TVS iQube Electric Reviews 2023 Launch & Price, Mileage, Feature

TVS iQube Electric:- TVS iQube Electric is a two-wheeler that runs on electricity and is priced at Rs. 1.56 and Rs. 1.62 lakh. It is available in 3 variations and 11 tones. The TVS iQube Electric can run up to 75 km/charge on a single charge. And can reach up to 78 kilometers per hour. With the recent launch of the iQube electric scooter in India, TVS has also joined the green revolution. The manufacturer’s first electric bike, the iQube gets a simple bike-like design as well as a number of existing new highlights, while promising decent performance and battery range here.

The TVS iQube electric scooter line is the first product in the EV category from the Hosur-based company. In our tests, the iQube S, a mid-spec model, performed well as a convenient city e-scooter (watch the video here). The family-oriented iCube is complemented by the new TVS X electric bike in the TVS EV setup. You can read the specifications of this televised crayon-based electric bike here.

TVS iQube Electric Reviews 2023 

The TVS iCube electric bike is one of the latest additions to the driving stock. This progressive bike is not just a ride; A complete bundle that helps you move around the city effortlessly. TVS iQube makes it easy for you to go anywhere. Additionally, its user-friendly and clear controls simplify operation. If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to get around the city or a fun way to spend your free time then the TVS iQube is the perfect scooter for you.

TVS iQube is a great value for money electric scooter with a comfortable ride and good range. It has Bluetooth connectivity, an eco riding mode and a digital display, among other features. The iQube is a great choice for anyone looking for an effective electric scooter due to its reasonable price. In general, the TVS iQube is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an electric scooter that is both reliable and effective.

TVS iQube Electric

TVS iQube Electric Details 2023

Article TVS iQube Electric Reviews 2023 Launch & Price, Mileage, Feature
TVS iQube Electric Launch Date  January 15, 2020.
TVS iQube Electric Price Rs 70,569 – Rs 87,161
55 km/l
Category Automobile News
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TVS iQube Electric Feature 

The iQube series of electric bikes come with an all-wheel drive lighting system and a TFT instrument panel that maintains cell phone network through the SmartXonnect application. Navigation, geofencing, range estimation, battery charge status, ride statistics and overspeed alert are the notable features. The standard version comes with a five-inch display, although the S version is equipped with a larger seven-inch screen. Two variations include a five-way joystick on the left handlebar for simple menu navigation. Very good quality ST version flaunts a seven-inch touchscreen display, complemented by a joystick. Additionally, TVS offers boot light and support for USB charging as standard features. The iQube and iQube S have a storage capacity of 17 litres, while the more expensive ST model has a storage capacity of 32 litres.

TVS iQube Electric

Launch & Price

There are two options for the TVS iQube: Pearl White, Shining Red and Titanium Grey, with three color options available as standard, while the S model is available in four colors – Lucid Yellow, Mercury Grey, Mint Blue and Copper Bronze. shiny. The standard iQube is priced at Rs 1,34,422, while the more extravagant iQube S is priced at Rs 1,49,465 (including programming updates). These costs are ex-display area Delhi, which also includes the Distinction 2 endowment. The evaluation of the top-end iQube ST model has not yet been revealed by the TVS.

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Battery & Motor

Powering the TVS iQube is a center point mounted 3kW engine, which gives a maximum power result of 4.4kW. The TVS guarantees that the standard and S variants can reach a top speed of 78 kmph, while the ST model can reach a top speed of 82 kmph. As far as acceleration is concerned, all the variations are said to do 0-40 kmph in 4.2 seconds. There are two riding modes on the iQube: Power and Eco. The lithium-ion battery pack will be standard in the ST model and will be larger than the 3.04 kWh battery pack in the S model. In Eco mode, the standard and S models have an estimated range of 100 km and 75 km respectively. Interestingly, the ST variant flaunts a guaranteed actual range of 145 km (Eco) and 110 km (Power).

The TVS iQube is powered by a 4.4kW (top) electric center point engine, generating a maximum force of 140Nm in the driver’s seat trans. The rated power is 3 kW, and the rated torque is 33 Nm. The TVS guarantees standard and S variations can come to a top speed of 78 km/h. iQube comes with two riding modes specifically Eco and Power Sport. The engine is paired to a 3.04kWh lithium-particle battery pack that offers a guaranteed range of 100 km in the Standard and S variants. The ST model, on the other hand, gets a larger battery pack with 4.56 kWh which is said to have a range of 145 km in real life.

TVS iQube Electric

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Charging & Range

The Standard and S models use a 650W charger and take about 4.5 hours to fully charge. Charging time varies by type. The ST model offers two charging options: a 950W charger (a little over four hours) or a 1.5kW charger for a full charge (about 2.5 hours). Eco and Power riding modes are available on the iQube. The engine is paired to a 3.04kWh lithium-particle battery pack that actually offers a guaranteed range of 100 km in the standard and S variants. On the other hand, the ST model gets a larger 4.56kWh battery pack that offers a guaranteed certified range of 145 km.

Interior & Exterior

TV’s iQube electric bike includes an all-powered lighting system, a TFT instrument cluster with an engineered cell phone network. It gives you access to features like overspeed alert bike, geo-fencing, range, charge status, ride statistics and navigation assist. The standard variant gets a 5-inch display, while the S comes with a 7-inch unit with a 5-way joystick on the left switchgear. The top-end ST variant gets a 7-inch touchscreen display as well as a joystick to bike instruments. Apart from ease of use, the company also offers a USB charging port and a boot light as standard. Additionally, the S and ST models include a larger 32-litre under-seat storage compartment.

TVS iQube Electric

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Braking & Suspension

The TVS iQube utilizes an under bone rounded outline with an adaptive front fork and preload-customizable twin back shocks. On all variants, the brakes are provided by a 130mm rear drum and a front disc measuring 220mm. The tires on the scooter have a 90-section tubeless design and measure 12 inches in diameter. The standard variation weighs 117.2 kg, while the S and ST variations weigh 118.8 kg and 128 kg, individually. The TVS iQube has a wide footboard, and an agreeable seat. Ride quality is very much arranged, and taking care of is very sharp and exact.


The TVS iQube rides on adaptive forks and twin safeguards. Brakes incorporate a front circle and a back tire drum. It that rolls on 12-inch amalgam wheels on both. The electric scooter’s standard model weighs 117.2 kg, while the S and ST models weigh 118.8 kg and 128 kg, respectively. Taking everything into account, the TVS iQube new model rides on adjustable forks suspension at the front and double safeguards suspension at the rear of bike. The preventing power comes from a 220mm circle brake at the front and a 130mm drum brake at the back of bike.

TVS iQube Electric Reviews FAQ’S

What is the on-road price of TVS iQube in 2023?

The 2023 on-road price of TVS iQube in Delhi is Rs. 1,23,776.

What are the key specifications of TVS iQube?

TVS iQube is an electric bike that comes with a 3000 W motor which gives a range of 100 Km, and a top speed that goes uptil 78 Kmph. It has a charging time of 5 Hrs.

What is the battery capacity of TVS iQube Electric?

Battery Capacity of TVS iQube Electric is 3.04 kWh.

What is the exact Height of TVS iQube Electric?

The height of TVS iQube Electric is 1140 mm.

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