One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Characters, Episodes List

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date:- The third season of One Punch Man has just begun, and fans of this well-liked manga and anime series are eagerly anticipating the new episodes. This time, you’ll witness a few more Saitama episodes. Saitama is the primary superhero who has a one-punch death wish. We will talk about the release date leaks that have just surfaced today.

Additionally, you’ll learn what could happen next in the narrative and how the characters fare in forthcoming episodes. People are delighted since there have been recent leaks regarding the next section, which will be suspenseful and make a long-overdue reappearance. Saitama, the lead character, is anticipated to appear in all 12 episodes of season 3, which will feature plenty of action. This is what we currently know; the actual announcement will have to wait a little longer.

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

The upcoming episode of the series has been eagerly anticipated by the spectators. It’s been three years since the last episodes have shown, but it’s finally back. The third season of One Punch Man will debut in the last quarter of 2024, according to recent updates. As they are presently working on their other projects, the creators will begin production on this series very soon.

A reliable source eventually makes the announcement of the information. All of us are now eager to learn more about Saitama’s incredible travels. In the past, there have been significant pauses between new portions, such as when part 1 and part 2 were separated by four years. This is also happening this time. There is a delay in the production of this series because the creators are working on the Attack on Titan series, but you will undoubtedly see it in late 2024 or early 2025.

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date Overview

Name One Punch Man
Number of Seasons 2
Genre Comedy, Action, Superhero
Writer One (Tomohiro)
illustrator Yusuke Murata
Manga Publisher Shueisha
Season 1 October 5, 2015 – December 21, 2015
Studio Madhouse
Season 2 April 10, 2019 – July 3, 2019
Studio J.C.Staff
Total Number of OVAs 12
Season 3 Release Date December 2023 (expected)
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Category Entertainment

One Punch Man Season 3 Plot

The story from the remaining One Punch Man volumes will be continued in Season 3. Intensity will increase in the conflict between Heroes and the Monster Association. Volume 16 of One Punch Man, which depicts the clashes between Garou and the Hero Association, was the focal point of Season 2 of One Punch Man. Garou hates heroes and fights them despite not being a monster.

In order to save the kidnapped children, the Hero Association will infiltrate the Monster Association in One Punch Man Season 3. Numerous S-Class heroes will gather and invade the Monster Association’s hideaway. Numerous new and potent Monsters and their commanders will engage in combat with heroes. In Season 3, Garou will reappear as a more formidable adversary. Even though Garou doesn’t deal with heroes, Season 3 will see him engage in combat with a variety of demon-class enemies.

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One Punch Man Season 3: Storyline

The third season will carry on the plot from the previous books. It will become more heated between the Heroes and the Monster Association. Volume 16 of the manga, which detailed the hostilities between Garou and the Hero Association, served as the primary focus of Season 2. Garou hates heroes and engages in combat against them despite not being a demon.

The Hero Association will espionage the Monster Association in this season to free the abducted kids. A diverse group of S-Class heroes will come together to break into the lair of the Monster Association. Heroes will face off against a plethora of brand-new, strong Monsters and their bosses. Garou will return as a more fearsome foe in Season 3. Despite the fact that Garou does not engage with heroes in Season 3, he will battle other demon-like enemies.

One Punch Man Season 3 Cast

One Punch Man’s English and Japanese dubs have distinct casts. One Punch Man anime is sometimes viewed by enthusiasts in their native Japanese. Some people like to watch the One Punch Man anime in English dub. The English dubbed episodes of One Punch Man Season 3 will, however, take a little longer to release.

The Japanese cast of One Punch Man includes-

  • Makoto Furukawa – Saitama
  • Kaito Ishikawa – Genos
  • Hikaru Midorikawa – Garou
  • Hiroki Yasumoto – King
  • Wataru Hatano – Metal Bat
  • Aoi Yuuki – Tatsumaki

The English cast of One Punch Man includes –

  • Zach Aguilar – Genos
  • Max Mittelman – Saitama
  • John DeMita – Bang
  • Sara Cravens – Child Emperor
  • Rich Brown – King
  • Corina Boettger – Tatsumaki

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One Punch Man Season 3 Characters

One Punch Man has a large cast of well-known and fascinating characters, including Saitama, Genos, Tatsumaki, King, Blizzard, Garou, Bang, Zombieman, Metal Bat, Tanktop Master, etc. In addition to this, this anime has a lot of strong monsters.

Some of the One Punch Man Season 3 Characters are –

  • Saitama
  • Genos
  • Atomic Samurai
  • Garou
  • Zombieman
  • Child Emperor
  • Metal Bat
  • King
  • Fubuki
  • Pig God
  • Puripuri Prisoner
  • Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

When Will One Punch Man Season 3 Official Trailer Come?

There have been no authorized leaks regarding the release date of the trailer. However, people are anxiously awaiting the most recent manufacturer leaks. Before the series’s real return, which will be in around three months, you may see trailers. Trailers used to be a lot of fun, which is why everyone is talking about it right now.

One Punch Man Season 2 Ending Explained

Everyone’s reactions to the Part 2 conclusion were divided, and it didn’t come back for many years. The continuous conflict between Bang and Garou was the main topic of the previous episode. But when Elder Guy stopped the battle, it took an unexpected turn and came to an end. It was also really thrilling when Saitama arrived and beat the gigantic man with a single punch.

The new form of Garou, which the Monster Association had taken away, was also revealed in this episode. However, it was not as suspenseful as what the audience had anticipated, and many people quit watching part 2 since it lacked the intensity that the finale must have. Everyone now wants to know if the following episodes will include any more suspense.

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One Punch Man Season 3 Episode List

One Punch Man features 12 episodes every season. The anime production company is therefore expected to produce 12 episodes for One Punch Man Season 3 as well. Depending on how much of the manga is covered, the total number of episodes can rise. The release date and episode list for season 3 are currently unknown.

When One Punch Man Season 3 debuts, the names of all the episodes will be made public. Some OVAs could possibly be included in One Punch Man Season 3 as well. Six OVA Specials from the first season were published immediately after the last episode. The second season included six OVA Specials as well. After Season 3 is over, any Season 3 OVA Specials (if there are any) will be made available.


There have been a lot of leaks regarding this series recently, and while everyone is eagerly awaiting season 3 and wants to know when it will be released, there has yet to be an official announcement. But very soon, there will be some fresh disclosures on this. As soon as there are any official updates for One Punch Man Season 3, we will update this page with all the fresh information.

One Punch Man Season 3 FAQ’S

Will there be One Punch Man season 3?

The official announcement of One Punch Man Season 3 has generated excitement among fans, as it is set to be released in the upcoming year. This news is particularly thrilling for dedicated followers who have eagerly awaited the return of Saitama, the adored hero, and anticipate his ability to captivate audiences worldwide.

Who can beat Saitama?

It can be argued that Zeno from Dragon Ball is possibly the only character who could potentially defeat Saitama in a battle. In the Dragon Ball series, we have seen Zeno destroy numerous universes and planets out of rage. He is essentially considered the ultimate deity in the Dragon Ball universe.

Is King stronger than Saitama?

For instance, King was capable of effortlessly defeating Saitama in a fighting game despite being low on health and using only two fingers.

Can Saitama beat Goku?

It is absolutely absurd to compare the strength of these two characters. Goku, an extraterrestrial being, gains strength through losing fights. On the other hand, Saitama, a man with the ability to defeat any enemy with just one punch, would undoubtedly emerge victorious in a one-on-one battle between the two.

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