How to Recharge FASTag Using Phonepe (SBI, AXIS, HDFC, ICICI Bank Etc.)

How to Recharge FASTag Using Phonepe- India’s digital market has had an impact on a number of different industries, including the transportation industry and the banking system. These put India among the best and most advanced nations in the world. The computerized change works with online money exchanges without the need to deal with cash genuinely. Today, India’s National Highway Authority benefits from online payment services like FASTag. To pay for their toll, drivers do not have to stop at each and every toll plaza.

The quick, simple, and safe procedure benefits the government as well as motorists. All transactions are straightforward and require a few steps to complete. FASTag is joined to different installment strategies and banks that have been endorsed by the RBI of India. Drivers can use PhonePe, an app-approved and simple-to-install channel, to expedite payments. A quick and easy way to add more time to your pass is to recharge a FASTag. To begin the charging process, all you need to do is insert a brand-new FASTag into the reader from any bus or train station’s vending machine. You can use your FASTag at any time to ride for less, and the procedure is simple and convenient.

How to Recharge FASTag Using Phonepe 2023

In an effort to encourage automated digital payments at toll plazas, the Indian government has mandated the FASTag on all national highways. It collaborated with more than twenty banks to make this change possible. Beforehand, assuming that you had a FASTag from a particular bank, you could utilize that bank’s application or site to add cash to it. In San Francisco, Recharge FASTag is a novel and easy method to pay for parking. Rather than conveying cash or a charge card, you can essentially utilize a FASTag to pay for your stopping. FASTag is a little, remote gadget that you can put on the dashboard of your vehicle. In order to automatically deduct the cost of your parking, it communicates with a reader in the parking lot.

FASTags’ ability to be linked to UPI, cards, and other payment methods was announced a few weeks ago by the RBI, making recharges simpler. Your FASTag can now be re-energized utilizing famous installment applications like PhonePe, Google Pay, and BHIM. There are currently only a few FASTag-issuing banks listed on PhonePe and Google Pay. You can save up to 50% on certain travel if you charge your FASTag with a credit or debit card. It is quick, simple, and convenient. Simply pick the time that works best for you and take advantage of our fantastic offers on cruises, hotels, car rentals, and flights.

How to Recharge FASTag Using Phonepe

How to Recharge FASTag Using Phonepe Details 2023

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What is FASTag?

The Indian government collaborated with the National Payments Corporation of India to develop the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program. This program allows for the automatic collection of the toll tax. This program, which is also known as FASTag, helps to cut down on traffic at toll plazas across the The toll plaza’s FASTag device, which makes use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, will automatically deduct the applicable toll fees each time a vehicle passes through the lane.

A pre-paid, one-time-use magnetic stripe card called FASTag can be used to pay for goods and services at participating retail establishments. By making it possible for drivers to quickly and easily pay for things like gas, food, and other things while they are driving, it is meant to make driving easier. The novel FASTag system makes it easier and more convenient for motorists to pay for gas, groceries, and other items at the pump.

It is a pre-paid card that can only be used once before being thrown away. The card can be used at any machine that accepts credit or debit cards because it has a magnetic stripe on one side. You can choose the denomination that best suits your needs because it comes in a variety of denominations. Additionally, you won’t have to stop at a bank or drive around with only a few dollars in your pocket because the FASTag is a one-time use card.

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Things to know about FASTag

FASTag is an electronic prepaid pass that eliminates the need to carry cash or a credit card when paying for certain types of transportation. It is usable on trains, buses, and subways in many parts of the country. FASTags are available for purchase either online or in retail establishments like convenience stores and grocery stores. Additionally, ticket vending machines and some public transportation stations stock them.

Choose the FASTag that best suits your needs from among the many available options. Before you can drive on highways, there are a few things you need to know about FASTag, despite the fact that it is a simple and convenient method of paying your toll tax without the use of a person:

  • Regardless of who owns the toll plaza, the FASTag can be used at any toll plaza in the United States.
  • The FASTag is engraved on the front windshield of the four-wheeler.
  • You should have a different FASTag for every one of your four-wheelers in the event that you own various vehicles.
  • Multiple vehicles cannot share the same FASTag.
  • The FASTag on a vehicle is good for five years after it is bought. You can recharge the FASTag whenever you need to after purchasing it for the first time.
  • For online FASTag recharges, Paytm, UPI, debit cards, credit cards, and net banking are all options. Recharging the FASTag only takes as little as Rs. 100 or upwards of Rs. 1,000,000.
  • Always buy your FASTag from trustworthy banking partners.
  • Prepaid service should always be used for the FASTag.

What are the benefits of using FASTag?

Reduced wait times at the toll booth, quicker travel, and less expensive tolls are the main advantages of using FASTag. Drivers can simply have their transponder read and pay automatically for each trip rather than having to pay in cash. This frees up valuable cash for other expenses and reduces the amount of time drivers spend waiting in lines.

Additionally, FASTag is a more trustworthy form of identification than a passport or driver’s license. It makes it easier to identify drivers on the road and makes it easier to carry. Additionally, drivers can use FASTag’s convenient payment options, such as credit cards and E-ZPass, to avoid having to carry cash or pay with exact change. Overall, FASTag is a cost-effective and convenient method of reducing traffic congestion and avoiding tolls. The FASTag provides wheeler owners with significant advantages. The following are some of the benefits of FASTag:

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Cashless Payments

One of the best advantages of making FASTag mandatory is the stress of having exact change at toll plazas. During the cashless transaction, your FASTag wallets will be charged automatically.

Mobile Alerts through SMS

Every time you pass through a toll plaza, you will receive SMS notifications on your registered mobile numbers when money is deducted from your FASTag. When your FASTag wallet has a low balance, you will also be notified.

Online Recharge

This is one of the best advantages of having FASTag. At any time, you can recharge it with debit cards, online banking, and UPI.

Faster Moving on Highway

In this manner it furthermore diminishes the journeying time beginning with one spot then onto the following as it will decrease human intercession saving your important time.

Cashback Offers

In order to promote FASTag, the government is providing users with extremely appealing cashback offers. On every FASTag wallet transaction, they currently offer 2.5% cashback.

Documents Required for the Application of FASTag

When you buy a FASTag account, you will need some documents in addition to their photostat copy. While buying a FASTag for your vehicle, you will require the accompanying reports:

  • RC of the vehicle for which a FASTag will be purchased.
  • The user must also submit a passport-sized photograph of the owner.
  • For KYC, any one of the following documents is required: a driving license, aadhar card, passport, or voter ID.

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List of Banks Providing FASTags Account

The following is a list of banks that offer FASTags accounts. Assuming you are searching for a bank that is on the rundown, it is suggested that you contact the bank straightforwardly and get some information about their FASTags account contributions. A few banks might offer FASTags accounts just in specific areas or through specific channels, for example, web based banking or versatile application. It is likewise essential to take note of that not all banks might offer FASTags accounts. This is due to the fact that each bank has unique policies and procedures for managing FASTags accounts. It is generally really smart to investigate various banks prior to choosing which one to choose.

Bank Customer Care Helpline Tag issuance charge
Airtel Payments Bank 400 Rs. 100
EQUITAS SMALL FINANCE BANK 1800 103 1222 Rs. 100
IDFC FIRST Bank 1800-266-9970 ₹200 including service tax
PAYTM Payments Bank 1800-102-6480 Rs. 100
State Bank of India 1800-11-0018 Rs. 100
Axis Bank Ltd 1800-419-8585 Rs. 200 + service tax
Federal Bank 1800-266-9520 Rs. 100
Indusind Bank 1860 -500- 5004 Rs.200
Punjab and Maharashtra Co-op Bank 1800-223-993 Rs. 200
Syndicate Bank 1800-425-0585 Rs. 200
Bank of Baroda 1800-103-4568 Rs. 84.74 + GST
FINO Payments Bank 1860-266-3466 Rs.100 + GST
Karur Vysya Bank 1800-102-1916 Rs.100
Punjab National Bank 080-67295310 Rs.100
Union Bank of India 1800- 22- 22 44 Rs.100
Canara Bank 1800-103-3568 Rs. 200
HDFC Bank 1800-120-1243 Rs. 200
Kotak Mahindra Bank 1800-300-69090 Rs. 100
Saraswat Co-operative Bank 1800-266-9545 Rs.100
Yes Bank Ltd 1800 -1200 Rs.100
City Union Bank Ltd 1800-258-7200 Rs. 200
ICICI Bank 1800-2100-104 Rs. 99.12
Nagapur Nagarik Sahakari Bank 1800 -266- 7183 Rs 100
South Indian Bank 1800-425-1809 Rs 100

How FASTag Works?

A program called FASTag lets people apply for driver’s licenses and ID cards at their local DMV offices. It makes it easier for people to get these documents and speeds up the process. Individuals can apply for their driver’s license or ID card and begin using it immediately by completing a few straightforward forms.

The following steps will teach us how to use an RFID reader at a toll plaza to start a FASTag transaction:

  • An RFID device will capture a vehicle’s ID, class, and TID as it passes through the FASTag lane and send them to the bank for processing.
  • After that, the bank will send a request to NETC Mapper to check the tag’s details.
  • After NETC validates the Tag ID, the mapper will send the vehicle class, tag status, and VRN. If the mapper is unable to locate Tag, the response that the particular TAG ID is not registered will be returned.
  • Subsequently, the bank will sort out the cost and send NETC a charge demand.
  • After that, the NETC will request that the user’s FASTag account be debited from the bank that issued the device.
  • The user will be notified via SMS as soon as the host deducts the funds. The host will also send the message to NETC.

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FASTag Blacklisted

Drivers use the FASTag to pay tolls, park, and navigate traffic. However, some individuals have reported that their FASTag has been removed from the blacklist or cannot be utilized. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as making an incorrect payment or receiving an error message while using it. There are a few things you can do to try and get your FASTag off the blacklist. To begin, see if your service provider or the operator of the toll road can assist in resolving the issue. If not, you might want to try using a different FASTag, if you have one. If this doesn’t work, you might need to get in touch with FASTag customer service for more help.

In the event that you utilize the FASTag path to cross the cost door, your FASTag wallet will regularly be boycotted for 48 hours assuming you go through any cost square and have no cash in it. you are voyaging, the NHAI helpdesk will be expected to reactivate your FASTag account. You can also call the NHAI customer support line at 1033 to get your card reactivated. At the point when an individual buys a FASTag, ordinarily Rs 200 is added as a security store that can be used in the midst of crisis. If the funds in your primary FASTag wallet account are gone, they can be taken out of the security deposit.

How to Use FASTag?

The FASTag is an electronic pass that can be used to avoid having to stop and pay cash at each toll booth when driving on a highway or bridge. It can be used on some roads and at some toll booths in addition to highways and bridges. Any vehicle, including motorcycles, bicycles, and other types of vehicles, can be tracked with the FASTag. In most cases, in order to use the FASTag system, users must have an E-ZPass or other type of transponder installed in their vehicle.

Depending on the requirements of the user, a variety of FASTags are available. While others have longer validity periods, some have shorter validity periods. permit multiple users, while others restrict one user to a single vehicle. Some are subject to additional costs, while others are free of charge. The type of road being traveled, as well as the requirements and budget of each driver using the system, will determine the options available to choose from.

Since it has become so undeniably obvious about the FASTag, we’ll perceive the way it works when a vehicle enters a cost square:

  • First, when your vehicle enters the FASTag lane, the amount will be automatically deducted from your FASTag wallet by the RFID reader.
  • You will receive an affirmation receipt via email and a tag-related alarm message on your mobile device.

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FASTag Common Problems

The FASTag automated toll collection system is widely used in numerous nations worldwide. Most of the time, it is used to collect fees on bridges, highways, and other roads. FASTag has the potential to be a useful tool for directing traffic and easing congestion. However, FASTag can have limitations just like any other technology. The following is a list of typical issues that can arise with FASTag: It’s possible that FASTag collection systems don’t always work as intended. There are a number of reasons why this might occur. Errors in the database or the code, for instance, could cause the system to stop working properly. Additionally, the system may break down as a result of improper upkeep or inadequate maintenance.

There are benefits and drawbacks to everything. We have already talked about the advantages, and now we will look at the possible disadvantages of FASTag. When you pass your car through the FASTag lane, the RFID reader might not always be able to read the FASTag. If your FASTag is still not detect, a man with a handheld RFID reader will arrive at the toll plaza. These handheld gadgets accompany a couple of disadvantages:

  • They sometimes have flaws.
  • They need to be charge after five to six hours.

Some businesses are deducting FASTag fees if you do not mention the FASTag event. Therefore, don’t buy FASTag from these companies. Since FASTag is a prepaid wallet, you do not need to connect your bank account.

Recharge FASTag Using Phonepe FAQ’S

Which is the best app to recharge FASTag?

MyFASTag is a mobile application which can be downloaded from the Google Play store (Android) or App Store (iOS). It is basically a consumer app which will allow them to purchase FASTags while also letting them recharge their FASTag accounts. Transactions on FASTag can also be tracked by the MyFASTag app.

How can I know MyFASTag bank name by car number?

To locate the FASTag Issuing Bank for the FASTag pasted on your vehicle, simple check for the logo of the provider on the FASTag from inside the vehicle or car. You should be able to find it on the left hand side as shown in the image (ICICI Bank in the example).

What is UPI code for FASTag?

UPI ID of FASTag is NETC.VehicleRegistrationNumber@Customer bank. For e.g. Vehicle Registration number is MH04BB1234 and issuer bank is ICICI Bank then UPI ID will be netc. MH04BB1234@ICICIbank. Customer should get the UPI ID validated with his bank before recharging FASTag through UPI.

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