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Naane Varuvean Download: Dhanush is the twin brother or sister of Kathir and Prabhu. Similar to Aalavanthan, there is a Dhanush who is a sociopath and another who is exceptionally talented. Young sociopath Dhanush attempts to kill his younger sibling and kills his father Saravana Subbiah due to the severity of his parents’ actions. Psycho, Dhanush’s mother, investigates the situation and takes another Dhanush with her and leaves the town. As a result, Hiya Duve, Dhanush’s daughter, is moved by a phantom while the laid-back Dhanush grows up and lives as a child with his own group. The great Dhanush is conditioned by the devil to leave the child if the sociopath kills him.

The film was announced in May 2017 with A. Venkatesh directing it while Venkat Prabhu was selected to produce it under his Lyca Productions banner. In May 2018, the makers released a teaser trailer for Naane Varuvean which received positive response from audiences online. The official trailer of Naane Varuvean was released on 10 May 2018 which received positive response from critics as well. The film’s shooting took place in various locations including Chennai and Mumbai in India.

Naane Varuvean Download

In order to save his young daughter, the great Dhanush then goes looking for the insane Dhanush. Did the great Dhanush ultimately kill the mental case Dhanush? Is it not? What is the connection between that phantom and the maniac Sagittarius? Is the young girl safe from the Hia Duwe Sound? That concludes the story of the Naane Varuvean Download movie. The film revolves around the story of two brothers separated at a young age, who reunite as adults with polar-opposite outcomes. A software engineer (Dhanush) lives in a posh apartment with his wife (Keerthy Suresh) and daughter while his brother (Hansika Motwani) lives in a slum with his disabled mother (Vijaya Ra). When their paths cross again, they unexpectedly find themselves at odds with each other yet unable to let go of their past and move on with their lives.

The content of this Naane Varuvean Download film is identical to that of typical Selvaraghavan films. Nevertheless, would they consider them charming? a little dubious The Naane Varuvean Download movie starts out slowly but eventually explodes into a commotion with a grasping break sequence that keeps the audience honest. The film revolves around the story of two brothers separated at a young age, who reunite as adults with polar-opposite outcomes. A software engineer (Dhanush) lives in a posh apartment with his wife (Keerthy Suresh) and daughter while his brother (Hansika Motwani) lives in a slum with his disabled mother (Vijaya Ra). When their paths cross again, they unexpectedly find themselves at odds with each other yet unable to let go of their past and move on with their lives.

Naane Varuvean Download

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Naane Varuvean Download Important Point

Directed by Selvaraghavan
Written by Dhanush
Produced by Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Starring Dhanush
Cinematography Om Prakash
Edited by Bhuvan Srinivasan
Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja
Distributed by Ayngaran International (Tamilnadu)
Geetha Arts (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh)
Release date 29 September 2022
Running time 118 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget ₹40 crores (est.)
Box office Est ₹40 crores

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Naane Varuvean Full Movie Download

The final section, which began with the same grasping, proceeded as a straightforward screenplay without exciting turns and ended with the typical peak scene, leaving viewers frustrated and exhausted. Chief Selvaraghavan, whose involvement in the production of the Naane Varuvean Download movie is heavily pursued, may nevertheless add interest to the script. The Naane Varuvean Download movie will be discussed, despite the fact that Dhanush wrote the story and screenplay. Selvaraghavan, who has seen Patti tinkering with it in various places, assumes that he actually adds many fascinating elements.

In essence, chief Selvaraghavan has left a little bit of a void in some of the distressing scenes despite picking the characters well, working well with them, and organizing the scenes in the right proportions. Selvaraghavan Naane Varuvean Download movies usually have scenes that are close to home and sad that are very serious and profound, which will make fans appreciate them.

However, none of that works out well in this Naane Varuvean Download movie, which is a significant setback for the movie. However, Selvaraghavan has consistently demonstrated that he is a phenomenal director by adding repulsiveness to the psycho-thrill ride film Naane Varuvean Download, setting the scenes skillfully, virtually eliminating unnecessary phantom scenes, and projecting the actors who played the roles in a significant and charming manner.

However, the equivalent might have been a little more focused on the screenplay. Particularly detrimental to the Naane Varuvean Download film is the abundance of pointless rationale openings in numerous locations.

By effectively separating the qualities, characters, feelings, and nonverbal communication of Prabhu and Prabhu, acting beast Dhanush Kathir has provided fans with an opportunity once more. In particular, Dhanush, who plays Kathir, has impressed the most with his mesmerizing features and hypnotic looks in Very Much Like That.

Induja, who plays the brave woman, has successfully completed the assignment and left. Elli, who is playing a different champion, is also attracting the attention of the fans by performing admirably through her looks alone.

Even though it was only a small personal project, Yogi Babu has left an indelible mark. In a similar vein, the young men Pranav, Prabhav, and Selvaraghavan, as well as Saravana Subbiah, Prabhu, and Selvaraghavan, who shows up, have handled their assigned duties competently and are supporting the movie Naane Varuvean Download.

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Naane Varuvean Download Tamilrockers

The ambient sound of Yuvan Shankar Raja is scarier than the melodies. He has received praise from fans for communicating the goosebumps music, particularly in scenes with Kathir Dhanush. The evening and interior scenes are well depicted by Om Prakash’s cinematography. The lighting and outline are also Hollywood quality.

There was a lot of anticipation for the Naane Varuvean Download film Nane Varavan because Dhanush and Selvaraghavan had previously worked together on the film Medhiram Enna. I wonder if the Naane Varuvean Download movie met that expectation! However, I can go to Varuven myself if I need to see Dhanush’s presentation.

Prabhu and Katir are twins. To punish Kathir, his younger brother, for the terrible things he had done as a child, his father used to tie him to a tree. Then, a few things happen to him that make him worse at that point. Prabhu is living a peaceful life with his family and child after twenty years.

Naane Varuvean Download in Moviesda

Nevertheless, fate did not abandon him. The master’s daughter is haunted by apparitions. After counseling numerous clairvoyants and exorcists, they advise following the phantom’s instructions. Naane Varuvean Download is a two-hour horror/spine-chiller from Selvaraghavan about the ticket, the kind of heaven that is making Kathir’s daughter sing, and the connection between it and Annan Kathir’s cry.

Dhanush in two distinct roles as Prabhu and Kathir. Prabhu is a hesitant individual who lacks the solidarity to oppose the family head-on; Despite the fact that he has lost everything, he has flawlessly created two opposing characters, such as Kathir, who pretends to live a normal life and doesn’t give much thought to anything.

A declaration to Dhanush’s magnificent exhibition is the scene in which Kathir suddenly displays only his eyes and smiles, imagining that something has gone wrong.

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Naane Varuvean Download in isaimini

In the Naane Varuvean Download movie, Hiya Devi stands out from other entertainers because she plays Dhanush’s better half. A decent display is the fear of the heavens and the quirk that follows. Prabhu, Induja, Yogi Babu, Saravana Subbiah, and Super Vocalist Ajith are just a few of the people who have appeared naturally in a lot of jobs.

In any case, there is no significant addition to the script for anyone. Additionally, Selvara appears. For a movie with blood and gore, Yogi Babu’s satirical jokes are a little awkward. Nerudal keeps Prabhu, who arrives as a specialist, talking about the fictitious tale of inspirational tones and negative energies.

The Naane Varuvean Download film’s significant strength is Yuvan’s experience score. The theater is finished off by Veera Soora, Kadir’s personality signature song. The Naane Varuvean Download movie was saved in general by Yuvan’s experience score. The scenes set in timberland and that patio shot are where Om Prakash’s cinematography shines.

Naane Varuvean Tamil full movie download

Despite the natural story of twins, awfulness, and the supernatural, the first half makes you sit up straight. In any case, the story doesn’t get to the end. The battle in “David versus Goliath” comes to an end in a straightforward fashion with hardly any exposition and a lot of flashbacks. Selva only makes contact in verses like “Neeye Pozachutte.” I’ll come, but it looks like you want me to go first. The director started the movie Naane Varuvean Download well organized and ended it with a cliche in a natural plot.


The Naane Varuvean film is about the journey of two individuals from different backgrounds coming together and discovering their love for each other. The film revolves around a man named Naane (Sathish K. Jayan) who lives in a small village with his grandmother (Prakash Raj). One day, he meets a woman named Nithya (Nayanthara) at a local temple festival and instantly falls for her. However, Naane soon discovers that Nithya has a secret and isn’t open about her feelings towards him. Meanwhile, Naane’s grandmother is diagnosed with cancer and must undergo surgery abroad to treat her condition, which will cost thousands of dollars. Naanae and Nithya team up to help raise the money needed for his grandmother’s treatment while falling in love along the way.

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