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Navratri Quotes 2024 Wishes, Photos and Greetings, Messages, Status for WhatsApp & FB, Shayari

Navratri Quotes – Navratri is a vibrant and colorful festival celebrated in Hindu households and temples. This festival commences on the first day of the waxing phase of the lunar month after Amavasya and concludes on the tenth day of Vijayadashami. Navratri has a deep spiritual significance symbolizing the victory of the good over evil.

Goddess Durga fought with the demonic forces and defeated them during the course of the nine days, which came to be celebrated as Navratri. Each day of Navratri is dedicated to the nine different avatars of Maa Durga. Navratri brings about a sense of revival in people’s lives, filling them with new hopes and faith in divine protection. Here are a few select messages and quotes to be shared with your friends and contacts for Navratri.

Navratri Quotes 2024

Navratri is the nine-day Hindu festival that commemorates the victory of goddess Durga over her evil adversary, Mahishasura. It is celebrated in various parts of India with huge processions and a lot of festivities. The most important event during Navratri is the performance of Navaratri dance by popular artists throughout northern India.

The aim of this dance sequence is to invoke blessings from Goddess Durga for success in all endeavors during the year ahead. This includes prosperity, love, health, agriculture, family harmony… you name it! Artists also perform other dances appropriate to specific festivals.

Navratri Quotes

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Name Of The festival Navratri
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Messages, status for WhatsApp & FB, Shayari

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Navratri Wishes, Photos and Greetings, Messages

  • Navratri, the festival of nine days and nine nights, comes as a resurrecting event to kindle our spirits and imbibe new confidence in us. May this festival lead us from ignorance to wisdom and from darkness to light.
  • May MA Durga bestow upon you and your family nine forms of blessings- Fame, Name, Wealth, Prosperity, Happiness, Education, Health, Power, and Commitment. Happy Navratri!
  • May this Navratri fill your life with the colors of happiness and prosperity. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Navratri.
  • Wishing you the energy of MA Durga, the prosperity of Ma Lakshmi, and the wisdom of Ma Sarasvati. Wishing you a warm and blessed Navratri. Have a blessed Navratri!
  • A new day is here again; perfect and untainted; Make the best of it, spreading joy and unconditional love. Happy Navratri!
  • May you have the best of times, celebrations, and success in life this year. Best wishes for a joyous Navratri, filled with lots of joy, happiness, and peace.
  • May the auspicious days of Vasant Navratri manifest energy (shakti), wealth (Lakshmi), and knowledge (Gyan) into your life. Happy Navratri’s!
  • Ma Durga has come to grace us with her presence; let us worship her with happiness and spirit, cherish her blessings, and celebrate with our loved ones. I wish you all a Happy Navratri.

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Navratri Quotes Inspire Wishes, Photos and Greetings,

  • I wish that Goddess Durga is always there to protect you from all problems in life. Happy Navratri.
  • May goddess Durga empowers you with the light of knowledge and truth. Happy Navratri to you and your family.
  • May Maa Durga Durgatinashini bring joy to you and your loved ones. May the Divine blessings of Maa Durga be with you always Happy Days Puja. Happy Navratri.
  • May Goddess Durga shower her blessing upon you and your family. Happy Navratri.
  • Wishing a lovely Durga Puja full of happiness and prosperity. Best wishes to everyone.
  • May the festive occasion of Durga Ashtami infuse our homes and hearts with happiness and good luck. Wishing a blessed Navratri.
  • Wishing you a happy and prosperous Navratri, may this festival bring you happiness and success. HAPPY NAVARATRI
  • May the brightness of Navratri fill your days with cheer; and may all your dreams come true during Navratri and all through the year. Happy Navratri.

Navratri Quotes Saying Wishes, Photos and Greetings,

  • May this Navratri brighten up your life With joy, wealth, and good health. Wishing you a Happy Navratri.
  • This festival brings a lot of colors in our lives. May bright colors dominate in your life. Happy Navratri.
  • Lakshmi donates the internal wealth Of virtues or divine qualities. Happy Navratri.
  • Long live the tradition of Hindu culture and as the generations have passed by Hindu culture is get stronger and stronger let us keep it up. Best Wants for Navratri.

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Navratri Shayari In Hindi

माँ दुर्गा के कदम आपके घर में आएं,
सुख समृद्धि और खुशियाँ लाएं,
मुसीबत और परेशानियाँ आँखे चुराएं,
नवरात्री की आपको हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं.

हमको था इंतजार वो घड़ी आ गई, होकर सिंह
पर सवार माता रानी आ गई, होगी अब मन की
हर मुराद पूरी, हरने सारे दुख माता अपने द्वार
आ गई। नवरात्री की आपको हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं.

माता रानी वरदान ना देना हमें
बस थोडा सा प्यार देना हमें
तेरे चरणों में बीते ये जीवन सारा
एक बस यही आशीर्वाद देना हमें।
आप सब को नवरात्रि की शुभ कामनायें।

सजा हे दरबार, एक ज्योति जगमगाई है
सुना हे नवरात्रि का त्योहार आया हैं
वो देखो मंदिर में मेरी माता मुस्करायी है… जय माँ दुर्गा.

Navratri status for WhatsApp & FB

लाल रंग की चुनरी से सजा माँ का दरबार
हर्षित हुआ मन, पुलकित हुआ संसार
नन्हें-नन्हें क़दमों से माँ आए आपके द्वार
इस नवरात्रि यही हैं माँ से पुकार ! “जय माता दी”
हैप्पी नवरात्री.

माँ के दर पर सभी शीश झुकाते हैं
मिलता है चैन तेरे दर पे मैया
झोली भरके तेरे दर से सभी जाते हैं

सारा जहान है जिसकी शरण में
नमन है उस माँ के चरण में
हम हैं उस माँ के चरणों की धूल
आओ मिलकर माँ को चढ़ाएं श्रद्धा के फूल
जय माता दी.

बिन बुलाए भी जहां जाने को जी चाहता है
वो चौखट ही है तेरी “माँ”
कैसे बताऊ इस दिल की आरजू
इसे तो बस तेरे दरबार में सुकून मिलता है.

हो जाओ तैयार माँ अम्बे आने वाली है
सजा लो दरबार माँ अम्बे आने वाली हैं
तन,मन और जीवन हो जायेगा पावन
माँ के कदमो की आहट से गूँज उठेगा आँगन.


Wishing you a very happy and auspicious Navratri. we have compiled some quotes, messages, photos and shayari related to Navratri. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have enjoyed compiling them. Please feel free to share this blog with your friends on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.

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