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72 Hoorain Movie Box Office Collection:- On July 7, 2023, the film 72 Hoorain was successfully released in all theatres, as opposed to being the subject of controversy the majority of the time. The National Award-winning director of “72 Hoorain” is Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan. The movie allegedly faced criticism before it was released.

Additionally, the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) has chosen to refuse the certification for the release of the movie’s trailer. Even so, the movie opened on July 7, 2023, in every theatre in India. However, let us inform you that the 72-hour movie’s box office take fell short of expectations. Pavan Malhotra and Ameer Bashir play the two main characters in the movie. Here, we’ll only let you know that the movie’s plot focuses around terrorism and features several action-packed sequences. Despite everything, the film did not make the incredibly low box office receipts that were predicted.

72 Hoorain Movie Box Office Collection

The 72 Hoorain movie box office haul, its high points, its release date, and several other crucial details will all be covered in the article below. Please stay with us and read the entire article through to the finish so you won’t miss any fresh information regarding the just released film 72 Hoorain. Look through all the details by scrolling down. We are all aware of the controversy surrounding the film 72 Hours before it was even released. Even before the film’s release, one person complained about it to the Mumbai police station.

However, on July 7, 2023, the film was shown in practically every theatre in the nation amid a great deal of tension and controversy. The 72 Hoorain movie box office take in this instance is not what was anticipated. Compared to the budget, it made a pitiful amount of money. The movie has barely made 1.26 crores so far, despite having a 10 crore dollar budget.

72 Hoorain Movie Box Office Collection

72 Hoorain Movie Box Office Collection Overview

Movie name 72 hoorain
Director of the movie Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan
Producer of the movie Ashoke Pandit
Name of the main lead roles Pavan Malhotra and Ameer Bashir
Release date of the movie 7th July 2023
Movie box office collection on 1st day Around 0.35 crores
Movie box office collection till now Around 1.26 crores
Budget for the movie 10 Crores
Category Entertainment
Storyline Revolve around terrorism
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Running time of the movie 81 minutes

72 Hoorain Movie Box Office Collection

Let’s move on to our next lesson, which is about the 72 Hours box office results. You can discover the whole box office total from day one to the present in this section. You must glance at the table below for this purpose:

Days Net collection in India
Day 1 Rs. 0.35 Crore
Day 2 Rs. 0.45 Crore
Day 3 Rs. 0.47 Crore
Total box office collection Rs. 1.26 Crore till now

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72 Hoorain Trailer

The 72 Hoorain movie’s trailer has not yet been published by the production team. On June 28, 2023, the movie’s trailer was supposed to be published, but the Censor Board rejected it. According to sources, the Censor Board requested the 72 Hoorain team to take out references to the Qur’an and other material pertaining to animal welfare.

However, the movie’s co-producer Ashoka Pandit declared, “We will be releasing the trailer digitally anyhow.” Originally intended for PVR, the release will now take place at The Club in Mumbai’s Andheri neighborhood.

The Storyline Of The Movie: 72 Hoorain Movie Box Office Collection

As is well known, the 72 Hoorain movie’s box office earnings are disappointingly low and below expectations. Now, let’s talk to you about the movie’s terrorism-centered plot. The main characters of the novel, Bilal and Hakim, are told by a third party that if they commit their life to Allah, they will get 72 Hoorain in heaven. However, a terrorist assault took place in Mumbai in the interim. The major characters (Bilal and Hakim) did not end up in the arms of 72 hoorain in this instance.

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The Total Budget Of The 72 Hoorain Movies: 72 Hoorain Movie Box Office Collection

The entire budget for the 72 Hoorain films is Rs. 10 Crore, to answer your question. But when compared to the budget, the box office revenue for the 72 Hour Movie is too little. The movie had a budget of Rs. 10 crore, yet it fails to recoup even half of that sum. It’s because the movie didn’t uphold the audience’s religious beliefs, and many times, viewers felt that the film offended their spiritual sensibilities.

People have rejected this movie because of this. Additionally, one individual has complained about the film’s creators, which is not good for the movie. The film was nevertheless released on July 7, 2023, in all theatres, but it was unable to gain a sufficient level of commercial acceptance.

72 Hoorain Star Cast

72 Hooren was directed by renowned director and two-time National Award winner Sanjay Puran Singh. Pawan Malhotra and Aamir Bashir play major parts in the film. Rashid Naaz, Ashok Pathak, and Natottam Bain, among others, have significant roles in the film. The movie’s producers are Gulab Singh Tanwar, Kiran Dagar, Anirudh Tanwar, and Ashok Pandit.

72 Hoorain Plot

The movie’s narrative is based on how terrorist organisation leaders persuade Muslim youngsters to wage jihad against non-Muslims and murder non-Muslims by promising them jannat and 72 hoors. The subject matter is quite delicate since some individuals worry that this film can exacerbate divisions within communities.

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72 Hoorain Movie Review: Script Analysis

With its story, it exhibits The Kerala Story & Kashmir Files syndrome of “important topic but lackluster execution.” Anil Pandey and Junaid Wasi wrote the screenplay for the 90-minute movie, which was shot over the course of 28 days. The decision to heavily rely on CGI to represent the story’s theatrics doesn’t go in the story’s advantage. The result is shabbily unsettling at the expense of making the story seem more bleak and intense.

It doesn’t really belong on the list of films that, while pretending to have noble intentions, use every extreme tactic at their disposal to sensationalise events in order to increase their box office take. It’s a movie that expresses a pretty generic idea in the most absurd way.

Unfortunately, the creators chose the path of “controversy” to generate publicity; nonetheless, the main goal is not to incite animosity. However, that doesn’t imply it makes all the right points; instead, it presents an unbalanced viewpoint on a crucial subject and has serious conceptual problems with emotions. The excessive use of VFX and Green-screen in the film doesn’t aid Chirantan Das’ laborious camerawork.


When it comes to box office revenue, the 72 Hoorain movie did not do well. Out of 10 crores, the movie has barely collected 1.26 crore. In relation to the movie’s budget, it is too low. Nearly everything that might satisfy you with the movie specifics has been covered on the page above. You may read the entire article to learn more about the most recent box office haul of 72 Hollywood films. The film’s captivating storyline, brilliant performances by the cast, and effective marketing have all contributed to its commercial success. With positive word-of-mouth and critical acclaim, “72 Hoorain” continues to draw in audiences and surpass expectations. It is evident that this film has struck a chord with viewers, making it a must-watch for movie enthusiasts.

72 Hoorain Movie Box Office Collection FAQ’S

What is the Day 1 Box Office Collection of 72 Hoorain?

72 Hoorain collected ₹1.25 cr. on Day 1 at the India box office.

What is the concept of 72 hoor in Islam?

The idea of having 72 hoors is referenced in the Hadith, which consists of the teachings and sayings of Muhammad. According to the Hadith, it is mentioned that those who are granted entry into paradise by God will be wedded to 72 houries (wives) who possess both beauty and purity, thereby guaranteeing them everlasting physical contentment.

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