Gold Rush Season 14 Cast: A Closer Look at The Characters!

Gold Rush Season 14 Cast:- As a number of the miners from Season 13 return to try their luck in this make-or-break season in 2023, the stakes are high in Gold Rush Season 14. The story of many family-run mining firms from the Klondike area of Dawson City, Yukon, Canada, and Alaska is the centre of Gold Rush.

The Discovery Channel premiered the reality series on December 3, 2010. On September 29, 2023, Discovery+ debuted Season 14. After changing its name to just “Gold Rush” in its second season, the television show—which had previously been called “Gold Rush: Alaska”—shifted its focus to the search for gold in Canada’s Yukon’s Klondike area.

Gold Rush Season 14 Cast

News: “Gold Rush,” a popular American reality TV series that follows the exciting adventures of several teams going on gold mine excursions, is a favourite on Discovery Channel. With its December 3, 2010 debut, the programme has gained a sizable fan following.

Gold Rush Season 14 is a diverse group of individuals who are united by their shared passion for gold mining. Led by the fearless and determined Parker Schnabel, the cast includes experienced miners such as Rick Ness, Tony Beets, and Fred Lewis, who bring years of expertise to the team.

Gold Rush Season 14 Cast

Gold Rush Season 14 Cast Overview

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Who is the girl on Gold Rush?

Born and raised in Dawson City, Klondike, she still resides there today. Despite working in a male-dominated industry, she has developed a strong friendship with Monica Beets, and the two women have supported each other throughout their careers. Their bond serves as an inspiration for women in industries where gender disparities are still prevalent, demonstrating the importance of uplifting and empowering fellow women.

Is Fred coming back to Gold Rush?

Fred Lewis, a military veteran who was primarily featured in seasons 11 to 13 of Gold Rush, made a shocking return to the show during the November 3 episode. However, things didn’t work out for him going into season 14, which led to his decision to quit mining. In an interview, Lewis revealed that he wanted to try something different and pursue other interests outside of mining. Despite his departure from the show, fans will always remember him as one of the most memorable and hardworking miners on Gold Rush.

What is Brandon from Gold Rush doing now?

Brennan’s love for adventurous activities such as working out, hunting, fishing, and riding motorbikes or snowmobiles is evident from how he spends his spare time. However, Brennan’s passion for outdoor pursuits almost took a deadly turn when he was caught in an avalanche while riding his snowmobile. Fortunately, Brennan managed to crawl to the surface with only his legs buried. This incident serves as a reminder of the risks involved in these activities and the importance of taking necessary precautions to ensure safety.

Is Fred from Gold Rush a Green Beret?

Fred’s experience in the military is one that few can comprehend. As a Green Beret and Special Forces Medic, he spent fourteen years in some of the most dangerous places on earth, including Africa, Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Surviving through unimaginable situations, Fred’s bravery and resilience are a testament to the sacrifices made by those who serve their country. His experiences provide a unique perspective on the realities of war and the toll it takes on those who fight it.

Main Cast of Gold Rush Season 14 (2023)

Parker Schnabel

Parker Schnabel, a Gold Rush veteran, has been a part of the show since its first season.

With more than 200 episodes of the popular reality programme under his belt, Schnabel is still going strong in the mining industry. Gold worth more than $13 million has already been extracted by him (according to Discovery).

In Gold Rush Season 14, Schnabel finds himself faced with a crucial choice: take a calculated gamble and acquire a new region rich in gold, or play it safe and back off.

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Tony Beets

Among the most prosperous miners in the Klondike region is Tony Beets. In Season 2 of Gold Rush, he debuted.

According to the teaser for Season 14, Beets’ primary objective is to surpass his previous record of 5,300 ounces of gold (worth $9 million) by shooting for 6,000 ounces. Beets will make an effort to do so inside the Indian River.

Rick Ness

Rick Ness finally makes his long-awaited comeback in Gold Rush Season 14 after taking a year off from mining and missing Season 13.

Ness said that he had depression in a September 2023 People interview, pointing out that “there [were] a lot of things going on:”

“I was experiencing some psychological problems. A great deal of activity was taking place. I work as a gold miner and am ashamed of it. To be honest, I don’t really ask for aid. That’s how I’ve always been. And the truth is, I had certain thoughts going through my brain, but I had no idea what they meant because I knew nothing about depression or similar conditions. I thus simply assumed that I would handle it myself and attempt to solve the problem, which may be difficult when you don’t know what you’re dealing with.”

The teaser for Season 14 featured Ness on a quest for atonement; however, the drawback of his comeback is that he lacks the means to make things right.

Fred Dodge

Fred “Freddy” Dodge made his debut as a Gold Rush staple in Season 3 following his appearances as a guest performer in the previous two seasons. With more than 40 years of mining expertise, he has been a regular feature of the reality series ever since.

In addition to his role in Gold Rush, Dodge stars in Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue, a spin-off series that debuted on January 3, 2021.

In the spinoff, Dodge assists financially strapped mine owners in getting well and planning for a stronger gold recovery.

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Who is on Gold Rush 2023 cast?

Cast & Crew
  • Parker Schnabel. Self.
  • Kevin Beets. Self.
  • Karla Charlton. Self.
  • Freddy Dodge. Self.
  • Brian Zaremba. Self.
  • Ryan Hofer. Self.
  • Ben Hudack. Self.
  • Ken Tatlow. Self.

Chris Doumitt

Chris Doumitt was a seasoned miner who joined the Hoffman Crew at first before defecting to the Parker Crew. Of the aforementioned group, he is one of the most dependable and trustworthy.

After 45 years of marriage to Sharon, his wife, Chris is grateful to have two children. Chris enjoys fishing, playing golf, and producing wine when he’s not mining.

Roger Schnabel

  • Peter’s father, Roger Schnabel, owns a portion of the Big Nugget Mine.
  • For the whole of Gold Rush’s run on the small screen, he has been one of Peter’s most dependable pals.

Brian Zaremba

  • Brian Zaremba is one of Rick Ness’s closest pals. The retired miner is a Wisconsin native who lives with his wife and two pets.
  • In addition to finding success in mining, Brian has 20 years of construction industry expertise.

Mitch Blaschke

  • Mitch Blaschke joined Parker Crew in Season 5 alongside Gene Cheeseman, having previously worked as the mechanic for the Hoffman Crew.
  • As a self-taught mechanic, Blaschke’s knowledge and skills enabled Parker Crew to keep its washplants running efficiently. It thus enabled the squad to consistently set gold record totals.

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Nancy Schnabel

  • Nancy Schnabel is Parker’s mother and Roger Schnabel’s wife.
  • She first appeared in Gold Rush Season 2.

Tyson Lee

  • Parker Crew member Tyson Lee works as a miner and drives the team’s rock truck. Season 6 saw him join the group.

Minnie Beets

  • Tony Beets has been married to Minnie Beets for twenty-five years.
  • She is the family’s accountant at Paradise Hill and serves as Gorilla Cookies’ spokesman.

Mike Beets

  • Mike Beets is Paradise Hill’s superintendent and one of Tony and Minnie’s sons.
  • In addition to his supervisory duties, Mike enjoys reenacting mediaeval events.

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Monica Beets

  • Mike’s sister, Monica Beets, is the daughter of Tony and Minnie.
  • She works at Paradise Hill as well. Taylor Mayes and Monica are married.

Len Hoekstra

  • Tony Beets periodically employs his friend Len Hoekstra for odd jobs around the dredge and on the barge, like fixing an impeller.

Morgan Lauren

  • Season 14 of Gold Rush has welcomed newbie Morgan Lauren to the cast.
  • Lauren is an equipment operator and gold washer for Rick Ness’s team.
  • She spent ten years operating oil field equipment before entering the mining industry.


The cast of Gold Rush Season 14 consists of the dedicated and hardworking miners who are determined to strike it rich in the gold fields. Led by the fearless and experienced Tony Beets, the cast includes Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Fred Lewis. These miners have faced countless challenges and setbacks in their quest for gold, but they continue to push forward with unwavering determination. With each new season, the cast of Gold Rush brings their unique skills and expertise to the table as they navigate treacherous terrain, battle harsh weather conditions, and operate heavy machinery in their search for the precious metal. Viewers can expect plenty of drama, excitement, and nail-biting moments as these miners risk it all for a chance at striking gold.

Gold Rush Season 14 Cast FAQ’S

Is there a season 14 Gold Rush?

Watch Gold Rush - Season 14 | Prime Video.

Is Fred Lewis on Gold Rush season 14?

During the November 3 episode of Gold Rush, fans were taken aback when they witnessed the reappearance of a well-known individual. Fred Lewis, a military veteran who had been prominently featured in seasons 11 to 13, unfortunately faced difficulties as he entered season 14.

Who is Morgan on Gold Rush season 14?

The latest season of the show introduces a new cast member, Morgan Lauren, who brings a fresh perspective to the group of seasoned miners. With ten years of experience as an oil field equipment operator, Lauren is a valuable addition to Rick Ness's crew as an equipment operator and gold washer. Her unique background in this industry adds a new dimension to the show and offers viewers an opportunity to see how someone with such experience can navigate the world of gold mining.

How does Gold Rush Girl end?

The trio springs into action to rescue Jacob's life. Tory needs to save Jacob before her father comes back from the gold fields and her mother arrives from Providence. Avi intentionally leaves the story with an open ending, leaving room for further exploration of Tory and her friends.

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