Asobi Asobase Season 2 Release Date- Renewed Or Cancelled? Get To Know Here!

Asobi Asobase Season 2 Release Date:- Two years ago, Asobi Asobase, a unique comedy programme, made its debut. Because they were so enamored with the programme, viewers immediately started requesting Asobi Asobase Season 2. But two years have passed, and the creators have still failed to respond to their requests. Although not many people have seen this anime, those who have already know that it is on par with any classic. Will they ever be able to take pleasure in the comedy anime once more? Here are the most recent specifics.

Why Don’t We Play Together, also known as Asobi Asobase, is a surreal comedic anime series from Japan. It is a reimagining of Rin Suzukawa’s comic manga of the same name. This comic was turned into an anime by Lerche Studio, and it debuted on July 8, 2018. It finished on September 23, 2018, after a run of twelve episodes. The creators also published two extra episodes and an OVA after it was finished.

Asobi Asobase Season 2 Release Date

A second season of the popular anime series Asobi Asobase has been much anticipated by fans who want to see more of the endearing and humorous adventures of Olivia, Hanako Honda, and Kasumi Nomura. Renowned for its distinct blend of humour and drama, Asobi Asobase enthralled viewers with its eccentric characters and their everyday antics at the Pastime Club.

Even though a second season’s fate is still unknown, fans are excited to hear about any new developments and can’t stop speculating about what may happen. Will there be a new location or streaming service for the show? We’ll have to wait and see whether Asobi Asobase comes back for more camaraderie and fun, but in the meanwhile, let’s explore what we already know about its potential resurgence.

Asobi Asobase Season 2 Release Date

Asobi Asobase Season 2 Release Date Overview

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Asobi Asobase Season 2: Renewal Status!

One of the greatest comedy series ever is the first season of this anime. The programme was adored and well regarded by both reviewers and spectators. Fans assumed that the programme would be renewed quickly after its huge popularity. That hasn’t happened yet, though. The production company is not yet prepared to continue the programme for a second season, despite its widespread appeal and financial success. They haven’t given any information about the anime’s next episode in the previous two years either. Thankfully, Asobi Asobase Season 2 has not been cancelled by the producers either. Fans of this comedy series are therefore still holding out hope that they will eventually see the sequel.

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Who Are In The Expected Cast Of Asobi Asobase Season 2?

These are the main characters and their voice artists who are most likely to reprise their roles-

  • Olivia voiced by Hina Kino
  • Hanako Honda voiced by Rika Nagae
  • Kasumi Nomura voiced by Konomi Kohara

Do The Makers Have Enough Source Material? 

On June 26, 2015, the Asobi Asobase manga series started serialization. Thus far, Rin Suzukawa, the author, has released 11 volumes. It released its most current volume on February 26, 2021. Only the first five volumes of the manga series were covered in the anime series’ first season. In order to create Asobi Asobase Season 2, Studio Lerche still needs content from the remaining six volumes. It is more than sufficient to create a follow-up. The manga series is still ongoing, and in the near future, the creators will have additional source material for it.

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Asobi Asobase Plot

Asobi Asobase’s story revolves around a group of high school ladies who start their own club to make school more fun, which is somewhat similar to YuruYuri’s premise.

Olivia, a transfer student, enrolls in the school where the story is set at the beginning of the episode. Olivia has trouble adjusting and making friends since she can not speak English. She begins playing ‘look the other way’ with a loudmouthed airhead named Hanako Honda one day during playtime, and the two quickly become fond of one other’s company. But Kasumi Nomura, who lives close, finds their boisterous attitude annoying and lashes out at them for it. Being the stoic recluse and bitter loser that she is, Kasumi declines Olivia and Hanako’s invitation to go out with them. But after some persuasion, Kasumi consents to participate and begins enjoying herself with Olivia and Hanako.

The three girls quickly become close after this occurrence, and they go on to start their own club called the Pastime Club. As the name implies, the Pastime Club is only for the amusement of the odd trio, who through their regular antics quickly become very good friends. As a result, the programme centres on Olivia, Hanako, and Kasumi and their everyday activities at the Pastime Club, which include swooning over one another, trying to learn English, and coming up with naughty plans to win over other students.

Asobi Asobase Season 2: Will The Anime Return? 

The anime series received excellent reviews for its first season. It even has a MAL score of 8.19. Its initial installment had a huge viewership in addition to high ratings. There is a sizable fan base for the programme who have been signing petitions in favour of the sequel and demanding it.From the anime’s initial run, Studio Lerche generated a healthy profit. Since Asobi Asobase Season 2 will be quite profitable for the producers, it is probable that they will continue the show. When the formal renewal comes, we will update this area.

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Is Asobi Asobase kid friendly?

In some comics, there are moderate sexual references that pertain to topics like sex, breast size, and penises. These references are often made by middle school girls who may not have a complete understanding of the subjects they are referring to. However, such references can still be harmful and contribute to negative cultural attitudes towards women’s bodies and sexuality. Additionally, it is concerning that girls are being labeled as “slutty,” which perpetuates harmful stereotypes and reinforces gender inequality. It is important to educate young people about healthy relationships and sexuality to promote positive self-image and respectful behavior towards others.

Is Asobi Asobase a horror?

No, Asobi Asobase is not a horror anime. Instead, it is a comedy anime that follows the daily lives of three high school girls who form a club to play games and have fun together. The anime is known for its hilarious and absurd humor, making it a popular choice among fans of the comedy genre.

This series can be classified as a comedy horror instead of a slice-of-life show in some ways. While it does depict the daily lives of its characters, it also incorporates elements of horror and comedy into its storytelling. The use of supernatural elements and dark humor adds to the overall entertainment value of the show, making it stand out from other slice-of-life anime series.


We anticipate that fans will continue to have high hopes for the manga genre’s future resurgence, given the continuous publication of new volumes. Asobi Asobase is a series that is both touching and entertaining, and it is definitely worth checking out. We hope that you are at last prepared for the season debut. Take a seat, select your favourite munchies, and relax. To access more engaging material, visit


Fans of the hit anime series “Asobi Asobase” have been eagerly awaiting news of a second season, and their patience has finally paid off. The highly anticipated second season is set to be released in the near future, much to the delight of fans worldwide. “Asobi Asobase” follows the hilarious misadventures of three high school girls as they navigate through school life and indulge in a variety of absurd and entertaining games. With its unique blend of comedy, wit, and unexpected plot twists, the first season left fans craving for more. The announcement of a second season has sparked excitement and anticipation among fans, who are eagerly looking forward to reuniting with their favorite characters and diving back into the wacky world of “Asobi Asobase”.

Asobi Asobase Season 2 Release Date FAQ’S

Is Asobi Asobase a good anime?

Asobi Asobase is a Japanese anime series that accurately portrays the inner workings of a middle-school girl's mind. The show's unique take on slice-of-life comedy can be described as a blend of comedy and horror, with hilarious results. It is widely regarded as one of the funniest anime shows in recent years. The show's success lies in its ability to connect with audiences on a relatable level, capturing the awkwardness and absurdity of adolescence in a way that resonates with viewers. With its perfect balance of humor and horror, Asobi Asobase is a must-watch for any fan of anime or comedy.

Is Asobi Asobase a horror?

In some senses, you could call this a comedy horror series rather than a slice-of-life.

Is hanako from asobi asobase rich?

Her family is shown to have considerable wealth and/or noble connection as she is able to obtain objects upon request. She is a member of the Pastimers Club.

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