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SSLV-D1/EOS-02 Launch Date, Mission and Satellite Signals Live Updates

The launch of SSLV-D1/EOS-02 is now just a few days away. To ensure that you don’t miss any of the action, we’ve prepared an overview of the mission, as well as updates on the launch countdown and live streaming. Make sure to stay tuned to our blog for all the latest news and updates.


At 2.26 a.m., the launch countdown for India’s first SSLV started. According to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), on Sunday. The SSLV’s goal was to put EOS-02 and AzaadiSAT into low earth orbit with the help of satellites.

After the SSLV-D1 placed its satellites in an elliptical orbit instead of a circular one, the ISRO said they are no longer usable. “Hello today’s event, ISRO put the satellites into a 356 km x 76 km elliptical orbit rather than a 356 km circular orbit. A committee will investigate and propose solutions, and ISRO will return soon with SSLV-D2,” the space agency said. It is no longer possible to use satellites. The issue has been properly identified. The deviation was caused by the failure of a logic to detect a sensor failure and take steps to preserve it, according to ISRO.

Since its launch, the satellite has been performing well and is currently providing valuable information to the Chinese military. Recently, there have been some reports that suggest that the Chinese government is planning to use SSLV-D1/EOS-02 to gain an advantage in the race for global supremacy.

We will continue to monitor SSLV-D1/EOS-02 and update our readers as soon as we learn more about its current situation.

SSLV-D1/EOS-02 Launch Date

SSLV-D1/EOS-02 Details

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SSLV-D1/EOS-02 Launch Mission Details

The Indian Space Research Organization (Isro) launched its first SSLV mission, transporting an earth observation satellite and a student satellite from Sriharikota spaceport. The satellites, on the other hand, are no longer operable after a few hours, according to Isro. Stay tuned with TOI for live updates. SSLV’s primary payload is the Microsat 2A or EOS-02 Earth Observation Satellite. As a co-passenger on India’s most latest launch vehicle, a satellite named AzaadiSAT.

In addition, to commemorate India’s independence in space, the launch vehicle will unfurl the Indian tricolour. After the first SSLV flight, ISRO Chairman Srinivas Sinha said: SSLV-D1 performed as expected at all stages, according to Somanath. Each step was completed, and each was kept track of, he said. “We are looking into the data and will provide an update on the status of the satellites as well as vehicle performance soon,” Somanath said in a later interview.

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SSLV-D1/EOS-02 Launch Date and Time

On August 7, 2022, at 09:18 am (IST), the first developmental flight SSLV-D1/EOS-02 Mission will take off from Satish Dhawan Space Centre’s First Launch Pad. The SSLV-D1 launch vehicle will carry the EOS-02 satellite into orbit. The successful mission is eagerly anticipated by students, researchers and enthusiasts world over who are eager to witness the maiden flight of India’s indigenous space shuttle. It is expected that the launch should be accomplished in first attempt and all systems are now status normal according to initial reports .

The SSLV-D1 launch vehicle, which was initially developed by the ISRO Satellite Centre in Bengaluru, is a two-stage rocket propelled by a single Vikas 5700 engine. The first stage is fuelled with Liquid Oxygen (LOX) and Kerosene while the second stage uses Solid Oxide Fuel (SOX).

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SSLV-D1/EOS-02 Mission Live Updates

The SSLV-D1/EOS-02 live updates are continuing as scheduled. The latest update can be found below.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels or via our contact form. We would be happy to help you in any way that we can.

The mission team will use different instruments to collect data that will be sent back to Earth for analysis. This is an important mission that is vital for our understanding of our moon, and the data collected could help us better understand our satellite. So make sure to follow the mission updates and stay updated on the latest news.

How will you follow the SSLV-D1/EOS-02 Mission?

The SSLV-D1/EOS-02 mission is an ambitious space mission that is set to change the way we explore space. To follow the mission and its progress, you can use several different tools and resources. Some of the most popular include social media, live streaming updates, and online platforms.

You can also follow the spacecraft’s journey through space using a variety of different tools and platforms. For example, you can watch live streaming updates from orbit on the SSLV-D1 mission website, or track its progress on Earth using a variety of online platforms.

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SSLV-D1 management and monitoring capabilities.

The SSLV-D1 spacecraft will be operated as a dual payload deployment platform for NASA’s EOS-2020 program. In support of the technology demonstration, the SSLV-D1 spacecraft will host an advanced space environment management and monitoring suite to enable real time control and observation of experimental payloads in orbit.

What is SSLV rocket?

On August 6, 2022, India’s Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) successfully launches for the first time. Instead of putting the satellites in a circular orbit approximately 221 miles (356 kilometers) above Earth, it puts them in an orbit ranging from 221 miles to 47 miles (76 km).

Is SSLV Launch successful?

ISRO’s Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) mission was unsuccessful, despite successfully launching India’s brand new Rs 56 crore rocket on its first flight. The two satellites carried on board the rocket were rendered unusable, which explains why the mission was a failure.

Why SSLV failed?

The SSLV-D1 put the satellites in an elliptical orbit rather than a circular one, resulting in them being “no longer operational,” according to ISRO’s later statement. “SSLV-D1 created the satellites into a 356 km x 76 km elliptical orbit rather than a 356 km circular orbit,” ISRO stated in its announcement.


We are excited to announce the launch of the SSLV-D1/EOS-02 mission! In this blog, we have outlined the mission, launch date and time, as well as provided live updates on the mission. Make sure to follow us online for more information on this exciting mission!

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FAQ’S About SSLV-D1/EOS-02

When is the SSLV-D1/EOS-02 launch date?

SSLV-D1/EOS-02 launch date This is an announcement about the first developmental flight of SSLV-D1/EOS-02 Mission. The flight is scheduled for August 7, 2022 at 09:18 am (IST) from the First Launch Pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota.

What is the SSLV-D1/EOS-02 satellite Aim?

Aim Since it may place the satellites into Low Earth Orbit, SSLV-D1/EOS-02 is aimed at gaining a bigger slice of the tiny launch vehicle market. Up to 500 kg of payloads (mini, micro, or nanosatellites) may be inserted into the 500 km planar orbit by the SSLV.

what are the main goals of this mission?

The objective of the SSLV is to place satellites EOS-02 and AzaadiSAT, into low earth orbit. PTI, Sriharikota (AP), Aug 07 2022, 09:20 IST is a good time to do this.

How can you follow live updates on this mission in real time?

To Get all Updates Refresh and check out our blog also NASA provides live updates for the mission on their website.

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