How to Apply for Community Certificate in Tamilnadu For OBC, OC, BC, SC, ST

How to Apply for Community Certificate in Tamil Nadu- India is well-organized, particularly in terms of its citizens’ welfare. Plans and programs designed by the federal and state governments offer numerous benefits to citizens. The government’s various departments recognize various castes and communities, and as a result, they receive special benefits. Residents who belong to one of the castes can take advantage of numerous government incentives, including financial assistance, food subsidies, and educational programs. Through the Revenue Department, citizens of Tamil Nadu who meet the eligibility requirements are issued caste and community certificates.

The holder of the certificate is shown to be a member of a specific group, like the SC/ST/OBC in Tamil Nadu. The e-governance of Tamil Nadu provides numerous public services. TNeSevai is the project launched by the TN E-Governance Agency. The operators of the Public Service Center have access to the e-services offered by government departments through this portal. It is a document that demonstrates the user’s affiliation with a caste. Users can apply for government benefits like educational scholarships, employment opportunities, and financial plans. The user must either submit an application or have a community certificate in order to be eligible for any government incentive. It is easy to apply for a Community certificate by following the guide’s instructions.

How to Apply for Community Certificate in Tamil Nadu 2023

The Revenue Department issued a community certificate to show that a person belonged to a reserved community like Scheduled Tribe, SC, or Other Backward Classes. It is also known as a caste certificate. An online application for a community certificate is required of applicants in order for the government to provide benefits in the areas of employment and education. This article discusses the procedure for downloading a community certificate in Tamilnadu.

A crucial document known as a community certificate is issued by the Revenue Department to confirm a person’s membership in a particular reserved community, such as Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, or Other Backward Classes. Community certificates issued by state governments are also known as caste certificates. A community certificate is required for government benefits in the areas of employment and education. This article discusses the procedure for obtaining a community certificate in Tamilnadu.

How to Apply for Community Certificate in Tamil Nadu

How to Apply for Community Certificate in Tamil Nadu Details

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What is SC ST OBC Caste Certificate?

According to the Indian constitution, a station testament serves as proof of enrollment in a particular rank. The government was of the opinion that in order for the Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) to advance at the same rate as the rest of the population, they needed special opportunities and support. This group of citizens has unique rights as a result of India’s protective discrimination regime. Some of these advantages include lower age requirements for applying to certain occupations, reserved positions in government and legislatures, quotas for jobs, and full or partial cost waivers for attending colleges and universities. A citizen must be a member of one of the following groups: tribes, castes, and other regressive classes are scheduled in the schedule. As additional evidence, he must have a current caste certificate.

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Types of Community/Caste in Tamil Nadu

  • Schedule caste
  • Schedule Tribe
  • Other Backward class.

Eligibility Criteria for Community Certificate Application

  • Candidates must be Tamil Nadu residents and Indian citizens.
  • One must be over the age of three.
  • Any saved gatherings should be addressed by candidates: SC/ST/OBC.

Required Documents for Community Certificate Application

Before submitting an application for a caste certificate, the applicant is required to submit the following documents:

  • Ration card
  • Address proof documents
  • Parent’s caste certificate
  • Aadhaar card
  • Age proof document
  • An affidavit with the applicant’s and father’s names and parental evidence of identity. The guardians’ location and local area ought to likewise be remember for the record.
  • Application form.

TN E Sevai Registration

Students in the TN E Sevai program have access to a dynamic learning environment where they can take on new challenges and improve their skills in a variety of fields. Understudies can look over a scope of exercises and encounters at TN E Sevai schools the nation over, including visits to nearby organizations or galleries for vocation investigation; campus-based conferences for the exchange of ideas; and trips abroad to immerse oneself in the culture. All of this gives graduates a solid foundation on which to build a successful career and pursue their goals.

    • Go to the Tamil Nadu e-Sevai website at
    • The user must register for CAN before they can access the application form.
    • From the choices under “citizen login,” select “New user.”
    • Enter your name, Taluk, email address, region, Aadhaar number, and versatile number straightaway.
    • The user must create a password and confirm before proceeding.
    • Enter the captcha code to verify the information.
    • Next, click the sign-up button to complete the process.
    • An OTP will be shipped off the enlisted versatile number by the framework.
    • After logging in, select the “revenue department” option from the login page.
    • After that, go to “Rev-101 community certificate” by selecting the proceed tab.
    • The user can apply for the certificate by following the instructions in the application procedure.

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TN CAN Registration 2023 Process

  • How to Register a CAN Number in the TNeGA Portal On the official website, select the “Register CAN” option.
  • Please enter the required information: The next items to choose are the birth date, Aadhaar card, name, and gender.
  • Confirm the data by choosing “create OTP.”
  • Submit the OTP to confirm and complete the application process.
  • The individual CAN number will be give by the framework.
  • A TN community certificate can now be applied for online.

Guideline to Apply for Community Certificate in Tamilnadu

To apply for a local area declaration in Tamilnadu, you can visit the authority site of the public authority of Tamilnadu. There, you will find all the vital data about the application interaction and necessities.

In order to submit an application for a community certificate in Tamilnadu, you will require to submit a number of documents and evidence, including proof of residence, academic records, and any other documents that are require. You can likewise apply online by finishing up an application structure on the web or by means of email. It could take several weeks to finish the process.

  • Navigate to the e-Governance website page.
  • From the options on the homepage at, select the “citizen login” tab. Enter the username and password you created during registration.
  • The following decision is “administrations,” trailed by “Division more shrewd” administrations and “Income Office.”
  • To enter the “Tamil Nadu e-Area web-based interface,” click the button named “Fire up 115 Other In reverse Classes OBC testament.”
  • The certificate will say: Click the button labeled “Continue.”
  • The applicant search form will open; Enter your information and attach the necessary documents to the payment page.
  • On the page, the fee will be display; Select the “confirm payment” tab after making the payment.
  • To utilize it on your gadget, select “print receipts” following that.

Guideline To Apply for TN Community Certificate Online (BC/SC/ST)

  • Explore to the Tamil Nadu e-Administration online interface at
  • Select the “login Tamil Nadu e-region testament” choice from the landing page menu.
  • Once you have logged in, proceed to the “form” section. There will be various administrations and structures on the page.
  • Under “more” > “search,” type “community certificate” into the search box.
  • Some system results will be display by the community certificate.
  • To download the certificate, select the “community certificate” option.
  • An additional window will open; Enter the data
  • Look at the points of interest and connect the essential archives.
  • Next, click the submit button to finish the application.
  • The procedure takes 30 working days after the submission.

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Steps to Download TN Community Certificate

The TN Community Certificate is a straightforward and cost-free method for starting a new online business. Simply sign up and upload your business plan to receive assistance from our entrepreneurial community.

With the help of the TN Community Certificate, you can get help and resources from other small business owners. Additionally, managing your business from any location in the world is simple thanks to our quick and user-friendly platform.

  • Visit the e-district Revenue website.
  • Enter your login information after selecting the “login” option to continue.
  • Click the “verify certificate” tab next to enter the certificate number.
  • To utilize the endorsement, select the “search” tab.
  • Choose the print or download option to download the document to your device.

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In conclusion, obtaining a Community Certificate in Tamilnadu can be a simple and straightforward process. It is an important document that can offer various benefits and opportunities, such as access to government schemes and educational institutions. To apply for a Community Certificate, you will need to gather the necessary documents and submit an application to the nearest Tahsildar office or Corporation office. You may also have the option to apply online through the state government’s official portal. Before submitting your application, make sure you have all the necessary documents to avoid any delay or rejection. If you need any assistance or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the relevant authorities or seek help from a trusted advisor. We hope this information is helpful to you in obtaining your Community Certificate in Tamilnadu.

Apply for Community Certificate in Tamilnadu FAQ’S

How can I apply community certificate online in Tamil Nadu?

To apply online, the applicant has to approach the e-service centres or CSC (Common Service Centres). The e-services centres are located in the municipality offices or the Tahsildar's offices. An alternate way of applying for a Community Certificate is for the applicant to approach the nearest local ward offices.

What is permanent community certificate card in Tamilnadu?

Caste certificate is a documentary proof of a person belonging to a specific caste, as categorized under the Indian Constitution. It is also commonly known as a community certificate. The issuance system of permanent caste or community certificate was initiated in Tamilnadu in the year 1988.

Is community certificate and OBC certificate same?

The Indian government provides every ST, SC, or (OBC) backward caste candidate with a special community certificate number as proof of their caste.

Which caste comes under OBC?

Its report stated that prime beneficiaries of 97% OBC reservation includes Yadav, Kurmi, Jat (Jats of Rajasthan except those of Bharatpur and Dholpur district are in Central OBC list), Saini, Thevar, Ezhava and Vokkaliga castes.

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