Bigg Boss 16 Voting Polls BB Colors 2023 This Week Live Voting Online Voot Bigg Boss Vote

Bigg Boss 16 Voting Polls BB Colors 2023: Are you looking for some fun things to do while you wait for the next episode of Bigg Boss 16? Check out our latest voting polls! In this year’s edition of the show, we’re featuring a range of BB Colors that will be sure to get your vote. So cast your ballot now and help us decide which color will reign supreme in 2023. We can’t wait to see which color wins, and we hope you participate in the voting polls to make your voice heard.

The much-awaited 16th season of Colors TV’s Bigg Boss reality program premiered on October 1, 2023. Here is the full procedure of how to vote in the voting poll for Colors TV’s Bigg Boss 16: On weekdays, the weekly eviction nominee poll will be accessible online. In, viewers may vote to save their favorite contestant in the program. Step by step guide to voting in the 16th season of Bigg Boss, as well as app details.

Bigg Boss 16 Voting Polls 2023

Many people are looking for Hindi for Bigg Boss voting. As a result, I came to the conclusion that it is unfair of me to inform you about BB16 Hindi voting. Everything is connected in this voting poll. Don’t be surprised if we don’t share any Hindi posts with you. Every Monday, you’ll be able to watch an eviction procedure, with the winners being nominated for public votes.

The contestant with the lowest number of votes will be evicted from Bigg Boss House, and you can read all about the Bigg Boss Election Hindi here. If, on the other hand, you are one of those who is monitoring the Bigg Boss online voting polls and want to learn more about Bigg Boss S16 Voting Polls, then stop searching now because you’ll find all the information you need right here.

Bigg Boss 16 Voting Polls BB Colors 2023

Bigg Boss Voting 2023 Details

Name of Show Bigg Boss 16
Hosted By Salman Khan
Topic Bigg Boss 16 Online Voting Poll & Results
Premier On Colors TV &
Season 16th Season
Year 2022
Article Category Entertainment
Facebook follow-us-on-facebook-e1684427606882.jpeg
Whatsapp badisoch whatsapp
Telegram unknown.jpg
BB Show Begins From 1s October 2022
Official Website

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Bigg Boss 16 Voting (Online Poll) Details: How to Vote Online?

Bigg Boss 16 Voting Online Bigg Boss Hindi is currently in its 16th season in the year 2023, following a massive success in Bigg Boss Season 15. The program is hosted by Salman Khan AKA SALLU BHAI and premiered on Colors TV Channel with Voot app (on this app, they provide fresh full extra dose video, uncut Undekha scenes with unedited video clips) on October 1st, 2023.Like in prior seasons, Bigg Boss 16 has a voting procedure. The final list of BB 16 celebrities has been revealed. On Voot, voting polls for Bigg Boss 16 have been opened. So, prepare to vote in the Bigg Boss 16 Voot Poll with the rest of the audience. Bigg Boss 16 voting will take place online once again this season. Voot, the official website of Colors TV, will enable voting. As a result, find out how to vote for the BB 16 Contestants.

You have arrived at the perfect location if you’re looking for Bigg Boss Voting or Bigg Boss 16 Voting. In Bigg Boss Season 16 voting, I’ll give you the simplest methods here. Every week, housemates will select an unfit candidate for eviction who will be put to a public vote on the program. On and the Voot mobile app, viewers may vote. To learn more about bigg boss 16 voting, follow the instructions below. As you are aware, on October 1st, 2023, Voot App will debut the BB16 program. As a result, you’ll learn about the Bigg Boss OTT Voting Process, Bigg Boss Voting Polls, and Bigg Boss 16 voting in this article.

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Bigg Boss 16 Voting Polls

In addition, you may predict the winner of Bigg Boss Season 16 with the help of this website. Tell us Who Will Win Bigg Boss Season 16 by voting for your favorite Bigg Boss Contestant. Each Monday will include a procedure for evicting housemates, with the most votes being nominated for public ballots. Bigg Boss Vote Hindi will give you detailed information about who will be evicted from the show based on how many votes they receive. So without further ado, here are the Season 16 Bigg Boss Voting Polls/Prediction Polls.

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Bigg Boss 16 Contestants

Want to know who’s competing in Bigg Boss Season 16? The entire list of 2020 Bigg Boss contestants can be found below. Discover who the contestants for Bigg Boss 16 are! In this table, we must try to cover every one of the contestants’ profiles in depth, including their qualifications. In dedicated articles, we’ll be covering each contender in more depth.

Contestant Profession
Sajid Khan Film Director
Tina Datta Actress
Shalin Bhanot Television Actor
Manya Singh Miss India
Soundarya Sharma Bollywood Actress
Nimrit Kaur Actress
Ankit Gupta Model
Priyanka Chaudhary Actress
Sumbul Touqeer Khan Actress
Sreejita De Actress
Gautam Vig Actor
Gori Nagori Rajasthani Dancer
Shiv Thakare Actor
Abdu Rozik Tazakistan performer
Archana Gautam Actress
MC Stan Rapper & Singer
Vikas Manaktala (Wild Card) Actor

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Bigg Boss Voting 2023

Salman Khan’s eagerly anticipated reality program Big Boss will debut soon, and it will broadcast on October 1st, 2022. On numerous social media handles, the photographs and names of Bigg Boss 16 candidates with the amazing topic have been shared. Each season of Bigg boss airs on Indian television, and you can’t help but be captivated by the names of its contestants.

Set construction will begin shortly after the show’s creators and production companies. Many images of participants and house themes have been posted on the internet. On this website, you may see the pictures from Big Boss S16’s publication, as well as on Instagram. As a result, see the Bigg Boss S16 Voting Instructions 2022 and How to Steps below this page.

Bigg Boss 16 Nominated Contestants This Week

Here, you can see which Bigg Boss contestants have been proposed for this segment. You may save this article so that you may return at a later date to see this week’s nominated contestants in Bigg Boss S16. This list is for viewers who haven’t seen the contestants being nominated for extinction in an episode of advancement. Therefore, each week’s nominees may be seen.

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Bigg Boss 16 Nominated Contestants This Week

You can see the list of nominated Bigg boss contestants from the current week. You can bookmark this page so that you can come back whenever to see the nominated contestants of the week in Bigg boss.

This list is for those who missed the nomination episode where the contestants get nominated for elimination. So you can come here each week to see the nominated contestants.

Week 1

  • Nominated Contestants: Shiv, Archana, MC Stan, Sajid, Gori, Gautam.
  • Eliminated Constant: No Elimination

Week 2

  • Nominated Contestants: Gori, Stan, Shalin, Sreejita, Tina.
  • Eliminated Constant: Sreejita

Week 3

  • Nominated Contestants: Manya, Shalin, Sumbul.
  • Eliminated Constant: Manya

Week 4

  • Nominated Contestants: Abdu, Tina, Soundarya, Shiv, Gori, Nimrit, and Gautam.
  • Eliminated Constant: None

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Week 5

  • Nominated Contestants: Archana, Sumbul, Soundarya.
  • Eliminated Constant: None

Week 6

  • Nominated Contestants: Gori, Nimrit, Shiv.
  • Eliminated Constant: Gori Nagori

Week 7

  • Nominated Contestants: Gautam, Shalin, Soundarya, Tina.
  • Eliminated Constant: Gautam Vig

Week 8

  • Nominated Contestants: Ankit, Archana, MC Stan, Soundarya, Sumbul.
  • Eliminated Constant: None

Week 9

  • Nominated Contestants: MC Stan, Priyanka, Sajid, Shiv, Shalin, Tina, Sumbul.
  • Eliminated Constant: None

Week 10

  • Nominated Contestants: MC Stan, Nimrit, Tina, Sumbul.
  • Eliminated Constant: Tina

Week 11

  • Nominated Contestants: Sajid, Shalin, Tina, Shiv
  • Eliminated Constant: None

Week 12

  • Nominated Contestants: Ankit, Tina, Sreejita, Vikkas
  • Eliminated Constant: Ankit

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Week 13

  • Nominated Contestants: Priyanka, Sreejita, Soundarya, Shalin, Tina, Sumbul, Vikkas, Nimrit
  • Eliminated Constant: Vikkas

Week 14

  • Nominated Contestants: Sajid, Shalin, Sumbul, Tina, Sreejita, Soundarya, Archana
  • Eliminated Constant: None

Week 15

  • Nominated Contestants:
  • Eliminated Constant:

Week 16

  • Nominated Contestants: Tina, Shalin, Soundarya, Sumbul
  • Eliminated Constant: Soundarya

Week 17

  • Nominated Contestants: Tina, Shalin, Priyanka, Shiv
  • Eliminated Constant: Tina

Week 18

  • Nominated Contestants: Shiv, MC Stan, Sumbul
  • Eliminated Constant:

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Bigg Boss Winners of Every Season

Here is the complete list of bigg boss winners of each season.

Bigg Boss Season Winner Name
Season 1 Rahul Roy
Season 2 Ashutosh Kaushik
Season 3 Vindu Singh
Season 4 Shweta Tiwari
Season 5 Juhi Parmar
Season 6 Urvashi Dholakia
Season 7 Gauhar Khan
Season 8 Gautam Gulati
Season 9 Prince Narula
Season 10 Manveer Gurjar
Season 11 Shilpa Shinde
Season 12 Dipika Kakar
Season 13 Siddharth Shukla
Season 14 Rubina Dilaik
Season 15 Tejasswi Prakash
Season 16 ?

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Bigg Boss 16 Nomination Process

Every Monday, the contestants on Bigg Boss are given a task. In order to stay off the nomination list, the contenders must accomplish the challenge and finish it. Bigg Boss reveals the list of nominated contestants for the week once the task is completed. Certaintimes, the Bigg Boss house’s hidden chamber summons all of the contenders and asks them to specify one contender they want to see on the nomination list. Participants whose names are presented the most will be nominated for eviction once the procedure is completed. The voting process will begin once the nominated candidates have been revealed.

Bigg Boss 16 Elimination Process

The audience may now vote to keep their favorite player from being evicted from the home when the nominated players are revealed. The contestant who receives the least number of public votes will be removed from the house after the conclusion of the week.

Bigg Boss 16 Audition

The reality television program Bigg Boss has begun inviting common people. Now, all Indians who meet the qualifications may apply for Bigg Boss admission. To learn more about Bigg Boss 16 auditions, click here. To learn more about the Bigg boss audition process, watch this video below:

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Bigg Boss 16 Winner Prediction

In the bigg boss 16 voting poll, you may vote here. This is not an official voting poll, but is conducting it online. However, with this pole, you’ll be able to see who’s going to be kicked out of the house and who’s gaining popularity faster than others.

In India, the reality television program Bigg Boss is a hit. It is also known as India’s most polarizing television program. As we reach the climax of the bigg boss house, this becomes clear. Every week, the public votes in a public voting poll for the elimination. After that, the audience may vote for their favorite contestant using one of the available voting options. The bigg boss voting mechanism is divided into two types. However, we’ll talk about all of the bigg boss voting methods: online (google), missed calls, and SMS voting. Therefore, we recommend that you keep reading this article if you want to learn more about the Bigg Boss Voting Process.

Disclaimer: Viacom 18, Voot, Colors, EndemolShine India have no affiliation with this website ( This website was created by Bigg Boss viewers and is solely intended to provide information.

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Bigg Boss 16 Voting Result

The weekly nominations results will be found in this poll. To keep the voting poll up to date, we’ll be periodically updating this part of the article. Every day, you may return to see the current poll results. The nominations results will be announced on Sunday. Using the outcome of this survey, you may readily predict who will be eliminated.

Lastly, we have the voting poll presented over here. You may now vote for your favorite contender weekly from this page. You may select the candidate you want to vote for and then click on vote in front of his name. Your vote will be added to the voting poll in this manner.

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Please note that this is an unofficial poll: We’re doing this voting survey for the audience, so that before the host announces the results, they can anticipate who will be eliminated. Therefore, on our website, you may now vote in the Bigg Boss online voting survey. We will also inform you of the following:official methods of Bigg boss voting!


The bigg boss vote survey (Hindi) is shown above. The contestants who are well-liked by the audience are easily predictable here. You may already anticipate who will win the bigg boss title based on the vote count! For the audience, this survey is very important. Because the results of the official bigg boss voting poll aren’t revealed immediately. However, you can see the results right away after voting on this website, rather than waiting any longer. You may also forward this link to your acquaintances and relatives, so that they may vote for their favorite candidates and view the results. Let’s proceed now and discuss some additional voting options for your favorite competitor on the Bigg Boss household.

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Bigg Boss 16 Voting Polls FAQ’S

Who will win Bigg Boss 16 voting?

Priyanka Chaudhary can become the winner of Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023. Because he is on the first rank in the contestant list of Bigg Boss season 16. When will the grand finale of Bigg Boss 16 happen? The grand finale of Bigg Boss 16 will happen in January 2023.

Who is most trending in Bigg Boss 16?

Abdu Rojik is one of the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss.

Who is getting highest vote in BB 15?

The results stated that the Tejasswi Prakash, who got maximum votes of 30% should be the winner of the show. The actress is one of the strongest players of the season and is loved by the audience for her strong and fearless personality.

Is Bigg Boss season 16 hit or flop?

Every year, Bigg Boss grabs a lot of attention due to its controversial contestants and content but it's rather rare that the show would also enjoy a good viewership. But, this season seems to be an exception.

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