, Normal and Game, are available on each of the three bike. The primary difference that probably turns into the main variable is the equipment group and clever features. The V is the most stacked model with a 7-inch contact display, while the S1X+ sports a 5-inch contact display. While the Ola S1 variation gets five variations, the S1 Expert gets ten variations, including shades of the base variation. The bike gets a modest plan language that mirrors the running shapes.

Both these bike come with Move operating system that empowers Bluetooth availability, GPS course, keyless open, venture control and OTA revive. Ola, on the other hand, has a 3.5-inch display but no such feature. Assuming you want music and speakers, the S1 Air is the basic bike here. Ola electric bike has an IPM motor powered by a battery pack. The motor produces a maximum power of 8.5kW and gets a 2.98kWh battery pack that guarantees a range of 121 km on the standard variant S1, while the S1 Star gets a 3.97kWh battery pack that guarantees a range of 181 km.

OLA S1 X Reviews

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OLA S1 X is a revolutionary electric scooter that is making waves in the transportation industry. With its sleek design, powerful motor, and advanced features, this scooter is redefining the way we commute. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to maneuver through traffic and navigate tight spaces. And with its smart connectivity options, riders can easily track their scooter’s performance, locate nearby charging stations, and even lock and unlock their scooter remotely using the OLA app. Whether you’re a daily commuter or simply looking for an eco-friendly mode of transport, the OLA S1 X is the perfect choice for stylish and sustainable mobility.

OLA S1 X Reviews FAQ’S

What is the on-road price of OLA S1 X in 2024 ?

The 2024 on-road price of OLA S1 X in Delhi is Rs. 97,336. This OLA S1 X price includes the ex-showroom price, RTO and insurance charges.

What are the key specifications of OLA S1 X?

OLA S1 X is an electric bike that comes with a 2700 W motor which gives a range of 91 Km, and a top speed that goes uptil 85 Kmph. It has a charging time of 7.4 Hrs.

What are the colour options of OLA S1 X?

OLA S1 X is available in 7 colours which are Red Velocity, Midnight, Vogue, Stellar, Funk, Porcelain white and Liquid Silver.

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