How To Close ICICI Bank Account?

Close ICICI Bank Account- India-base private bank ICICI Bank provides financial services. Mumbai is home to the private bank’s headquarters. In order to open a conventional saving account at an urban branch, ICICI Bank requires a balance of Rs 10,000. In addition, the bank will charge you if the minimum balance is not maintain.

Downloading the closure form allows you to close your account online. Sadly, some individuals lose money because they are unaware that a certain minimum balance is required. Therefore, closing the account is preferable to avoiding additional penalties. Close your online using the steps below.

Close ICICI Bank Account

All of the account holder’s legal information is store in their Close ICICI Bank Account . The bank keeps official customer information. to aid in recognition and confirmation when necessary. All customers of ICICI Bank have access to a passbook, credit and debit cards, and a cheque book. after signing up for a bank account. Customers can conduct business without having to go to the bank branch thanks to these details. Additionally, it aids in quick credit payment and balance inquiry.

ICICI financial balances accompany different financial advantages for all clients. However, customers must formalize the account closing procedure if they wish to stop being members of ICICI. If your card falls into the wrong hands, these safeguard you from fraud and other criminal activities. The bank advocates for legitimate shutting process returning of all bank things like check, passbooks and charge/Visas.

Close ICICI Bank Account

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How To Close ICICI Bank Account?

The good news is that you are now able to close your Close ICICI Bank Account . Good thing is that closing an ICICI account online doesn’t take long. We’ll go through the moves toward close an ICICI financial balance in this article.

Withdraw the Balance Amount from your ICICI Bank Account

The first step is to cash out all of the ICICI bank’s money. You can do this online by going to the net financial site and moving assets from your ICICI record to another ledger. This can even be done through mobile net banking.

Download the ICICI Bank Account Closer Form

In the wake of moving each of the assets from your ledger, You can likewise download the Record conclusion structure from the authority ICICI bank site and take a fill structure to the branch. Click Here To Download the ICICI Ledger conclusion structure PDF.

Fill Out The ICICI Bank Account Closer Form

After getting the ICICI account closure form (the Close ICICI Bank Account closure form can be download online). complete the form with the appropriate information. Since you have already transfer funds from the bank, you can skip the information about the balance.

Attach your KYC Documents

All account holders are require to include a copy of KYC documents on the ICICI Bank Account Closure Form, such as a copy of their PAN, which serves as both proof of identity and proof of address. These documents may also require self-attestation from account holders.

Submit Leftover ICICI Bank Cheque Leaves, Debit Card, and Passbook

Submit Balance Now Submit the complete form, along with the debit card, cheque book, and passbook, to the customer service representative of the bank. Make a point to convey ID with you, as the chief might request verification of your distinguishing proof.

Collect The Acknowledgment Receipt

Don’t forget to get the acknowledgment slip from the bank.  The Close ICICI Bank Account will then be close within ten business days. The procedure for closing the ICICI Bank account is outline above. Please contact the toll-free customer service line at 1800 102 4242 for assistance if you encounter any issues. Alternately, you can file a complaint if the issue is not being address.

How To Close ICICI Bank Account Online?

Sadly, the cannot be close online; however, the can be close without visiting the home branch. Instead, you can close your ICICI Account online by downloading the account closure form below and going to the branch closest to you.

ICICI Bank Account Closure Form PDF Download

Below, you can access the online ICICI bank Account download. Please let us know in the comments if you are having trouble downloading the icici bank account closure form in PDF format; we will be happy to assist you.

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How To Close ICICI Bank Salary Account?

Follow these steps to close an Close ICICI Bank Account online:

  • The “Request for Closure of a Savings Bank Account for an NRI” form can be download here.
  • Print it, complete all of the fields, and then sign it.
  • Join a copy of a legitimate visa that has been self-bore witness to.
  • Send the form to the Mumbai office of ICICI Bank.

Guidelines To Close ICICI Direct Demat Account

After you’ve download the Account Closure Form, print it out. Alternately, you can request an Account Closure Form at the ICICI Bank branch closest to you.

  • Complete the information on the account closure form and attach any necessary documents, such as a copy of the ledger and the DP slips that haven’t been use.
  • Return the form to the office in the branch.
  • An account closure request number will be sent to your mobile phone in an SMS.
  • It is possible to close the account within two business days. A confirmation SMS will be sent to you as soon as the account is close.

Close ICICI Bank Account FAQ’S

Can the ICICI bank account be closed online?

There is currently no online method for closing an ICICI Direct Demat Account. You must submit the form to the ICICI bank in order to close the account. For the most part, it requires 7 days to close ICICI financial balance. You will receive an SMS containing an account request number after closing the account.

Records' expectation's to close ICICI ledger?

Complete the required information on the Request for Closure Form. All applicants for joint accounts must visit the bank. You must provide every bank document: the debit card, credit card, passbook, and cheque book. The details will be checked by the bank before the money is released.

Could we at any point close financial balance on the web?

You can't close your SBI investment funds, pay, or current record on the web; you should visit the branch with the necessary letter or structure, as well as ID reports, to close the record.

How can I close my bank account permanently?

Get your bank account closed. You can do this online with many financial institutions, but you may need to call customer service or visit a local bank branch. You might have to fill out a form for an account closure request or write a letter to some banks and credit unions.

What is the minimum account balance in ICICI Bank?

Minimum balance on account: In metropolitan and urban areas, ICICI savings accounts require a minimum balance of INR 10,000. In addition, the minimum balance for semi-urban areas is INR 5,000, while the minimum balance for rural areas is INR 2,000.

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