Is Agent Elvis Renewed for Season 2: Find out Now?

Is Agent Elvis Renewed for Season 2:- Variety has reported that the adult animation shows “Agent Elvis,” “Farzaar,” and “Captain Fall,” as well as “Shadow and Bone” and “Glamorous,” will not be returning to Netflix for new seasons. The news is made as Hollywood broadcasters and streamers continue to evaluate the effects of the months-long work stoppages brought on by the WGA and SAG-Aftra strikes. According to sources, Netflix decided to end the show due to a number of factors, such as the show’s success and the effect of the walkout, as the industry assesses production plans, scheduling adjustments, etc.

As it has stated on past cancellations, Netflix continues to compare the price of a show to its watching quantity when making its ratings. Some television programmes, such as “Agent Elvis,” “Glamorous,” “Farzaar,” and “Captain Fall,” were cancelled after just one season. In contrast, “Shadow and Bone” was cancelled after airing its second season, which debuted in March on streaming services.

Is Agent Elvis Renewed for Season 2

The Netflix adaption, which is based on Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels, follows Alina Sarkoff as she grapples with her unexpected transformation from an orphan into Ravka’s saviour. It’s important to note that even though the programme attracted a substantial viewership and inspired a video game franchise, Netflix nevertheless chose to discontinue the series.

However, the fantasy show’s second season didn’t have the same traction as its first and stayed five weeks on Netflix’s list of the top 10 English-language TV shows without peakeding at number one. Regarding animation, “Captain Fall” was initially ordered for a full 20 episodes, which were to show in two segments during its first season. After Part 1 failed to draw in the big viewership required to advance the series, Netflix decided to cancel the cartoon.

Netflix is still making investments in adult animation, with former HBO Max executive Billy Wee serving as director of animation, despite the termination of other well-known animated programmes including “Disenchantment,” “Inside Job,” “Q Force,” and “Big Mouth,” which is coming to an end with Season 8, slated for release at some point in 2024.

Is Agent Elvis Renewed for Season 2

Is Agent Elvis Renewed for Season 2 Overview

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Is Agent Elvis’s Season 2 Renewal Status

The production company behind “Agent Elvis” has not formally announced or refuted the show’s renewal for a second season as of yet. The entertainment business is notorious for withholding information until the last minute, which leaves viewers waiting and encourages rumours about what will happen to their favourite shows.

Positive signs, nevertheless, point to the possibility that a renewal is imminent. The programme makes a solid argument for its continuance given its high viewership figures and favourable reviews from both reviewers and viewers. “Agent Elvis” has a devoted and enthusiastic fan following, as seen by the flurry of fan campaigns and petitions on social media pleading with the network to approve a second season.

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Agent Elvis Season 1 Success

“Agent Elvis” centres on the mysterious and accomplished covert agent Elvis Malone, who is played with style by the film’s captivating lead actor. Viewers were first exposed to a world of high stakes espionage, conspiracy, and intrigue in the first season. Watchers were in for a rollercoaster of tense moments, jaw-dropping revelations, and heart-stopping action sequences as Elvis waded through a web of peril and deceit.

The show’s vibrant characters, well-written storyline, and seamless fusion of suspenseful moments with heart-pounding action are all major contributors to its popularity. The much anticipated issue of whether “Agent Elvis” would return for an exciting new season has left fans wanting more.

Agent Elvis season 2 plot: What will happen?

You will be aware that the season finale of Agent Elvis left viewers hanging if you have seen the previous ten episodes (if not, turn away now). It was revealed to Elvis and Cece that singer Robert Goulet—who could be Cece’s father—was the TCB traitor. Now that he’s in The Commander’s care, there’s a greater evil person behind the scheme to utilise Elvis Presley’s 1973 Aloha From Hawaii concert broadcast as a satellite brainwashing tool.

That villain is Gabriel Wolf, who holds Elvis responsible for his preacher father’s passing. When Gabriel’s father tried to burn Elvis’s record because he believed it contained music from the devil, he wound up setting fire to both his house and himself. At the conclusion of the last episode, Gabriel is still on the loose.

Can our brave warriors capture him? That is, to put it mildly, up in the air. Their quest to save Scatter from space, where he was damaging the satellite, was derailed when Bobby Ray disclosed that Elvis Presley’s private jet lacked a heat shield, which would have protected them upon re-entry into Earth.

Elvis, our musical hero, was out front deflecting the fire as the spacecraft hurtled towards Earth and started to burn, with Bobby Ray, Scatter, and Cece inside. Elvis then volunteered to guard the vessel, we guess using his brilliant magnetism.

Even The Commander isn’t sure The King can withstand that, so in case the world needs another Elvis, he calls rich eccentric Howard Hughes to find out whether he is still working on cloning humans in his leisure time.

Of course, the actual Elvis lived until August 16, 1977; to our knowledge, he was never attached to a spaceship that was descending through the atmosphere. If a second season is ordered, there will undoubtedly be room for further storylines that blend Elvis reality and fiction because this one finishes in 1973.

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Is Agent Elvis based on a true story?

Although the story of Agent Elvis is not based on a true event, it is inspired by an actual encounter between Elvis Presley and President Richard Nixon. In December 1970, Presley flew from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., with the intention of meeting with Nixon. The King of Rock and Roll wanted to offer his services as a federal agent-at-large in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. The meeting resulted in Presley receiving a badge from the bureau and caused quite a media frenzy at the time.

Is it worth watching Agent Elvis?

On March 26, 2024, adult animation fans and Elvis enthusiasts alike will have a treat in store for them with the release of a new series. This show promises to be a fun twist on showcasing a dream Elvis had as a child, made by those who knew and loved him the most. It’s sure to capture the hearts of Elvis fans and keep animation lovers entertained. So mark your calendars and get ready to enjoy this unique series.

Behind-The-Scenes Developments

There have been rumours of behind-the-scenes events that raise the likelihood of a second season, even if formal announcements may still be months away. The show’s producers and creators have hinted at intriguing new stories and character arcs that may be covered in upcoming episodes, expressing excitement about the possibility of delving further into the complex universe they have created.

According to reports, negotiations with the cast and crew are in progress, and several important actors have expressed interest in coming back for a second season. The success of Season 1 was largely due to the chemistry amongst the cast members, and both the creative team and the audience will surely be interested in watching these characters develop further.

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Fan Expectations and Speculations

Fans are hard at work conjecturing about what Season 2 may include as they wait for an official announcement. Many concerns remained unresolved after the first season ended on a cliffhanger, which created an ideal environment for future storylines and character arcs.

The internet fan community has been a hive of hypotheses and wish lists, with fans hoping for more of the show’s trademark heart-stopping action scenes as well as deeper looks into specific characters and the overall conspiracy.


Though it’s unclear if “Agent Elvis” will be renewed for a second season, the indications are encouraging for those who can’t wait to see more of the gripping spy story. Strong fan support, an engaging plot, and the cast and crew’s excitement all point to a successful outcome for the show’s possible future. One thing is clear as we anxiously await official word: if “Agent Elvis” does make a comeback for a second season, viewers can count on yet another exciting voyage full of mystery, suspense, and surprising turns.


Agent Elvis is a highly anticipated spy thriller series that has captivated audiences since its debut. With its gripping storyline, compelling characters, and intense action sequences, it’s no wonder that fans are eagerly awaiting news of a season 2 renewal. While there has been no official announcement regarding the show’s future, the overwhelming positive response from viewers and critics alike makes it highly likely that Agent Elvis will be renewed for a second season. The show’s dedicated fan base and strong ratings have made it a standout success, and with its intriguing plot twists and cliffhanger ending, there is no doubt that audiences will be craving more of this thrilling series. Stay tuned for updates on Agent Elvis season 2 – it’s sure to be an adrenaline-fueled ride you won’t want to miss!

Is Agent Elvis Renewed for Season 2 FAQ’S

Is agent Elvis getting a Season 2?

The main cast members of the series include Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, Hannah Waddingham, Pam Murphy, and Duncan Trussell. The series is set to debut on September 24, 2024. Prior to its October 2024 premiere, the series was already renewed for a second season. In March of this year, a third season was also renewed.

Who is the monkey in Agent Elvis?

Tom Kenny as Scatter, Elvis' drug-addicted chimpanzee.

Is Agent Elvis a movie or series?

This satirical animated series features Elvis, who decides to exchange his jumpsuit for a jetpack and becomes part of a secret spy program aimed at preventing villains from causing global destruction. Enjoy unlimited viewing of this adult comedy. Starring Matthew McConaughey, Priscilla Presley, Kaitlin Olson, Don Cheadle, and Niecy Nash.

Is Season 2 of the night agent coming out?

The second season is set to premiere in 2024 and will consist of ten new episodes.

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