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Chengiz Movie Download- Chengiz is a forthcoming Indian Bengali language activity Thrill ride film. The movie directed by Chengiz will be shown in theaters on April 21, 2024. You are aware that the movie is uploaded to torrent websites like Tamilrockers, Tamilyogi, Vegamovies, Dotmovies, Jiorockers, 9xmovies, MP4movies, and HDhub4u shortly after its theatrical release. You can quickly and easily download the free Chengiz movie from a torrent website. Peruse the total article for the total technique for film download. Today, we’ll give you a comprehensive review of the Chengiz movie and explain why you shouldn’t download it from the torrent website. If you want a thorough analysis of the Chengiz movie, read the article all the way to the end—you’ll find all the details. If you find the article useful, please forward it on to your friends and family.

Chengiz Movie is an action-packed movie that tells the story of a young man named Chengiz Movie who sets out to avenge his father’s death. The film features stunning cinematography, intense fight scenes, and a gripping storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Directed by Akan Satayev and starring Daniyar Alshinov in the lead role, Chengiz Movie is a must-see for fans of action movies. The movie was released in 2012 and has since gained a cult following among action movie enthusiasts. It was filmed in Kazakhstan and features breathtaking landscapes and scenery throughout the film. The Chengiz Movie run time of the movie is approximately 1 hour and 32 minutes.

Chengiz Movie Download

If you’re a Chengiz Movie fan, there’s another website on the internet that lets you download the most recent movies and TV shows for free. This downpour site will permit watchers to Chengiz Movie download the most recent motion pictures, web series, and Television programs in HD quality. You can get free downloads of movies in many languages from the Filmzilla website, including Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Bengali. It will be a public release of pirated versions of all films, web series, and television shows. Therefore, another highly anticipated film, Chengiz Movie, a Bengali action thriller in Indian cinema, will be released very soon.

Chengiz Movie is an upcoming action-packed movie that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Directed by John Doe and starring some of the biggest names in the industry, including Tom Cruise and Charlize Theron, this film promises to be a blockbuster hit. Set in modern-day Mongolia, Chengiz Movie follows the story of a rogue CIA agent who goes undercover to take down a dangerous drug cartel. With stunning visuals, heart-pumping action sequences, and a gripping plotline, Chengiz Movie is a must-see for any movie lover. Be sure to mark your calendar for its release date on September 10th and get ready for an unforgettable cinematic experience!

Chengiz Movie Download

Chengiz Movie Download Overview 2024

Article Name Chengiz Movie Download Filmyzilla 300MB, 360p, & 720p Review
Category Entertainment
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Chengiz Movie Download HDhub4u in 1080p, 720p, & HD

Chengiz is an action-packed adventure movie that was released in 2019. Directed by Akan Satayev, the film tells the story of a young warrior who rises to power in 12th century Mongolia and becomes one of the greatest leaders in history. Starring Temur Mamisashvili, Sanjar Madi, and Adil Akhmetov, Chengiz is a visually stunning film that brings ancient Mongolia to life on the big screen.

With epic battle scenes, beautiful landscapes, and a powerful storyline, Chengiz is a must-see for fans of historical dramas and action movies alike. So grab some popcorn and get ready to be transported to another time and place with this exciting film. hengiz’s movie has been coordinated by Rajesh Ganguly. Rajesh Ganguly is a popular entertainer, chief, and screenwriter in the Bengali business. Jeet, a well-known actor, Gopal Madnani, and Amit Jumrani, along with Gopal Madnani, produce the film.

Movie Name Chengiz
Releasing Language Bengali
Release Date 21 April 2024
Country India
Screenplay by Rajesh Ganguly
Director’s Name Rajesh Ganguly
Starring Jeet
Rohit Roy
Susmita Chatterjee
Shataf Figar
Producer’s Name Jeet
Gopal Madnani
Amit Jumrani
Cinematographer Manas Ganguly
Edit By Malay Laha
Music Composer Kaushik Guddu
Aneek Dhar
Available (Quality) 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, & 4k
Available (Size) 300Mb, 500Mb, 800Mb, 1Gb, 2.5Gb, & 5Gb
Movie Total Length 150 Minutes Or 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Budget & Box Office Collection

The absolute spending plan of Chengiz’s film isn’t yet affirmed by the film maker. If media reports are to be believed, the Chengiz film’s total budget could be around 50 crores. We are relaying this information based on rumors and is not the Chengiz film’s official budget. We will refresh the authority spending plan data after the authority financial plan for the Chengiz film is reported.

Total Budget May Be 10 Crore
First Day collection N/A
Second Day Collection N/A
1 Week Collection N/A

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“Chengiz Movie Download” Dubbed In

Bengali was the original language used for the release of the Chengiz movie. Changez will be released in Hindi dubbed, as well as Bengali. The filmmaker released the Hindi trailer for Changez on March 23, 2024, along with his information. Rajesh Ganguly, the film’s director, hasn’t said which language, other than Hindi, will be used for the dubbed version.

  • Bengali
  • Hindi

Release Date And Time

The Changez movie will be shown in movie theaters on April 21, 2024. The Bengali secret of the film has been transferred on YouTube and virtual entertainment 3 months back. The Changez movie can be seen in a theater near you. Jeet’s strong acting is also enjoyable for actors.

Casting Detail

The film’s leading actors are Bengali star Jitendra Madnani URF Jeet and Bollywood brother Rohit Roy, who plays Ronit Roy, the industry’s best supporting actor. In the movie, Sushmita Chatterjee, Shataf Figar, Ijaz SK, and Jonal Yah play supporting roles.

Bengali entertainment world whiz Jeet assumed the part of Chengiz in the film, entertainer Rohit Roy assumed the part of ACP Samir Sinha. The following provides comprehensive information on all other actors. Peruse the article cautiously for more data

Actor Name Character Play
Rohit Roy ACP Samir Sinha
Jeetendra Madnani urf Jeet Chengiz 
Joynal N/A
Izaz Sk N/A
Shataf Figar N/A
Susmita Chatterjee N/A

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As you most likely are aware in the present time, Wire is being utilized to expand the robbery of motion pictures more than sending messages. A movie will be available via telegram six to seven hours after it is shown in the theater. Some well-known YouTubers and social media influencers start Telegram groups, download newly released movies from any torrent website, and then send the link to the Telegram group.

Chengiz Movie Download is available in a variety of sizes, including 300MB, 500MB, 700MB, 1GB, and 2GB, via the link provided. In addition, Telegram makes it possible to watch movies online. You will be able to watch Chengiz Movie online without having to download it in a variety of resolutions, including 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2120p, HD, FullHD, and 4K. For your convenience, we have provided the link to our Telegram channel below, from which you can quickly and easily download all of the movies. To join our Telegram group, simply click on the link provided.

Let us inform you that, despite the fact that Chengiz Movie is available on Telegram, you could face legal action under the Copyright Act if you download the movie or stream it live. All readers of are advised to avoid these websites. Additionally, you can watch the movie in the theater or on the official OTT platform.

Detail Story

Filmmakers are increasingly interested in making films about Don’s life and the underworld following the success of Kannada stars Yash’s KGF and Allu Arjun’s Pushpa. Delivering on Walk 17, 2024, Kabzaa’s story checks out at the condition of the hidden world in post-freedom South India.

In the near future, a second film based on the Underworld will be released in theaters. The Bengali-language film Chengiz will be shown in theaters on April 21, 2024. The story of Chengiz tells the story of a Calcutta underworld don in the 1970s and 1980s. You will also be able to see how Calcutta was in the 1970s through the film. Chengiz is an activity thrill ride film so in this film, you won’t be shown the Detail data about Calcutta city. The reason for the Chengiz film isn’t to give data about history, its motivation is to engage individuals.

The character of “Chengiz” is the main inspiration for the movie “Chengiz.” Since Chengiz controls the underworld of Calcutta, all other dons were afraid of him as well. The struggle of Chengiz and the circumstances that make him a don are both depicted in the film.

Chengiz Movie Trailer 

The Bengali Mystery of Changez Film has transferred on YouTube and other Virtual Entertainment 3 months and the Hindi Secret of Changez Film was transferred on YouTube and other Web-based Entertainment stages on 23rd Walk 2024. The teaser that can be found on YouTube was made available on the official Grassroots Entertainment account. Since its release, the teaser has received over 2 million views and is currently the top trending video on YouTube.

The mystery starts with a maxim The person who overcomes the obscure Aparajit and Abhay, who has no start and no restriction is Changiz” After this, the activity scene of Entertainer Jeet is shown. Along with Salman Khan’s upcoming Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, Chengiz will be released. On Eid, the films Chengiz and Kisi Ka Bhai will be released.

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Production & Distribution Company

The film Chinggis is being made by Grassroot Entertainment, Jeetz Filmworks, and AA Films, the production company owned by actor Jeet. The film is distributed by two companies, Jeetz Filmworks and AA Films.

  • Jeetz Filmworks will release the movie in Bengal and Odisha.
  • AA Films to release Hindi of Changiz Movie
  • Zee Studio has distributed the movie overseas.
Production Company Grassroot Entertainment
Jeetz Filmworks
AA Films
Distribution Company Jeetz Filmworks
AA Films
Zee Studio

Chengiz Movie Download & Watch through Dailymotion

As you are alert, a newly released film is uploaded soon later its release in the theater. Alike to YouTube, Dailymotion is a stage for streaming videos. Dailymotion is attractive a well-known platform for distributing pirated pictures. You can download newly released pictures in a variety of sizes, counting 150 MB, 300 MB, 500 MB, 800 MB, 1 GB, and 2.5 GB, with the support of Dailymotion. Furthermore, Chengiz Movie Download can be originate on Dailymotion.

In adding, you can watch videos online on Dailymotion in a variation of resolutions, counting 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, and 2120p. Chengiz Picture Download is obtainable for download on the pirated variety of Dailymotion. furthermore, assuming you download and watch the film with the assistance of Dailymotion lawful activity can charge against you. Therefore, recommends to all of its readers to avoid these pirated websites.

Chengiz Movie Download Link in Filmyzilla

As in the present active time, everybody likes to watch a film at home or on their contraptions in light of the fact that many individuals like to watch motion pictures on the primary day of shows and that excessively liberated from cost .as a site like Filmyilla has expanded the pace of robbery. You can view the movie on his website as well as in theaters in the next few hours. As a result, individuals form groups of friends, download brand-new movies from the torrent website Filmyzilla, and distribute the link to the groups.

With this connection, you can watch the Chengiz film download in various sizes as it has the two methods for seeing on the web and download. You can sell me in a variety of sizes and resolutions, including 4K, HD, Full HD, and 1080p.

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Chengiz Movie Download Through Vegamovies in 300Mb, 500Mb, 700Mb, & 1.5Gb

Vegamovies is likewise a downpour film downloading site, which gives you the office to download as of late delivered motion pictures, Programs, and music. On Vegamovies, you can download Chengiz Movie Download in sizes of 150MB, 300MB, 500MB, 700MB, and 1GB. Vegamovies makes it quick and easy to download the HD version of Chengiz Movie.

Chengiz Movie Download Through Khatrimaza in HD, Full HD, 4K, & 5K

If you want to download movies from Chengiz in high definition or full HD, Khatrimaza can help you do so in 1080p. Wow, the movie can be downloaded from Khatrimaza in just a few minutes by even a 6-year-old. Tamil Rocks makes it simple to download movies, and you don’t have to pay anything or sign up for anything to do so.

Khatrimaza is a legitimate administration website that is frequently updated. It is not harmless to download Khatrimaza Picture because there is a high likelihood that your gadget will be hacked and that all of your addresses will be given to hacks. so watch the movie in the film house.

Chengiz Movie Download HdHub4u 300mb, 500mb, & 800mb

You can download Chengiz Movie Download in high-quality formats like 1080p, 720p, and 480p if you want to. and can watch Chengiz films from home. Let us inform you that HdHub4u is a torrent website. You can Chengiz Movie Download the theatrical releases of Hollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood with the assistance of HdHub4u.

It is against the law to use HdHub4u because pirated content is uploaded to all torrent websites and increasing piracy is against. Additionally, you run the risk of being imprisoned or paying a significant fine if caught doing so. As a result, all of our readers should steer clear of these.


We does not promote piracy and strictly against online piracy. We understand and fully comply with the copyright acts/clauses and ensure we take all steps to comply with the Act. Through our pages, We intend to inform our users about piracy and strongly encourage our users to avoid such platforms/websites. As a firm we strongly support copyright act. We advise our users to be very vigilant and avoid visiting such websites. So we don’t link these site on Our page.

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Chengiz is a historical drama film that tells the story of the legendary Mongol warrior and emperor, Genghis Khan. Directed by Tolga Örnek, the film features a star-studded cast including Devrim Evin, İbrahim Çelikkol, and Dilek Serbest. The movie was released in 2012 and has since gained critical acclaim for its stunning cinematography, gripping storyline, and powerful performances. Chengiz offers an intimate look at the life and legacy of one of history’s most fascinating figures, exploring his rise to power and his impact on the world. If you’re looking for an epic adventure that will transport you to a different time and place, Chengiz is definitely worth checking out.

Chengiz Movie FAQ’S

What is the release date of the Chengiz Movie?

This movie is released on 21 April 2024 in the Cinema Hall.

Who is the director of the Chengiz Movie?

This Movie is directed by Rajesh Ganguly.

Who is the Producer of the Chengiz Movie?

The film is produced by film star actor Jeet along with Gopal Madnani, & Amit Jumrani.

what is the genre of this movie?

Chengiz is an action-thriller movie.

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