Himanshu Hooda IIT Bombay Biography, JEE Score, Age, Family, State

Himanshu Hooda IIT Bombay Biography:- Find out here the vital information on Himanshu Hooda’s IIT Bombay biography, JEE score, age, family, and state. IIT is one of India’s most prestigious institutes for studying engineering, hence many students desire to graduate from it. In this post, we’ll talk about the IIT Bombay graduate Himanshu Hooda, who was tenacious in pursuing his academic objectives.

Himanshu Hooda IIT Bombay Biography

The news comes from a youngster in Rohtak who has worked really hard to pass one of India’s most difficult exams, the GATE. Sometimes, even students who join coaching programmes or study for years are unable to qualify for such exams. Himanshu graduated from YMCA Faridabad with a Bachelor of Technology. He had completed his Btech studies in 2022.

Whether he was in high school or college, his intense interest in his studies helped him achieve the highest grades. Himanshu Hooda has raised the bar for all other students in the nation by demonstrating that anyone can succeed despite having less resources. He received invitations to enrol in IIT Bombay and IISC Bangalore to complete his MTech degree.

Himanshu Hooda IIT Bombay Biography

Himanshu Hooda IIT Bombay Biography Overview

Name Himanshu Hooda
JEE Score 205
Cleared Exam For Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
Age 23 Years
Hometown Mungan, Haryana
School Mahendra Model School
Father Om Prakash Hooda
Father’s Profession Owns a Tea Stall
Himanshu Got offers from IIT Bombay and IISC Bangalore
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Himanshu Hooda JEE Score

Once the candidate passes JEE Main + Advanced, the JEE Score is determined. This provides candidates the chance to study engineering at the best colleges in the nation. He has been admitted to IIT Bombay after scoring 205 in the JEE test. He is the son of a local tea vendor and has passed the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). The media is focused on this child who has put in more effort than before. For everyone, the breaking news has been a delight!

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Himanshu Hooda Age

Today’s generation wishes to obtain some meaningful distinctions rather than only earning an Inter certificate. The demands of life are reaching new heights, and competition has intensified. A 23-year-old unremarkable youngster manages to reach the success’s feet in such circumstances via his persistent efforts. Himanshu assisted his father in the early years of running a tiny tea stand. Tea was made and served by him to the clients. Sector 3 of the Rohtak-Sonipat Road is where the stall is situated.

Himanshu Hooda Family

In Rohtak, Om Prakash Hooda’s father operates a tea shop. In contrast to other fathers, he gave his family his all. Om related his experience of taking out a loan of about 15 lakh and moving into a housing board property on rent in one of the interviews with a media outlet. And now that Himanshu has succeeded, he can get the rest he needs. Family is regarded as being an individual’s finest support system. They inspire you to achieve your goals and support you in doing so. Otherwise, overcoming life’s obstacles becomes difficult. People without families do pursue their goals and succeed, but we are talking about Mr. Hooda here.

Academic Career

Himanshu, a talented student from the start, finished his Bachelor of Technology at the YMCA of Faridabad in 2022. Himanshu consistently outperformed the competition in the classroom and earned 90% grades in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in his last year of secondary school at Mahendra Model School. After finishing his 10th and 12th grades, Himanshu also began preparing for the advanced Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), which he had set his sights on. He was not, however, successful.

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Himanshu Hooda State

In the 1990s, they resided in Mungan Village, Haryana. Later, they relocated to a different location in order to further his father’s tea company and for educational reasons. Himashu finished his Fundamental Education at Mahendra Model School, which is the name of the school. He had a PCM percentage of almost 90%. This statistic demonstrates his devoted effort. He received his Btech from YMCA Faridabad, as was previously said. Despite failing in JEE Advanced, he gave it another go this time, trying a little harder to hit the mark.

Financial Difficulties

Himanshu’s father, a lowly tea vendor, struggled financially to provide his son a good education. Om Prakash obtained a Rs 15 lakh loan to cover the cost of his son’s schooling when the family was living in a housing authority community on rent. Om Prakash, who is overjoyed with his son’s accomplishment, declares that he has no regrets in life because Himanshu has finally accomplished his life’s goal. He even remembered Himanshu writing IIT Bombay on his home’s walls at a time of preparation to remind himself how significant IIT-B is to him.

Himanshu remarked that even during his school and college years, he always assisted his family in whatever way he could as he thought back on his journey to date. He used to work at his father’s kiosk, serving tea to clients. It’s interesting that when the GATE results were revealed, he was visiting his father’s tea shop.


We may infer from Himanshu Hooda’s IIT Bombay biography that having goals is essential for reaching a destination. Then, in order to achieve these goals, a person must have the self-control to stick to a rigid study schedule in spite of difficulties. Additionally, don’t worry about the outcome; just set your intentions so that it will follow you back.

Himanshu Hooda IIT Bombay Biography FAQ’S

Who is Himanshu Hooda?

Despite coming from a humble background as the son of a tea vendor in Haryana, this young man managed to overcome numerous hurdles and financial difficulties to pursue engineering at one of India's top universities. To ensure his son's smooth journey towards success in his chosen field, Om Prakash Hooda, the father, took a loan of Rs 15 lakh.

Who is Himanshu Sharma wife?

In January 2021, Himanshu married Kanika Dhillon.

Who is top social Himanshu Goel?

Himanshu Goel, an Indian author of five novels, is a software engineer and management graduate from MICA Ahmedabad. With more than 4 years of experience in brand management, digital marketing, and influencer marketing, he is currently involved in the development of Kyra, India's first virtual influencer.

What is the age of Himanshu Soni?

Soni was born on 1 February 1988 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

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