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Puneet Superstar Wiki:- Puneet Whiz, also known as Puneet Kumar, is an Indian Entertainer and jokester. He is known for his interesting recordings, which he makes through his Instagram reels. Former TikTok star Puneet Kumar, also known as Puneet Superstar At present, he is making recordings on Reels and Mx TakaTak. He makes videos about things that people can relate to on a daily basis, like the story of a planned prank he and his friends pulled at CP (Connaught Place) in New Delhi.

He told the story of his visit to Shahrukh Khan’s Mumbai bungalow in one of his videos. His entertaining Instagram reels are very popular. These interesting Instagram reels are involved by numerous memers as image layouts. Puneet is a well-known meme and meme lover as a result.

Puneet Superstar Wiki

One of the Bigg Boss OTT 2 candidates is Lord Puneet Superstar. In 1992, he was born in Ghaziabad. He is a very well-known content producer on social media. It was recently made public that he is a contender on the popular programme Bigg Boss OTT 2, which is now airing. He gained popularity by sharing a variety of humorous videos on social media channels. Many of his supporters refer to him as Lord Puneet or Lord Puneet Superstar even though his true name is Prakash Kumar.

He is around 31 years of age and lives in Ghaziabad. Prakash, also known as Lord Puneet, is currently single. At first, he began making recordings on TikTok. However, his recordings didn’t acquire critical perspectives in beginning. However, he continued to upload various videos to this platform. He gained popularity as a result of his later videos going viral on social media platforms. More insights about this content made are remembered for this article.

Puneet Superstar Wiki

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Lord Puneet Superstar Age

Lord Puneet Superstar is approximately 48 years old. Prakash Kumar, otherwise called Lord Puneet Superstar via virtual entertainment stages, was brought into the world in Ghaziabad. His definite date of birth is obscure. Be that as it may, as per the data, he was brought into the world in Yashoda Clinic in Uttar Pradesh. Lord Puneet’s identity is Indian. Besides this information, he eats vegetarian food. Aside from this, as per the data, his number one film entertainer is Bright Deol and his #1 film is Ghatak. Many individuals know him for his amusing substance on different virtual entertainment stages, particularly Instagram. Puneet acquired notoriety through his unprecedented substance posted via virtual entertainment stages.

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Lord Puneet Superstar Height

The level of Puneet Whiz is around 170 cm (5’7″). In addition, Puneet has black eyes and hair. Lord Puneet Whiz (Prakash Kumar) finished his underlying tutoring at DAV State funded School. As per the data, in a meeting, Puneet said that his educators didn’t permit him to show up in the higher optional assessment since he was unable to pay the school expense on time. Puneet worked for a company for a salary of INR 10,000 before he started creating content for social media platforms. Tragically, he lost his employment in 2015. The information states that one of his cousins suggested that he create Lip-sync videos for TikTok. Inevitably, he began making recordings.

Lord Puneet Superstar Family

Despite the fact that Lord Puneet Superstar is a seriously well known character, the insights about his family are as yet unclear. His hometown and birthplace are the only available details. As we probably are aware, his old neighborhood is Ghaziabad, and he was brought into the world in 1992. More insights concerning his family will be accessible soon.

Right now, he has around 538K devotees on Instagram. Moreover, he posted around 27K posts on his Instagram account. He started a YouTube channel in 2022, and it soon had a lot of subscribers. During a meeting, Puneet said that at first, he visited renowned spots, like Red Stronghold, Qutub Minar, and so forth., to make videos for him. But later, he found out that going to these places costs money. As a result, he started making videos for his content at home.

Wife, Girlfriend & Relationships

Puneet Superstar dated a banker who prefers to keep her identity a secret, according to some sources. The couple had been seeing someone a couple of years. Puneet frequently posts pictures with her on his Instagram account, however he doesn’t uncover her name or face. Puneet Superstar has not been connected with some other lady before. He has consistently kept up with that he is single and centered around his work. He has also denied any rumors that he is dating any of his co-stars or co-creators of content. He claims to respect and treat all women as if they were his friends or sisters. He doesn’t have confidence in cheating or playing with anybody’s feelings.

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Due to his actions and content, he has been involved in a few arguments. He was blamed for embarrassing one more Bigg Manager OTT 2 contender Manisha Rani by naming her and offering slanderous comments about her. He was condemned by one more contender Babika Dhurve for his remarks. She additionally confronted analysis from certain individuals for disregarding Salman Khan and Bigg Manager in the show. He said that Salman Khan would require Disprin in the wake of paying attention to him and he couldn’t care less about TRP or acclaim.

Career and Fame

Puneet Superstar began his vocation as an online entertainment powerhouse and YouTuber. He uploads videos and photos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. He has an immense fan following on these stages who love his eccentric, entertaining, and sensible character. He frequently turns into the subject of different images for his substance going from swimming in a puddle of sloppy water to spreading toothpaste and stew power all over. He rose to popularity when a video of him hollering curses on the rear of a bike became a web sensation on the web. Additionally, he claims to be a superstar and calls himself Lord Puneet. He has an extraordinary way of talking and dressing that makes him stand apart from the group.

Memes & Famous Dialogue

India-based internet comedian Puneet Superstar, whose real name is Puneet Kumar, is well-known. He rose to notoriety on TikTok, where he made recordings ridiculing the rich and advantaged individuals he calls “kothi bangle ridge log” (house individuals). He additionally authored numerous snappy sayings like “chapri ladke ladki log” (pointless young men and young ladies) and “chappal chor” (shoe hoodlum).

His recordings are brimming with incongruity and mockery, and he frequently chuckles at his own jokes. He has a reliable fan base who partake in his silly interpretation of social issues and daily existence. Puneet Hotshot is presently dynamic on Instagram and MX Takatak, where he keeps on engaging great many adherents with his one of a kind style of satire.

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Lord Puneet Superstar Bigg Boss OTT

As of late, Puneet was uncovered as one of the contenders of Bigg Supervisor OTT 2. This is a colossally famous show which is being facilitated by Salman Khan. Because of his prominence, he was decided to partake in this huge show. His performance at this important show is anticipated by many of his fans. Fans are anticipating that he should show his entertaining side in this show, which they like in his substance posted via virtual entertainment stages. Beside Puneet, 12 different competitors, including Pooja, Manisha, Jiya, Palak, Cyrus, Avinash, and so on., are likewise a part of this important show.

However, the most recent reports claim that Lord Puneet Superstar was kicked out of the show on the very first day. Puneet was the twelfth contender to go into the Bigg Manager house. He was tossed out of the show for defying the guidelines. As per the data, he was applying toothpaste on himself. He was cautioned for this demonstration. On the very first day of this significant show, Lord Puneet Superstar became the very first contestant to be eliminated.

Puneet Superstar Aka Puneet Kumar Net Worth

This entertainer is exceptionally well known web-based character who has brought in a great deal of cash in different ways. He owns valuable items like a 1.8 lakh INR Bullet motorcycle, a 9.03 lakh INR Maruti Suzuki Swift car, an 83 thousand INR Normal motorcycle, and a 10 lakh INR home.

Puneet’s YouTube channel is his main source of income, paying him between 20 and 24 lakhs INR per year. This sum includes revenue from brand promotion. Due to the large number of people who follow Puneet on Instagram, he also earns between 10 and 15 lakhs INR annually from that platform.

Bullet 1.8 lakhs
Maruti Suzuki Swift 9.03 lakhs
Normal Motorcycle 83 thousands
Home 10 lakhs

Facts About Puneet Superstar

  • Puneet is the stage name of Puneet Kumar, a virtual entertainment powerhouse and YouTuber who rose to distinction with his viral recordings of reviling and performing peculiar tricks in the city.
  • After being questioned about his public image by both the panelists and the host, Puneet Superstar became the 12th contestant to participate in Bigg Boss OTT 2, which was hosted by Salman Khan.
  • Puneet was otherwise called Master Puneet, a name he gave himself after professing to be a resurrection of Ruler Shiva.
  • Superstar was ousted from Bigg Supervisor OTT 2 in under 24 hours, making it the fastest end in Bigg Manager history.
  • Puneet was removed by his kindred housemates, who couldn’t endure his jokes and ‘flinch’ content in the house.
  • Superstar shenanigans included spreading toothpaste all over himself, spilling sanitizer on himself, and sl*t-disgracing another challenger Manisha Rani.
  • He got a harsh admonition from Bigg Manager for putting destructive substances all over and body and was told to observe the rules.
  • His fans responded to his removal with blended feelings, some supporting him for being an exclusive show and others condemning him for being ill bred and irritating.
  • Hotshot’s virtual entertainment content reaches from swimming in a puddle of sloppy water to spreading toothpaste and stew powder all over to hollering curses on the rear of a bike.
  • Puneet’s most well-known video is the one in which he shouts, while riding a bike with a friend, “Bhagwan ka diya hua sab kuch hai” (I have everything given to me by God).
  • Puneet has over 1.2 million supporters on Instagram and over 300k endorsers on YouTube, where he posts his recordings and live streams.
  • He frequently performs songs and dances in his videos and claims to be a singer, rapper, dancer, actor, model, and comedian.

Puneet Superstar Wiki FAQ’S

Who Is Puneet Superstar?

Puneet Superstar is a popular online personality known for his entertaining content on social media platforms. With a large following, he has gained fame through his humorous videos and relatable posts. Puneet Superstar’s engaging presence has made him popular on the internet.

Where Puneet Superstar Lives?

Puneet Superstar lives in Ghaziabad at this time but he was originally from Bihar, India.

What is Puneet Superstar Net Worth?

According to some sources, the net worth of Puneet Kumar is approximately 12 Crore rupees but it can be false as the actor has not confirmed.

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