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Heropanti 2 download- ‘Heropanti 2‘ is based on cybercrime, the film’s hero i.e. Bablu Ranaut (Tiger Shroff) is an ambitious hacker, who keeps on duping people online by trapping them in his net, regardless of the outcome. Bablu falls in love with Inaaya (Tara Sutaria), who is none other than the sister of international digital fraudster Laila (Nawazuddin).

Laila is not a common man, but a very clever thug, who creates an app named Pulse, which he can easily get the bank details of the people using it, but the twist in the story is that he is the biggest fraud in history. He cannot execute it alone, rather he has to take the help of another person to do it. Now that person is none other than Bablu. After agreeing to help Laila with the biggest heist, Bablu understands that nothing comes for free.

Heropanti 2 download

You must now be wondering whether or not Laila will kill Bablu. Can Bablu put an end to this hacking dynasty? Can Bablu and Inaaya rejoin? Will Inaya be confronted with the truth about her brother? Furthermore, can Bablu return the cash taken from individuals? Therefore, in order to answer all of these intriguing questions, you will need to watch the action-thriller “Heropanti 2,” which is packed with spiced up action, drama, and entertainment.

Heropanti 2 download

Heropanti 2 download Overview

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Acting in Heropanti 2 download

As far as acting, the magnificent cast of the film has investigated every possibility, in which as consistently Tiger is seen making everybody insane with his dance and activities. Nawaz, on the other hand, has gone above and beyond every time to live up to his reputation. Additionally, Tara is doing well as her character. Amrita Singh’s performance in the film has also impressed everyone.

The film is dominated by Nawazuddin. Nawaz has portrayed the antagonist Laila. Nail polish is applied by a girl who wears jewelry like a girl. Nawaz has an amazing style. He is completely absorbed whenever he appears on the screen, and at the same time, you get the impression that the ticket money has been recouped. It is worth watching Nawaz’s style. How to describe Tiger’s performance. Tiger has done what he is doing. The fan base of Tiger is incredible. It’s time to try something new right now. Do a few examinations. In the emotional scene, Tiger appears to be a comedian. They stick together over one thing—dance and action—but we’ve seen it all before. Why give cash for exactly the same thing over and over and this Tiger shows us on Instagram as well.

Overacting has been done so frequently by Tara Sutaria that it must still be considered bad today. Amrita Singh is fine in the job of mother of Tiger. Nawaz is all over. Tiger cannot approach Nawaz from the front. The film likewise stars Uday Bhanu Maheshwaran, who plays Chellam Sir in the web series Family Man 2. He is also a bad guy. The remaining film’s villains are also powerful. Moreover, if the antagonist is powerful, the hero’s Heropanti will come to light, but in this case, it is unlikely. The villains, particularly Nawaz, were dominated here.

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Direction of Heropanti 2

When it comes to the direction, the film’s choreographer-turned-director Ahmed Khan has elevated the film’s transition from action to dance to a new level. The film, which was shot on a large scale overseas, has stunning cinematography. Additionally, the film’s music, composed by AR Rahman, is outstanding. Therefore, Tiger’s “Heropanti 2″ will be the right choice this weekend if you want to see something with dance, drama, and action.

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. “Dafa Kar” A.R. Rehman, Hiral Viradia 3:59
2. “Jalwanuma” Pooja Tiwari, Javed Ali 3:45
3. “Miss Hairan” Tiger Shroff, Nisa Shetty 3:34
4. “Whistle Baja 2.0” Mika Singh, Neeti Mohan 2:48

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Heropanti 2 trailer Review

The trailer begins with’s serious areas of strength for Nawazuddin. It is demonstrated that Laila is responsible for the global cybercrime, and Bablu must be located in order to put an end to it. The movie is packed with romance, drama, and action. The film’s dialogue is also quite funny at the same time. Tiger and Nawazuddin are seen competing in a magician role., This brief 20 second trailer is full on amusement masala.

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Ahmed Khan stuffed Heropanti 2 with amazing action, romance, songs, mother’s emotion, villain se Panga, social message, and foreign location, but the action and macho image of Tiger in this film did not result in a delicious biryani. Pai and its most compelling motivation was the headless story and feeble screenplay. Ahmed Khan has kept a lot of outrageous scenes in the movie to show Tiger’s heroism, but some of them seem ridiculous. Like Tiger Shroff getting up from the clothes of a bomb impact casualty train and accepting his mom’s telephone.

Hollywood-style activity, dance, sentiment, Tiger and Nawaz’s chuckling alongside Tiger’s whistler discoursed like ‘Meri Jaati Nahi Aur Sabko Aati Nahi’ can draw in fans, however at that point the issue is that each two-three scenes After that a melody comes and the battle begins. AR Rahman’s music doesn’t seal the deal and this is on the grounds that he doesn’t take the story forward. A song like Whistle Baja can only be watch until the very end. Yes, the choreography of the songs can be seen if you look at them separately from the movie. The film’s climax is interesting.

Tiger Shroff has ended up being twenty all around concerning activity. With his swagger and style, he has successfully played the explosive action. Then again, Tara Sutaria disheartens in the job of Inaaya. The on-screen chemistry between Tiger and Tara is ineffective. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the film’s bright spot when it comes to his acting. The audience is thoroughly entertain by her portrayal of Laila. Amrita Singh, a talented actress, has become a mouthwatering mother.

This line from Heropanti 2 became famous after the second trailer was release. “The real Heropanti is not in winning with the people, it is in winning the people.” As a matter of fact, after Tiger’s presentation movie Heropanti, how two trailers were deliver with its Part 2’s banging, super charged activity and Tiger-Nawaz’s jugalbandi, fans had high expectations, yet unfortunately need to say that Tiger Shroff’s Heropanti neglects to prevail upon the crowd in this Ahmed Khan-coordinated film because of the brief tale.

However, the story begins in a very intriguing manner, with the magician Laila (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) attempting to steal all of India’s tax money at the end of the fiscal year. Bablu, played by Tiger Shroff, is, on the other hand, an aspirant hacker who wants to make money by making money. Bablu is delegate to reveal Laila’s cover on an administration mission, yet there Bablu not just goes gaga for Laila’s sister Inaya (Tara Sutaria) yet additionally turns into Laila’s accessory in some unacceptable business of hacking. When Bablu meets Amrita Singh, a victim of this fraud, his conscience awakens. Bablu vows to save his mother and put the criminals in jail after Laila learns about this and tries to kill Amrita.


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According to the action and macho image of Tiger in this film, director Ahmed Khan stuffed all the elements like amazing action, romance, songs, mother’s emotion, villain se Panga, social message, foreign location, but Heropanti 2 did not become a delicious biryani. Pai and its biggest reason was the headless story and weak screenplay. In order to show Tiger’s heroism, Ahmed Khan has kept many over-the-top scenes in the film, but there are some which seem ridiculous. Like Tiger Shroff getting up from the rags of a bomb blast victim train and receiving his mother’s phone.

Hollywood-style action, dance, romance, Tiger and Nawaz’s laughter along with Tiger’s whistler dialogues like ‘Meri Jaati Nahi Aur Sabko Aati Nahi’ can attract fans, but then the problem is that every two-three scenes After that a song comes and the fight starts. AR Rahman’s music doesn’t tie the knot and it’s because he doesn’t take the story forward. One has to wait till the end to even watch a song like Whistle Baja. Yes, if you look at the songs apart from the film, then its choreography is visible. The climax of the film is interesting.

Heropanti 2 download 2023 FAQ’S

In which app we can see Heropanti 2?

Tiger Shroff fans and action movie buffs all over the world can now watch a variety of thrilling stunts and action-packed drama online on Amazon Prime Video.

Which movie is No 1 in IMDb rating?

In the 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption, two convicts form a friendship over the course of several years in search of consolation and, ultimately, redemption through basic compassion.

Is Heropanti 2 hit or flop?

The movie didn't do well at the box office and was panned by critics. Numerous blockbusters have been starred in by Tiger Shroff, an actor.

Is Heropanti 2 a blockbuster?

The movie made 4 crore on its third day, bringing its domestic weekend total to 16 crore. The movie grossed 29.11 crore rupees in India and 6.02 crore rupees overseas as of May 12, 2022, for a total of 35.13 crore rupees worldwide.

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