Afwaah Movie Review: Sudhir Mishra brilliantly portrays the perils of rumour-mongering on social media

Afwaah Movie Review:- A post would frequently circulate during a time when Facebook was extremely cool and practically the only social media platform (or at least the primary one). We were prompted to click the “Like” button or face terrible consequences! It’s possible that our bad luck will last for years, that our crush will disregard us, or that we will lose something priceless. We had no idea that the seeds of false information were being planted, and this was probably the very first hint of it! The spread of false information and rumors has increased alongside the number of platforms. We now receive WhatsApp posts and forwards in our feeds that are sufficient to polarize a segment of society’s behavior. As a matter of fact, reports of somebody being thumped or confronting deadly circumstances have become typical.

Afwaah is definitely worth watching. The film’s plot revolves around the impact of rumors on people’s lives and relationships. The performances by the lead actors are top-notch, especially the nuanced portrayal by the lead actress. The cinematography is also impressive, capturing the essence of rural India beautifully. While some parts of the movie may seem slow-paced, it ultimately builds up to a satisfying climax that will leave you thinking long after the credits have rolled. Overall, Afwaah is a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring the power of gossip and its impact on society. But has rumor-mongering stopped, despite the dangerous outcomes? We are a long way from that! In addition, Sudhir Mishra’s most recent film, Afwaah, aims to hold up this mirror.

Afwaah Movie Review

Sumeet Vyas, playing politician Vicky Banna, is central to Afwaah’s plot. He delivers a fiery speech that causes Sawalpur residents to become divided. Numerous members of a minority community die in the ensuing conflict. His fiancee Nivi (Bhumi Pednekar), shaken by this, decides to flee. She meets Rahab Ahmed (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) in the process. Vicky starts a rumor on social media in an effort to save his political career, which quickly spreads. That marks the beginning of the shady dance of politics and online rumors. While karma tries to catch up to Vicky, Rahab and Nivi now have no choice but to flee for their lives. Afwaah is a must-watch movie for those who enjoy a good drama with a touch of romance.

The film follows the story of two young lovers from different cultural backgrounds who face various societal pressures and misunderstandings. Despite the challenges they face, their love for each other remains strong throughout the film. The acting is top-notch, with standout performances from the lead actors who bring depth and emotion to their characters. The cinematography is also impressive, capturing the vibrant colors and beauty of the settings in which the story unfolds. Overall, Afwaah is a well-crafted film that will leave viewers feeling entertained and enlightened about some.

Afwaah Movie Review

Afwaah Movie Review Overview

Article Name Afwaah Movie Review: Sudhir Mishra brilliantly portrays the perils of rumour-mongering on social media
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Afwaah Movie Review

Afwaah, which means “rumor,” by Sudhir Mishra examines the dangers and repercussions of word of mouth, particularly in the age of social media. On social media, gossip and false information can spread like wildfire, harming the lives of many people. The movie demonstrates how easily bias-informed information can be spread without factual verification. It also sheds light on how power dynamics influence the debunking of rumors that a variety of individuals with vested interests use to influence public opinion.

The first scene, which takes place in Rajasthan, introduces us to Vicky Singh (Sumeet Vyas), an aspirant politician and power-hungry bigot who, with the assistance of his right-hand man Chandan (Sharib Hashmi), plans an attack on his rally. His party, which is owned by his potential father-in-law, Gyaan Singh alias Hukum, is ruined completely when everything is recorded and broadcast simultaneously on all news channels.

This bothers Nivi (Bhumi Pednekar), Hukum’s daughter, who doesn’t like dirty politics and decides to run away rather than marry Vicky. While Nivi and Rahab (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) are on the run, a simple act of kindness turns into a rumor that has the potential to ruin their lives. People’s prejudice and the influence of social media continue to work against them, despite their efforts to establish their innocence. The main focus of the story is on how they get out of this messy and difficult situation while the entire town is on the lookout for them and they have nowhere to hide.

After Serious Men (2020), Sudhir’s second collaboration with Nawazuddin Siddiqui is Afwaah. The actor once again steals hearts with his restrained performance while still delivering the necessary impact. Bhumi Pednekar stands out with her bold and confident demeanor, which starkly contrasts with Nawaz’s demeanor. Sumeet Vyas portrays a power-hungry politician with skill. As Inspector Sandeep, Sharib Hashmi and Sumit Kaul play evil characters who can invent attacks and kill people as part of their clever plans. They simply perform exceptionally well.

The characters’ expressions in the emotionally charged scenes are a testament to their acting prowess, despite the fact that the dialogue is easy to forget. A lack of dialogue in the Rajasthani dialect (the terms Banna and Hukum are still used in Rajasthan) contributes to the film’s realism. The first half is pacy without revealing the twists and turns, which are all somewhat predictable but still engaging. However, after the intermission, it feels stretched. The dark alleys of Rajasthan and the exquisitely shot Nahargarh Fort are all perfectly captured by filmmaker Mauricio Vidal. The Rajasthani folk singer Mame Khan and Sunetra Banerjee’s song “Aaj Yeh Basant” has a profound resonance and highlights the ironies of life.


In this conclusion, Afwaah is a must-see Bollywood movie that tells the story of a young woman navigating the challenges of life in modern-day India. The film features a talented cast, including Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan, who deliver powerful performances that will keep you engaged from beginning to end. The storyline is both heartwarming and thought-provoking, touching on issues such as love, family, and societal expectations. The film’s music is also noteworthy, with catchy songs that will have you tapping your feet and humming along.

Afwaah is definitely worth checking out. Set in the backdrop of a small village in India, the movie explores themes of rumors, superstition, and how they can spread like wildfire within a community. The acting is top-notch, with standout performances from lead actors Rajkummar Rao and Radhika Apte. The direction by Anurag Kashyap is masterful, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout the film. The cinematography and music are also noteworthy, adding to the overall atmosphere of the movie. Overall, Afwaah is a must-watch for anyone interested in thought-provoking storytelling and exceptional filmmaking.

Afwaah Movie Review FAQ’S

Is Afwaah based on true story?

The film is positioned as being based on a real-life incidents, while the reliability of the statistics shown are not backed by any real evidence.

Is Afwaah a good movie?

With actors such as Pednekar, Siddiqui and Hashmi, Afwaah has a strong cast and a nuanced performance from each of them would blow your mind. Vyas is a true revelation. Right from his dialect, body language, mannerisms to the way he emotes anger, love, strength and vulnerability - it's a surprise package.

Where can I watch the movie Afwaah?

Watch Afwah Video Online(HD) On JioCinema.

Is Kantra based on true story?

Yes, Kantara is based on a true story. Get ready to be blown away by the incredible success story of the film Kantara! Despite being made on a shoestring budget of INR 16 crores, this movie managed to rake in a staggering INR 188 crores in its first month alone and is projected to surpass INR 420 crores worldwide.

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