Amla soaked in Honey: Benefits For weight loss, Skin Care And More

Amla soaked in Honey: Amla, commonly known as the Indian gooseberry, is well renowned for its medicinal properties, whether taken orally or topically. Recently, though, I’ve seen my mother use a novel strategy with this adaptable fruit: she started eating amla every morning after soaking it in honey.

My mum assured me that this is actually an old treatment for enhancing digestion and maintaining general health, which allayed my first worries about the sugar content. I was curious about this conventional wisdom, so I sought the advice of a nutritionist to learn more. To my amazement, I discovered that amla soaked in honey actually had several health advantages. Let’s examine how honey-soaked amla is good for our health.

Amla soaked in Honey

Amla is frequently recommended as a raw food for a number of health benefits, including better digestion, stronger immunity, and healthier hair. However, because of its acidic flavour, many of us find it challenging to ingest. This remedy not only solves that issue, but also offers further advantages by soaking amla in honey. Avni Kaul, a dietician and nutritionist, was contacted by Health Shots to learn more about the advantages of eating amla with honey.

Amla is commonly advocated as a raw food for its many health advantages, such as improved digestion, boosted immune, and shinier hair. However, many of us find it difficult to consume due to its acidic flavor. By soaking amla in honey, this cure not only addresses that problem but also provides additional benefits. Health Shots called Avni Kaul, a dietitian and nutritionist, to find out more about the benefits of eating amla with honey.

Amla soaked in Honey

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Amla soaked in Honey Benefits

Amla gains more advantages and becomes more drinkable when a few drops of honey are added. A fantastic remedy that relieves many illnesses, including a sore throat, cold, cough, and the flu, is amla and honey. Additionally recognised to increase liver activity and improve insulin production is amla steeped in honey. Regular use of gooseberry and honey can help with weight loss and decrease cholesterol. The mixture is excellent for preventing indications of ageing and promoting healthy skin. It also offers wonderful cosmetic advantages.

Boosts immunity

Consuming amla steeped in honey has numerous health advantages, but one of the most notable is how it strengthens the immune system. Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant renowned for its function in boosting the immune system, is abundant in amla. This combination becomes a powerful defence against infections and disorders when paired with honey’s antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities.

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Rich in antioxidants

According to Kaul, both amla and honey are abundant sources of antioxidants that fight the body’s dangerous free radicals. These free radicals can result in inflammation and oxidative stress, which can contribute to a number of chronic disorders. Consuming amla soaked in honey on a regular basis can assist to combat these free radicals, lowering the risk of illness and enhancing general health.

Improves digestion

According to the expert, amla has long been known for its digestive qualities, which improve digestion and nutritional absorption. It improves the advantages for digestive health when combined with honey, resolving problems like indigestion and constipation. This all-natural mixture helps ease discomfort and support intestinal health.

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Supports heart health

Amla and honey work together to benefit the heart in two ways. Compounds found in amla may lower cholesterol levels, hence lowering the risk of heart disease. This combination is a heart-healthy addition to one’s diet because it also contains honey, which is linked to advantages for heart health when consumed in moderation.

Enhances skin health

When mixed, amla and honey both contribute to better skin health. The high vitamin C concentration of amla promotes the production of collagen and results in youthful, radiant skin. The natural moisturising and antibacterial qualities of honey further improve the appearance of the skin and aid in resolving a variety of skin problems.

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Aids weight management

Amla soaked in honey might be a helpful addition to the diet of those trying to manage their weight. Amla is high in fibre and low in calories, which helps people feel fuller for longer and stop overeating. When used sparingly, honey can replace refined sugars as a healthy sweetener for food and beverages, according to Kaul.

Supports respiratory health

Amla’s anti-inflammatory qualities and honey’s calming benefits can do wonders for your respiratory system. This mixture may help relieve respiratory conditions like coughs, colds, and asthma symptoms, bringing about respite and enhancing general respiratory health. It’s important to keep in mind that moderation is critical. Increased blood sugar levels may result from excessive honey eating, and some people may have stomach pain from excessive amla ingestion. Discover the many advantages that amla steeped in honey has to offer by embracing its natural sweetness!


Amla, sometimes referred to as the Indian gooseberry, is widely known for its medical benefits either applied topically or eaten orally. However, I’ve recently seen my mother employ a fresh tactic while utilizing this adaptive fruit: she began consuming amla every morning after soaking it in honey. My initial concerns about the sugar level were allayed when my mother reassured me that this is actually an ancient remedy for improving digestion and preserving overall health. I consulted a nutritionist to learn more about this common wisdom since I was fascinated about it. To my surprise, I learned that amla steeped in honey truly had a number of health benefits. Let’s look at the health benefits of amla that has been dipped in honey.

Amla soaked in Honey FAQ’S

Is Amla and honey good for hair?

2 teaspoons of amla powder, curd, honey, and warm water are combined to form a paste. Spread this paste evenly into your hair follicles and scalp. 30 minutes is usually how long you should let it sit before thoroughly rinsing it off. This pack encourages hair development while fortifying the hair roots.

Is soaked amla good for health?

Loaded with vitamin C and other vitamins and nutrients, the best way to have them is in form of amla water which is one of the most effective remedies for treating a number of ailments.

Can we eat honey amla daily?

Amla's vitamin C content and antioxidants help to give skin radiance while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will be clear, healthy, and shining if you regularly consume amla juice with honey.

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