IOSMS V2 Payslip 2024, Primary Teacher Salary Login online

IOSMS V2 Payslip 2024- The West Bengal Training Department has been named IOSMS by the Government of West Bengal, so the chief instructor’s payslip can be found online. To get your payslip online, simply register on our web portal. The West Bengal government has launched its official website, according to a statement.

This is an update to inform you that iOSMS payslips can now be downloaded or printed directly from his eHRMS online website. The iOSMS Portal is not only for elementary and high school teachers, but also for those who are passionate about their work. Anyone responsible for the IOSMS V2 portal of the West Bengal Ministry of Education can register and enter the IOSMS Pay Slip login to view their salary information. Given the world’s rapid change and the emergence of new technologies in everyday life, the financial department implemented this portal to avoid the time-consuming and physical difficulties associated with providing the salary slip. a crucial and efficient method for all Education Department employees.

IOSMS V2 Payslip 2024

The Government took the initiative to make the Pay Slip available online so that it could be easily accessible online with the click of a button on the website portal. This was done with the assistance of a system that allows the IOSMS V2 PaySlip to be distributed without having to travel anywhere. This new facility was incorporated as an online facility under IOSMS (Integrated Online Salary Management System) website or EHRMS website portal to every individual as soon as possible, by recording and maintaining the total annual salary disbursed.

Using the HRMS portal login link to generate and receive IOMS, primary and high school teachers, as well as other concerned team members of grants in aid schools in West Bengal, can access services. can. Pay Slip (IOSMS V2 Primary School Payslip) The online-generated payslip, which is a government-run and incorporated website, is a legal document that can be used or used as an official proof for any kind of related official work. as proof of employment for government and private services, as well as any financial loan.

IOSMS V2 Payslip

IOSMS V2 Payslip Details

Authority Government of West Bengal
Department School Education Department
Article Pay Slip
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Whatsapp badisoch whatsapp
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Section Integrated Online Salary Management System (IOSMS Portal)
State West Bengal
Mode IOSMS Online Salary
WBED Portal
IOSMS Salary Portal

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IOSMS V2 Combines with the WB Training Division

Trainers receive monthly salaries from the West Bengal Training Department. Head Coach benefits are also available for download by companies. His web portal for the training department includes an interesting new feature that allows visitors to select the user who best suits their needs. The West Bengal Training Department has been named his IOSMS by the West Bengal government, so chief his instructor’s payslip can be found online. To get your payslip online, simply register on our web portal. The West Bengal government has launched its official website, according to a statement.

727 circles used the online submission procedure in primary education to submit monthly salary demands, which are calculated using an IOSMS web application. The state government combined OSMS Primary and Secondary here into a single platform. OTP-based login, user management with child login, the leave module, the e-service book, and the introduction of iOSMS on the Android app were all mentioned. The new version is known as iOSMS V2.

WB IOSMS Payslip Included Services

We all know that the salary slip is one of the most important and important documents we receive when working in any department or organization. However, it would be a big mistake to display the net salary of anyone receiving a salary for a particular month from the Salary Pay Sheet department, which has the main parameters listed below.

  • The Basic Salary (IOSMS Salary),
  • The HRA,
  • The Provident Fund Contribution,
  • The Employee Provident Contribution,
  • The Loan Deduction,
  • The Medical Insurance Claim,
  • All the other various Benefits,
  • In the individual’s salary payslip, all other additional allowances and the tax deducted are calculated.

IOSMS Registration 2024 Process

For registration, employees must visit the office of the education department closest to them. For the IOSMS V2 PaySlip registration process, this is the district quarters.


Keep track of your official password and username/login id after completing the registration process.

  • All personal details
  • School qualification/details
  • An address proof
  • Registered mobile number.
  • Active email address.

IOSMS v2 Login

  1. Navigate to the homepage and select the login tab.
  2. Enter your personal information there.
  3. Continue by entering the login-id, password, and username.
  4. The user type is chosen from the provided list.
  5. After entering the code for the captcha, select the login tab.

User Types

  • state-level user
  • the district level user
  • subdivision level user
  • circle level and school-level users
  • Webmaster

Downloading IOSMS Payslip for 2024 Primary Teachers

The following steps can be taken to download a copy of the payslip.

  1. Check out the official site.
  2. Select the employee IOSMS V2 PaySlip from the page.
  3. Enter your official personal information, such as your name, birth date, and registered mobile number.
  4. Enter the pay slip’s year and month.
  5. Select the “Submit” option.
  6. After the slip is produced, select the download tab and print the copy.

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How To Check IOSMS V2 Payslip 2024 Online?

  • The first and most important step is for everyone involved to register through the online registration process.
  • Go to in your browser. Then, click the login button on the right.
  • When you’re done, a new tab will open with the login page.
  • Please select the user tab from the drop-down menu that contains the relevant employment for you.
  • The following login is to enter the username and followed by the saved secret word made at the hour of enlistment.
  • Must enter the code for the captcha that is displayed in the column, and then click the button to log in.
  • After that, the relevant information will be checked, and we will be taken to the employee page.
  • After that, pick the option to generate employee pay stubs and click on it.
  • The account holder will now be required to enter the mobile number and date of birth.
  • It is necessary to select the year and month of the pay slip that will be generated.
  • Now wait for the payslip you selected to appear before clicking the submit button.
  • The salary payslip can now be generate offline by selecting the download or print option.
  • If it’s not too much trouble, guarantee and twofold check for the portable number submitted is the enrolled one,
  • Generally in the event that not enlist, the confirmation of the multitude of subtleties won’t find lasting success because of which the compensation installment slip won’t be produce.

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WBIFMS Reset Forgot Password Online Process

  • First of all, you have to navigate to the official website of the IOSMS V2 PaySlip portal link
  • When you arrive at the homepage, you must select the “e-Services” option from the employee bar section.
  • The option to “Forgot Password” will appear near the bottom of the page.
  • Basically enter your Representative Number or ID in the space gave.
  • The following step requires you to enter your register mobile number, which you provided during the registration process.
  • Now, enter the security code that was give to you; you can also refresh it for the same reason.
  • A new password will be generate by the system after that.
  • Additionally, your registered mobile number will receive the password.
  • The password can now be use to log in now.

IOSMS V2 Payslip 2024 FAQ’S

How do I request a salary payslip?

You will need to address it to the head of an institution or the company's HR department. The sender's address, date, and the recipient's address should all be included in an application for a salary slip, as should the reasons for the request, which should include information about the employee's ID.

What is copy of payslip?

A pay slip, also known as a salary record, is a piece of paper that an employer gives to employees whenever they get paid. The employee's gross pay, deductions, and remaining net pay are the primary information on the payslip. In addition, the payslip provides evidence of earnings and employment.

Can HR check your payslip?

They will carry out a background check on you, such as calling your previous employer and asking for your pay stub or any other information that you think you can conceal, but it's now a little more difficult.

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