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Fackbook Caption Ideas: 400+ Best, Cool and Short FB Captions For Profile Picture, Selfie And Post

Fackbook Caption Ideas: Because they draw the reader’s attention to any post, regardless of platform, captions are essential on all platforms. Facebook is one of the oldest and most widely used social media platforms for posting captioned images and videos. One piece of advice is to never leave that text box empty. Instead, you should write something catchy that immediately piques the interest of readers. Your post’s engagement will rise as a result, as will the number of likes and comments you receive. Over 200 Facebook captions will be shared in each category in this article so you can choose the best and get the most engagement. But first, let’s learn more about captions on Facebook.

Fackbook Caption Ideas is an awesome website full of hilarious and engaging captions that will make you LOL! Just imagine your friends walking into the room and seeing a caption like “When your boyfriend tells you he loves you, but he’s really just saying it because he thinks it’s what you want to hear.” That would be so funny! But the good thing is, you can use these captions to have some fun with your friends and show them how well you can read between the lines. So if you’re looking for a way to spice up a conversation or just want to give your funny bone a break, check out Fackbook Caption Ideas. It’s guaranteed to provide endless laughs and make you feel better about the state of the world (even if it’s only for a few minutes).

Fackbook Caption Ideas

It’s true that pictures can say a lot. Nearly every day, we take pictures of ourselves, of our friends, and of our surroundings. There is a story behind every picture we take. But by adding a few lines to your photos, you can make them more interesting and meaningful. Yes, captions are the topic at hand. When we upload photos and videos to Facebook, we typically use captions. Some people add meaningful quotes or phrases to their Facebook captions, while others write their own. Your videos and photos will undoubtedly be more expressive as a result. Facebook lets you caption videos, posts, and pictures on your profile. However, coming up with an engaging Facebook caption is not always easy. When you are short on Facebook photo captions, what do you do? Your Internet search for the Facebook caption.

The internet is a magical place where anything and everything can happen, including the creation of captivating captions. This is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best caption ideas for fackbook. Whether you’re looking for something funny, romantic, or just plain ridiculous, we’ve got it covered. So why not try your hand at creating some captions and see what you come up with? Feel free to use these ideas as inspiration or just have fun coming up with your own hilarious captions. You never know, you might end up with a new favorite meme.

Fackbook Caption Ideas

Fackbook Caption Ideas Overview

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What is Facebook Caption and Why Do We Use them?

The Facebook caption is a small, additional text box that appears alongside a user’s post or photo. It provides an opportunity for users to share additional information and insights about the content they are sharing. The caption can be a fun way to communicate with friends and family, providing additional context and insight into the shared content.

The use of captions on Facebook is a growing trend as more people turn to the platform to share their daily lives and connect with others. This is due in part to the platform’s wide range of customizable features, including the ability to easily post photos and videos, as well as its robust set of social networking tools and functionality.

Facebook Caption is a title or a summary for the post that we do. It is a text written along with the photos or videos that we share. These captions are meant to explain the visuals or the story that we want to describe via our pictures or videos. They add value to your post and most importantly they convey the message that the picture alone cannot. Only the photo or video won’t be enough to catch user’s attention and that’s why we need something for that purpose, which is exactly what the caption does.

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Caption for FB Post / DP

  • It’s alright to be angry. Cruelty is never acceptable.
  • Even though I’m a bad girl, I’m a pretty good woman.
  • I’m just a girl who wants to find love.
  • Please raise your hands if you enjoy me. If not, you should set higher standards.
  • I’m not always right. I make errors. However, when I apologize, I mean it!
  • To be me, I don’t need your approval.
  • I take great pride in being who I am. I feel good about who I am.
  • Laughter brightens up your day.
  • Best. Selfie. Ever.
  • You know what I find amusing? Attitude!
  • Your treatment of me will always influence my attitude.
  • I was born to be different.
  • The most magical photo you’ve ever taken.
  • WARNING: You might fall for my face.
  • I am extremely proud of who I am and who I know I am.
  • Never love any individual who deals with you like you’re standard.
  • I adore both my photos and life.
  • I deserved it, I wasn’t lucky.
  • No makeup on, right out of the shower.
  • A daily selfie keeps friends away.
  • You don’t know my story, so don’t be harsh.
  • Keep your mouth shut and let your success shout, “I Am Who I Am, Your Approval Is Not Required.”
  • At the University of Selfies, I received my diploma.
  • I try to work on Sundays less frequently. I try to unwind a little bit, at least on Sunday nights. I advise you to seize the
  • Moment and make it perfect instead of waiting for the perfect time.
  • Makeup, not negativity, should surround you.
  • We were made to be human, not perfect.
  • I’m a mermaid despite the million fish in the sea.
  • This is my autobiography.
  • This was how I woke up.
  • My gravestone will have a “Like” button when I die.
  • It’s great to be me.
  • A smile brings peace.
  • I choose to be content… Always be content….
  • Only on Facebook is it acceptable to converse with a wall.
  • I was born to be extraordinary!
  • Shut up and let your success speak for you.
  • The smile is the second-best thing you can do with your lips, and I’m not just responsible for what I say.
  • I make mistakes, I hurt people, and I’m not perfect.
  • Now, if you have eyes, look at me.
  • You don’t know my story, so don’t be harsh.
  • Keep your mouth shut and let your success shout, “I Am Who I Am, Your Approval Is Not Required.”
  • At the University of Selfies, I received my diploma.
  • Make life enjoyable; tomorrow is not certain.
  • Surprises abound in life.
  • Have the courage to live a different life.
  • I try to work on Sundays less frequently. I try to unwind a little bit, at least on Sunday nights.

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Best FB Captions

  • Click, eat, sleep, and repeat.
  • Actually, I am extremely motivated to do nothing, not laziness.
  • How are autobiographies written? I have so much trouble recalling what I ate for lunch yesterday.
  • Laughter brightens up your day.
  • I was meant to succeed.
  • Or you’ll miss out on the opportunity.
  • How do you feel about this look?
  • Relax and take pleasure in the best.
  • This was how I woke up.
  • Even ice cubes are jealous of my coolness!
  • I’ll give you one of mine if you don’t smile.
  • Adjust your focus when life becomes hazy.
  • Because I have no idea what’s going on, I’m smiling.
  • I only accept cash, not compliments.
  • Trouble has never looked so good.
  • Stick Your Nose Into Things and Invention were the twins of curiosity.
  • What they whisper is more important than what they say about you.
  • A selfie with friends is happiness.
  • Learn how to hug yourself big and warm.
  • When you fall asleep on the couch and wake up on the same couch, you know your childhood is over. “Just like the alphabet, I come before U.”
  • My favorite childhood memory is of “not paying bills.” Until I met you, my strength was always being nice.
  • Jerry’s intelligence is best appreciated in childhood.
  • You never grow up if you carry your childhood with you.
  • Arguments are pointless in this life. Simply state “I don’t care” and move on.
  • Real kings do not need to demonstrate anything because I am the king of my world.
  • Think like a king and act like a man.
  • Make each second count.
  • I’m just a beautiful me, not a beauty queen.
  • The most important aspect of self-improvement should be finding one’s inner beauty.
  • Pretty girls are those who are content.
  • Beauty is a light in the heart, not in the face.
  • Since attitude is everything, choose a positive one.
  • I am not broken, so stop attempting to fix me.
  • You are in charge of how you feel.
  • Don’t be surprised by life.
  • Stay Focused and Extra Sparkly is evidence that I can take better selfies than you can.

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Attitude Facebook Captions

  • Try not to call me anything but savage.
  • People say I’m bad, but I can be your worst nightmare, trust me!
  • Whether you’re there or not, the show must continue.
  • I am not putting you down. You are my description.
  • I’m the star attraction, and you can’t afford to let me run your show.
  • When dealing with a fool, the best response is to remain silent.
  • I am not subject to karma; Every time I meet karma, I retaliate.
  • Your decision to not like me is bad, but that’s okay!
  • At least you could have made one of your faces look nice if you wanted to be a double-faced person.
  • Better to say it on my face because my back is not a voicemail.
  • If there was a dollar for each clever thing you said. I’ll be broke.
  • The tallest finger ought to receive a standing ovation for those with excessive egos and attitudes.
  • Some individuals only require a face-on High Five.
  • I’m just a decent person who has bad habits.
  • I apologize; I neglected to mention that you were a fool.
  • You are familiar with the hierarchy of those who slander me behind my back. against my will.
  • Sound travels slower than light. Because of this, some people don’t speak until they appear bright.
  • You must control your stupidity if you want me to control my temper.
  • I don’t have a problem with my attitude. You are having a problem with my attitude, not mine.
  • Only I can alter my own existence.
  • Babe, keep your distance from the heater. Plastic degrades.
  • I’m not your typical girl; I’m your wild girl.
  • I am not broken, so stop attempting to fix me.
  • You are in charge of how you feel.
  • I’m a hot guy with a cool demeanor.
  • Never good enough.
  • To avoid being followed, I damaged my relationships.
  • My rules for life.
  • The highway or my way.
  • Your intelligence is your common sense.

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Happiness Facebook Captions

  • Because we don’t want to die without having laughed, we have to laugh before we are happy.
  • Never completely forget about happiness, even if it temporarily does.
  • Some people bring joy wherever they go; others when they travel.
  • Why would you put off happiness when you can’t put off sorrow?
  • Happiness is not about how much we have, but rather how much we enjoy it.
  • I’ve had a good life. The love and appreciation I have received throughout my career makes me happy. I feel fortunate.
  • I’m single and happy.
  • My level of self-confidence is satisfactory.
  • If you don’t chase happiness, you can’t have it.
  • I have a funny gene that makes me appreciate life.
  • I’m content because I’m thankful. I decide to be thankful. My happiness is made possible by my gratitude.
  • I get the impression that I have been cut open and stuffed with sunshine.
  • Being happy, I believe, is the key to life, and happiness will bring success.
  • Because it is solely the result of my efforts and not the encouragement of anyone else, the way things are going for me makes me happy.
  • Enjoy life by moving ahead.
  • Be present in the now. Avoid thinking about the future and forget about the past.
  • I will live my life the way I want to, and who knows what will happen tomorrow. This is my day.
  • I have never taken anything seriously. I take pleasure in life because I enjoy making it enjoyable for others.
  • Have a lot of fun and laugh with everyone who is still alive. Life should be enjoyed rather than endured.
  • I now know that happiness is just waiting for me to find it, so I just grabbed it on my way out.
  • I will never cease to smile. I will always be in a cheerful mood.
  • True happiness is not wanting to be irritated by your irritated roommate.
  • That is the truth of all truths: when you are happy, nothing else really matters.
  • Happiness is a state of mind, not a life without troubles and worries.
  • Live for the things that make you cheerful and simply disregard all else, that is rule number one.
  • I can declare my happiness with complete sincerity. I’m content because I’m doing what I love without giving up.
  • The ability to find joy in everyday things is at the heart of the art of happiness.
  • You seem to be lacking my vitamin!
  • I’ll leave you laughing if you treat me like a joke.
  • You can communicate with a wall on Facebook.

Funny Captions for FB

  • Accidents in the back seat result in injuries to children, and vice versa!
  • Sunday is the first day off: You don’t need it if you can’t get to it from your couch.
  • I threw my phone into the air after setting it to airplane mode. The worst transformer ever
  • A daily cookie helps alleviate sadness. Every day, a whole jar of cookies brings it back.
  • Nerdy flings: I wish I could select and delete all of your clothes.
  • I want to go by “Nobody” on Facebook. As a result, “Nobody Likes This” will appear when I like someone’s stupid post.
  • The best policy is honesty, but the best defense is irrationality.
  • Even the leader of the free world requires assistance from the sultan of Facebook is tan in contemporary politics.
  • You can choose to delete me, poke me, like me, or limit me. Welcome to Facebook, where no one is really your friend.
    Bathe together, conserve water.
  • Tom should just give up because Jerry will never eat him.
  • Awwwwww! They will, I know, replicate this status as well.
  • As adorable as a button, but not quite as intelligent.
  • I used to be calm; consider the effects of global warming.
  • Adopt a dog’s attitude in all situations. Simply pee on it and leave if you can’t eat it or play with it.
  • When they release a darker shade, I won’t wear black anymore.
  • Who can lend me some brain space now that I’ve exhausted it?
  • Can I examine your brassier since I’m looking for my heart?
  • I am not timid; rather, I am concealing my awesomeness so as not to frighten you.
  • I added you to my friend list to increase my friend list, not because I like you.
  • I will assume you are a transformer if you send me a friend request on Facebook and your profile picture is a car.
  • People always believe that your status is about them on Facebook.
  • We only learn how to behave in public, not grow up.
  • You believe that I am offline. But I’m always around. even when I don’t post. This is me. Scrolling. Judging.
  • Never argue with a fool. He will bring you down to his level and use experience to beat you.
  • I’d rather check Facebook than my bank account.
  • When your opponent is making a mistake, don’t interrupt him.
  • I want a loan and to be left alone by someone.
  • WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook are all known as “W.T.F.”
  • I’m a sarcastic person by birth.
  • Because they take in blood, leeches are like family.
  • What brings you to this page? What should I do?
  • Statuses that are sarcastic, updates about relationships, quotes about love, marriage, family, and friends, and non-partisan political commentary
  • Three billion to one, you would only get one loaf of bread if you went to the store for bread.
  • In this economy, finding work is like playing “Where’s Waldo.” Except that Waldo is also seeking employment.
  • The train stops at a train station. The bus stops at a bus station. I have a work station on my desk… I wouldn’t call you stupid. Although I wouldn’t say it, you are.

Facebook Captions for Girls

  • Always a queen, once a queen.
  • He will become more gentlemanly the more you act like a lady.
  • Avoid being a drag. Simply be a queen.
  • If he does not let you know that you are his princess, he is not your prince charming.
  • Warmly grin to yourself; A woman who is content to be who she is is the most beautiful thing in the world.
  • It is acceptable to be sassy, but I will never be trashy; it is acceptable to be nasty, but you must maintain your class now.
  • She followed her heart, dreamed big, and made her own little fairy tale.
  • A man who knows how to treat a woman like a queen and looks like a bad boy is someone I like.
  • My mother gave it to me.
  • Sometimes you have to be both beautiful and ugly.
  • Be regarded as a rare diamond rather than a common stone.
  • Love yourself, be stylish, and beautiful.
  • I never professed to be a “good girl.” I don’t do bad things.
  • I am one in a lifetime rather than one in a million.
  • A girl ought to resemble a butterfly. It’s pretty to look at but hard to catch.
  • One bad boyfriend is all it takes to realize that you deserve so much more.
  • What a woman says and how she chooses to live her life are what make her stylish.
  • You won’t know how amazing you can be if you always try to be normal.
  • Menopause, cramps during menstruation, mental illness, breakdowns of the mind—have you ever noticed that all of your issues begin with men?
  • Be the badass girl you weren’t yesterday because you were too lazy.
  • She had visions of a galaxy and a universe in her mind.
  • I swear I’m a nice girl until you do something that makes me angry, at which point the naughty will come out and play.
  • Think like a boss and act like a lady.
  • Life is fleeting. Count every hair flip.
  • Stop them and make them stare.
  • Queen 24×7.
  • Your most important accessory is your smile.
  • I’ve reached a new level.
  • Gaining experience each day.
  • I’m lost, so don’t follow me.
  • Your most important accessory is your smile.
  • I’ve reached a new level.
  • Gaining experience each day.
  • I’m lost, so don’t follow me.
  • Avoid being a drag. Simply be a queen.
  • With all your heart, smile.
  • My rules, my style.
  • My identity, my style.
  • Accept yourself for the glorious mess you are. Feel good about yourself.
  • No one else will either if you don’t have enough faith in yourself to take a chance.

Facebook Captions for Boys

  • I’m not here to impress you; I’m here to bless you.
  • I’m a hot guy with a cool demeanor.
  • I no longer reside there, so don’t judge me by my past.
  • Smile, life is lovely!
  • Never misunderstand my generosity as weakness.
  • I don’t care what other people think of me. I have absolutely no thoughts of you.
  • I’m not married. I’m in a relationship that gives me freedom and fun.
  • You are not opposed by men; They are only for their own use.
  • Be yourself and don’t be afraid.
  • Although I don’t naturally fight, I will fight for what I believe in.
  • I am content to be alive and to be who I am.
  • I’m somewhere in the middle of being a hero and a villain. I’m not terrible, but neither am I good. I’m kind of crazy.
  • I’m not here to fit in with you. I’m here to construct mine.
  • Everyone acquires wings when all life is viewed as divine.
  • I’m crazy, crazy. exactly how my brain works. I’m not typical. I have other ideas.
  • Women were created to maintain men’s sanity.
  • Every girl ought to have a boy. Boys are great.
  • My style, not my attitude, is the problem.
  • Congratulations if your life became more difficult! You just got more level.
  • I’ll leave you laughing if you treat me like a joke.
  • I keep going. I can’t figure out how I last this long.
  • Only goddesses play in our games.
  • Laughter brightens up your day.

Love or Relationship Captions for FB

  • Let’s achieve greatness together.
  • I want to be very married if I get married.
  • A friendship set to music is love.
  • I’m a mess, but so are you.
  • I can’t let go of you because you are the only person I love.
  • You and I are at odds with the world.
  • My soul has been stolen by you.
  • We were meant to be together.
  • He is my macaroni’s cheese.
  • The world’s cutest couple.
  • Yet another day, yet another date.
  • Couples who laugh together are the ones who last.
  • We’ll be together forever and ever.
  • When you can sleep, why fall in love?
  • All of this began with watching Netflix and relaxing.
  • Love is crazy, wonderful, and mad.
  • We have a love that lasts forever.
  • Love need not be perfect; all that is required is for it to be true.
  • I am in the deepest love with you.
  • Every day, I still fall in love with you.

Short FB Captions

  • Don’t be surprised by life.
  • Give me a break.
  • The good gets all of my attention.
  • What am I? I have not yet discovered the solution.
  • Who, if not me? When, if not now?
  • Surprises abound in life.
  • What do you see when you look at me?
  • Today I feel good.
  • Be the kind of beautiful you are.
  • Beautiful things can be found in the simplest of things.
  • I’m not known to you.
  • Slowly but surely; each day.
  • Message to self: Please unwind.
  • I adore selfies.
  • Keep it a secret; It’s superior.
  • I am extremely content.
  • Be the person you’ve always wanted to be!
  • City drudgery and wanderlust
  • Beauty possesses strength.
  • The foundation of all true elegance is simplicity.
  • Be overly appreciative.
  • A lost soul is the owner of this profile.
  • I’m willing to go anywhere as long as it’s forward.

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Selfie Captions for Facebook

  • Dear camera, why are you unable to treat me in the same manner as the mirror?
  • 90% of your selfie is your hair.
  • You are not required to like me; I am not a status on Facebook.
  • People get confused when you smile.
  • Embrace your selfie.
  • I don’t have a lot of money, but I do have a lot of style.
  • It’s possible that you’ll fall in love with me.
  • Makeup, not negativity, should surround you.
  • A daily selfie keeps your Facebook friends away.
  • The shortest distance between two people is a smile.
  • Not a fan of me? Cool, I don’t wake up every day to arouse your admiration.
  • Happiness is like taking the perfect selfie in one click.
  • I’m not perfect, but there are only a few of me.
  • I have no control over selfies.
  • I am who I am, and I do not require your approval.
  • Because I’m the star, hang my selfie on the tree.
  • I’m not taking a selfie; I’m just checking the quality of my camera.
  • The Mirror: Today, you look adorable. The camera: LOL, no.”
  • This is how to break someone’s heart.
  • You can’t believe it’s you when you take such beautiful selfies.

Facebook Captions for Friends

  • Friends who conquer together remain friends.
  • Our friendship is genuine if I send you my unflattering selfies.
  • I can still recall the innocence and shyness of my best friend. What did I do? A monster was made by me!
  • We panic when our phones fall. We laugh as our friends fall.
  • Despite our differences, we remain together.
  • Therapy is all I need from my best friend.
  • We will always entertain as much as anyone else.
  • To be my friend, you don’t have to be crazy. I’ll instruct you.
  • You shouldn’t do stupid things alone with good friends.
  • A single rose can be my garden, and a single friend can be my world. Friends take the word “worry” out of my vocabulary and simply replace it with “happy.”
  • The best friendships are those that have endured change and time.
  • When hearts are close to each other, friendship develops.
  • Friendship is never an opportunity; rather, it is always a sweet responsibility.
  • Walking alone in the daylight is preferable to walking with a friend at night.
  • The only thing that can ever unite the world is friendship.
  • When you walk into their house and your WiFi automatically connects, you have found true friendship.
  • Friendship can’t be replaced by knowledge. I’d rather lose you than be stupid.
  • Priests are an option for some. Poetry to others. To my friends, I am.

Best Travel Captions for FB

  • Engage in experiences that broaden your horizons.
  • Follow your excitement wherever it takes you.
  • I think we need to go on another adventure.
  • Because the world is actually quite amazing when you stop and look around.
  • Always wonder, wander frequently.
  • My eyes can’t stop glistening with wonder at the world.
  • A day of adventure is good for your well-being as well as your health.
  • Everywhere I go, I find paradise.
  • Bringing parts of myself with me wherever I go.
  • Only one trip will ever make you unhappy. It’s the vacation you skip.
  • Don’t simply embark on an adventure. You’ll get there thanks to the adventure.
  • Traveling is a necessity in this life.
  • The beach is where my heart is.
  • Prepared for flight!
  • Using the compass rather than the clock to guide my life.
  • I’m seeing what I’ve heard a thousand times before.
  • When I’m in the airplane, I look like the picture in my passport.
  • Go somewhere new for me!
  • A new chance to see a new part of the world presents itself every day.
  • If you travel enough, you’ll discover that the world is free of boredom.

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Sad FB captions

  • I walk around the world as if I’m having fun and act like I’m not hurt.
  • I am the only one there on the vast shore.
  • I had no idea you could bring me so many tears after all the smiles you gave me.
  • There is a certain amount of sadness in every life, and sometimes this is what wakes us up.
  • Losing yourself in the process of over-loving another person and forgetting that you are also special is the most painful thing.
  • It is amazing how you can still love someone even after they have broken your heart in small ways.
  • Time moves on the wings of sadness.
  • I’m done, and it hurts. However, when I think back, I have many wonderful memories.
  • There are few words when grief is at its worst.
  • My misery grows as the light gets brighter, and I wonder how it’s possible to hurt so much when there’s nothing wrong.
  • Although I have the impression that if I could go back in time and erase all of the sadness, the joy would also vanish, there are times when I wish I could.
  • Life is much more painful than death!
  • There are times in life when there are no words but only tears.
  • If I had to pick, I won’t cry because it’s over; rather, I’ll just smile because it happened.
  • The hardest part of life is trying to conceal your uncontrollable tears and fake smile.
  • Life does more damage to us than we realize. Life is nothing more than taking a breath in and exhaling out.
  • You can always get back up, no matter how far down you fall or how much you hurt.
  • Life sometimes seems like a series of chapters. Some are good, some are bad, but they all add up to tell the story of our lives.
  • When people enter your life and make you happy, but then leave you hurting, it hurts.
  • Because time is of the essence, important words must be said immediately.

Caption for Wedding Pics on FB

  • He gave it a ring because he liked it.
  • Recently wed!
  • Love is all you require.
  • Forever, you are my person.
  • We did, I do.
  • It’s a wonderful place to be together.
  • Be married, eat, and drink.
  • Now the sh*t is real.
  • When you can’t sleep because, finally, reality is better than your dreams, you know you’re in love.
  • I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will love you more tomorrow. Every journey we have
  • taken together so far has been enjoyable, and this one is going to be FANTASTIC.
  • You touched my heart the moment I saw you, and NOW BEGINS THE BEST STORY, you always made the best pair.
  • I was aware that you were the PERFECT PERSON for me!
  • Couldn’t believe how beautiful everything is. That’s when I became yours and you became mine.
    With you, it will be a fairy tale!
  • You were always meant to be mine, I knew!
  • The fairy tale begins here. Without you, my life would be meaningless.

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Attractive Captions for FB

  • It’s cute when guys become jealous. World War III is about to begin when girls become envious.
  • I would like to remain a classic in a world full of trends.
  • My little world is my kingdom.
  • Accept yourself for the glorious mess you are. Feel good about yourself.
  • No one else will either if you don’t have enough faith in yourself to take a chance.
  • Be surrounded by people who bring you happiness.
  • I do not desire a flawless life; I want to live happily.
  • These are the little things that make up life.
  • Enjoy the intangible moments in life.
  • I’m sending NASA my selfie because I’m a star.
  • I don’t always take selfies. I just do it occasionally throughout the day.
  • You can’t believe it’s you when you take such beautiful selfies.
  • Let me, however, take a selfie first.
  • Reach out and touch the heavens. Don’t give up!
  • If you miss the moon, you might hit a star.
  • Happy New Year!
  • If he does not let you know that you are his princess, he is not your prince charming.
  • If you don’t know how to stay, you shouldn’t enter my life!
  • I’ve been acting foolishly; I’ve never been more irrational.
  • Never feel bad about something that made you smile once.

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parmender yadav
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