The Santa Clauses Season 2 Cast: Dive Into the Festive World!

The Santa Clauses Season 2 Cast:- With a larger cast than at any other point in the franchise’s history, The Santa Clauses is returning for Season 2 on Disney+. Expanding upon the popularity of Disney’s The Santa Clause trilogy, The Santa Clauses focuses once more on Tim Allen’s Scott Calvin, a man who, one Christmas Eve, witnesses Saint Nick fall from a roof and is compelled to adopt the persona of Santa Claus in order to distribute goods to children worldwide.

But the concept of the streaming series has Scott looking for a replacement for Santa as he prepares to retire. But when things don’t go according to plan, the Man in Red starts to wonder if his son Cal may follow in his footsteps. The Santa Clauses Season 2 cast list includes every character and actor who is anticipated to appear.

The Santa Clauses Season 2 Cast

The second season of The Santa Clauses is almost here, returning Tim Allen’s portrayal of Santa to Disney+ for yet another thrilling installment. After 28 years in the role, Tim Allen’s character Scott Calvin in The Santa Clauses observes that his enchantment is starting to fade. After Scott announces his retirement, his hand-picked St. Nick successor is tech whiz Simon Choksi (Kal Penn). Meanwhile, Scott, Mrs. Claus Carol (Elizabeth Mitchell), and their children Cal (Austin Kane) and Sandra (Elizabeth Allen-Dick) leave the North Pole.

As the new Santa, Simon becomes a little too enthusiastic, thinking he can make Christmas a regular occasion and threatens to ruin the happy occasion forever, while Scott learns startling new information about his origins as Santa Claus. The second season of The Santa Clauses will continue where the last one ended, with Scott reprising his mantle as Santa Claus and making another effort to make sure it is passed on to a deserving heir, this time his youngest son Cal. The extremely popular Disney+ Christmas sitcom, The Santa Clauses, has a lot to live up to already, with its second season’s release date fast approaching.

The Santa Clauses Season 2 Cast

The Santa Clauses Season 2 Cast Overview

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Every Major Character & Actor in The Santa Clauses Season 2

Tim Allen – Santa/Scott Calvin

Tim Allen’s Scott Calvin was made to play Santa after witnessing him fall off a roof in 1996, and now, some thirty years later, he is prepared to step down from the position. In Season 2 of The Santa Clauses, Scott is attempting to prepare his family to take care of the North Pole without him, including teaching his son Cal how to become the future Santa.

Among the most well-known comedians from the 1990s and the early 2000s is Allen. The Santa actor, who first gained popularity on the popular comedy Home Improvement, went on to feature in the Santa Claus trilogy, Toy Story, and Galaxy Quest.

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Elizabeth Mitchell – Mrs. Claus/Carol

Despite not having been a part of the franchise from the beginning, Elizabeth Mitchell’s Mrs. Claus/Carol is as essential to the series as they come. Carol is Mrs. Claus as she is Tim Allen’s spouse, Scott.

At the conclusion of Season 1 of The Santa Clauses, she travels south of the North Pole with Scott and their daughter Sandra, but is later compelled to return in order to rescue Christmas. Mitchell has previously been in the popular TV series Lost and The Santa Clauses 2 and 3.

Austin Kane – Cal Calvin Claus

The son of Scott and Carol is shown in The Santa Clauses wondering what he wants to do with his life, even though Austin Kane’s Cal Calvin Claus makes an appearance as a little infant at the conclusion of The Santa Clause 3. The young Claus makes the decision that he wants to train to become the next Santa and carry on his father’s legacy. Kane’s prior credits include the television series Lethal Weapon, the comedy The Sex Lives of College Girls on HBO, and the Netflix series Never Have I Ever.

Elizabeth Allen-Dick – Sandra Calvin Claus

Sandra Calvin Claus, portrayed by Elizabeth Allen-Dick, is Scott and Carol’s second and youngest child. She is attempting to make her place in the world, uncertain about the family company, much like her brother. She returned to the Pole with her family in Season 1 when they were unable to locate a suitable replacement for Santa. In Season 1 of The Santa Clauses, Allen-Dick made his acting debut.

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Devin Bright – Noel

Noel, played by Devin Bright, is Santa’s head elf at the North Pole. Given his status, he serves as the Man in Red’s right-hand man and as the leader of all of Santa’s small helpers. Additionally, Noel is wed to Betty, the previous Head Elf. Additionally, Bright appears (or sounds) in the films Burden, The Unicorn, and Monsters at Work from Pixar.

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias – Kris Kringle

Actor Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias plays Kris Kringle, the main man from The Santa Clauses. Kris is the proprietor of Santaland, a Santa-themed amusement park located in the North Pole. Kris, who is described as “a warm, generous soul who is determined to keep his struggling theme park afloat” (according to Deadline), becomes involved with the evil Magnus Antas and unleashes an unexpected force with a holiday motif. Iglesias has acted in films such as The Book of Life, Ferdinand, and Magic Mike XXL.

Eric Stonestreet – Magnus Antas aka The Mad Santa

Magnus Antas, also known as The Mad Santa, played by Eric Stonestreet, is the main antagonist of The Santa Clauses Season 2. Magnus, who feels he is the legitimate successor to the Santa kingdom, returns to the North Pole to assassinate the Calvin family after being unintentionally let free.

Stonestreet is most recognized for his work in The Loft, Almost Famous, and The Secret Life of Pets, as well as for his role as Cameron Tucker in the popular comedy series Modern Family on ABC.

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Matilda Lawler – Betty

Santa’s chief of staff at the moment is Betty, the Head Elf of the North Pole from Matilda Lawler’s novel. She manages Santa’s Workshop operations to the best of her ability and is married to Noel, who works for Davin Bright. Lawler is also featured in the animated series Flora and Ulysses, as well as HBO’s Station Eleven.

Marta Kessler – Olga

Marta Kessler brings Olga, a new character in The Santa Clauses Season 2, to life. She is the sidekick of Eric Stonestreet’s Magnus Antas, a sullen gnome who struggles to grasp the concept of emotions. The Mysterious Benedict Society, Cosmoball, and Union of Salvation are among Kessler’s other credits.

Liam Kyle – Gary

Gary is Liam Kyle’s comeback to The Santa Clauses. Gary is the head of the elite group of elves in the North Pole known as E.L.F.S. (Effective Liberating Flight Squad), which is in charge of any necessary clandestine missions into the real world. Prior to this, Kyle starred in the Disney+ series Best Foot Forward, Home Team, and Pinocchio.

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Isabella Bennett – Edie

One of the top elves in the North Pole, Isabella Bennett’s Edie frequently checks the list with Santa to make sure every nice child gets what they want. She occasionally even speaks up for the children on the bad list. Bennett may be seen in Little Angels and Kidcoin when she’s not creating a list and double-checking things with Tim Allen’s Santa.

Sasha Knight – Crouton

Season 2 of The Santa Clauses features Sasha Knight’s return as Crouton. Another elf named Crouton assists good-natured old Saint Nick with the activities at the North Pole. Among Knight’s other works are Cowboys and Boss Baby 2.

Ruby Jay – Riley

For The Santa Clauses Season 2, Ruby Jay plays Riley once more. Cal’s first love, Riley, is someone he met in Chicago before he ventured into the realm of being the next Santa Claus. Among Jay’s prior credits are Holly Hobbie, Grey’s Anatomy, and Modern Family.

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Mia Lynn Bangunan – Pontoon

Following a brief appearance in The Santa Clauses Season 1, Pontoon (played by Mia Lyn Bangunan) makes a reappearance. Here’s another elf that was spotted at work at the North Pole. Bangunan’s most well-known role was as a voice actor in the popular kids’ show Bubble Guppies.

Laura San Giacomo – La Befana, the Christmas Witch

Laura San Giacomo portrays La Befana, the Christmas Witch. In the world of The Santa Clauses, La Befana is a character from Italian holiday legend who, in Season 1, assisted Scott and his family and resides in Wobbly Woods. In addition, Giacomo starred in Quigley Down Under, Pretty Woman, and Sex, Lies, and Videotape.

Tracy Morgan – The Easter Bunny

Tracy Morgan as the Easter Bunny in The Santa Clauses Season 2. Although the new character has only been shown in the streaming series’ trailers thus far, his appearance suggests that the Holiday-verse will continue to grow within the drama set in the snow. Renowned stand-up comedian Morgan is most recognized for his roles on 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, and the 2010 film Cop Out.


The Santa Clauses Season 2 boasts an impressive cast of talented actors who bring the holiday magic to life. Leading the pack is the charismatic and beloved Tim Allen, reprising his role as Scott Calvin, aka Santa Claus. Joining him is the delightful Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol Newman, a love interest for Scott and a charming addition to the North Pole family. The talented Eric Lloyd returns as Charlie Calvin, Scott’s son, bringing his endearing charm to the screen once again. Rounding out the cast are familiar faces like Judge Reinhold as Neil Miller and Wendy Crewson as Laura Miller, adding a touch of humor and heart to the story. With such a talented ensemble, The Santa Clauses Season 2 promises to be a delightful and heartwarming continuation of this beloved holiday series.

The Santa Clauses Season 2 Cast FAQ’S

Who is Scott Calvin's ex wife?

Laura Miller is Scott Calvin's first wife and mother to their son, Charlie Calvin. In The Santa Clause, Laura had already divorced Scott and gotten remarried to Dr. Neil Miller.08-Nov-2024

What happens in Santa Clause 2?

Toy Santa is vanquished and shrinks to a height of only six inches, Scott and Carol tie the knot in a wedding officiated by Mother Nature, Scott reverts back to his role as Santa while Carol assumes the identity of Mrs. Claus, and Christmas continues its traditional course.

Who does Scott Calvin end up with?

Scott later went on to marry Carol Newman, who took on the role as Mrs. Claus. He is Charlie, Cal and Sandra Calvin's father.

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