Aazam Movie Review: Jimmy Sheirgill, Abhimanyu Singh, Indraneil Sengupta’s Uniquely Executed Dark, Intense And Gritty Crime Thriller

Aazam Movie Review:- The majority of gangster dramas have a lot of guns, violence, swearing, loud characters, and poor screenplays; however, this one is smart, sleek, dark, and gritty, which gives it a slight advantage over all of the other crime dramas. Changing power is never simple, whether in business or another industry. There is always conflict when young people replace older people because it puts positions of privilege and livelihoods in jeopardy. For a very long time, the norm in society was for the old to wrestle with the idea of power and the young to use that power brutally.

Aazam is definitely worth considering. The film follows the story of a young man who sets out to avenge his family’s honor and reclaim their ancestral land. With stunning cinematography, impressive fight scenes, and a gripping storyline, Aazam keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. But it’s not just the action that makes this movie great. The characters are well-developed and relatable, with strong performances from the entire cast. And while there are some intense moments, there are also plenty of lighter moments that provide a nice balance and keep the movie from feeling too heavy. Overall, if you’re a fan of action movies or just looking for something exciting to watch, Aazam is definitely worth checking out.

Aazam Movie Review

Nawab Khan (Raza Murad), an elderly and ailing mafia boss, is confined to a bed and will eventually pass away. The crime syndicate’s legitimate heir is Kadar Pathan (Abhimanyu Singh), but now that the old boss has passed away, everyone is conspiring and vying for the supreme position. Under the supervision of Home Minister Madan Shirke, Nawab Khan and his four associates—Shakir Sheikh, Firoz Namazi, Tatya, and Pratap Shetty—run their syndicate. Aanya Shetty, the son of Pratap Shetty, now wants to be the young don and starts working with everyone to kill Kadar and take over the empire of the Nawab.

Aazam is definitely worth checking out. The movie follows the story of a retired special forces officer who is pulled back into action when his family is kidnapped by a dangerous group of terrorists. The film features intense fight scenes and high-stakes action sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat. However, what really sets Aazam apart is its unexpected plot twists and turns. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that things are not always as they seem in this movie. Overall, if you’re in the mood for a thrilling ride with some surprises along the way, Aazam is definitely worth a watch.

Aazam Movie Review

Aazam Movie Review Overview

Article Name Aazam Movie Review: Jimmy Sheirgill, Abhimanyu Singh, Indraneil Sengupta’s Uniquely Executed Dark, Intense And Gritty Crime Thriller
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Aazam Movie Review

Aazam is overflowing with goons, guns, and outrageous activities. This crime drama reveals a side of the Mumbai underworld that has long been hidden from an industry that is often captivated by tales of the city’s mafia, thanks to a plot that goes slightly off the beaten path. This crime drama delves into internal affairs rather than the typical story of cops versus gangsters. It examines the unrelenting pursuit of a single man to rule Mumbai’s underbelly at any cost. He launches into a rampage, systematically eliminating his foes, executed with a clinical precision reminiscent of chess moves. Aazam is a fascinating spectacle that keeps your attention, despite a few directional blunders that prevent it from being a joyous ride.

The film’s protagonist is Nawab Khan (Raza Murad), a Mumbai mafia tycoon who is currently on his deathbed. A crucial meeting with the home minister and Nawab Khan’s trusted circle results in the following conclusion: Vivek Ghamande’s Anya Shetty will take over for Nawab Khan. However, when Kadar Pathan (Abhimanyu Singh), the son of Nawab Khan, and Javed (Jimmy Sheirgill), his trustworthy confidant, learn of this development, they immediately take action. Together, they devise a meticulous plan to eliminate each meeting participant one at a time. There will be betrayals, lies, and treachery aplenty on this treacherous path, with lives at stake on one fateful night.

Aazam brings together a formidable group of industry professionals, many of whom give sincere performances. The portrayal of Javed by Jimmy Sheirgill stands out due to its icy demeanor and calculated approach, revealing a previously unknown facet of the character. His presentation oozes trustworthiness in a job that requests an enduring presence. Even though Abhimanyu Singh only makes brief appearances in the film, his performance is memorable. Indraneil Sen Gupta portrays IPS officer Ajay Joshi with a raw and gritty quality. However, the film’s real hero is the author Shravan Tiwari, who takes the story of the underworld into uncharted territory. The same level of excellence cannot, regrettably, be attributed to his leadership. It lacks the finesse one would expect and sometimes appears weak.

Even though Aazam tells a new story and reveals a new aspect of the Mumbai underworld, its flaw is its lack of direction. It would have had a greater impact if the camera had stayed a little longer after pivotal moments. The movie has a lot of tension, but it doesn’t really connect with the audience. Additionally, the film longs for improved art direction. Scenes shot with chroma effects are distracting and feel out of place. Additionally, it is baffling why filmmakers are so drawn to ominous soundscapes. They could have learned from Satya, where the resonant sound of gunshots alone dominated most sequences without a BG score, as these overpowering audio elements diminish the intended impact.


In this conclusion, Aazam is a great choice. The film follows the story of a young man who must navigate his way through a complex web of political intrigue and corruption in order to save his family. With its fast-paced action sequences and compelling storyline, Aazam is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. BOne of the standout features of Aazam is its strong cast, which includes some of the most talented actors in the industry. Their performances are nuanced and realistic, bringing the characters to life in a way that will stay with you long after the credits roll. Overall, if you’re looking for a movie that will challenge your thinking and keep you engaged throughout, Aazam is definitely worth checking out.

Aazam Movie Review FAQ’S

Where can I watch Aazam?

Aazam - Rise of a New Don ( 2023 ) on Netflix.

What is the story of the movie Aazam?

Set in the underbelly of the Mumbai underworld, the succession battle of mafia don Nawab Khan, who is suffering from blood cancer and has only a few days to live.

What is the meaning of Shergill?

Shergill is a clan (gotra) of Jats, its parent clan is Gill. According to oral history, the founding progenitor of the clan was a man named Shergill, who was the son of Gill. The Majithia family belong to this clan. Shergill/Sher-Gill. Jat clan.

Is Rabbi Shergill Indian?

Rabbi Shergill (born Gurpreet Singh Shergill on 16 April 1973) is an Indian musician well known for his debut album Rabbi and the chart-topper song of 2005, Bullah Ki Jaana.

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