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Iconic Vine Quotes 2024 to Make You LOL, Inspirational, Saying, Massages, Images

Iconic Vine Quotes – If yes, then you are in for a treat as we take you down memory lane, revisiting the best and funniest quotes from the history of Vine. From the iconic! I coulda dropped mash croissant!’ to the ever funny ‘Love ya chicken strips, you are the best strips ever!’, we simply can’t get enough of these Vine quotes. Vines are purely for entertainment and aimed to make everyone on the internet smile or laugh. Vine quotes are some famous quotes from the most popular Vine videos that broke the internet.

There are so many different popular and iconic vine moments, such as when in 2015, Norwegian mechanic Kevin Sines made the iconic meme clip featuring SpongeBob SquarePants and Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’, now that’s a combination we never thought we’d see! Other iconic Vine moments and quotes include the lines ‘Hi! Welcome to Chili’s’, ‘Oh my god they were roommates’, and ‘What are chooses?’. Do you remember these iconic Vine quotes and moments? Whilst the best Vines ever are a matter of opinion, we have a few favorites.

Iconic Vine Quotes 2024

Iconic Vine quotes are a great way to make others laugh by just reading them. The best Vine quotes can make you laugh anytime, any place. So it’s a great idea to change your entire mood and put a smile on your face with a Vine quote if you are ever feeling like a laugh. These Vine quotes represent and remind us of some of the most hilarious moments from those iconic short videos. You must know how hilarious it is to quote famous Vine lines, but you may not know all the Vine quotes, which is why we have bought together with this list of some of the most famous Vine quotes ever, that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

A lot of people love Vine and cannot get enough of watching them. There are hilarious Vines and memorable Vines that have reached iconic status wherever you go. Even though we may have said goodbye to Vines, there are still quotes that are quite memorable and are still very much iconic even until this day. Here are some of the Vine quotes we believe belong at the top. The hilarious line: ‘Staaaahp! I coulda dropped mash croissant!’ just can’t be beaten if you ask us. We also love the famous ‘Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane Tortilla’ Vine. Both of these Vines have us laughing all day long, what about you.

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Iconic Vine Quotes to Make You LOL

  • Road work ahead? Uh yeah, I sure hope it does.
  • Oh, hi. Thanks for checking in. I’m still the couch potato I was
  • ‘Happy Crimps. It’s crimson. Merry crisis. Merry Chrysler.
  • I spilled lipstick in your Valentino bag.
  • Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane Tortilla.
  • ‘This is your space, this is your area, she can’t do that to you.
  • ‘Zack, stop! You’re gonna get in trouble.
  • When will you learn that your actions have consequences.
  • How much did you pay for that taco? Aight, yo, you know this boy got his free taco
  • What the fuck is up, Kyle? No, what did you say? What the fuck, dude? Step the fuck up, Kyle!
  • Road work ahead? Yeah, I sure hope it does.
  • Lipstick? In my Valentino white bag.
  • Country boy, I love you… bleh.
  • Ms. Keisha? Ms. Keisha? Oh my fuckin’ god, she fuckin’ dead.
  • I’m a bad bitch, you can’t kill me.
  • Oh my god, they were roommates.
  • Next time you put your fuckin’ hands on me, imma fuckin’ rip your face off, bitch.
  • What up, I’m Jared, I’m 19, and I never fucking learned how to read.
  • Hi, welcome to Chili’s.

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Inspirational Iconic Vine Quotes to Make You LOL

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  • It’s an avocado, thanks! Not a sour lemon my friend’
  • I am 19 and I never said I’m weird, I’m just limited edition.’
  • Wait oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman. Hamah’
  • Next Please. Hello. Sir, this is a mug shot.’
  • ‘What the hell is even that.
  • So you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift?’
  • A mug shot? I don’t even drink coffee.’
  • Nate, how are those chicken strips? Yay ya, chicken strips!’
  • Hi, welcome to Chili’s.’
  • Go ahead and introduce yourselves. My name is Michael with a B and I’ve been afraid of insects my entire-Stop, stop, stop. Where? Hmm? Where’s the B? There’s a bee?
  • Later, Mom. What’s up? I and my boys are going to see Uncle Cracker… Give me my hat back Jordan!’
  • ‘It’s Wednesday, my dudes. The weekend is here.’
  • Do you want to go see Uncle Cracker or no?’
  • That was legit, I couldn’t have talked more sense!
  • I brought you Frankincense. Thank you. I brought you Myrrh. Thank you. Mur-dur! Huh… Judas… no!’
  • I am shooed. I like to do the shaky dance.
  • Country boy, I love you…let’s do the country dance.
  • ‘I can’t imagine being Mayo.

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Funny Saying Iconic Vine Quotes to Make You LOL

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  • You know what, I’m about to say it.
  • What are those? They look like my shoes drenched in rain.
  • That was lightness.
  • What is up, Kyle? No, what did you say? What, dude? Step up, Kyle!’
  • I’m just cooking pizza and not baking one.’
  • Two shots of vodka can be good for your health if you don’t drink it.’
  • I like turtles. They live so long.
  • Are they hele balloons.
  • Hurricane coming? I heard sugarcane coming.
  • Wait a minute, who are you? Are you an alien?’
  • ‘Happy birthday Raven!’
  • Is this allowed? Is that allowed?!’
  • I am gonna get in trouble if I keep talking.’
  • ‘I have my feet dipped in hot tub five feet, and I am loving it..

Lovely Massages Iconic Vine Quotes to Make You LOL

  • Vine’s popularity revolutionized how internet users create and consume digital content.
  • The platform also birthed dozens of widely popular internet personalities who have since found millions of fans elsewhere,
  • Although Vine has recently rebranded and relaunched as Byte, it will be hard to recapture the lightning-in-a-bottle magic of Vine.
  • From the incredibly iconic to the odd and strange, check out some of the most memorable vine quotes below.
  • We also have a collection of Instagram quotes to inspire you.
  • If you enjoy this article, check out our most popular vine quotes article, a list of short inspirational quotes for daily motivation.
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  • It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life, water, inside a watermelon.
  • I never went to boohoo japer, I just went a bit gibber jabber.
  • A potato flew around my room before you came.
  • ‘I smell like beef.
  • Welcome to Bible Study. We’re all children of Jesus… Kumbaya my lord.
  • ‘Shoutout to all the pear. I meant all your peers.
  • I have osteoporosis. And I don’t know what that means.
  • I smell like a dead rat. I think my nose ain’t working.
  • Say, Colorado. I’m a giraffe.


By just reading them, quotes from Vine are a terrific method to make people chuckle. Anytime, everywhere, you may chuckle thanks to the funniest Vine statements. So if you ever feel like laughing, it’s a terrific idea to transform your entire attitude and put a smile on your face with a Vine quotes. These Vine quotes represent and serve as a reminder of some of the funniest parts of those enduring short videos. You must be aware of how funny it is to use well-known Vine quotations, but it’s possible that you are unaware of all of them. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of some of the funniest Vine quotes ever, which is guaranteed to make you smile.

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