RT PCR Test COVID 19 Report Online Download, (State Wise)

RT PCR Test COVID 19 Report Online: We are aware that the Indian government has established a website at www.covid19cc.nic.in where citizens can view and download the Covid19 Test Report Online. To do so, they must use their SRF ID or mobile number. We would like to inform you that Covid 19 is reemerging in India’s major cities, so use hand sanitizer and don’t forget to wear your mask.

Furthermore, presently in the event that you have side effects, you ought to have yourself looked at and on the off chance that you are feeling suggestive, get tried with an opposite record polymerase chain response test. If your RT PCR test was successful, you are encouraged to remain at home in comfort. You do not need to travel to obtain the test report; instead, you can view it online from the comfort of your own home by following this link.

RT PCR Test COVID 19 Report Online

You have come to the right place if you are an Indian citizen and want to learn how to get an online RT-PCR report. The RT-PCR test is now required by law in India for anyone experiencing corona symptoms. With the support of each state, the Indian government has launched a new website at www.covid19cc.nic.in to prevent the virus from spreading. The COVID-19 Test Report PDF can now be downloaded by state residents by visiting this page.

We will discuss the same subject here and provide details on the ICMR website developed under Indian government direction. You can also check out the services that are available on this website here. Knowing the correct data for the sample collection for the reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction test will also help you. Before going outside, wear an N-95 face mask and use a hand sanitizer of a higher quality.

RT PCR Test COVID 19 Report Online

RT PCR Test COVID 19 Report Online Overview

Website Designed by ICMR under the direction of the government of India
Started By government of India
Objective of Website RT PCR Test- Sample collection and its Report
Beneficiaries All the Indian citizens
Category Health
Official Website URL www.covid19cc.nic.in

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www.covid19cc.nic.in Online Download

In these difficult circumstances, it is crucial to collect accurate data promptly. The data for the COVID-19 RT-PCR, Rapid Antibody, and Rapid Antibody Tests are being collected by the Government of India with the assistance of personnel from approved collection centers situated all over the country.

In order to use mobile apps to upload RT-PCR, Rapid Antigen, and Rapid Antibody test results to the ICMR portal for likely +ve/-ve cases, the majority of the use of the covid19cc.nic.in portal is for entering authorized person information. Only authorized government employees can use the portal. The government is receiving assistance from all of the samples, findings, and studies submitted to this portal in the development of vaccines that are more efficient or in the implementation of precautions.

The authenticity of the RT PCR Test

A method for replicating a piece of DNA is the RT PCR Test. DNA replication is carried out by enzymes known as polymerase. The fact that one DNA fragment is copied in two, and two DNA fragments are copied in four, respectively, provides an illustration of the chain reaction. In 1993, the PCR technology was developed by American scientist Kerry Mullis, who went on to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The virus remains in the mouth and nose long before symptoms appear, and this test has a sensitivity of 70%. Since the virus has already entered the body, it is possible that if the test is performed seven to eight days after the onset of symptoms, the result will be negative. The results of the RT-PCR Covid-19 Test Report are negative in this scenario if testing is delayed.

The RT PCR test is a DNA analysis technique used to detect the presence of certain DNA sequences in samples. It is widely used in criminal investigations and medical testing, as it provides a reliable and accurate method for determining whether or not a specific DNA molecule is present. The RT PCR test is considered to be an accurate method because it has been shown to be able to distinguish between different types of DNA with high accuracy. In addition, the test is fast and easy to perform, making it suitable for use in various settings. Overall, the RT PCR test is considered to be an effective tool that can be used to verify the authenticity of samples.

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 RT-PCR Test Report 2023 State Wise

State Name RT-PCR Test Report
Uttarakhand Get your test report now
Delhi Get your test report now
Haryana Get your test report now
Punjab Get your test report now
Goa Get your test report now
Himachal Pradesh Get your test report now
Tamil Nadu (TN) Get your test report now
Kerala Get your test report now
Maharashtra Get your test report now
Rajasthan Get your test report now
Uttar Pradesh Get your test report now
Madhya Pradesh Get your test report now
Jharkhand Get your test report now
Assam Get your test report now
Chandigarh Get your test report now
Chhattisgarh Get your test report now
Andaman & Nicobar Islands Get your test report now
Gujarat Get your test report now
Andhra Pradesh Get your test report now
Odisha Get your test report now
Telangana Get your test report now
Jammu and Kashmir Get your test report now
Chhattisgarh Get your test report now
Bihar Get your test report now
West Bengal Get your test report now
Karnataka Get your test report now

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Guideline RT PCR Test COVID 19 Report Online 

Respiratory-tract PCR test (RT-PCR) is a type of genetic testing that can be used to identify the specific DNA sequence of a virus or bacteria in respiratory mucus. The test is performed on samples of mucus collected from the nose or throat and is typically performed by a physician or other health care provider. The process involves combining the sample with a powerful nucleic acid extraction solution, which separates and amplifies the host DNA, and then subjecting it to a series of temperature and pH conditions that allow for the formation of specific DNA products. This process allows for the amplification of specific viral or bacterial DNA sequences in the sample, which can be detected using a traditional lab microscope.

  • Just visit the official web portal developed by ICMR under the direction of the government of India
  • This is a Covid 19 Sample Collection Management System plan by ICMR
  • Now look for the back transcription-polymerase chain reaction test and click on it.
  • Then search RT PCR Report Online 2023 Site and again click on it
  • Now a latest page will open on the screen, now share your SRF ID or Mobile Number.
  • Then you will get an OTP on your mobile no., fill this One Time Password in the section to verify.
  • Once the OTP is substantiate, you will be redirect to the check www.covid19cc.nic.in RT PCR Report Online.
  • Now your Coronavirus RT PCR Test Report 2023 will materialize on the screen.
  • Then you can Login the COVID-19 Test Report Pdf and check whether you are positive or negative.


In this conclusion, a small amount of RT PCR Test is combined with a specific nucleic acid-linking agent (NA-LINK) and then subjected to specialized heating conditions. The resulting mixture is then allowed to incubate, during which time the strands of DNA separate into individual bases. This process generates a pattern or signature of distinct genetic markers that can be analyzed by various techniques such as gel electrophoresis and capillary electrophoresis. By comparing each marker band with those from known samples, it is possible to identify the target DNA in the sample.

The PCR test has several advantages over other methods for detecting specific DNA molecules. First, it is fast and easy to perform, allowing rapid detection of small amounts of target DNA in samples without having to run long, complicated experiments. It can also be performed on samples from multiple sources, making it useful for investigating complex cases or detecting recurring patterns in biological samples. Second, PCR is relatively inexpensive and can be performed on samples from both biological and non-biological sources, making it versatile and suitable for use in a variety of applications. Finally, PCR has been shown to have excellent accuracy and reliability when performed using high-quality materials and good laboratory conditions. Overall, PCR is an effective tool for rapidly determining the presence of specific DNA molecules in samples.

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RT PCR Test COVID 19 Report Online FAQ’S

How long is RT-PCR test valid in India?

All you need to produce is a valid ID proof to get your COVID-19 RT-PCR test done with 72 hours of validity.

How Covid RT-PCR test is done?

The one-step reverse transcription testing approach is used to determine the presence of Covid-19 virus in the test sample obtained from the patients. The most often used Covid-19 test RT PCR uses this approach. Within 15 hours of receiving an RT PCR report.

What is the full form of RT-PCR test?

The reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction test is also known as the RT-PCR test. It is a gold-standard test for diagnosing viral diseases like Ebola and SARS-CoV-2 virus infection.

Is RT-PCR necessary for air travel?

COVID Test is not required. Thermal screening will be done for all passengers upon arrival.

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