Ozotec Bheem EV Price In India 2024, Range, Charging Time, Top Speed, Features, Specifications, Review & Images

Ozotec Bheem EV:- Ozotec’s Bheem aims to conquer flow electric bike restrictions. The robust 10kWh battery offers an unmatched range of 525 km on a single charge, making it ideal for long journeys. The cross section profile development guarantees vehicle robustness and adjusts to any landscape. Furthermore, the specially designed 3KW engine with IP67 insurance gives it enough power to handle various terrains. The IP67-guaranteed battery uses a PDC housing (full aluminum dustproof cast) and is equipped with a smart battery board framework “BMS”.

We found during our available work that various needs of the customers are not being met by the existing EV manufacturers. We understood the meaning of the emphasis on mechanical characteristics while focusing on the main parts. Body, Motor and Battery. You are the main business in India that plans and manufactures every basic part in-house to meet this requirement. In addition, BHIM offers unique customization options to customers to meet their specific requirements.

Ozotec Bheem EV Price 2024

The Ozotec-EV Bheem is launched at the ex-showroom price of 65,990 and goes up to 65,990. The EMI starts at ₹1,084/month at the interest rate of 8.75 for 5 years. (although it will vary from bank to bank). In this article, find out everything you wanted to know about the Ozotec Bheem EV, including its cost, range, charging time and speed. Ozotec Bheem EV price in India is actually becoming news in the media, which is a good piece of information. The details of the item have been unveiled by Baratheon (the principal and owner). See below to learn more. Ozotec Bheem EV is an electric vehicle whose battery demand has suddenly increased. It is one of the most extravagant and intelligently awaited cycles introduced by the brand so far. The buyers are planning to buy the 6th lossless model of Bheem.

BHIM will start accepting reservations from May 25, 2024 on the Ozotech official site and display area. With Bluetooth network and a versatile application, their BHIM is a smart vehicle that enhances your driving experience. The dashboard shows key data, for example, GPS speed, trip meter, GPS route, record and media watcher, trip history and other high-level elements requested by the current market. BHIM offers a 7-year guarantee to its customers to give them true peace of mind while shopping.

Ozotec Bheem EV Price In India, Range, Charging Time, Speed

Ozotec Bheem EV Details 2024

Article Ozotec Bheem EV Price In India, Range, Charging Time, Speed
Ozotec Bheem EV Launch Date 25th May 2024
Ozotec Bheem EV Price 65,990
Mileage 500 kilometres
Category Automobile News
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Ozotec Bheem EV on-road price 2024

The on-road price of the Ozotec-EV Bheem in Delhi starts at Rs.65,990.

Ex-Showroom Price Rs.65,990
RTO Rs.5,279
Insurance Rs.1,880
On-Road Price in Delhi(Not Available in Rewari) Rs.73,149*

Ozotec Bheem EV Feature

The EV features a grid design which adds to its sturdiness. Accordingly, it ensures the safety of the riders. It offers IP67 protection for durability and a 3W engine for easy opening. Due to the low battery life of electric vehicles, most people are not inclined towards them. However, we have to guarantee you that this is not true with the Bheema EV. It is a solid, full aluminum pass on cast battery with PDC Lodging Certificate. Obviously, harsh use will eventually damage it. If you use it humbly it will be of greatest benefit to you. The use of state-of-the-art wire welding innovation ensures the safety of the riders. In any case, for best protection, riders should also wear health related items like hats, gear etc. Have you ever ridden Ola’s electric vehicle for the ideal customer experience? It integrates a music framework that connects to your cell phone. The dashboard shows data, for example, speed, battery life, distance traveled, route, trip history, and that’s just the beginning. Customers can buy various add-ons to upgrade the styling and aesthetics of the vehicle.

Wheels Type (Spoke)

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Ozotec Bheem EV Price In India, Range, Charging Time, Speed

Ozotec Bheem EV Range

At present, electric vehicles are in trend, whether it is a four wheeler or a bike. The most important aspect of any vehicle is how far the rider can follow it. After this the organization has thought about the scope of BHEEM EV at the primary level. Its appearance is actually similar to that of Luna; “Perfect Still à la Mode”. It is ideally suited for the height and weight of any person. The range of this important electric vehicle is 525 km. It is a great decision for the customers as it is suitable for driving in every atmospheric condition and a wide range of roads. If you are planning to travel, then the Ozotec Bhima EV is ideal to start the day on a good note.

Electric vehicles, whether four wheelers or two, are becoming very popular nowadays. A commonly noticeable trademark is the rider’s ability to follow the vehicle. Accordingly, the company has given the first-end scope of the Bheema EV idea. Like the Luna, it has a “classy but smart” appearance. It is great for individuals of all levels and weights. The range of this amazing electric vehicle is 525 km. Given that it can work in all weather and off-road, it is a great option for the customers. If you are planning to travel then Ozotec Bhim EV is the best vehicle to start your journey with.

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Charging Time Of Ozotec Bheem EV

The battery range of the Ozotec Bheem is 10 kWh, and it has a maximum range of 500 miles. Fully charge it before leaving for best performance! To guarantee better battery inclusion while you are driving, the vehicle is equipped with a sophisticated battery with a functional framework. The Ozotec Bhim EV takes 4.5 hours to charge. You should not leave it on charge longer than this time to fully charge it.

The hitter force of Ozotec Bheem is 10kWh and one person can drive for a distance of 500 kms. For its best use, fully charge it before leaving for your purpose! A great battery is provided in the vehicle to guarantee better battery coverage when you are in a hurry. The charging time of Ozotec Bheem EV is 4.5 hours. As a result, you really want to save on charge for a portion of this period in order to fully charge it.

Ozotec Bheem EV Price In India, Range, Charging Time, Speed

Ozotec Bheem EV Top Speed

Checking its speed, the top speed of Ozotec Bheem EV is 65 kmph which is more than reasonable to meet your day to day needs. Of course you can control as much as possible. Today’s youth want cleanliness and compliance to their specific needs. They want a vehicle, trendy outfit and hardware. Thus, the recently introduced Ozotec Bheem EV was created to meet the growing needs of the customers. Travel is helpful for commuting, working, even long trips. Continuing the discussion on its speed, the top speed of 65 kmph of Ozotec Bheem EV is more than enough to take care of your day to day needs. As far as possible it is easy to control.

Top Speed 65 Kmph

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Full Specifications Of Ozotec Bheem

The STD variant of the Ozotec Bheem is available at a starting price of Rs 65,990.


Top Speed (KPH)
65 Kmph

Ozotec Bheem EV Engine

Max Power
4 Ps
Max Torque
22 Nm
Fuel Type


Brakes Front
Brakes Rear
Braking Type
Combine Braking System

Performance and Fuel economy

Top Speed
65 Kmph
Tyres and Wheels
Wheels Type (Pressed Steel/ Alloy)


Load carrying capacity
350 Kg
Front Brake Diameter
130 mm
Rear Brake Diameter
110 mm


Motor Type
USB charging port
STD Rs. 65,990

Ozotec Bheem EV Launch & Price 

Ozotec Bheem is an electric bike available in the price range of Rs. Its price in the Indian market is Rs 65,990. It is presented in a solitary version and presented only in green color. Ozotec Bheem has drum brakes at the front and rear. The Ozotec Bheem EV is available to buy from 25 May 2024. A large number of customers had already booked it, with most of the models already sold out. Ozotech BHIM removes the barriers to the flow of electric vehicles available on the go.

Ozotec Bheem EV Variants, Speed  & Colors

Ozotec-EV Bheem has 0 variant available in India: 0.
There are 0 different colours for Ozotec-EV Bheem: .

The maximum speed of Ozotec-EV Bheem is 65 km/hr.

Range and Battery Capacity

Ozotec-EV Bheem gives you the maximum range of 215 km/charge at a single full charge. The battery can be charged up to 80% in 4.5 Hours with Turbo charger.


Ozotec-EV Bheem competes with these bikes in the Indian market as of now: GT Prime, GT Soul, GT Force One, Jitendra JET 320, Jitendra JMT 1000HS, Jitendra JMT Classic City.

Compare Bheem with Alternatives

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs.65,990 onwards Rs. 67,190 onwards Rs. 55,555 onwards Rs. 71,500 onwards Rs. 62,964 onwards
User Rating
5.0 2 reviews 3.9 168 reviews 4.5 20 reviews 3.6 56 reviews 3.7 10 reviews
135 Km/Charge 70 Km/Charge 75 Km/Charge
4 Ps 48 kmph 250 W 250 249
Top speed
65 Kmph 45 kmph 24.9 kmph 45 kmph 25 kmph


Learn everything there is to know about the Ozotec Bheem EV in this article, including its price, range, charging time, and charging speed. It’s excellent to see that media outlets are reporting on the Indian price of the Ozotec Bheem EV. Baratheon, the owner and principle, has revealed the item’s specifics. For further information, see below. The battery consumption for the electric car Ozotec Bheem EV has unexpectedly grown. It is one of the brand’s most expensive and much anticipated cycles to date. The purchasers want to purchase Bheem’s sixth lossless model.

Ozotec Bheem EV Reviews FAQ’S

Which is the top speed EV bikes in India?

The KM5000 has a cruiser-style design, a single-sided swing arm, and a mid-drive powertrain that was created in cooperation with DeltaEV. The motorbike has the fastest peak speed of any electric bike in the nation, at 188 kmph.

How long does it take to charge Ozotec Bheem?

Ozotec Bheem EV Charging Time is 4.5 hours. Therefore, you need to keep it on charge for a maximum of this duration to charge it fully.

Which electric bike gives 300 km mileage?

The Gravton Quanta is an electric scooter developed in India that advertises having the longest range of 320 kilometres on a single charge. With an average speed of 25 kmph and a 6 kWh lithium-ion battery that can be completely charged in 3 hours with a fast charger, this outstanding range is made possible.

How long does 12v fast charge take?

Car batteries usually hold 48 amps, so it will take about 12 hours to reach a full charge using a 12 volt charger. It takes around 30 minutes for an electric vehicle to charge to 80%.

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