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Osho Quotes 2024 on Love, Mindfulness, and More, Inspirational, Saying, Massages, Images

Osho Quotes – If you are looking for Osho quotes on life? You have come to the right place. Here is the collection of Osho quotes on spirituality that will be helpful to find your mystic path. Osho is an Indian Spiritual and mystic leader. Peoples knows him by various names such as Chandra Mohan, Rajneesh, Acharya Rajneesh, or, Shree Rajneesh.

During his lifetime he was seen as a questionable new religious development pioneer and spiritualist master during his lifetime. He dismissed institutional religions. Rajneesh accentuated the significance of freethought, mindfulness, love, meditation, courage, festivity, boldness, innovativeness, and humor characteristics that he saw stifled by adherence to static conviction frameworks, religious dogmas, customs, and socialization. Check out the following Osho quotes on life, love, relationships, mind, freedom, fear, spirituality, meditation, and more.

Osho Quotes 2024

The Osho Meditation Resort in Pune is an international center with a regular staff that hosts thousands of visitors each year. Sannyasin and other seekers can visit the Centre, read more than six hundred books transcribed by Osho, give lectures and write about him, communicate via the Internet, gather with the world and meditate, and enroll at the Centre for Counselling and Personal Growth Training.

A new age philosopher and preacher, Osho was a controversial yet highly influential spiritual leader of the 20th century. A man who disregarded the existing systems that governed the world and religious dogmas, Osho is often cited for his teachings which are more relevant in the new millennium than ever before. His speeches, teachings, writings, work and Osho quotes continues to lead thousands across the globe to a path of self-discovery and happiness.

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Osho Quotes on Love, Mindfulness, and More

  • The past is memory, the future is imagination. Only the present is time. The past is not, it has already gone. The future is not; it has not come yet. Only the present is.
  • Many people have come and left, and it has been always good because they emptied some space for better people.
  • You will come closer and closer to perfection, but you will never be perfect. Perfection is not the way of existence. Growth is the way.
  • Money, power, and prestige are uncreative; not only uncreative but destructive activities. Beware of them.
  • Life repeats itself mindlessly – unless you become mindful, it will go on repeating like a wheel.
  • Focus your energy on the positive moments, because wherever you focus your energy, you feed. Focusing energy is a tremendous nourishment to the object you focus upon.
  • Life is always new, mind is always old. Life is never old, mind is never new. Hence they never meet, they can’t meet. Mind moves backward, life moves forward.
  • Listen to your being. It is continuously giving you hints; it is a still, small voice. It does not shout at you, that is true. And if you are a little silent you will start feeling your way.
  • Unless you recognize your original face, you will not be able to reach anywhere. You will not have any meaning to your Life.
  • They say: Think twice before you jump. I say: Jump first and then think as much as you want.
  • Happiness has nothing to do with success.
  • One thing: you have to walk, and create the way by your walking; you will not find a ready-made path. It is not so cheap, to reach to the ultimate realization of truth.

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Inspirational Osho on Love, Mindfulness, and More

osho quotes

  • Whatever is of consequence in life, is always hidden from view. What is manifest is the outer cover; what remains unmanliest is the soul within.
  • The Truth Is That Existence Wants Your Life To Become A Festival Because When You Are Unhappy, You Also Throw Unhappiness All Around.
  • Take hold of your own life. See that the whole existence is celebrating.
  • Life is beautiful because it can be missed. If you cannot miss it, everything is forced upon you, then even life becomes imprisonment.
  • The real question is not whether life exists after death. The real question is whether you are alive before death.
  • Don’t be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become.
  • You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty.
  • You will have to create the path by walking yourself; the path is not ready-made, lying there and waiting for you. It is just like the sky: the birds fly, but they don’t leave any footprints. You cannot follow them; there are no footprints left behind.
  • Love is a spiritual phenomenon; lust is physical. Ego is psychological; love is spiritual.
  • A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.
  • With me, illusions are bound to be shattered. I am here to shatter all illusions. Yes, it will irritate you, it will annoy you – that’s my way of functioning and working.
  • Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realized.
  • These trees are not serious, these birds are not serious. The rivers and the oceans are wild, and everywhere there is fun, everywhere there is joy and delight. Watch existence, listen to the existence, and become part of it.
  • If you can bring your consciousness, your awareness, your intelligence to the act if you can be spontaneous, then there is no need for any other religion, life itself will be the religion.

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Osho Saying on Love, Mindfulness, and More

Osho quotes


  • I love this world because it is imperfect. It is imperfect, and that’s why it is growing; if it was perfect it would have been dead.
  • I live my life based on two principles. Osho, I live as if today was my last day on earth. Two, I live today as if I am going to live forever.
  • Don’t try to understand life. Live it! Don’t try to understand love. Move into love. Then you will know and that knowing will come out of your experiencing.
  • A comfortable, convenient life is not a real life – the more comfortable, the less alive. The most comfortable life is in the grave.
  • Unless the desire to be special disappears, you will never be special. Unless you relax into your ordinariness, you will never relax.
  •  Real meditation means: don’t avoid the inner madhouse; enter into it, face it, encounter it, be watchful because it is through watchfulness that you will overcome it.
  • Zen is the purest of meditations: just sit silently, doing nothing.
  • Sadness is silent, it is yours. It is coming because you are alone. It is giving you a chance to go deeper into your aloneness. Rather than jumping from one shallow happiness to another shallow happiness and wasting your life, it is better to use sadness as a means of meditation. Witness it. It is a friend! It opens the door of your eternal aloneness.

Perfact Massages About Love, Mindfulness, and More

  • Be like an alone peak high in the sky. Why should you hanker to belong? You are not a thing! Things belong!
  • Relationship is the need of those who cannot be alone. Two alone persons relate, communicate, commune, and yet they remain alone.
  • It is a strange experience, that those who have left me have always left places for a better quality of people. I have never been a loser.
  • I love this Osho because it is imperfect. It is imperfect, and that’s why it is growing; if it was perfect it would have been dead.
  • Wherever you are afraid, try to explore, and you will find death hiding somewhere behind. All fear is of death. Death is the only fear source.
  • Take life easily, lovingly, playfully, non-seriously. Seriousness is a disease, the greatest disease of the soul and playfulness the greatest health.
  • Never ask, “Who is my real friend?” Ask, “Am I a real friend to somebody?” That is the right question. Always be concerned with yourself.
  • It does not matter if you are a rose or a lotus or a marigold. What matters is that you are flowering.
  • Discover yourself, otherwise you have to depend on other people’s opinions who don’t know themselves.
  • Just get out of your own way.
  • Only idiots are not controversial.
  • It is because nobody has been teaching you about hate; hence, hate has remained pure, unadulterated. When a man hate you, you can trust that he hates you.


Nobody else can destroy you except you nobody else can save you except you. You are the Judas and you are the Jesus. The less the head, the more the wound will heal. No head there is no wound. Live a headless life Osho Quotes. Move as a total being, and accept things. When you really laugh for those few moments you are in a deep meditative state. Thinking stops. It is impossible to laugh and think together.

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