My Girlfriend is an Alien S3 Release Date, Trailer, Episodes & Cast

My Girlfriend is an Alien S3: My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 3 is a following Chinese-language period action web series, which will created and directed by Deng Ke & Gao Zong Kai, written by Dong Ke, My Girlfriend is an Alien S3  produced by Li Eryun, Zhang Xinyu, Liu Zhimin. This is a 3rd installment of the My Girlfriend is an Alien Web Series S1 which was premiered in 2019.

My Girlfriend is an Alien S3 will starring by Thassapark Hasu, Wan Peng, Wang you Jun, Haozhen Wang, Shu Yaxin, Alina Zhang, Yang Tue, Hu Caihong. Launch date of the Web Series My Girlfriend is an Alien S3 is yet to issue but according to our source My Girlfriend is an Alien S3 will be releasing in 2023 in OTT Portal MX player.

My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 3

My Girlfriend Is An Alien is an American abbreviation of Chinese TV series named, 外星女生柴小七. Directed by Deng Ke and Gao Zong Kai, the series is a Romantic comedy, and Fantasy that follows “The alien girl Chai Xiaoqi from “Cape Town Planet” who meets the CEO Fang Leng, who agonize from “heterosexual amnesia on rainy days”, accidentally loses her beacon, and is caught on Earth.”

It artists Wan Peng, Thassapak Hsu & Wang You as the key role of series. The production companies beyond the series are Tencent Penguin Pictures & Zoomlion Transmission. 

My Girlfriend is an Alien S3

My Girlfriend is an Alien S3 Information

Show Name My Girlfriend is an Alien
Directed By Deng Ke & Gao Zong Ka
Screenplay By Deng Ke & Chen Jing
Produced By Li Eryun, Zhang Xinyu & Liu Zhimin
Major Cast Wan Peng, Thassapak Hsu & Wang You
Production Companies Tencent Penguin Pictures & Zoomlion Transmission
Theme Music Composed By Da Sheng
Distributed  By WeTV
Original Network Tencent Video
Original Release Date 19th August 2019
Category Entertainment
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 Release Date of S3 TBA
Number of Episodes 30(Expected)
Genre Romantic Comedy, Fantasy
Country China
Original Language Mandarin
Duration of the Show 45 minutes
Official Websites Click Here

Storyline Of My Girlfriend Is An Alien

An alien girl is remained on Earth, and her plot suits an interstellar love story. In her ventures, she meets a dictatorial CEO who experiences temporary amnesia & forgets the sex of the person opposite them whenever it rains. Chai Xiaoqi, originally from Cape Town, has been remained on Earth since she missing her homing device. She is an alien par excellence in the art of the select & is much above your average space, babe. When she breathes in the male hormones, the rug suits the catalyst that causes her to let all her guard down and transform into a true fangirl.

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Chai Xiaoqi must regularly rely on her superhuman skill to avoid serious results in human society. Fang Leng, for now, is a dictatorial CEO with a case of heterosexual amnesia. For whatever reason, he tends to ignore the female company on days when it rains. Chai Xiaoqi & Fang Leng’s courtship is full of hilarity cause of their unlikely starting.

The alien element lends the story a sense of fun and originality that is lacking in most Chinese lovey-dovey comedies. it is real that this show presents the classic elements of an office rom-com, like an egotistical CEO, a dysfunctional family, a traumatic experience, and a vivacious female lead, however the alien girl, in this case, is far sexier & more daring in her pursuit of the man she has feelings for.

My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 3 Trailer

The status on the teaser of My Girlfriend is an Alien S3 is undergoing. Presently, it would be ironic to say the 2nd season’s promo was already released  & streaming on WeTV. But, as soon as the promo is released, we will update you guys.

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My Girlfriend Is An Alien Season 3 Cast

This show features some popular & skillful artists, involving –

Cast role
Fang Leng Bie Thassapak Hsu
Chai Xiao Qi Wan Peng
Sister Chai Alina Zhang
Fang Lie Wang You Jun
Xiao Bu Chen Yi Xin
Jiang Shi Yi Julio Wan Yan
Fang Shi Da Eddie Cheung
Doctor Zhang Shu Ya Xin

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How Many Episodes Will Be There In My Girlfriend Is An Alien S3?

Reports indicate that there will be a complete of 30 episodes involved in the previous season of My Girlfriend Is An Alien. If the showrunner cleared to create  the forthcoming season of My Girlfriend Is An Alien then it might have 30 or more episodes as the previous seasons as well have 30 episodes. So we can hope minimum 30 episodes in the forthcoming season.

Where To Watch My Girlfriend is an Alien ?

The series My Girlfriend is an Alien is available to view on the OTT Portal WeTV, and it is available in 2 languages; Chinese & English.

My Girlfriend is an Alien S3 FAQ’S

What is the full story of my girlfriend is alien?

An intergalactic romance follows an alien girl stuck on planet Earth. She crosses paths with an overbearing CEO who gets amnesia and forgets the opposite sex whenever it rains. Hailing from planet Cape Town, Chai Xiaoqi finds herself held up on Earth after accidentally losing a homing device.

Does my girlfriend is alien have a happy ending?

She used her alien powers to save him, but this meant that she became marooned on the planet. She also found herself irresistibly attracted to him, and eventually, the two found love. Everything was set for a happy ending, with the duo set to tie the knot.

Is my girlfriend is alien Korean drama worth watching?

Excellent drama until the last 5 episodes. The drama had a very strong start and a very weak ending. The plot of the drama is actually very entertaining and fun. I love how each character is so different and even though the story is unbelievable and crazy it's very interesting to watch.

Was Ripley pregnant?

Ripley then started to feel sick and had shortness of breath; she thought it was a side effect from abruptly waking from hypersleep. Regardless, she then had Francis Aaron help her run a scan in the EEV and she then discovered she had been impregnated by a facehugger and had a Queen gestating inside her.

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