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Kirit Somaiya Video Twitter:- Learn important information about Kirit Somaiya Video Twitter, his biography, his wife, his family, his age, and the most recent Kirit Somaiya viral video from this page. Was Kirit really in a precarious condition, or was this just a shady political ploy to ruin his name? If the information is confirmed, it will literally not be good for the BJP or the politician. Tell us more about Kirit Somaiya Video Twitter and the associated information. Known for his articulate speeches and strong stance on various issues, Somaiya’s videos on Twitter provide valuable insights into current events and political developments.

With his authoritative voice and confident demeanor, he effectively communicates his opinions and engages with his followers. Whether discussing policy matters or sharing updates from his constituency, Somaiya’s video content on Twitter serves as a powerful tool for connecting with the public and conveying his message. His videos are not only informative but also thought-provoking, sparking discussions among viewers and generating awareness about important issues. Through the medium of video, Kirit Somaiya has successfully created a platform to reach a wider audience and make a meaningful impact in the realm of politics.

Kirit Somaiya Video Twitter

Politicians deal with controversies every day, especially after making substantial advancements in their political careers. Kirit was found in a dishonest position and was found guilty. The recent event involving the politician is still being referenced by many political figures, citizens, detractors, and members of the media.

He firmly claimed during a police investigation that he was not engaging in such a conduct. The Kirit Somaiya Video was shown on the Lok Shahi Marathi channel. By no means has the news station disclosed the woman’s identify. The most well-liked social media sites where the Kirit Somaiya viral video and other information are going viral for the politician are Reddit and Twitter. The forthcoming elections might be the reason of all that has been happening recently. This could be a tactic employed by a rival group. You’re never sure!

Kirit Somaiya Video Twitter

Kirit Somaiya Video Twitter Overview

Name Kirit Somaiya
Profession Politician @Bhartiya Janta Party
Age 69 Years
Family Medha (Wife), Neil (Son)
Recent Controversy Caught in a compromising situation in a viral video
News Channel to Highlight Video Lokshahi
Responses to Viral Video There is negative gossip circulating around the corner about Kirit
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Whatsapp badisoch whatsapp
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Category Biography

Kirit Somaiya Viral Video

The video has been widely shared on news networks and in the media. The politician has denied all claims made against him in a letter in which he claims the video was faked. Since the inquiry into this particular instance has already begun, the truth will soon come to light.

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Kirit Somaiya Biography

Politicians deal with scandals on a regular basis, especially after making significant achievements in their political careers, according to sources and publications. After being found out in a bad circumstance, Kirit was found to be guilty. Numerous political figures, regular people, the politician’s adversaries, and members of the media are still talking about the recent event involving the politician. During a police inquiry, he said with confidence that he was not involved in such behavior. The Lok Shahi Marathi Channel aired the Kirit Somaiya video. The news channel under no circumstances revealed the names of the women. Reddit and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms where the Kirit Somaiya viral video and other material are spreading like wildfire for the politician.

The cause of all that has been going on lately could be the upcoming elections. This may be a strategy used by a competitor organisation. This page will examine the specifics of the popular video as well as provide a summary of Kirit Somaiya’s life history, family, and age. Let’s investigate this public figure’s amazing path and see what makes him so famous online.

Who Is Kirit Somaiya’s Wife?

Kirit and Medha Somaiya wed in 1979, and she is Kirit’s devoted spouse. For her spouse, Medha was always a right hand. Medha was there for him in all of his highs and lows, good and bad. Their close link serves as evidence of the genuine tie between a husband and wife.

Family Of Kirit Somaiya

Kirit, who comes from a middle-class background, has excelled in his political career. He is blessed with a son named Neil and is married to Medha Somaiya. Neil is a member of the municipal council for Ward 108-Mulund and is active in politics.

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Kirit Somaiya Image

Kirit Somaiya Video Twitter

Kirit Somaiya Age

Kirit was born in 1954 and is around 69 years old. He has the greatest experience in politics in Bhartiya Janta Party.

Kirit Somaiya Political Career

Year Position Held
1975 Elected to Maharashtra Legislative Assembly
1999 Elected to 13th Lok Sabha
1999 to 2004 Member of Standing Committee on Finance, Standing Committee on Commerce and Industry, Committee on Petitions and Public Accounts Committee
2000 Member of the Consultative Committee, Ministry of Railways
2014 Chairperson of House Committee
2014 Member of- Public Accounts Committee; Standing Committee on Finance; Committee on Privileges; Consultative Committee, Ministry of Urban Development
2015 Member of General Purposes Committee
2016 Chairperson of Standing Committee on Labour
2016-17 Member of Sub-Committee-VII (PPP Project) of Public Accounts Committee
2019 Vice President of BJP Maharashtra

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What Is The Latest Video Of Kirit Somaiya?

The politician said that everyone’s perception of him has been negatively impacted by the Kirit Somaiya viral video. And it is not what it appears to be at first. His innocence is demonstrated by Kirit’s faith in him. It’s possible that he is the target of such accusations. YouTube, social media, and a number of news outlets all include the Kirit Somaiya video. The use of social media networks should be done in accordance with their policies, as can be inferred from this example.

Kirit Somaiya Positions Held

Year Position Held
Member of Parliament , Lok Sabha
1995-1999 MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly)
2000-2004 Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Railway
2014-2016 Chairperson, Standing Committee on Energy
2019 Vice President (Maharashtra BJP)

Kirit Somaiya Net Worth

Kirit Somaiya reportedly has a net worth of about 27 million rupees. In the recent years, he has held a number of important roles, and he also controls a number of businesses. The chartered accountant Kirit Somaiya will have a variety of investments.


Being discovered in such situation is not good for Kirit Somaiya’s reputation or that of the group he is affiliated with. Therefore, everyone needs to exercise caution while posting content to their social media profiles. You don’t need to draw attention to your private life since it is completely private.

Imagine the effect the Kirit Somaiya video will have on the public, Kirit’s family, especially his kid, and everyone who viewed it. There is no doubt that this was a wrongdoing that shouldn’t have occurred. Regardless, the inquiry by the highest authorities will shortly follow every lead. We will have to wait till after the nearby evidence has been gathered.

Kirit Somaiya Video Twitter FAQ’S

Where is kirit Somaiya now?

Kirit Somaiya (born 12 February 1954) is an Indian politician of the Bharatiya Janata Party who represented Mumbai North-East in the 16th Lok Sabha and the 13th Lok Sabha. He is currently appointed as the vice president of Bharatiya Janata Party's Maharashtra unit.

What is the issue of kirit Somaiya?

In Maharashtra, a noticeable schadenfreude has erupted over the fate of BJP leader Kirit Somaiya. A doughty muckraker and a crusader of common man's causes, 'Kirit bhai', as he is popularly known, is now avoiding the public after a sex tape allegedly featuring him was aired on a Marathi news channel on July 17.

Which Somaiya is better?

KJ Somaiya is better than SK Somaiya. It ranks higher and is more reputed among students. If you have good grades, you should choose KJ Somaiya without thinking any further.

Who is the owner of SK Somaiya?

Dr. Somaiya did much in the field of sugarcane research, sugar manufacture and ethanol, and ethanol based chemistry. His contribution to the company was the identification of the site for sugar production in Karnataka, at Sameerwadi, in the late 1960s. At the time, there was very little cane grown there.

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