Alakh Pandey wife Age Qualification education Physics Wallah 2023

Alakh Pandey wife: Alakh Pandey is the founder of Physics Wallah and a YouTube educator. who began his education in physics. Alakh Pandey is well-known in the education sector today. Additionally, this name is now well-known. Additionally, Alag Pandey is the founder of the educational organization Physics, which offers children online tuition via Instagram and YouTube.

Alag Pandey was born in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, on October 2, 1991. Satish Pandey is his father, and Rajat Pandey is his mother. Aditi Pandey is the name of his younger sister. Alakh Pandey’s father works in Prayagraj, where his family lives. He wanted to be an actor when he was younger, but his parents couldn’t afford it, so he started teaching private lessons instead. Alakh Pandey’s family members are Mrs. Rajat Pandey, his mother. Satish Pandey, his father, and a sister named Aditi Pandey. His mother was a teacher at Vishnu Bhagwan Public School in Prayagraj. His sister works at an IT firm; his father was a contractor.

Alakh Pandey wife

Alakh Pandey sir, who teaches physics to thousands of students worldwide, is married to Shivani Dubey, according to Shivani Dubey Biography. His assistant is Shivani Dubey. Alakh Pandey has made it clear to everyone that Shivani Dueby was a huge help to him when he launched the Physics Wallah app. Since 2019, the two of them have been in a romantic relationship. Alakh Sir frequently refers to Shivani Dubey as Babita when he is instructing his students. Shivani Dubey is also the covert character Babita.

Alakh Pandey was born in Uttar Pradesh on 2nd October 1991. Physics Wallah’s owner’s age is 31 years. He is providing education to all at a minimum price. He also used to give tuition at a young age to students. He has a unique style of teaching students. He now helps students prepare for government jobs, the Defense exams, and to crack the CA exam.

Alakh Pandey wife

Alakh Pandey wife Overview

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Physics Wallah Age

Alakh Pandey was born in Uttar Pradesh on October 2, 1991. Physics Wallah’s owner is 31 years old. Everyone is eligible for free or low-cost education from him. In addition, when they were young, he used to pay for their tuition. He teaches students differently. He now helps students pass the CA exam, the Defense exam, and get jobs in the government.

Alakh Pandey is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, and the CEO of Physics Wallah due to his enthusiasm and dedication to teaching. He collaborates with Prateek Maheshwari on the YouTube channel where he first started teaching. The PW app can be downloaded by students. Students from nearby nations and 4 million Indian students have downloaded the app to study.

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Alakh Pandey Education

Alakh Pandey attended the Bishop Johnson School for his early education. After that, as a result of the economic downturn, he began instructing students in elementary schools. He taught ninth-grade students when he was in the 12th standard. Alakh Pandey scored 93% in high school. He then prepared for engineering.

pursued an engineering degree at the Harcourt Butler Technical Institute (HBTI) in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Due to family financial difficulties, he dropped out of school in his fourth year. Because he enjoyed teaching, he began instructing the students once more in Prayagraj. In 2015, began putting videos on YouTube about subjects for the 12th grade.

More About Physics Wallah

The goal of the PW app is to reach students in faraway places. 90% of the app’s content can be studied for free. For students’ preparation, there are live classes, lecture-based notes, video assignments, video lectures, and test series. Physics Wallah is aided by a group of teachers. Additionally, there are free lectures. PW has centers or Pathshala in Patna, Pune, Lucknow, New Delhi, Varanasi, and other cities.

For the 10th and 12th grade students, there are handwritten notes. Additionally, for the other PW courses, such as JEE NEET, UPSC, and so forth. To study and overcome their fear of physics, the students can easily download the app from Google Play. It has provided multiple candidates with JEE and NEET selections.

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Shivani Dubey Net Worth & Salary

There is no place on the internet where Shivani Dubey’s salary and net worth can be found. It would imply that her employment as a journalist would result in her receiving a respectable salary of between 40,000 and 60,000 Indian Rupees (INR). Her current net worth is probably between one and two crore Indian rupees due to her income. In contrast, Shivani Dubey’s Net Worth and Salary in Shivani Dubey Biography range from 80 to 90 crores of Indian Rupees (INR) in terms of their combined wealth.

Shivani Dubey Profession

Alakh Pandey is a motivational speaker and online educator with whom Indian journalist Shivani Dubey is engaged. Physics Wallah, an online ed-tech platform, is led by Alakh Pandey, the company’s founder and CEO. India is where Shivani Dubey was born. Dubey is currently 27 years old because she was born in 1996. She gave birth in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. She goes by the name Babita as well. After receiving her diploma and completing her education at CBSE School, she received her Master of Science degree in Chemistry.

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Shivani Dubey Instagram

She had previously worked for VICE, ELLE, Refinery29, and i-D, among other publications. According to Shivani Dubey’s Biography, she is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 70 kilograms. Shivani Dubey was born and raised in Allahabad, which is in the state of Uttar Pradesh. She got her degree in chemistry as a Master of Science. Shivani Dubey and Alakh Pandey decided to get engaged after two years of dating after being together for two years. The couple intends to get married soon. She became a topic of discussion in the news after Alakh Pandey described how she had assisted the Physics Wallah in his various interviews.

Shivani Dubey Career

According to Shivani Dubey’s biography, Shivani Dubey’s career began in the freelance journalism industry. She collaborated with i-D, Refinery29, Elle, and Vice, among other prestigious publications, among others. Let us inform you that this young woman is employed as a journalist, as stated by a number of media outlets that have discussed Shivani Dubey’s career and shared details about her previous employment experiences with us. She has allegedly disseminated knowledge on a wide range of subjects, including politics, social media, lifestyle, entertainment, and others. Additionally, a number of publishers claim that Shivani has written for major publications like VICE, ELLE, Refinery29, and i-D, among others.

She might take over as CEO of the company that her husband founded—Physic Wallah, which is mentioned in Shivani Dubey’s Biography—in the not-too-distant future. She will be in charge of the more important business dealings between her husband’s companies. You can anticipate learning a lot more about her professional life once she marries Alakh Pandey.

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Alakh Pandey wife FAQ’S

Who is shivani Dubey?

Shivani Dubey is a journalist who is based in India. Things like entertainment, lifestyle, culture, politics, and social trends were among the topics that Dubey discussed socially.

Is Alakh Sir married?

EdTech unicorn PhysicsWallah's founder and CEO Alakh Pandey married his fiancee Shivani Dubey on Wednesday, February 22.

Who is Shivani in Physics Wallah?

PhysicsWallah founder and CEO Alakh Pandey married girlfriend Shivani Dubey in a private ceremony on February 22. Pandey shared dreamy pics from their daytime wedding on Instagram yesterday. For his big day, the founder of the edtech unicorn chose an embellished, cream-coloured sherwani.

Is Alakh Pandey rich?

Hailing from Prayagraj, Pandey started his YouTube channel in 2014. He has a personal wealth of Rs 4,000 crore, a report said.

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