Mediclaim Policy: Check Out Some Basic Aspects For A Secured Cover

Mediclaim Policy: The covered members of Mediclaim policies or health insurance plans are protected from financial hardship due to the high costs of hospitalisation or treatment for a predetermined sum. It provides a wide range of alternatives, including individual policies, family floater plans, senior citizens plans, critical illness policies, and even group Mediclaim plans. It is a cost-effective way to get health insurance.

A mediclaim policy is a type of health insurance that provides coverage for medical expenses incurred by an individual or their family. It offers financial protection in the event of hospitalization, surgery, or other medical treatments. With rising healthcare costs, having a mediclaim policy can provide peace of mind and ensure that individuals are able to access quality healthcare without worrying about the financial burden. These policies typically cover expenses such as doctor’s fees, diagnostic tests, medication costs, and hospital room charges.

Mediclaim Policy

For a predetermined sum, Mediclaim policies or health insurance plans protect the insured members from financial hardship brought on by the high costs of hospitalisation or treatment. A number of alternatives, including individual policies, family floater plans, senior citizens plans. Critical illness policies, and even group Mediclaim plans, are available, making it an affordable way to get health insurance.

Some policies may also offer additional benefits like cashless hospitalization and coverage for pre-existing conditions after a waiting period. It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of a mediclaim policy to understand the coverage limits, exclusions, and claim procedures. By investing in a suitable mediclaim policy, individuals can protect themselves and their loved ones from unexpected medical expenses.

Mediclaim Policy

Mediclaim Policy Overview

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Mediclaim Policy Complete Information

  • Coverage Indemnified:-Your hospitalisation costs are covered by Mediclaim plans, and policyholders are indemnified up to the Sum Insured or a fixed amount as per the treatment sub-limited, as specified by the insurer.
  • Cashless Admission & Claim Settlement:- If the insured person is admitted to a network hospital, they can receive cashless care without worrying about paying for it. The insurance provider pays the hospital’s bills directly.
  • Reimbursement of Medical Expenses:- Members with insurance may receive care in a hospital that is not in their network and then submit their medical bills for reimbursement.
  • Medical Coverage:- Medical insurance policies include a variety of Sum Insured options that can be selected based on individual needs.
  • Hospitalisation Costs:- Mediclaim insurance cover admissions lasting more than 24 hours for treatment or surgery related to an injury or sickness. These include rent for the room, medical expenses, ICU fees, equipment costs, etc.
  • Day-care Procedures:-The term “Day-care Procedures” refers to surgical interventions that can now be treated in less than 24 hours thanks to technological advances. These are additionally protected by Mediclaim coverage.
  • Premium Payable:- Numerous variables, including the Sum Insured, the number of members insured. The location, the member’s age, health status, and tenure, all affect the premium amount.
  • Tax Benefits:- In accordance with Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. Mediclaim policies offer policyholders tax advantages on payments made towards Mediclaim insurance premiums. For people under the age of 60, the slabs are up to Rs 25,000, and for seniors above 60, they are up to Rs 50,000.

Before concluding a Mediclaim policy, it is essential to fully comprehend all terms and conditions provided in the Policy Wordings or Customer Information Sheet in order to fully understand coverage. Waiting periods, exclusions, and other crucial details.

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How Does Medical Insurance Work?

  • Select a Mediclaim health insurance plan that evaluates your needs in light of your age, medical history, and other criteria.
  • In return for paying premiums, a policyholder receives protection from an insurance provider in the form of an insured sum. You’ll receive a policy after the terms and conditions are complete. Each policy has a brief (a few weeks or a month) initial waiting period.
  • There are two ways to submit a claim for mediclaim health insurance: cashless or reimbursement. Under the cashless programme, you are required to only receive medical care at hospitals that are part of the insurance company’s network. However, in order for money to be credited to your account, you must first pay any medical expenses before submitting them to the insurance provider as part of the reimbursement procedure. In any circumstance, you won’t have to be concerned about burning a hole in your wallet to acquire the therapy you require.
  • Renewal and Policy Lapse — The duration of your health insurance policy is based on the type of plan you choose. However, your medical insurance policy will expire if you don’t renew it in a timely manner. The insurer will give you a 6-month grace period if your insurance has expired so that you can pay any unpaid premiums and reinstatement costs.

Buying a Mediclaim Policy Documents Required

  • Age proof (Birth certificate, class 10th & 12th marksheets, PAN cards, etc.)
  • Address proof (Aadhar card, passport etc.)
  • Identity proof (Aadhar card, voter’s ID, PAN card, etc.)
  • Passport size photograph
  • Medical reports

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Mediclaim Policy Benefits

The following are some advantages of having a Mediclaim policy:

  • You have the option to enrol your entire family in a single Mediclaim insurance policy.
  • It is simple to obtain Mediclaim coverage plans online from an insurance provider like Max Life Insurance.
  • A tax exemption for medical insurance policies is available under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of India, 1961.
  • These insurance plans guarantee a cashless hospital stay.
  • You will able to access affordable medical care if you have a Mediclaim policy.
  • Hospital fees wouldn’t be a concern for you because the insurance provider would cover the costs.


In conclusion, a Mediclaim policy is an essential investment for anyone looking to secure their health and financial well-being. With rising medical costs and unforeseen health issues, having a comprehensive Mediclaim policy can provide the necessary coverage and peace of mind. It is important to carefully review and compare different policies to ensure that you select the one that best suits your needs and budget. Additionally, it is crucial to understand the terms and conditions, including pre-existing disease coverage, waiting periods, and claim procedures. By taking the time to research and choose the right Mediclaim policy, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from unexpected medical expenses and safeguard your financial future.

Mediclaim Policy FAQ’S

What is the policy of mediclaim?

Mediclaim insurance usually only includes expenses related to hospitalization. However, health insurance provides coverage for pre and post-hospitalization costs, daycare treatments, ambulance charges, domiciliary care, AYUSH treatments, and other expenses. The coverage amount in Mediclaim is restricted depending on the chosen plan.

Is Mediclaim better than insurance?

At first glance, the disparities between mediclaim and Health Insurance may not be significant. However, when it comes to claim reimbursements, insurance policies offer broader coverage and provide greater protection. Nevertheless, mediclaim remains a highly cost-effective option that many individuals choose.

What are the two kinds of benefits of mediclaim?

Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, a mediclaim plan qualifies for tax exemption. By opting for a mediclaim plan, you can enjoy the convenience of cashless hospitalization and access affordable medical services. In the event of hospitalization, the insurance provider will cover the associated expenses.

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