Lupin Season 3 Review: A Closer Look at The Stylish World!

Lupin Season 3 Review:- There aren’t many figures as fascinating as the gentleman thief. One of the most entertaining crimes to see is the notion of a brilliant criminal who always keeps one step ahead of the game, skillfully robbing the wealthy. In the case of Lupin, we are currently in the third season of the worldwide French blockbuster show on Netflix that catapulted star Omar Sy to popularity throughout the globe. For those who are interested in knowing where we left off: The iconic French tale of master of disguise and famed cat thief Arsène Lupin served as the basis for Sy’s Assane Diop.

Diop’s father tragically died, leaving little Assane alone (his mother is divorced) when he was falsely accused of stealing a valuable necklace by his boss, business magnate Hubert Pellegrini. He sought retribution as an adult, and by the conclusion of season two, he had mostly succeeded. Hervé Pierre’s character Pellegrini is hauled off by the police from a benefit performance where he planned to swindle money, and his deceased father’s record is cleaned. However, there was still one more issue to address: he had to say goodbye to his son Raoul (Etan Simon) and wife Claire (Ludivine Sagnier). There was a price to be paid for vengeance since the police could not pardon his elegant deception.

Lupin Season 3 Review

Part 3 of the Netflix crime drama picks up several months after the second season ended with Lupin on the run. The show’s titular con artist, Assane Diop (real name Assane Diop, played by Omar Sy), is desperate to find a way to make amends with his estranged wife Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) and their teenage son Raoul (Etan Simon). Because it chooses to disregard some dramatic peculiarities involving Assane and Claire’s interaction, Season 3 falls short in that aspect. Moreover, its seven episodes make significantly greater use of flashbacks than they did previously, but often in less dramatic ways.

The show is still as witty and entertaining as it was during its initial run of episodes, never forgetting that the gentleman thief is all about style and deception. It’s a step back from Part 2, which was both propulsive in its plotting and ensured that its drama was tightly wound. The hour-long first episode of the season is nearly flawless, showing Assane being lured back to Paris from his hideout in Marseille by the deluge of tabloid reports about Claire. She isn’t exactly happy when he pays her a surreptitious visit, but he intends to snatch her away from the cruel public glare.

Lupin Season 3 Review

Lupin Season 3 Review Overview

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Lupin Season 3 Review

Any television show that wants to continue in later seasons finds it difficult to keep up the same pace from the start. Thankfully, Lupin continues to be one of those shows that amuses us as much now as it did in 2021. A fascinating experience that keeps you interested in Assane’s daring adventures is produced by the heists, mystery, unpredictability, cool character attitude, and deft back-and-forth editing that all stay consistent. Lupin is fundamentally a vengeance tale interspersed with several heists, but what really makes it stand out is the well-executed presentation.
Despite its overuse of clichés, the series manages to keep you interested in the plot even if it doesn’t provide anything especially novel. The writing is what really makes the difference. You will be rewarded with an exhilarating trip if you suspend reason and logic for a few hours and avoid trying to find any sense of logic in this performance.
Drawn on the writings of French novelist Maurice Leblanc, this criminal drama’s last season is also its most daring, with a tightly structured and action-packed script that makes it a must-watch. Although the second season was exciting, it left a few loose ends unanswered; nonetheless, in just seven episodes, the third season nicely ties everything up. A revenge-driven narrative involving Assane Diop’s family, especially his mother, who reappears in the second episode only to be abducted, is the main emphasis of Lupin’s most recent season.

Apart from the intense action scenes, this season explores a number of poignant moments as well. Assane Diop’s youth and maturity are expertly transitioned between with ease. With most of the series’ heists proving to be surprising and keeping viewers guessing—a game in which they frequently lose—this season is nothing short of brilliant overall.

The story starts with the theft of Arii Poerava, popularly known as the black pearl, which was crucial in bringing an end to Tahiti’s conflict with France in 1847. Assane gives notice in advance that he plans to take this extremely valuable black pearl on a given day. Following his mission’s successful completion, Assane (Omar Sy) takes steps to create the impression that he has passed away. From then on, he faces several difficulties while hiding behind a new mask of obscurity. Among them is the kidnapping of his mother, who reappears in his life after a 25-year absence.

Assane Diop is a heavy role for Omar Sy to carry, and he continues to be the centre of attention. It seems as though he actually inhabits the role because of how convincingly he plays the part. He delivers a tour de force once more, and there is not a single misstep in his performance. He portrays a robber with a golden heart and a vulnerable side when it comes to family issues with such ease. He is the centre of attention in this series, which may possibly be a test run for the upcoming Bond movie. The show’s casting is flawless, with Antoine Gouy as Ben and Ludivine Sagnier as Claire, Assane’s wife.

Lupin’s shortcomings are unavoidable given that the story is centred around stylized, capricious heists intended to make a single individual become a hero. But it not only completes this task, but also goes above and beyond. In addition, the narrative of this season has evolved from that of the previous seasons. Its ability to appeal to viewers’ imaginations of a corrupt society in which one person seeks to right the wrongs is another factor in its success. Once again, this series delivers and is really effective.

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What does the ending of Lupin 3 mean?

The voiceover in this scene indicates that Mariama may not be Assane’s biological mother, and that he is embroiled in a much larger conspiracy than the one orchestrated by Keller. This revelation adds a layer of complexity to the plot, leaving viewers wondering about the true identity of Assane’s mother and the extent of the conspiracy. As the story unfolds, it becomes increasingly clear that there are multiple players involved in this elaborate scheme, each with their own motivations and agendas. The voiceover serves as a reminder that nothing is as it seems in this thrilling series.

Is Lupin popular in France?

The Lupin books, authored by Maurice Leblanc, enjoyed great success in France during the first half of the 20th century. Almost all of the books were published during this period, with The Last Love of Arsène Lupin being the final installment. Interestingly, the book was published posthumously in 2012 after being discovered by one of Leblanc’s descendants more than seven decades after his death. This discovery gave fans of the series a chance to revisit and celebrate Leblanc’s literary legacy while introducing new readers to his work.

Thrilling Heists and Twists

A high-stakes heist that sets the tone for the season opens Lupin Part 3. A fresh plot is methodically established after the initial adrenaline boost. The season skillfully blends important character development with exciting heists, even after a lengthy lull. The season’s pivotal betrayal underscores the significance of relationships in Lupin’s story and hurts deeply. The show keeps up its incisive writing, surprising and exciting viewers at every turn, and holding their attention until the very end, when teasing glimpses of a possible Part 4 emerge.

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Omar Sy’s Charismatic Performance

Assane Diop is played brilliantly by Omar Sy, who gives the role charisma, self-assurance, and a captivating presence. Sy uses his voice and manner to surprise characters and viewers alike as he deftly manoeuvres through the complexities of Assane’s universe. The actor’s portrayal, which expertly combines style and relatability, is proof of his brilliance. The series’ overall brilliance is enhanced by its supporting ensemble, which includes the outstanding Ludivine Sagnier as Claire and the exceptional Soufiane Guerrab as Youssef Guerrab.


Lupin Season 3 is a thrilling continuation of the popular French crime drama series. With its clever plot twists, charismatic characters, and high-stakes heists, this season does not disappoint. Omar Sy delivers another stellar performance as Assane Diop, the master thief with a heart of gold. The writing remains sharp and engaging, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as Assane outwits his enemies at every turn. The cinematography is visually stunning, capturing the beauty of Paris and adding to the overall immersive experience. Lupin Season 3 is a must-watch for fans of the series and anyone looking for an exciting and suspenseful crime drama.

Lupin Season 3 Review FAQ’S

Is Lupin Season 3 good?

The show's gratuitous back-and-forth, while at times half-baked, is never quite boring. Still, for all its flaws, Lupin Part 3 remains largely enjoyable from start to finish, thanks in large part to its not-so-secret weapon: Sy's debonair performance.

Is Lupin season 3 the final season?

Netflix has yet to confirm a season four of Lupin, but by the looks of the coda, the writers are ready for it.

Is Lupin III still popular?

A constant and growing success. The series was met with great success when it was released and, over fifty years after it was created, Lupin III remains extremely popular and has given rise to a media franchise that comprises various mangas, films and series.

Is Lupin Based on a true story?

While Lupin isn't strictly based on a true story, it certainly seems to have drawn some inspiration from real-life events.

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