Yaas Cyclone Track 2024 Live Map, Location & Tracking Latest News

Yaas Cyclone Track- Tornado Yaas Live Updates: According to IMD, the cyclone will gradually weaken over Jharkhand over the next three hours. In seaside regions of Odisha, police groups have heightened the clearing drive and emptied and moved 81,661 individuals from weak regions to twister focuses up to this point. The process is being accelerated and will be completed by evening: YK Jethwa, ADG (Regulation and Request). Around noon, the cyclone made landfall, bringing heavy rain and strong winds to the Odisha coast and West Bengal’s neighboring areas. Other improvements include.

The Yaas Cyclone is currently tracking through the Bay of Bengal and is expected to make landfall in the eastern states of India. If you are in the affected area, it is important to stay informed about the latest updates and take necessary precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Some helpful tips include stocking up on essential supplies such as food, water, and medication, securing loose items around your home or business, and following evacuation orders if necessary. Stay tuned to local news and weather updates for the latest information on the cyclone’s path and expected impact. Remember to prioritize your safety and that of others during this time.

Yaas Cyclone Track

India’s East Coast is about to be hit by Cyclone Yaas, which is expected to transform into a severe storm on May 25 before making landfall near the Balasore coast in Odisha. While this is a great opportunity to prepare supplies and remain for the approaching tempest, being prepared with state-of-the-art data on the twister’s way and different developments is similarly significant. A map that shows the live path of Cyclone Yaas has been created by Esri India, an Indian provider of Geographic Information System (GIS) Software & Solutions. The guide is worked with ArcGIS On the web, Esri’s planning and examination framework, and gives reports on the tornado and pertinent components utilizing inputs from IMD (Indian Meteorological Division).

Yaas Cyclone Track, there are a few resources that can be helpful. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) regularly updates their website and social media accounts with the latest information on cyclones in India, including Yaas. Additionally, local news outlets in affected areas often provide up-to-date coverage and safety information. It is important to stay vigilant and heed any warnings or advisories from authorities during cyclones like Yaas, and to take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Remember to have emergency supplies on hand, such as food, water, first aid kits, and flashlights, in case of power outages or other disruptions. By staying informed and prepared, you can help ensure that you are ready for any potential impacts from the Yaas Cyclone Track.

Yaas Cyclone Track

Yaas Cyclone Track Overview

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Yaas Cyclone Track Click here

Cyclone Yasa Current Location : Latest Update:-

The Yaas cyclone track is currently being monitored by meteorologists and government agencies in India. As of now, the cyclone is expected to make landfall in the eastern states of Odisha and West Bengal, bringing heavy rains and strong winds. If you live in these areas, it’s important to stay informed about the latest updates and follow any evacuation orders that may be issued by local authorities. Be sure to have emergency supplies on hand, such as food, water, and first aid kits. Stay away from coastal areas and low-lying regions that are prone to flooding. The safety of you and your loved ones should be your top priority during this time.

Track Yaas through these websites


A separate section of the government’s UMANG app provides all IMD department services, including real-time cyclone tracking. Download the application from the Application Store or Google Play store and quest for IMD on the hunt bar. You can access the IMD section by clicking on the cyclone Yaas warning that is displayed in the homepage carousel. There’s a choice hit twister that opens up the capacity to follow Yaas ongoing.


Windy.com offers a constant perspective on the twister, with its exact area and seriousness. There is also a timeline that lets you see when the cyclone will hit land and how much damage it will cause. Clients can see details on downpour, thunder, wind speed, temperature, and mists also.

IMD’s Mausam website

This site has been created by the Service of Studies of the planet and it offers clients to follow the typhoon continuously. Clicking on the cyclone option on the homepage will take you to a notice announcing all upcoming warnings across the nation. Interactive Track of Cyclone is a menu item in the side menu. You can now see where the cyclone’s eye is at the moment thanks to this.

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RSMC website

The Territorial Particular Meteorological Community for Normal Tornado Over North Indian Sea — basically known as RSMC — permits continuous following of the typhoon Yaas. Additionally, the Ministry of Earth Sciences in India developed it. Make a beeline for check where the typhoon is at right now.

Yaas Cyclone Live Map

According to the most recent observations, the very severe cyclonic storm known as “Yaas” has weakened into a severe cyclonic storm and is now centered over Odisha’s north coast. Other improvements include:

  • Andhra’s Srikakulam on high alert
  • Yaas batters eastern India, 1.2 million seek shelter
  • Cyclone Yaas begins landfall with wind speed of 130-140 kmph
  • Landfall process started around 9 am
  • Six flights cancelled at Mumbai Airport

How prepared is Odisha State for Yaas Cyclone?

Odisha has previously pre-arranged 800 asylums to house residents from seacoast regions. In an expansion to that, schools, government structures, and universities are which are not being used will likewise be utilized for the havens assuming need be. In addition, officials are preparing as many shelters as they can to maintain social distance and prevent a Covid surge.

As a guideline, the storm makes its beginning over Kerala around ten days after it makes its coming over the south Andaman Ocean. However, as was observed last year with Nisarga and Amphan, this theory may not hold up due to the interference of cyclonic storms. The Typhoon Yaas climate framework is probably going to stir things up around town or the Coromandel shore of the country on the night of May 26, the India Meteorological Division said in its hurricane viewpoint.

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Pull Effect Rains to Kerala and Kanyakumari

This typhoon Yaas won’t have any immediate effect on Tamil Nadu with the exception of Kanyakumari will get pull impact downpours as it actuates the Middle Eastern ocean storm twists from 25th. The west will spill over into South Tennessee, as will some western districts. Weighty Downpours – Kerala will likewise have weighty rains especially in south Kerala for next 5-6 days from 25th may. Between May 25 and May 31, Trivandrum, Kollam, and Kanyakumari may experience heavy rains on occasion.

Rise in Temperature for SAP and NTN

For five to six days, temperatures will rise to 39-41 (+ or – 1 or 2) in the north of TN (Tiruvallur to Thanjavur), the north of coastal TN (Chennai, Cuddalore, Pondy), and the south of AP (Nellore) thanks to strong northerly winds.

West Bengal

In light of the approaching cyclone, the state government of West Bengal has instructed all District Magistrates to take immediate action. Additionally, the state will begin operating round-the-clock control rooms on Friday. Yesterday, during a virtual meeting, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave senior government officials the order to prepare an adequate supply of tarpaulins, dry food, drinking water, and medicines.


In this conclusion, The Yaas Cyclone Track is a crucial piece of information for those living in the affected areas. It is important to stay informed about the path and intensity of the cyclone in order to take necessary precautions and stay safe. As of the latest update, the Yaas Cyclone is expected to make landfall near the Odisha-West Bengal border. The cyclone is likely to cause strong winds, heavy rainfall, and storm surges in these areas. It is recommended that residents in these areas stay indoors, stock up on essential supplies, and follow all safety guidelines issued by local authorities. Stay tuned for further updates on the Yaas Cyclone Track and continue to prioritize your safety during this time.

The Yaas Cyclone Track is an important resource for those living in or traveling to areas that may be affected by the cyclone. The track provides up-to-date information on the location and projected path of the cyclone, as well as any potential hazards and warnings for affected areas. It is important to stay informed and take necessary precautions when a cyclone is approaching, and the Yaas Cyclone Track can help with that. If you are in an area that may be impacted by the cyclone, be sure to monitor the track closely and follow any instructions from local authorities to ensure your safety.

Yaas Cyclone Track FAQ’S

What is the route of Cyclone Asani?

It is anticipated that Cyclone Asani will veer towards the north-northeast direction and proceed towards the northwest area of the Bay of Bengal, close to the coasts of North Andhra and Odisha.

Where did Cyclone Yaas occur in India?

Cyclone Yaas, a highly intense and destructive storm, resulted in extensive harm to Odisha. Subsequently, it had a significant influence on West Bengal as well.

Who gives Yaas cyclone name?

Oman is the accurate response. The title 'Yaas' for the super cyclone was coined by Oman, and it has its roots in the Persian language. The term 'Yaas' denotes the flower jasmine in English.

Who gave the name Yaas cyclone?

The word Yaas in Persian means Jasmine when translated into English. In May 22, 2021, a low-pressure system formed over the North Andaman Sea that bordered the east-central Bay of Bengal, and later intensified into Cyclone Yaas, a robust cyclone.

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