Ford Endeavour Reviews: Price And More

Ford Endeavour Reviews: Is your daily routine truly making you unhappy. Do you wish to get away from your ordinary daily schedule? Want to get away from it all on a vacation. On the other hand, is your out-of-date vehicle unsuitable for long journeys? Do you want to get rid of your old SUV? So many questions. We offer the best solution for you. The most advanced SUV in its class is the Ford Endeavour.

Ford Endeavour Reviews

Its normal opponent, the Toyota Fortuner has an imposing standing in our market, and afterward there’s the way that different opponents, similar to the Isuzu MU-X, have been attempting to make advances for quite a while. Consequently, Ford India has always been quick to update its flagship vehicle. Refreshed with a facelift as of late as 2019, Portage presently will likewise preferred choice with a BS6 diesel – exactly the one we are driving today.

It is understandable that it is challenging to comply with BS6 emission standards on a large, heavy, body-on-ladder-frame SUV designed to fight World War III. Ford has installed a brand-new, cleaner, greener, and more powerful engine under the hood of the Endeavour for precisely this reason.

Ford Endeavour Reviews

Ford Endeavour Reviews

Article Name Ford Endeavour Reviews
Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 29.19 – 36.26 Lakh
Doors 7
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Ford Endeavour All Reviews

Ford has released the Endeavour Sport, a more attractive variant of the standard Endeavour. The Endeavour has a decent following in India, and given that people adore it more for its road presence and sheer size than anything else, this Sport model probably targets customers who want their Endy to look a little bit more gangsta, or more rugged. A 2.0-liter BS6 diesel engine is another feature of this Endeavour Sport that we have not previously tested.


Well! Knowing the distinctions at first look is troublesome. Notwithstanding, assuming you look carefully enough, you’ll observe that the headlamps are unique. Even though the architecture of the cluster stays the same, all of the units are LED, making the daytime running lamps (DRLs) stand out more than the projector beams of the predecessor. It is a good thing that the rest of the time it is identical to the previous model in every way. The Ford Endeavour has always stood out from the crowd. The bold, sassy, and massive road presence of the Endeavour is still unmatched in its class, according to the fan club. The new Endeavour emblem, which has replaced the 3.2 or 2.2 writing on the fender, suggests a significant upgrade to the engine. At last, there’s additionally the Passage Try Game, which incorporates shut down parts like the grille, amalgam wheels, and other chrome emphasizes, while the remainder of the vehicle is indistinguishable from the first in class 4×4 Titanium In addition to determination.

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The interior is still black and beige, but it has some segment-first features. A few of the features that are available include a panoramic sunroof, power foldable third-row seats, foot-gesture operation for the powered tailgate, semi-auto parallel park assist, dual-zone climate control, and powered front seats. It still feels sophisticated, with soft-touch materials on places your hands will frequently touch. The Ford Pass linked car technology, which receives updates over-the-air (OTA), is now pre-configured on the 8.0-inch touchscreen with Microsoft sync that is also included. As a result, you will be able to remotely lock/unlock, start/stop, and even precool the cabin; The list of features is endless. A driver knee airbag, seatbelt pretensioners, and ISOFIX child seat anchoring are among the seven installed airbags.

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As a result, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine has replaced the previous Endeavour’s massive 3.2-liter and relatively efficient 2.2-liter motors that were mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. Consequently, the Endeavour is now “future-ready” and in compliance with the forthcoming BS6 emission regulations. It has 166 horsepower and 420 Nm of peak torque, which is 30 bhp and 50 Nm less than the 3.2-liter engine. However, it still has 8 bhp and 35 Nm more torque than the 2.2 engine. The contention is that this motor consolidates the best of the two engines, performing comparable to 3.2-liter motors while being more eco-friendly than the 2.2-liter engine.

How did Ford manage to accomplish this? Well! In addition to the numerous calibrations that went into this new 2.0-liter engine, it is the first 10-speed automatic transmission in the world. It works perfectly and provides all the power you need at the right time. Like manual transmissions, this also has the ability to skip gears to maintain the appropriate rev range. Let’s say you’re driving in eighth gear and want to overtake someone quickly; It can shift down to sixth or even fourth gear depending on how you press the throttle. In addition, even when pushed into D mode, the shifts are precise, the ratios are correct, and the revs stay at 4000 rpm; The motor can be easily revved to the red line in S mode.

The engine immediately feels more lively, and there is no noticeable latency in the bottom end. The midrange also has a lot of power. Likewise, in light of the ideal stuff proportions and sound low-end force, you can journey at triple-digit speeds while the motor remaining parts peaceful and loose. The motor, on the other hand, becomes more vocal and produces more noise than progress when pushed too hard near the upper end. Portage additionally guarantees that the new motor has 20% more low-end force than the past 2.2-liter TDCi motor, and it’s 20% more eco-friendly, delivering 13.90 kmpl in two-wheel drive and 12.4 kmpl in four-wheel drive.

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The 10-speed gearbox also has Select-Shift functionality, which lets you lock a particular gear so that it won’t upshift no matter how hard you rev it. That is a huge advantage in the sand, where you can’t afford to lose momentum. The transmission wouldn’t go much higher if we locked third gear on the shifter, so the Endeavour could jump over even the steepest inclines without engaging the differential lock. With the safety of a robust four-wheel drive system, all I had to do to go swashbuckling through the dunes was keep my foot on the accelerator. Even if you don’t do much, you’ll still feel like a hero.

Then there’s the Terrain Management System, which makes the Endeavour more agile. As you change modes from normal to gravel or mud, then sand, you can feel the aggression getting stronger. Additionally, the Endeavour has always been primarily a vehicle for off-roading. You rarely have to worry about scraping its nose or belly, even on the crests, with its high approach and departure angles and 225 mm of ground clearance. The free front suspension and linkage types at the back are joined with against roll bars, and there are various hardware to guarantee that you keep up with control in any event, when the vehicle slides.

Price & Variants

The Ford Endeavour retails for between 29.99 lakh and 36.25 lakh at the showroom. Out and about, the most noteworthy Passage Try model costs 42.12 lakh. Moreover, Passage offers four distinct adaptations of the Undertaking.


The Ford Endeavour is a powerful and reliable SUV that offers a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. With its spacious interior, advanced features, and impressive performance capabilities, it’s no wonder why the Ford Endeavour has received positive reviews from drivers. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle that can handle off-road adventures or simply want a stylish and versatile SUV for everyday use, the Ford Endeavour is definitely worth considering. To learn more about the price and other details of this exceptional vehicle, make sure to check out our comprehensive reviews.

Ford Endeavour FAQ’S

What is the price of Ford Endeavour?

Ford has stopped the production of Ford Endeavour. The last recorded price of Ford Endeavour is Rs. 29.99 Lakh.

Which is Endeavour Top Model?

The top model of Ford Endeavour is Sport 2.0 4x4 AT and the last recorded price for Endeavour Sport 2.0 4x4 AT is Rs. 36.26 Lakh.

Is Ford Endeavour a 7 seater?

The Endeavour can seat up to seven occupants.

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