Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip 2023 Maharashtra Employee Payslip online login

Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip 2023: The Maharashtra Sevaarth Portal, also known as the Sevaarth Mahakosh Portal, was established by the Government of Maharashtra to provide benefits to public officials. Through this his Sevarth portal (, employees can view and download his Mahakosh Sevarth Payslip or Severth Mahakosh Payment Record and many other financial related benefits online from this portal. All Maharashtra government employees and retirees can check their payslips from the comfort of their home from this site.

This article provides all information about Sevaarth Payslip download instructions or Sevaarth Mahakosh Payment Slip, Sevarth Mahakosh Portal login, Sevarth Mahakosh website portal benefits, how to reset Sevarth Mahakosh password, etc. So please read this article completely. After signing up for a free trial, Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip sent me an email with a payment slip for one of their products. It looked pretty convincing, so I went ahead and sent them $99 USD via PayPal. 

Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip 2023

Maharashtra Government employees can use Sevarth Online Portal to view and download employee salaries and payslips and various other financial related benefits online from this online web portal. The payroll module and various other facilities of the house can be viewed online at Maharashtra Sevarth’s official website.

Information of Maharashtra Sevarth Government such as Payroll 2023, Payroll, GPF Payroll has been uploaded on this website in latest version. All Maharashtra government employees and retirees can easily check from this website at home. A few days later, I received another email from them saying that my payment had been processed successfully and that they would be shipping the product within two weeks. So far, everything has gone according to plan! This service is really impressive and worth giving a try if you’re in need of some quick cash. Hope this helps!

Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip

Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip Details

Portal Name Maharashtra Sevarth Portal
State Maharashtra
Services Download Payslip
Authority by Government of Maharashtra
Department Finance Department, Government of Maharashtra
Service for Employee of Maharashtra
Category Pay slip
Facebook follow-us-on-facebook-e1684427606882.jpeg
Whatsapp badisoch whatsapp
Telegram unknown.jpg
Helpline No. 18003456722
Official Site URL

About Sevarth Mahakosh 

The Sevarth Mahakosh is an online portal developed by the Government of Maharashtra to provide online services to government employees and retirees. Sevarth Mahakosh is a portal specially designed to serve the needs of workers and retirees by downloading payslips and pension statements from this online portal. This allows employees to receive payment information and payslips in minutes. It also contains all payroll related details. This portal takes the stress out of going to HR to get your monthly payslip and file a salary complaint.

Sevarth Mahakosh is the founder of World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, a non-profit religious organization based in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania. The Sanctuary is dedicated to spreading the teachings and beliefs of the Unification Church, a religious movement founded by the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon. According to Mahakosh, the teachings of Rev. Moon provide a path to spiritual enlightenment and peace for all people.

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Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip Login Process

The Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip is a centralized platform that allows you to manage your payments and withdrawals. The dashboard displays information about your account, such as balances and transactions history. You can also set up alerts for various events, such as when a withdrawal exceeds the preset limit or when a payment has not been made for a certain period of time. The dashboard also allows you to access your statements and make changes to your payment preferences. To login, just enter your username and password provided to you when you registered with the platform.

To log in to the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal, you must follow the step-by-step guidelines below

  • First of all, You must visit the official website portal of the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal.
  • After that, the homepage of the website will appear on the screen.
  • Receive the registration form on the home page and enter your username, password and captcha code.
  • After entering your credentials, click the Submit button.
  • You have successfully logged into the Sevarth Mahakosh portal.

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Mahakosh Sevaarth Payslip 2023 Download Online Process

This is the Mahakosh Sevaarth Payslip 2023 download online process. To download your Mahakosh Sevaarth pay slip, you will need to enter your details in the appropriate fields. This includes your name, address, and other contact information as well as your valid email address. You will also need to provide your bank account details so that we can withdraw the required amount of money from your account. We will then transfer the funds to Mahakosh Sevaarth and create a new passbook for you. So, if you have any queries regarding this process, feel free to contact us at any time.

To download Sevarth Mahakosh’s payslip, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  • First of all, You must visit the official website portal of the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal.
  • You will then need to log into the homepage with your username, password and captcha code.
  • After logging in, the “New” page will appear on the screen, click on the “Employee Corner Report” tab. This tab has various options for the employee to choose from. Click the tab to view your payslip.
  • Click View Payslip, select the month and year for which you want to view or download a payslip, and click the View Payslip button to view Severth Mahakosh’s payslip.
  • Click the Print or Save button to print or save Severs his Mahakosh payslip for future reference.

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Sevarth Mahakosh Password Change/Reset Process

Sevarth Mahakosh Password Change/Reset Process : To reset or change your Sevarth Mahakosh password, you will need to contact customer support. You can do so by calling the toll-free number listed on the website, sending an email, or using the live chat feature. The team there will then assist you in resetting your password and providing you with new ones. It is important to note that this is a recommended process only. If you wish to change your password without receiving assistance from customer support, it is recommended that you do so through the settings for your email account or through personal data management tools (such as Google Drive).

If you have forgotten your Sevarth Mahakosh login password, please follow the steps below to reset your password.

  • Firstly, Open the official Sevarth Mahakosh portal
  • On the home page, enter your DDO username, password, and captcha code.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • After logging in, switch to Work Options and then switch to the Wages tab.
  • On this page, you will see the change option, click Reset Employee Password.
  • Enter your username and all required details and click the option to confirm and reset your password. Once this is completed successfully, the system will send a “Password updated successfully” message to your registration number or email ID.


The conclusion of the Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip case is that the defendant must pay damages to the plaintiff for negligence on their part. The plaintiff was injured during a hunting trip organized by the defendant. The defendant failed to provide adequate safety measures, resulting in an accident that left the plaintiff with serious injuries. Therefore, the defendant was negligent and must compensate the plaintiff for their losses.

Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip FAQ’S

How can I get payment slip in Sevarth?

Now we can Download Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip 2023 through Maharashtra Employee Payslip 2023 online login portal at

How can I check my salary slip online in Maharashtra?

The government developed the Sevaarth Mahakosh web portal for their employees to view or download Maharashtra Employee Salary Slip 2023, view their salary details, or complain about their issues.

What is pay slip in salary?

An employee salary slip is a document which an employee receives from their employer every month. It indicates everything from the gross salary to the net take-home pay and deductions. After an employer provides your pay, the salary slip gets sent out each month.

How salary slip is verified?

They will conduct a background check on you like they will call your previous employer and they will ask about your pay slip or any other kind of information which you think you can hide but it's a bit difficult now.

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