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पाण्डवों का हिमालय गमन ~ महाभारत Pandavas Himalayan

पाण्डवों का हिमालय गमन ~ महाभारत

धर्मराज युधिष्ठिर के शासनकाल में हस्तिनापुर की प्रजा सुखी तथा समृद्ध थी। कहीं भी किसी प्रकार का शोक व भय आदि नहीं था। कुछ समय बाद श्रीकृष्ण से मिलने के लिये अर्जुन द्वारिकापुरी गये। जब उन्हें गए कई महीने व्यतीत हो गये, तब धर्मराज युधिष्ठिर को विशेष चिन्ता हुई।
वे भीम से बोले- “हे भीमसेन! द्वारका का समाचार लेकर भाई अर्जुन अभी तक नहीं लौटे और इधर काल की गति देखो। सम्पूर्ण भूतों में उत्पात होने लगे हैं। नित्य अपशकुन होते हैं। आकाश में उल्कापात होने लगे हैं और पृथ्वी में भूकम्प आने लगे हैं। सूर्य का प्रकाश मध्यम-सा हो गया है और चन्द्रमा के इर्द-गिर्द बारम्बार मण्डल बैठते हैं।
आकाश के नक्षत्र एवं तारे परस्पर टकरा कर गिर रहे हैं। पृथ्वी पर बारम्बार बिजली गिरती है। बड़े-बड़े बवण्डर उठकर अन्धकारमय भयंकर आंधी उत्पन्न करते हैं। सियारिन सूर्योदय के सम्मुख मुँह करके चिल्ला रही हैं। कुत्ते बिलाव बारम्बार रोते हैं। गधे, उल्लू, कौवे और कबूतर रात को कठोर शब्द करते हैं। गौएँ निरंतर आँसू बहाती हैं। घृत में अग्नि प्रज्जवलित करने की शक्ति नहीं रह गई है। सर्वत्र श्रीहीनता प्रतीत होती है। इन सब बातों को देखकर मेरा हृदय धड़क रहा है। न जाने ये अपशकुन किस विपत्ति की सूचना दे रहे हैं। क्या भगवान श्रीकृष्णचन्द्र इस लोक को छोड़कर चले गये या अन्य कोई दुःखदाई घटना होने वाली है?”


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महाभारत की सम्पूर्ण कथा पढ़ें :
हर जानकारी अपनी भाषा हिंदी में सरल शब्दों में प्राप्त करने के लिए  हमारे फेसबुक पेज को लाइक करे जहाँ आपको सही बात पूरी जानकारी के साथ प्रदान की जाती है । हमारे फेसबुक पेज को लाइक करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें ।

Pandavas Himalayan movement ~ Mahabharata

The subjects of Hastinapur were happy and prosperous during the reign of Dharmaraja Yudhishthira. There was no grief and fear etc. anywhere. After some time, Arjuna went to Dwarikapuri to meet Sri Krishna. Dharmaraj Yudhishthira was particularly concerned when several months had passed.

He said to Bhima – “O Bhimsen! With the news of Dwarka, brother Arjun has not returned yet and see the movement of the times here. All the ghosts are beginning to rise. There are continual ominations. There are meteorites in the sky and Earth is getting earthquakes. The light of the sun has become moderate and frequent circles sit around the moon.

The constellations and stars of the sky are colliding with each other. Frequent lightning falls on the earth. Big whirlwinds arise and produce fierce storms in the dark. Sarin is screaming in front of the sunrise. Dog cats cry repeatedly. Donkeys, owls, crows and pigeons make harsh words at night. The cows shed tears continuously. There is no longer the power to light fire in melted butter. Everywhere there seems to be Shrihin. Seeing all these things, my heart is beating. Do not know what misfortune these evil people are reporting. Did Lord Shrikrishna Chandra leave this world or any other sad event is going to happen? ”

Read the complete story of Mahabharata:

Complete story of Mahabharata! Complete Mahabharata Story In Hindi

Arjun came back from Dwarka in a panic state at that moment. Tears were flowing from his eyes, body was neckless and neck was bowed. As soon as he came, Dharmaraja fell at the feet of Yudhishthira.

Then Yudhishthira panicked and asked, “O Arjuna, our relatives and brothers in Dwarkapuri are happy, are we not happy? Our maternal grandfather, Shursen and little uncle Vasudev are well skilled? Our aunt Devki along with her seven sisters and son-grandson Pleased is neither King Ugrasen and his younger brother Devak are happy, nor are Pradyumna, Anirudh, Samb, Rishabh etc. happy, nor are our masters Lord Shri Krishna Chandra, Uddhav etc. skilled with their servants, are they not? His sixteen thousand and one hundred and eighty-nine daughters are always present in the meeting, are they not always present in the meeting, Satyabhama, Rukmini, Jamwanti, etc.? O brother, Arjuna! Why is your kanti getting weakened and why are you shrill

Arjun became even more distraught and bewildered by the barrage of questions from Dharmaraja Yudhishthira. His color faded, uninterrupted tears started flowing from his eyes, hiccups were tied up, he said to the crowded gorge- “O brother! Our beloved Lord Shri Krishna Chandra cheated us, he left us and left this world.”

By whose grace the gods did not raise their heads in front of my might, they also took that ultimate power with me. My life became like a dead body. I was bringing Lord Srikrishna Chandra’s wives from Dwarka to Hastinapur, but a few Bhils on the road defeated me like a weak. I could not protect those abalas. They are my arms, the same chariot, the same horses, the same Gandeeva bow, and the same arrows, from which I had blown the heads of great nobles to talk. The Arjuna who had never turned back from enemies in his life, the same Arjuna was defeated by the Bhils like the cowards.

The Bhils looted all their wives and money etc. And I kept looking like an unarmed person. Without those Lord Shri Krishna Chandra, my entire power has waned. The Yadavas whose skills you have asked in Dwarka were attuned to the impure state of the curse of all Yadav Brahmins and they met each other by drinking excessive alcohol and killing each other. All this is the play of the same Lord Shri Krishna Chandra. ”

Hearing the news of Shri Krishna’s self-immolation from the face of Arjuna and the destruction of the entire Yaduvanshis, Yudhishthira immediately determined his duty and said to Arjuna – “O Arjuna! Lord Shri Krishna Chandra lifted the weight of this earth from his cosmic body and thus Abandoned, just as someone renounces those corners of thorns after removing thorns from thorns. Now the great Kali Yuga is also coming. So now we should ascend the heavens soon.

When Mother Kunti heard the news of Lord Sri Krishna Chandra’s swadham gaam, she gave up her body by meditating in Sri Krishna Chandra. Dharmaraja Yudhishthira gave his great grandson Parikshit the kingdom of the whole of Jambudweep and crowned him at Hastinapur and crowned the king of Anirudh, Bajra at Mathurapuri, making him the king of the Shursen country. Subsequently, the supreme scientist Yudhishthira performed the Prajapati Yajna and took sanyasa while absorbed in Shri Krishna. He gave up man, insult, ego and fascination and subdued mind and speech. The whole world began to see him as a Brahman.

They untied their hair, renounced the royal robes, wore rip-cloths and abandoned food and water and wore silence. After doing so, he walked out of the house towards north direction without looking at anyone. Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadeva and Draupadi also followed him.

Being enamored with the love of Lord Shri Krishna Chandra, they all started towards Uttarakhand. On the other hand, Vidur too left his body in the Prabhas region by becoming godless and departed to his Yamlok. Chanting the eighteenth-century names of Srihari on all Pandava routes Was traveling while doing. Draupadi, Sahadeva, Nakula, Arjuna and Bhimsen fell one by one respectively in that Mahapath. Now only Yudhishthira was left alive. It is said that he climbed the chariot brought by Devraj Indra and went to heaven.

parmender yadav
parmender yadav
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