Kantara Download Movie 2023 Hindi 4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p Reviews

Kantara Download Movie: Although the Hindi version of “Kantara OTT” has been shown in theaters, many people are anxiously awaiting its OTT release as well. According to data, Netflix has received the Hindi version of the movie instead of Amazon Prime Video. The Kantara Download Movie is the most popular free movie downloading website in the world. Users can download movies, TV shows, and music for free. The website has a huge library of content, with new movies and shows being added every day.

“Kantara OTT” has been add to the list of Kannada films with other OTT releases. The Kantara Movie Download  link available on Voot Select, while the other versions were available on Amazon Prime Video. In point of fact, the release of 777 Charlie in Kannada OTT came two months after it was release in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam. Zee5 broadcast the Kannada version of “Vikrant Rona” by Kiccha Sudeep, and Disney and Hotstar broadcast any remaining adaptations.

Kantara Download Movie 2023

In the film Kantara, the story of a lord who receives a large piece of land in the Mangalore region of Karnataka in 1847 from the locals if he brings the icon of the local deity Panjuri into his home for his enjoyment and peace is the focus. Additionally, users can choose to download videos directly to their devices for offline viewing. Whether you’re looking for a good movie night with your friends or just want to catch up on your favorite TV show while traveling, the Kantara Download Movie is your go-to place.

The god warns the lord that the gods will not forgive him if he ever asks for the land back. In 1970, during the Bhoot Kola, a local ritual, a descendant of the lord is tempted by the land that was given to him and asks for it back by questioning the deity-turned-artist (the residents believe that the god lives within the artist). The site also offers a variety of streaming options. Users can choose from a list of available episodes or full seasons to watch online.

Kantara Download Movie

Kantara Download Movie Overview

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Kantara OTT release date Hindi dubbed Reviews

The Hindi dub of the Kannada film Kantara OTT is available under the same title. The treatment in Kantara OTT is another example of a South Indian movie with a lot of money that is worth watching despite having a typical plot.

You’ll miss Pushpa when you see Kantara’s legend Shiva (Rishabh Shetty). Like Pushpa, Shiva also lives in ghettos. Nobody cares that he is happy for himself. grew facial hair and wore strange clothes. Kantara OTT appears to have been develop with Pushpa in mind. Shiva, on the other hand, differs from Pushpa in terms of mentality and hostility.

Taking everything into consideration, it is based on a land dispute that dates all the way back to 1847. In 1847 a ruler tracked down everything with the exception of no concordance of the mind. He stumbles upon a stone icon in the woods one day that is beloved by the locals. The Lord is truly at peace when he sees this. He takes the symbol and gives the people who live nearby a lot of land.

Currently, the story takes place in the 1990s. The people living nearby oppose Raja’s relatives’ efforts to reclaim the land. This faltering is shown in the film. The story has been enhance with neighborhood flavor to make it fascinating. Through social dance, local people’s music, cultural stories, fantasies, history, and celebrations, the story has been embellish and made engaging.

The audience stays with the film throughout. The atmosphere is set by the race of Kambala bison, and Shiva’s personality immediately resonates with the audience. The essayists of the movie have done a good job of writing the characters of Shiva and his friends, which is why the first hour is interesting.

The screenplay is written so that the audience won’t be able to figure out who the film’s antagonist is at first. However, as the story progresses, both great and terrible characters end up being great. These twists and turns keep coming.

The film veers off course in the middle, but it returns to the best way in the peak. The film’s peak has been shot very well. Rishabh Shetty has taken on a variety of writing, acting, and coordination responsibilities, and he has performed each one competently. He has stated, through his work as an essayist, that the issue of land typically stifles the poor. To obtain land, the wealthy and public authority engage in a variety of tricks.

As an entertainer, he has energized Shiva’s personality, which serves as the film’s entertainment throughout the remainder. It is worthwhile to watch his presentation at its best. strangely introduced the show as a chief. The film’s weakest section is Shiva’s romantic tale, where Pushpa’s impact is surprising to see.

The film, which was made by a variety of entertainers, is also excellent. Excellent performances come from Kishore Kumar as the Backwoods Official, Achyut Kumar as Devendra, and Mansi Sudhir as Shiva’s mother. The exchanges are better than expected, and the naming is excellent. Arvind S. Kashyap’s cinematography is amazing, and he did a good job shooting the nighttime and wilderness scenes. The numerous tones of Kantara OTT ought to be obvious.

Kantara movie download in hindi filmywap

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Kantara OTT Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla Leaked Online in HD Quality

Download Kantara Movie This is Rishab Shetty’s first film, and when it comes out, it will be a huge success in every language. Hombale Films produced Kantara OTT, which was previously a part of the KGF 2 series.

You will soon be able to watch Kantara on Amazon Prime Video because Amazon quickly acquired the rights to air the movie on its platform following the film’s enormous success in theaters. Rishabh Shetty, who plays Shiva in Kantara OTT, said that the global digital premiere of Kantara on Prime Video on November 24 is exciting.

The Kantara films, which will be available on an OTT platform in November 2022, will be discuses in this article. The film’s makers have not yet revile the Kantara OTT release date, but they will shortly after the planning is finish. Presently you can check the beneath subtleties and get a total update in regards to the OTT delivery date of Kantara OTT.

Rishabh Shetty stated, “The film has received immense love from audiences across the country, and I am so thrilled that we are able to share our labor and hard work with a wider audience through this,” in honor of Kantara’s digital release. Can access Prime Video. It has a local flavor that will keep the audience engaged until the very end, despite its universal appeal.

Kantara OTT writer and directed

Rishab Shetty wrote and directed Kantara 2023, and Vijay Kiragandur produced it for Hombale Films. Shetty is the Kambala champion, and he is at odds with Murali, the upright DRFO officer played by Kishor.

Kantara OTT is the name of a small community that lives in the forests of Kadubettu. It is in the southern coastal state of Karnataka. Shiva, a rebel, protects his village and the natural world from evil forces after death triggers a conflict between the villagers and the evil forces.

  • Director: Rishabh Shetty
  • Music: B Ajneesh Loknath
  • Cast: Rishabh Shetty, Saptami Gowda, Kishore Kumar, Achyuth Kumar, Mansi Sudhir, Swaraj Shetty
  • Kannada Movie * Hindi Dubbed
  • Censor Certificate: UA * 2 hours 29 minutes 58 seconds

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Kantara Movie OTT Release Date and Time

The Kantara Hindi Movie will be released worldwide on November 24, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. IST. whereas you can watch it online by streaming it if you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription. where you want it to download You can do it on your computer or mobile device as well.

I am thrilled that with its global digital premiere on Prime Video, we will be able to share our love and hard work with a larger audience. Kantara OTT has received a lot of love from audiences all over the country. The actor-director stated, “It is a story with universal appeal but a local flavor that keeps the audience hooked until the end.”

In the forests of Kadubettu in Karnataka’s southern coastal state of Kantara OTT, a small community of people live. In a conflict in which death results in a war between the villagers and evil forces, a rebellious Shiva defends his village and the natural world. The film has already earned over Rs 400 crore worldwide since its September 30 release.

Official sources say that Kantara will be available on Amazon Prime Video, one of the most popular OTT platforms, in November 2022. The digital rights to the movie Kantara OTT were acquired by the platform in exchange for the money. If you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription, you can watch the movie online starting in November 2022. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime Video from the comfort of your own home when it becomes available.

Kantara Movie Trailer 2023

The trailer can be viewed online right here on Kantara Movie Download Filmy4Wap. Yashoda, Sita Ram, Rorschach, Vikrant Rona, and other well-known films have also fallen prey to it. On September 30, Rishabh Shetty’s Kantara was release in Karnataka and became a huge success. It later gained popularity in Malayalam, Telugu, and Hindi. It is now schedule to debut OTT on Amazon Prime Video on November 24.

Kantara, a critically acclaimed action thriller starring Rishabh Shetty, will be available on Amazon Prime Video on November 24. In Kannada, Kantara OTT is available., Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Rishabh Shetty directs Kantara and also plays the lead role. The traditional dance called “Bhoot Kola” is the focus of the movie. The cast includes Kishore, Achyuth Kumar, Sapthami Gowda, and Pramod Shetty. Under Hombale Films, the KGF franchise’s Vijay Kiragandur banner is led by Yash.

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Kantara Movie Cast

Let’s find out now about the full cast of Kantara, the Hindi Dubbed Movie. If you’re looking for the cast of Kantara, you’ve come to the right place. The main characters in the movie are Rishab Shetty, Achyuth Kumar, and Pramod Shetty Shah.

Movies Cantara
Artists Rishab Shetty, Achyuth Kumar, Pramod Shetty
director Rishab Shetty
Movie Type Adventure | Drama | Thriller

Cantara’s script is written by Rishab Shetty, who also directs the movie. Saptami Gowda, an actress, plays the protagonist. Additionally, Pramod Shetty, Achyuth Kumar, Rishab Shetty, and others appear. Arvind S. Kashyap shot Kantara, while B Ajneesh Loknath formed the film’s otherworldly music, both related with Homelay Movies, which is going by Vijay Kirangandur.

“We always strive to tell engaging stories that are both extraordinary and relevant,” Hombale Films producer Vijay Kiragandur stated. Another film from our studio, Kantara OTT, has won over audiences from all walks of life and backgrounds. This beautiful film was made with a lot of hard work by Rishabh and the rest of the cast and crew. We are thrilled to share it with the world through our exclusive Prime Video release.

A small community lives in the forest of Kadubettu in the south-coastal state of Karnataka in the story “Kantara.” Shiva, a rebel who defends his village and the natural world in a conflict between man and nature, fights evil forces after death, which results in war.

Kantara film download MovieRulz 720p, 480p, HD Quality is against the law to download from pireted website

The film Kantara is an action-packed, thrilling ride. In this, Shetty leads the pack and receives a lot of praise for his work. The majority of the audience places a high value on Shetty’s performance in the film Kantara.

Because of this, people are looking for a way to download this movie online. He also needs to download the Kantara movie from movierulz. He needs to download and watch this movie from movierulz, but that’s illegal because movierulz sells stolen movies on its website with almost no copyright, which is against the law. Additionally, downloading and watching movies from these websites falls under the category of wrongdoing.

Disclaimer: Piracy is not allowed at www.fullformus.com in any form. This page was written simply to provide you with information on how pirates steal films and where. Throughout this entire article, we have not provided download links for Web Series. Legal OTT services like mx player, Netflix, Hotstar, Alt Balaji, and Amazon Prime Video allow you to watch Web Series on your mobile device. Tell you again that we do not condone any piracy.

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If you’re also looking for a link to an Index of Kantara Movie Download in Hindi Vegamovies That, you’ve come to the right place. However, keep in mind that you should watch this kind of movie in a theater. Yet, for your benefit, you have been given its connection beneath.

On November 24, the pan-Indian movie Kantara OTT will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. which also features pivotal roles for Sapthami Gowda, Kishore Kumar G, and Achyuth Kumar. After winning over hearts in theaters, audiences in India and 240 countries and territories around the world will be able to watch the movie at home starting on November 24, 2022.

“Audiences from every nook and corner of the country have shown immense love for Kantara, and I am very excited to see it releasing globally through Prime Video,” director and actor Rishabh Shetty told me about the digital release of Kantara OTT. Excited that a larger audience can gain from this. through our labor. The plot’s local flavor will keep the audience engaged until the very end, despite its universal appeal.


In this Kantara movie, we follow the life of a young girl named Rajwanti who lives in a small village in India. Rajwanti is an intelligent and driven woman and dreams of escaping the poverty she grew up in and pursuing her dreams. However, her family is unable to afford the costs associated with her education, so she must work as a domestic servant to support herself and her family. In the midst of all this, Rajwanti finds comfort in cooking and caring for others, but she longs for something more.

As the story unfolds, we learn that Rajwanti is not only willing to work hard to succeed, but also has a strong sense of justice and compassion. Her drive and willingness to persevere allows her to pursue her goals despite obstacles and make a positive impact on those around her. Overall, Kantara is an inspiring story that shows how even the most humble of individuals can achieve great things through perseverance and dedication.

Is Kantara available on OTT?

Kanatara OTT Platform: The Kantara is a much awaited film which is now available on Amazon Prime Worldwide in Hindi, English, Tamil and Kannada.

Where is Kantara telugu streaming?

Amazon Prime Video: The film will stream on one of the well-known OTT platforms Amazon Prime Video. Kantara was released on big screens on 10th October 2022 and received a well-satisfied review from the audience. The director and writer of the film, Rishab Shetty is playing the lead role along with Sapthami Gowda in the movie.

Is Kantara available on Hotstar?

Viewers who want to watch the film Kantara on OTT platforms such as Disney + Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Sony LIV can watch it by subscribing to Disney + Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Sony LIV.

कांटारा फिल्म ने कितनी कमाई की?

चार सप्ताह के अंत में, इसने ₹69.75 करोड़ नेट एकत्र किए। पांच सप्ताह के अंत में, इसने ₹79.25 करोड़ नेट एकत्र किए। हिंदी संस्करण ने ₹82 करोड़ के शुद्ध संग्रह के साथ 39 दिनों में ₹96 करोड़ की कमाई की

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Kantara Download Movie FAQ’S

Is kantara on ott?

According to official sources, the Kantara OTT launch date will be November 2023, and it will be accessible on one of the most well-known OTT platforms, Amazon Prime Video.

Is Kantara available online?

The digital rights to the film were purchased for an unprecedented amount by Amazon Prime Video, Kantara OTT Platform. It will begin streaming in November 2022, according to the rumors. You'll need to acquire a paid membership to Amazon Prime Video in order to watch the film online.

Is Kantara available in Hindi language?

Kantara was initially shown in Kannada, but it was subsequently dubbed in Hindi and other languages. Kantara may be watched in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam on Amazon Prime Video. Netflix has recently added a Hindi dubbed version.

Is Kantara available on Hotstar?

On OTT platforms, films like Doctor G, Kantara (Hindi), and others are now available. Sony LIV, Voot Select, Zee5, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus Hotstar, and other OTT platforms now have some of the films available.

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