AP ZPGPF Annual Slips PDF 2024 Download at Zpgpf.ap.gov.in

AP ZPGPF Annual Slips PDF 2024 – To target all state government employees, the Andhra Pradesh government has made use of a creative facility. The entryway attempts to help the workers in watching their advance applications, General fortunate asset slips, or records. They can save the slips for later use by downloading them.

Teachers and regular-scale non-gazetted employees now have access to the AP ZPGPF portal. The general provident funds of the Zilla Parishad are referred to by the abbreviation AP ZPGPF. To be able to connect to the AP ZPGPF portal for government employees, you must meet a number of requirements, including having served for at least ten years and five years. The national informatics center, or NIC India, is in charge of the GPF website.

AP ZPGPF Annual Slips PDF 2024

As a GPF membership benefit, all employees receive 6% of their pay. The sum is obligatory for every individual from the power. However, employees who are retiring from administrative positions may opt out of membership four months in advance. Members should review and save their ZPGPDF slips for later use.

You can learn additional information about the Zpgpf.ap.nic.in Portal, as well as AP ZPGPF Annual Slips PDF 2024 Download, in this article. You can visit the official website listed here to get more information.

AP ZPGPF Annual Slips

AP ZPGPF Annual Slips PDF Details

Name of Slip AP ZPGPG Annual Slips 2024
Title of the Article AP ZPGPF Annual Slips PDF 2024 Download at Zpgpf.ap.nic.in
Related Department Name Andhra Pradesh Govt Provident Fund Department
Financial Year 2024
Aim To offers AP GPF Annual Statements online
Beneficiaries All the Govt Employees of Andhra Pradesh state
Official Website zpgpf.ap.nic.in
Post-Category Pay slip
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About AP ZPGPF Portal

For all AP Government employees with at least five years of service, there are numerous ways to use the AP ZPGPF portal. The national informatics center, also known as NIC India, is responsible for the creation, design, and administration of this singular GPF website. Using the instructions provided below, teachers working in government schools can quickly and easily download their Zilla Parishad General Provident Fund Slips. The AP ZPGPF Annual Account Slips are only available to Andhra Pradesh State government employees.

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Eligibility Criteria For AP ZPGPF Portal Registration

  • Those representatives who will resign from their post or occupation are not appropriate to take the advance from their GPF account.
  • State government workers are informed that they can borrow money more than twice during their employment.
  • Note that employees cannot borrow twice for identical reasons.
  • The loan cannot be used by employees retiring within four months.

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Download AP ZPGPF Annual Slips (For Teachers)

You are all urged to carefully follow the on-screen instructions in order to download the online slips for the AP ZPGPF:

  • To begin, visit the ZPGPF’s official website at zpgpf.ap.nic.in
  • You will be prompted to enter the Provident Fund Account Number in the provided field when you visit the official website’s homepage.
  • Afterward, you require to select your District from the drop-down option.
    – Prakasam
    – Srikakulam
    – Anantapur
    – Chittoor
    – Krishna
    – Potti Sriramulu Nellore
    – Visakhapatnam
    – Vizianagaram
    – West Godavari
  • Now, enter your password using the format (emp + PF number).
  • The Captcha code must then be filled in using the available space.
  • Then, you ought to need to tap on the Submit button.
  • You should have to click the menu tab on the right side of the screen after this to see the ledger card organized by year, like 2024, 2020-21, 2019-20, etc.
  • From the list that is provided, select the annual slips.
  • After that, the system will provide the same annual statement.
  • If you want to print the GPPF slip but want to download it, click the Print button to get a copy for later use.

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One nominee for the GPF account should be available to employees registered with the AP ZPGPF service. The account holder’s money and benefits will go to the nominee. if the account holder dies, gets a serious illness, is unable to think clearly, etc. when they are still employed or retired. The nominee’s full name, relationship, and other information should be provided by employees. These assist the government in quickly locating the nominee and avoiding future conflicts.

GPF, ZPPF Advance

If employees follow the rules, the government gives them an advance. The official website is the best place for employees to check their advance payments. The government offers a 24-part flexible payment plan.

  • if the GPF credit is fifty percent of the employee’s total GPF account balance or three months’ salary.
  • The government only provides advance twice to employed workers.
  • for how an employee or a dependent is treated.
  • An advance may be granted to the employee or a dependent who wishes to further their education in India or another country.
  • for a self- or dependent’s funeral or marriage.
  • Employees are also offered an advance for travel and tour costs.
  • if the employee wants to buy a house, fix it, or build one themselves.

Part Final Withdrawal

Representatives who have worked and finished 20 years of administration and the individuals who wish to resign at a decade of administration. They can get a credit from the GPF account; The final section may not require a refund because it removes various features.

  • The part-final withdrawal can be used by employees to pay for the education of dependents.
  • for self- or dependent treatment.
  • to buy, build, or fix a house.

How To Download AP ZPGPF Annual Slips PDF 2024 Online?  

  • To begin, you must visit the Andhra Pradesh Zilla Praja Parishad website at zpgpf.ap.nic.in
  • Navigate to the official website’s home page.
  • Fill in your local GPF Account No. and Unique Password in the space provided on the official website’s main page.
  • You should keep in mind that the website gives everyone the chance to change or reset their password at any time.
  • The only thing you need to do is use the Forgot password option.
  • After entering your GPF Account Number and Password, the Captcha Code will be entered into the provided space.
  • Then, you ought to need to tap on the Submit button.
  • After that, your device will provide you with annual slips for the fiscal year, which is 2024.
  • After that, you will be given the option to print your annual account slip for future reference.

AP ZPGPF Annual Slips PDF 2024 FAQ’S

Who is the head of AP Employees ZPGPF Slips 2024?

The Andhra Pradesh state government is in charge of the GPF website. On behalf of the state government, this site's operation and management are the responsibility of the NIC.

How can employees obtain their 2024 ZPGPF Slips for AP Employees?

Using their local GPF number and Zilla Praja Parishad-General Provident Fund password, each employee can access their GPF slips and ledger card online as ZPGPF.

What is the password of Zpgpf Telangana?

All employees are asked to get in touch with the appropriate ZPGPF officials. Not: Don't worry if you forgot your default password. Thus, the default password is: emp123456 (the ZPGPF account number, 123456). If you forgot your reset password, you should talk to the ZPGPF officials in your district.

Can GPF be transferred to EPF?

However, the EPF Act does not contain any provision allowing for the transfer of EPF funds to any account other than the EPF account. Similarly, the act does not contain any provision allowing for the transfer of any other amount to the EPF account; however, we were able to accomplish this by obtaining special permission from the appropriate authority.

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