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Gold Rate In Kannur – Gold is India’s most valuable metal and people, especially women, have a deep affinity for it. In any country, the price of gold changes daily in every city and India is no exception. Gold prices in Kannur are influenced by many factors that drive global trends. In Indian households, gold is considered precious and auspicious.

Besides its cultural value, gold also contributes to an excellent investment portfolio. For these reasons, it is bought in bulk all over the country, including Kannur. In addition to physical gold, investors are also starting to trade gold as commodities and gold-based derivatives through exchanges.

Gold Rate In Kannur 2023

Regardless of economic conditions, gold consumption has always remained unaffected and is consumed across India. If you are planning to invest, you should be properly informed about the Kannur gold rate. Whether it’s gold jewelry, coins or bars, you should research gold prices in Kannur beforehand. However, as mentioned above, gold prices in Kannur fluctuate daily due to various factors such as gold supply and demand, inflation, and the valuation of the rupee dollar.

In Kannur, gold is mainly used for jewellery and investment purposes and the country is he one of the largest gold consumers in the world. Unlike other countries that use gold for industrial purposes, gold in Kannur is primarily an investment vehicle. The Gold is generally seen as a relatively safe investment, especially in times of economic or political uncertainty. Gold prices are stable during periods of relative calm, but fluctuate during periods of conflict.

Gold Rate In Kannur 2023

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About Gold Rate In Kannur

This page shows the current price of 22,000 or 24,000 Gold on Kannur. You can also see how Kannur’s gold rate has gone up and down over the last 10 days. After reading this article, you will have a complete understanding of the ups and downs of the gold price in Kannur. You can also get today’s gold rate at Kannur. Our team works hard every day to collect Kannur Gold price data from various sources. This page is specially designed for those who want to invest in gold in Kannur.

It explains all the information about 22,000 and 24,000 gold in Kannur. Last updated September 30, 2023. If you get stuck or have any questions regarding the Kannur Gold Rate Rankings, post a comment below. we will do our best to help you. In Kannur, gold is mostly bought as a relatively safe investment and has greatly increased in value compared to the past. Although Indians are widely participating in other investment channels such as real estate, gold investments still make up a significant portion of their investment portfolios.

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Todays Gold Price in Kannur

Kannur is a district of the ‘God’s Land’ Kerala. Formerly known as Kannur, he is the largest city in the North Malabar region. It is home to his Naval Academy, the largest in Asia and the third largest in the world. This place is also known for its obsession with gold, given that it is part of a city where he is one of the largest gold consumers in India. Buying and wearing gold has always been part of the culture and traditions of Kerala. Kannur people see gold as an investment rather than just a commodity. Gold prices in Kannur change slightly but almost daily.

Compare 22K & 24K Gold Rate In Kannur (Today & Yesterday)


Today Yesterday Rate Change
Standard Gold (22 K) (1 gram) ₹ 5,335 ₹ 5,570 ₹ 50 ↑
Standard Gold (22 K) (8 grams) ₹ 42,680 ₹ 44,540 ₹ 400 ↑
Pure Gold (24 K) (1 gram) ₹ 5,602 ₹ 5,849 ₹ 53 ↑
Pure Gold (24 K) (8 grams) ₹ 44,816 ₹ 46,712 ₹ 424 ↑

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What Is The Demand For Gold in Kannur? 

Today, the people of Kannur are very hungry for gold. Kannur is currently boosting the Indian gold market. In Kannur, gold is mainly consumed in the form of jewelry and ornaments. Kannur has gold dealers large and small, forming the backbone of a good local gold market. The thirst and demand for gold in Kannur is growing day by day. Gold price Kannur fluctuates according to market conditions and availability. Overall, South India is seeing high demand for gold. Kerala tops the charts in gold consumption. Kannur consistently ranks high among all Indian cities due to its demand for gold. Demand for gold in Kannur is constantly increasing.

Gold has always been cover by Indian because of its value and cultural importance. Indians tend to invest in gold whenever they can afford it. Kannur is proud to be the largest gold trader in India. However, gold is not only purchase in the form of jewellery, but also in other forms such as coins. Demand for gold in Kannur has never decline. It has been argue that gold is the only product immune to inflation, and people in Kannur are keen to get regular update on gold price. Gold price have been observe to fluctuate almost daily. Revise tariffs are constantly update online for people to easily access.

How To Invest in Gold

In Kannur, gold is purchased basically as a moderately protected speculation which has seen critical appreciation before. Even though Indians invest heavily in real estate and other investment avenues, gold still accounts for a significant portion of their portfolio.

In Kannur, gold is typically invested in the form of coins, bars, and jewelry. However, in recent years, new investment opportunities in gold have emerged, offering investors new trading opportunities in gold. Gold-related stocks and mutual funds are now available for investors to invest in. ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are an example of a straightforward financial instrument that combines the simplicity of gold investments with the adaptability of stock investments. Some of the most common ways to invest in gold in Kannur are as follows:

Buying gold jewelry is still the most common way to invest in gold in Kannur. Gold has a long history of being regarded as a secure and straightforward investment, so people of all socioeconomic classes frequently purchase it during festive and auspicious occasions. The one drawback of purchasing gold jewelry is that you will be required to pay for the costs of making it, which could increase the price by an additional ten percent. In addition, designs and fashions fluctuate, so you might not get the same price for your jewelry when you sell it. If you sell the jewelry to a different jeweler than the one you bought it from, you might have to pay more for it.

Buying gold jewelry for immediate use might be a good idea, but if you want to keep it as an investment for the long term, there are better, more convenient options available right now.

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Gold coins, biscuits and gold bars

Another way to invest in gold is in bars, coins, and biscuits made of gold. Coins come in a variety of weights to fit a variety of budgets. You can purchase coins at a bank or from a guaranteed gems display area. However, you will need to sell it to a jeweler because banks only sell gold coins and do not buy them back.

Gold ETFs

Newer forms of gold investing, such as ETFs, gold mutual funds, and derivatives, are gradually replacing older forms of gold investing, such as buying jewelry.

Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs, are available to people in Kannur who want to put money into gold. Online investments in gold ETFs give gold investments in Kannur a whole new dimension and alter the way gold is purchased. One gram of gold is the equivalent of one ETF unit. They have a few advantages over buying gold in the form of coins or jewelry, which is why they are becoming more and more popular.

1. You can easily buy and sell ETFs because they are traded on the stock exchange, and there are no liquidity issues.

2. There may be tax advantages to holding it for more than a year.

3. You need not be concerned about storage issues or the physical security of the gold asset because the ETFs are held in a demat account. Because the ETFs are held electronically, there is no risk of theft. You are spared a lot of the stress and anxiety that come with purchasing physical gold in the form of jewelry.

However, trading in ETFs incurs a fee on your trading account, typically proportional to the amount invested. The cost of keeping the gold in the bank vault could also be assessed to you.

The instrument’s ease of use and high liquidity attract the majority of investors to gold ETFs. Remember, in any case, that to exchange gold stocks; You need to be familiar with stock markets and gold as a commodity as well as an appetite for risk. Like any remaining product costs, gold costs will generally rise and succumb to various reasons and require steady consideration, trained checking of market developments, and a capacity to assess estimating data.

Gold mutual funds and derivatives

Gold investing can also be done in other ways. You can put money into mutual funds that hold units of other gold-related funds, such as a fund of funds (FOF). Alternately, you could put your money into a fund that holds shares of gold companies that trade on global stock exchanges.

Trading derivatives is another option. However, you will need to open an account with a commodities broker and pay trading fees to do so. Derivatives trading is a high-risk investment choice.

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How To Buy Gold

Given the numerous options, purchasing gold is not difficult, but there are a few sensible approaches. Before investing your hard-earned money in gold, it’s important to keep these things in mind because investing in gold can be expensive.

Research gold rates

Gold prices change every day, so it’s important to keep an eye on market trends and stay up to date on them. This will assist you with settling on the best and most educated choice on when to trade.

Decide what kind of gold you want to buy

Gold can be found in bars, coins, gold stocks, jewelry, and other forms. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to each form. If you intend to sell the gold in the future, jewelry might not be the best choice, and you might want to think about other ways to invest in gold.

Ensure Certification

When making an investment in gold, looking for the gold’s certification is unquestionably the most crucial aspect. The purity of the gold can only be verified by a select group of laboratories known as Assaying and Hallmarking Centres; jewelers do not verify the purity of the gold. However, these Assaying Centres only allow jewelry to be certified by jewelers authorized by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). A hallmark does not necessarily signify 24K purity; it could also attest to 21K, 18K, or even 14K purity. Hallmarked jewelry can attest to a variety of carat weights.

Online purchase

Today, there are numerous gold sellers online. Online shopping may be convenient, but you should only buy from reputable certified sellers because there is a lot of room for adulteration and cheating.

How To Buy Gold Coins In Kannur

Gold coins are a popular gift for auspicious occasions in Kannur. It additionally goes with for a magnificent venture decision since gold coins are accessible in various loads, which gives financial backers the opportunity to pick as per their spending plan. Gold coins are sold by several banks and jewelers. Gold coins are also available online, but buying them from anyone other than a licensed jeweler or seller can be risky. When purchasing a gold coin, be certain to receive a purity certificate. You may not be able to sell gold coins back to the bank because banks are not authorized to trade in them.

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How To Buy Gold Bars

Checking the current market rates is the most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing any kind of gold. Due to the fact that they are typically kept for serious investors, gold bars can be purchased from major jewelers and banks. These bars typically weigh between 500 and 1 kilogram.

How To Sell Gold

Gold is a highly liquid asset because it is always in high demand in Kannur. Gold is easy to sell because most pawn shops and jewelers are willing to buy it. However, keep in mind that jewelers only pay for the weight of gold, so intricately design jewelry may sell for less than expected. Despite the fact that many jewelers and pawn shops are willing to purchase gold at market rates, some jewelers may pay less than the market price. Before making a decision, it’s best to get quotes from a few buyers. In order to get the best possible price for the gold you intend to sell, you must be aware of the current market prices and its weight.

Since gold bars and coins typically receive better rates from jewelers than jewelry, it is always a good idea to sell them rather than jewelry.

You can always use a gold loan against your jewelry in case of an emergency if you don’t want to sell it but need money. Gold loans are available at attractive interest rates from banks and other NBFCs. Because your gold serves as security, there is very little paperwork require, and the loan is approved and paid out quickly.

How Much Is Gold Worth

One of the precious metals that will always be valuable is gold. Gold’s price and whether or not it will continue to appreciate as an asset, on the other hand, cannot be predict. Even though gold prices fluctuate frequently, they have generally been on the rise in the past.

Factors Affecting Gold Price In Kannur

The key factors that influence the price of gold in Kannur are list below.

Strength of the US Dollar

Gold prices in Kannur fall when the US dollar is strong because investors prefer to invest in the currency rather than the metal. Then again, assuming that the dollar debilitates, banks will generally put resources into gold rather than the deteriorating dollar. This action is taken to protect against potential risks. The price of gold goes up as a result of this increase demand. Similarly, investors shift their investments from gold to the US dollar when the US dollar strengthens. The price of gold falls as a result of this decrease in demand.

Import costs

Because Kannur imports a significant amount of its gold, import rates have an impact on the national gold price. A stronger dollar increases the cost of purchasing gold because all transactions are conduct in US dollars.

Fixed Deposit interest rates

For many millions of Indians, the most common type of investment is a fix deposit. Close behind is gold. Investors prefer to invest in gold as an alternative investment option when FD rates fall. The price of gold rises in tandem with the rise in demand for it.

Economic stability

Gold’s value tends to rise during economic downturns because it is regard as a stable asset. Gold is where investors move their money from riskier investment avenues. Gold also has the advantage of being highly liquid, and even in times of instability, its value remains high.

Seasonal price

Gold prices rise in Kannur as a result of increase demand during auspicious occasions like wedding seasons and festivals.


During times of inflation, gold tends to rise in price. The price of gold goes up as a result of this spiraling trend because people buy gold to protect themselves from inflation.


The amount of gold produce worldwide by Kannur is only 0.75 percent. There is also a shortage of supply due to the severely limit domestic production of gold in Kannur. Large quantities of gold are import to meet the staggering demand. Similarly, gold prices rise when there is a shortage of the global supply.

Mining/production costs

The cost of gold mining is taken into account in the price because it requires a significant amount of energy to produce one gram of gold. Due to rising production costs, mining companies’ price hikes also affect the gold price. This is reflect in the cost paid while bringing gold into Kannur.

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International prices

The price of gold in Kannur rises in tandem with the worldwide rise in gold prices. For instance, gold’s global price tends to rise when central banks purchase it as a hedge against inflation.

It is essential to keep in mind that gold prices can also differ between Kannur’s cities. The differences in domestic gold prices are primarily due to:

Transportation cost

Most of Kannur’s gold is import. Due to the cost of transporting the precious metal, port cities like Mumbai and Chennai typically have slightly lower prices than cities that are far from the port.

State taxes

The various taxes that are lev by the various states in Kannur can result in price differences between states.

Volume Of Demand Different Cities

Kannur is a huge nation with a wide range of people and demographics. Gold is more expensive in sparsely populate rural areas than in densely populate urban areas, where prices tend to be comparatively lower. Large cities, where demand is highest, trade a lot of gold, which results in slightly lower prices. Prices tend to be slightly lower in cities like Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai that see a lot of demand for gold than other parts of the country.

Measurement of Gold

Gold is measure in troy ounces, or grams. One troy ounce equals 31.1034768 grams.

What is a Karat?

Karat is a measurement of how pure gold is. In simpler terms, it is a measure of purity or fineness. It refers to the ratio of gold and an alloy, such as copper, mix together. Gold can’t be use to make jewelry or other items because it needs to be alloy with another metal because pure gold is so soft. Pure gold is 24K or 24 Karat gold. The fineness scale that is use to determine gold’s purity is as follows:

24 K = 99.9% Pure

22 K = 91.3% Pure

18 K = 75% Pure

14 K = 58.5% Pure

10 K = 41.7% Pure


The information provide on the gold rate prices is merely indicative and subject to change in accordance with market value. This information is not meant to be use as investment advice. Any harm cause by using the information on this website is beyond Credit Mantri’s control.

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